NU'EST, "We all like Big Bang" [NEWS]

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Excerpt from rookie group NU'EST's interview with WStar News:

Q: Excluding your sunbaes of the same agency, who is your favorite singer?

JR: The members all like TVXQ and Big Bang. As for individually, I like Eminem. At first, no one appreciated him, but he put in a lot of effort and later, he achieved recognition from white people, black people, everyone and became the best singer. I also want to try to become the best musician recognized by everyone.

I like Michael Jackson and Beyonce. I long to take after their perfection.

Aron: For me it’s Lee Jeok sunbaenim. My vocal teacher often tells me that my singing resembles Lee Jeok sunbaenim’s tone of voice.

Baekho: Um…I like TVXQ sunbaenim’s powerful and full of energy stages. We also want to show a powerful image like that.

Minhyun: Big Bang. They communicate to their fans an image that they enjoy the stage. I also want to become a person who knows how to enjoy himself on stage and will be put in a lot of effort to do so.

Source: Kpopseven

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  • Samantha

    Keep it up Nu'est, I might start checking your music out :B

    • Anni_BB

       you should! I actually really like thier first single - but they are so young! Oh well, they got good taste anyway!

      • Tai_do113

        They'r are not so young :D they are 17-19 years pld, the BB members was 16 (turning 17) -19 years old when they debuted ^^

        • Anni_BB

           I know I know lol, but I have grown up along with BB, so now I feel so old compared to Nu'est! haha oh well, I still like them! <3

    • choomseukaaa

      you should listen to 'Face' one of my fav songs!

      • endlessabyss

        [Ignore this post]

    • Black Bobby

      of course!!! their music is awesome!!! they are the best hehe!!!

    • Alyssa Vargo

      I already had their single on my iPod before this article! XD It's actually good--but Ren is just too girly o3o it's weeeiiiirrrrdddddddd.
      Try looking them up on Youtube! ^^ "Nu'est - Face"

  • Brimmy

    Ahhh I read the title wrong haha XD

  • Jiyong is asdjkgh;f


  • Hafsah Jamil


  • Mimi

    yeayy!! make me love nu'est that ren also likes 2ne1 before emmm :D

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    good taste boys and good answer Minhyun. 
    Our boys are a truly inspiration for many groups.

  • JIA

    Who is this Minhyun? He's going to be my favourite member in Nu'est.Haha :)

    • bigbangfanUS

      lol, same thought here ^^

    • Lorenax17

      He's awesome ^_^ (I like Baekho) check them out =]

    • Sev&GD

      the one on the left of the picture i believe ^^

    • HttestBlckjckVIP

      LOL same thought here as well!

    • Dee

       LOL. Same thought here! I actually started googling him!


    Everyone does

  • MissJi

    Big Bang effect...

  • BBTop1

    pff they're just rookies

    • linunrata

      BB were rookies when they debuted, weren't they ?

  • Lorenax17

    Hehe yay!!! I sent this xD I really like NU'EST and when I read this I was like OMG!!!! Hahah great taste ^_^ The source is technically wstarnews. but i sent the link that they had it translated already btw

  • Live

    FIRST i read " we ARE like big bang" and i was like dafuq are u kiddin me and that after reading I was like Awww he like big Bang and eminem ´? this guy has to be mother of god <3 

  • Korea Lover ♥

    You guys like our boys? Good! Amazing choice, NU'EST ^^

  • Guest

    Rookie always have 2 idol which became their role model. 1) DBSK, 2)BigBang. They both are legend by the way.

    • Hypster_Dragon

       My favourite second generations<3.

  • Anna Z

    WHO DUZNT LIKE BIGBANG?! u've got great taste!

  • Rosalie Ouellette

    ren is my fav <3

  • cyx

    did someone of them call eminem the best singer wtf

    • dream2000star

      He uses the word "gah soo" in Korean which means a music artist who either raps or sings. So when the article was translated, they used the word "singer" which is a rough translation of the word "gah soo". So to answer your question... he did not :)

    • BigBangIsFly

      I don't think korean language has the word rapper so they just used singer. I've heard TOP say he and GD are singers a few times... Lol :P 

      • choomseukaaa

        lol XD

      • Guest

        Yup. Also TOP and GD refer to themselves as "rappers" in English. Sometimes with a Korean accent lol.

  • avissa

    wow...there are many korean celebrities who idolize big bang..I'm proud of my dongsaes..they deserved it..:)

  • GBOM Jjang

    actually i do not into them eventho their first single is hit bcause their music and style is same as boyband typical which is mushrooming in Korea,,but they have a good taste at least...

