G-Dragon reveals his dating jinx [NEWS]

Shared by on April 21, 2012  

On the recent episode of SBS‘s ‘Go Show‘ featuring Big Bang as guests, G-Dragon revealed, “I’m jinxed when it comes to dating.”

He shared, “Even if I’m in a good stage with my girlfriend, I wonder, ‘What would it be like if we break up? It would be sad’ and I would write a song about those thoughts… After two months, I am doing just that. It always happens like that“.

G-Dragon added, “It feels like I’m casting a spell as I keep singing the song.”

Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop.com

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  • sorrow

    Oww poor GD. :c I know it's not good to think like that! Because I do the same sometimes and it feels horrible. I really hope GD will find his dream girlfriend in the future and live happily ever after. :--) Our boys need love!

  • Dream2000star

    Who else got the shivers when they watched this part?

    • Genlisa


    • Vipjiyong

      me too... 

    • smilepurple

      why you guys you shiver?? 

  • Captain G

    Aww~ Poor baby...But I'm sure he'll be thankful he broke up with all those girls once he finds someone he really loves~ GD Fighting!

  • Livia_mei92

    I would never let you go if you were mine.

    • SAM

      hahahahaha so sweet

  • Anni_BB

     Awwww GD we just want you to be happy, honestly. We see the way you look at children and can tell you just want a family of your own - once you find that special girl you will be so happy and make the best husband and father - and VIPs will all be sooooo happy for you!!!

  • Janice

    My dear admins of BBU can you guys please start a no shipping rule.

    Seriously all the shipping comments are so annoying.

    All the Korean sites have this rule anyway.


  • heaven

    awh this is easy : just marry me and you'll never have this problem again :D

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    maybe was a bad coincidence :( don't think like that dear Jiyong :)

  • it’sMYopinion!notYOURS!

    the thought that he's fine with it... and having him written numerous songs of this types makes me think that he must be in an on/off relationship with that girl (before or up until now. LOL) 'coz sometimes their songs go happy to sad then happy again... well you'll just never know. these boys and their dating secrets -_-

  • Anna Z

    awwhh. don't worry GD, someday you'll find a girl that you love who also loves you.. and you'll construct a nice, little family together. <3 and BIGBANG too! someday, I will see every member with their wives and children, so happy and loving. I trust that you'll all have very happy families together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ellen-Andrade/100002314091481 Ellen Andrade

    He really have a girlfriend ?

    • sarajgh

      Another translation said that he had a girlfriend with whom he was happy with and he wrote a song about how would it be if they broke up. A couple of months later she left him.

      • http://twitter.com/jaysiox so hui phin

        so ts official that he had a GF few months ago? :(

        • Mari Krisa

          It wasn't necessarily recent, so we will never know (:

      • Rubella666

         Which interview? He said she definitely left him and not the other way around??

        That does not compute. How can anybody leave Jiyong? I DONT UNDERSTANDDDD

  • lovesBB

    Wow then when he wrote "she's gone" he must have been in a very intense relationship. I love that song and "but i love u" =)

  • Butter_Fly

    I think everyone has the same thoughts while they are in a relationship, its just, sometimes people are better at controling the outcome - break up or stick together. Always go with your gut GD. We will always be here for you. :)

  • Genlisa

    i used to have that. i wrote poems, poetry, stories, dialogues, scenes about my then boyfriends. good, bad and sad ones in the first 6 months of my relationships. they ended in one year or two.

    this guy now. i stopped and wrote about other things instead, other relationships and life.

    we're still together after 10 years.

    • Vipjiyong

      woah same with me. when i wrote a poem or stories abt me and my BF. then a couple of month after that, it really happen.
      But i cant stop write, so up till now i dont have long time relationship :(

      • Genlisa

        try it WITH your guy, rather than alone. 

        start a line, make it rhyme...
        start a song, play along.

    • Guest

      I guess sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow and not focus or analyze too much? That's what I got from your post anyway :)

      • Genlisa

        it is...
        i suppose GD has a certain fear of rejection in revealing his deepest fears and secrets. i know Dae has actually better footing and balance in relationships with gfs. only cuz he takes it naturally. thats why he got tagged Bad Boy instead.

