New Big Bang for G-Market Photos [PHOTOS]

Shared by on April 16, 2012  

땅꽁@DCBB and gilbakk75@ameblo

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  • raja

    they are cute , lovely

  • Ouley G.D ☼

    Mighty fine bros.
    G Market, thank you.

  • OctoberBB

    love to see them wearing this clothes

  • nhok’_GD

    GRI so cute^^ <3 Love ya!! 

    • aniway

      OMG... so cute!!!!!

    • Sev&GD

      i envy so much the people who can draw like this ^^ it's so good and cute GRI<3

    • vip_aszh

      Wow so cute the youngers!

  • Girllovekpop

    moz! OMG ! GD ! my husband :)):)):)) cute, baby, and handsome
    love BB !
    VVIP **

  • Faiza Tsania

    daesung : seungri ah~ your ballons are too high, lower lower
    seungri : mian hyung, i'm always win hehe

  • Lim Mi Mi

    so cuteee

  • EllySeeYa

    OMG they looking all so cute and handsome......Tabi looks damn hot in the second group photo.....awesome

  • wihra

    so handsome,

  • Cheya

    I see G-Ri...  ㅋㅋㅋ

  •łotnik/1360803686 Agnieszka Złotnik

     G-dragon and Taeyang   looks  so handsome

  • 4everwithyou

    daeri with balloon

  • Melisa Purnamasari


  • bigbangfanUS

    They are all so handsome <333333

    btw, lol... while they pair Daeri and GTae, TOP get the biggest pic all by himself xD well, cannot blame since he is like a living statue.

    • vip_aszh

      Yes. He is. TOP is like living statue...brrh!

  • Winewodkawine

    So cute!!!!!! :))

  • Lucy ツ

    i love how bigbang are so confident, so bright, so enthusiastic yet they are a bunch of cuties! <3

  • OMO DAESUNG! 대성 ♛

    TOO CUTE!!!

  • aniway

    i love daeri moments!!!!!

  • Shaheedamin

    GD is cute n im a guy lol

  • Adyra Azhary

    OMG GD OPPAS!!! YOU TOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! i love you more and more!! also my BIGBANG oppas!!

  • juju

    photoshop failure on Tabi's arm in his solo pic

  • Shine_a_light_GD

    GD so handsome...I love you so muchhhhhhh <3

  • adroslan

    my heart cant take it . all this daeri moments . *tears of joy

  • KPOPCurious
  • krty

    maknaes so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobo Hyung

    G-ri & Daeri (>^W^<)
    Sorry. I tend to babble about my OTPs. Pardon me ^^

  • Mle8

    Omg, the boys are so freaking handsome and cute.

  • Haivanvip
  • Teressa Lee

    KANG DAESUNG!! OMG D-LITE. WHY SO CUTE? I'm really happy to see your killer-eyes-smile again. You're forever my smiling angle! ;D

  • seyra
  • DSforever

    Ahhh, why are u so cute, daesung?

  • Tamara Tran

    They all look so adorable! ^.^
    Ahhh Daesung, I would like some balloons please :x

  • Tru3star

    It's funny how everyone finds GD cute and taeyang hot, for me it's the opposite. GD is super hot and taetae's super cute. Lol, am I weird?

    • jr0828

      no you're not. it's definitely the same for me :)


      to me I never think GD is hot. I think GD is super cute like a little doll girl he's cute & adorable, but to me TAEYANG is the hottest, cutest and sexiest asian that I've seen!!! 
      actually, TAEYANG is the guy who has Super Whole Complete Package!! TAEYANG IS SUPER HOT, CUTE AND SEXY at the same time!!!!! he's so PERFECT!TAEYANG is super cute with his killer puppy eyes smile, he is SUPER HOT with his masculine, killer muscles and 8 abs plus his hot face structure!! and he can be SUPER SEXY with his dance moves and his natural sex appeal.

      • Niakoes

         I agree with you and he's so talented..

  • Tru3star

    Why are you here lee soo man! Go back to allkpop

  • guest

    oh no.."rubbish" come again..

  • Jiyong is asdjkgh;f


  • maybelle

    lol nice comment. thank you for your attention !

  • gdalyng

    i love to see them smile;)

  • Anwar

    My boys look soo handsome and cute 

  • Jitaeri

    Wah, cute! Daeri and their balloons are especially adorable ㅋㅋㅋ!

  • vip_aszh

    who's ugly here? think that you're're interested with these people you call ugly. Duuh! looser!

  • vip_aszh

    MAKNAE Rocks! 

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    the boys are so adorable in those casual clothes ^_^
    oh my, Love those pics of Dae and Seungri with ballons ♥

  • actingpop

    The maknaes are too cute kekekeke

  • Anna Z

    One of the reasons why I love BIGBANG so much is how they're always such a smiley and cheerful family! <3 Don't ever stop smiling from deep within your hearts. No matter what, always feel the love and happiness around you,  BIGBANG! :D

  • jigsaw_youth

    TOP is handsome as always but the maknaes completely stole my heart in their balloon pics. I just wanna pinch those smiling cheeks!!

  • Lioness

    When was this? GD's hair hasn't changed yet... ?

  • bigbangfosho

    AOIERJOAJFDK!! I love Tae's bandanna ~~ totally his style xD

  • Sora

    I swear if any of them smiled at me like that in real life, it would be like a K.O. hit. 

  • GBOM Jjang

    they are so lovely and favorite rainbow...

    omg,,TeeOhPee, can't u being handsome and cool,even for a second??
    aigoo,my heart...

  • asdfghjkl

    Top dye his hair brown? But he is yummy in blue....

  • GDfangirl

    gd lookong so great in the third pic.saranghey.... BB love you all.

  • Summer Fitzgerald

    TOP TOP TOP TOP. Awww freaking handsome..!!! I like the 2nd group picture. Everyone is so hot. ^_^

  • xin wei


  • Adlyns J. Ninethieyfours

    all of BIG BANG members are so cute !! 

  • tran to nguyen
  • marian43ver

    aigooo .. whenever i see JIYONG bite his lips I-- *faints*

    `` the maknae grew alot ! i wanna cry ! im proud of you !! ♥

  • AngelaManding

    top looks good with brown hair..!!!!

  • Aleks

    ..What's up with Tabi's arm on his solo pic? o.o

  • dabygael

    daeri so cuteeeeeeeeeee in 4&5 pict