    • Lorenax17

      What is interesting is that there was finality a group that debuted with a non-love related song >.< their personalities are quite unique as well ^_^

  • Andy Tjhin

    so far, untill now... only 1 person i like in this group he is REN... (ANDROGYNITE STYLE)


  • Pia.ü

    Boyfriend and Nu'est likes Big Bang♥ Who wouldn't like them?

  • ♪JEN DaesungVIP♫

    ANY TEXAN VIPS HERE??!?!?!?!?

    • megan hoffner


      • ♪JEN DaesungVIP♫

        awesome! my friends and i are on the hunt for texan vips to add on Twitter! u have one?

  • Mikey Leafy Warmansenn

    I love nuest 


    Who doesn't love BIGBANG!? WOOO! :)

  • JasmineAnastasia

    S I guess JR and Minhyun are my faves especially JR Eminem is my fave rapper excluding GD and TOP and it's the first time I've heard a Korean idol give him props lol

  • choomseukaaa

    am i the only one who finds it a little bit funny that of all of them REN chose Beyonce? like really? no? just me? okay....

    and anyways, who doesnt L<3VE BigBang?! unless you hate life.... jk

  • Tamara Tran

    Good choice of favourite singers/idols boys.
    I approve :)

  • Isabella Baello ▲

    Because seriously guys, who doesn't? loljk. not really. Liking them already! lol

  • Adyra Azhary

    aigoo they look handsome!!

  • JessicaSnow

    I LIKE THEM EVEN MORE NOW!! face is a pretty good song

  • pary16

    who DOESNT like bigbang? ;)

  • CrazyIceCream

    Therefore, we like you too NU'EST, especially you Minhyun~~ The feeling is mutual XD But i actually really do like their song FACE ^o^

  • Laine Ravina

    It seems like many Idols and actresses appreciate big bang than before.. <3 Gotta love them all!! 

  • 선명한

    NU'EST is v.i.p

  • ezzah farhanaa

    okay, first of all i like NU'EST because who they are and their song but my interest towards them become strong when they say that they like BIGBANG... =)

  • afagyel

    Most idols adore Big Bang and 2NE1 cos they know how to have fun on stage as opposed to just singing and dancing good. I also love the fact that BB & 2NE1 don't just sing/dance perfectly or in sync but they have fun on stage making us fans to join the fun as well. :)

  • Yuan So

    These guys are actually very talented. They're very skilled compared to most rookies who debuted lately. i wouldn't mind them leading the next generation of Kpop.

  • Black_gunz1996

    Is this a gay group?

  • Black Bobby

    i read this news before. haha ^^..because I'm a NU'EST's fan :)

    • jiyong180888

      i'm one of their fans too :D their new song so nice ^^ 

  • mizskullzzz

    me also like BIGBANG ;P


    bigbang is a good sunbaenims~

  • fayelfrida

    another fanboys. hehe

  • LoveTabi

    Another reason why Minhyun is my bias in Nu'est  <3

  • Hypster_Dragon

    lol, I think all newbies say they like/listen/look up to BIGBANG, so they can catch the attention of VIPs. 

  • Hypster_Dragon

    All of these third generation bands have similar looks. Exo, Nu'est, Teen Top, I personally can't get into it. I like Mblaq, Block B, SHINee, BAP because they have characteristics and styles that could fit alongside BIGBANG and DBSK easily. Block B and BAP easily could be like little BIGBANG babies.

  • Lizet Alvarado

    Minhyun i will support you just because of this! XD

  • Zahina


  • Graceyan143

    I love Nu'est first single-Face!!! :) there are so cute!!!:)

  • Dulce Ramirez

    My 2 favorite Groups!!!!!!!!! :D BIGBANG & NU'EST!!!!!!!!!!! :'3 I feel so Happy xD hahahahaha <3

  • bigbangfosho

    AWYEAH. I'm personally biased towards JR, but hey, I come :D 

  • Illuty


  • haiosh

    I like this group and loved there music debut so happy that they like bigbang <33 VIP's love u too NU'EST LOL! 

  • Lynn Amador

    TVXQ&Big Bang ! ♥♥

  • Caspareh

    aah! their song 'face' was good! :D so happy they like our boys!

  • Caroline

    I dislike NU'EST music but they seem like a nice bunch of boys. I'm not going to hate on them (disliking music DOES NOT equal hating people I've never met in my life for no reason).

    It's nice to see other groups listing BB as their role models or just a group they enjoy listening to.

  • awesome person

    NU'EST! <3 FIGHTING~! 

  • Cupcake

    Oh this is perfect! Ahaha <3

  • AronLuver

    ARON!!! <3

  • Bru ^^

    Cute baby *_*

  • Athena Lo

    I LOVE NU'EST AND BIGBANG! <3 <3 I am so happy.