        GD doesn't need to worry, tho. serendipity works in mysterious ways. we know thru the GD & TOP Night After Night Show, that GD even wrote, arranged and sang a love song to an ex girlfriend. not sure if only she's heard it. he will never reveal the title or part of it. we will respect that.

        he's getting there. there'd probably be a lady out there one day that GD will sing a special solo stage to in a concert maybe, and this one song might break that jinx and be quite obvious to us VIPs because for that song the producer would be just...him. :)

    • Mari Krisa

      For me it's not a jinx or coincidence, I think it's more like a psychological thing. 
      When you just live the moment, without thing about the "what if" it ends up creating a distance and making it real... I don't know if i expressed well, but yeah (:

  • Htunkooo

     one day,your girl will come to you.gd

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B5E3ECUNK2C2TXICHISQZPEAJA ●๋•[♥VK.FAMILY♥] – PATIKIBI ●

    I think he was the one who want to break up with the girl first because something may went wrong in their relationship. Before, he even said that he had his way to make the girl say goodbye with him first when he didn't want to continue the dating because it was the last thing he can do for not hurting her more like :didn't call or text to her for a long time.
    Every well-known music composer I know is a lady-killer. It's not their fault, they just want to have new inspiration to produce good music ^^
    My Dragon will meet his soulmate at the right time, in the right place. But now, no one can control his heart completely XD~

    • Guest

      Haha well I also think that being in love and developing a strong love with that person is also great inspiration :)

  • http://twitter.com/eyfa96_lite 선명한

    whats mean jinx ?

    • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ bigbangupdates.com

       Bad luck

  • Adrianna-Marie

    I'd fight just to keep you! <3

  • https://twitter.com/#!/elanieyzww blackvip

    owww poor jiyong. okay, here the new rule: once you found girl you love, you should start compose greatest love songs ever for her, then maybe both of you ends up with happy ending. 
    jiyong, fighting~~

    • Guest

      Haha I know! Why not focus on the positive? He should really think about trying that out for once... :P

  • mizskullzzz

    awww poor GD..maybe he is not yet find his right one...
    once he meets his girl, im sure nothing can break them apart...

  • whada

    Maybe that someone special is just around you, GD...
    You'll find it soon.

  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/cshtabitop tshidi

    No wonder he's been hating love songs since 2007.

  • linunrata

    If you have the right person in your life, you think "What would our future be like", you never think of " What would it be like if we break up.." even if you are in good terms....

    • Guest

      So true! He probably hasn't met the right person yet, that's all. Don't freak out GD! She will come by someday :)

  • http://twitter.com/GGerdaGG GGerda

    I am like that too.... And its coz I love someone already...

  • OctoberBB

    dont worry Jiyong oppa...you will meet your mrs. G one day

  • MyBabyTabi

    if our beloved GD had written "she's gone" while he was with the girl,i'm sure that song was the reason they broke up,most likely the girl broke up with him.
    as much as i love that song it creeps me out...

  • http://tamaraaa.tumblr.com/ Tamara Tran

    Oh wow, that kind of sucks I guess :(
    But he shouldn't feel like he's a jinx though, sometimes people just think that out of habit.
    It's only human.

  • IndonesianVIP

    despite the topic about his dating jinx, i'm more focused on how he styled his hair. it's unfair that every hairstyle looks gorgeous on him. he's definitely a fashionista! :D

    • Rubella666

      His girlfriends all probably leave because their hair-healousy gets too overwhelming.

  • maybelle

    :(( it's like he has sacrificed his love life to write hit songs for us, but im sure thoughts like that are inevitable even with normal people. Maybe it's not jinx but only because he is so famous & having a busy schedule, & girls who want to keep dating him are put under so much pressure.

  • http://twitter.com/xin_wei xin wei

    maybe he should be thinking : what would it be like if we got married? it would be amazing. AND WRITE A HAPPY SONG AND GET MARRIED. waaaaah i wish he'd meet a girl that made him feel that way <3

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    Even though I'm obsessed with GD and want him all for myself, I really want him to be happy, I just hope that one day he's able to have a beautiful family :) GD I love you and I wish you the best! <3

  • moopies

    HAHA! How many girlfriends has he had?? XD there are heaps of sad songs by him XD (maybe not heaps, but it feels like it, I always wondered where the inspiration came from..). Maybe he does it intentionally, because he doesnt want to date them anymore :O XD

  • BBMia

    That's actually called the "Self-fulfilling prophecy", what you expect becomes real 'cos you would be inclined to act in ways that would make your expectations happen. Write happy songs Ji. :) Special request: write a happy love song with me as your subject. LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/jepah89 J.E.P.A.H

    then stop making song about breaking up~

  • hananmz

    When he finally find the One, even if he says leave she'll stay... i think he's waiting for that person to come and just stick around... very likely he sees Se7en as himself in the future in terms of finding the rite gal be together for a long long time. Thats what i think.. (^_^)

  • geniegd

    what he means by i'm doing just that? writing songs or  he end up break up with his gf? i don't quite understand the article..


    I really want to see him with his girlfriend. .<
    it would be so cute,
    where is he hiding her? xD

    • Guest

      That would be really cool, I know a lot of people would support them.

      Even so, unfortunately I think there are even MORE people who would attack his girlfriend if he revealed their relationship to the public :( It's the sad ugly truth.

    • Lucillelley13

      I really have a feeling that he will find his special someone in Japan. It's my intuition :)) <3

  • Jessie Tserin

    GD, dont't think of breaking off when you are with your loves one. You should make every second of your love is precious. If unfortunately you have to break off with this girl, it doesn't mean it is bad. May be then you will get your true love later. Wish you & your fellow members all the best and will get your true love.

  • Masaomie

    gd isnt jinxed hes just dating the wrong girls

  • http://twitter.com/GGerdaGG GGerda

    I always think how it will, if we get married and after that broke with guy... I understand you, G...


    awww GD well if you keep writing/singing "I hate this love song, I hate this love song" yeah you are pretty much jinxing your self...LOL.. As for love advice don't worry when true love comes knocking at your door, no matter how many break up songs you write she will be right there with you. 

  • kwontsese

    i wish you will meet your dream girl soon.

  • Littlepotato29

    That means most of his gfs left him first. He also mentioned that before. POOR dragon!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500591485 Sarah Weiske


  • Worthlessbezy

    Who is girl friend?????

  • Lilmamastarks97

    Don't feel like that GD! U are a sweet guy ur funny ur cool an it's obvious
    That u care a lot for ur loved ones. Ur such a great guy
    Have more confidence please! Fight on;) !

  • Ariana

    Ah, Jiyong... Just be happy. :)

  • Yuriredalert

    Gd you are only 23 so don't worry so much about love. I know you just want to find the girl you love and loves you and will stay with you no matter what. every one is the same. just like the other comments said that special girl will come to you when the time is right and when she comes don't let her go. I think the reason why the other girl broke up with you because they felt that you didn't have confident in their love for you and you didn't trust them enough because you kept thinking what would happen if you broke with them one day. So please be happy and write more happy songs and show us as VIPs that you are happy in what you are doing and you are happy because you have some one you love. We as VIPs will always be here for you even if 10 years have past by from now on.

    • Guest

      I agree. Sometimes I feel like they're really old, much older than they are, because they debuted at such an early age and have been in the public for so long. And sometimes they really show their mature side which adds to that image - I think being famous made them grow up a lot faster than other kids their age. I keep forgetting that if he was a regular guy, he'd just be graduating college about now! And I know plenty of guys near his age that are not nearly as mature or responsible about his job as GD or the other BB guys.

      Contrary to what a lot of obsessive fans want, I actually want GD/BB to find their soulmates so I can hear a bunch of really great, romantic love songs! That would be so wonderful. I love BB's music and all, but most of them are about breaking up and a lot of them are really sad. I actually think I haven't found a happy one yet? Like Tonight, Love Song, Love Dust, Haru Haru, Lies, Bad Boy, Blue, not to mention TOP's and Taeyang's solo songs... All are about broken/rejected love of some sort.

      I really want them to be happy though. Not only do I want to hear some happy music from them but just hearing them talk about love like this is so depressing! So many Kpop idols in the industry (not just BB) have this kind of "heaviness" about life when they talk. Like they have so much pressure on them, and I'm sure they do. I think this obsessive fan culture is really a horrible aspect of the K-industry, it really does destroy the idols in the most important way. It's really cruel for fans to have enough power that it prevents their idols from having a relationship normally. It might not look like much on the surface but in the long run it is such a huge sacrifice for idols to make for their career. Love is such a great and transformative part of life and these people are essentially denied of that ONE privilege that every other person gets to have... I think it should be entirely possible for idols one day to pursue their career WHILE having a normal life. I hope that day comes really quickly. 

      • Rubella666

         I recently heard their English songs "So Beautiful" and "Always". They're happy love songs. :)

  • calimakicrazzzy

    where can i watch with subs? :(

  • Kowosh

    He must chill a little bit more and not think about those things... he needs to live the moment when things are fine and worry when they actually are bad.

  • FFSD

    wow how many times has he broken up already! Look at the number of songs he wrote.

  • http://twitter.com/Ekkateriina Ekkaterinna

    Wow, when he wrote "Obsession" that must have been harsh o.o

  • koalapanda

    'even if i'm  in a good stage with my girlfriend" so my question is do you really dating with idol girl?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742905400 K Dol Kan

    I think GD needs to know... the UNIVERSE is at play every time he writes a song.... so don't over think about something that hasn't happened coz then its bound to happen... wishing you lotsa love and luck on finding the true one!

  • Kelita

    Then he maybe should write more about couple love, the wonderful love, feelings, things he loves about her girlfriend and maybe it become in a great relationship

  • Frustatedvip

    Awww poor GD :(  There is  always me !! Sing all the sad crappy romance songs about me and I still wont leave you! YOU HAVE BEEN MY NUMBER ONE BIAS SINCE YOU DEBUTED. Please give me a chance... we would be perfect for each other since I write songs about you and I always win at talent shows and competitions whenever the song is inspired by you and sang for you.  I promise that one day I will go to Korea and find you to give you comfort. You do not have to like me back therefore, I do not expect myself to live a "Korean romance fantasy" because it will never happen. No matter how much I would for it to happen... no matter how much I would love to marry you and bear the children I can tell you want. I know you will never pay attention to me and I know that but let me just give you a shoulder to cry on. Sure, there will a language barrier but friendship knows no language,age or status. I honestly do want to be next to you and instead of giving you virtual support. You are my inspiration... the reason why I don't give up. Your presence, your lyrics, the way you dress without trying to please anyone. I think we all have something to learn from you. Call me obsessed, a freak or a weirdo but honestly I believe you are one of the few in the Kpop industry to be real...to not be a manufactured puppet. You are naturally handsome and talented. Moreover, I love yo for who you are. Not as G Dragon but as Kwon Ji Yong. Sure, I do not know the "real" you but I would love to be given a chance. Thank you for breathing. I love you <3

  • Reiko

    You know what GD has to do?  In any relationship, to be able to have it 'work out' and work for the long-haul into the future w/a special someone, he has to just let things go one step at a time and not rush into things.  Let things 'go with the flow' with that person and progress slowly.

    Also, being honest, trustworthy, and having communication is 'key' in any relationship too.  Accepting each other's idiosyncrasies (faults) too, and still be with that person no matter what (not giving up on the relationship and making things work) is also key.  That's how to stay with a person for the longevity of it. XDD

    I know because I'm married with an 8 yr. old child in the 3rd grade and we've been married for over 11+ years now...and still happily married.  We both hope to stay w/one another for life too, just like our parents growing up.  They're still together even 'til this day.  My mother gave me this same advice before marrying my hubby. <3

    I know GD isn't thinking about marriage just yet, but...you never know, you know?  Love works in mysterious ways and you'll never know this next time around, he'll meet someone and gets serious w/her.  He just might end up marrying her and settling down having children together.

    So, don't give up on Mrs.Right, GD!  Who knows, she just might be around the corner, or even your own best friend you've known growing up in your childhood years. ;) <3

  • Kid Dzntg

    GD oppa, đừng mất niềm tin vào tình yêu nhé, sẽ có 1 ngày oppa sẽ tìm được người thật đág để yêu :))


    I really have a feeling that his special someone is in Japan. Hehe my intuition :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002937917944 Anna Olivia Roien Wilspang

    aww sweet sweet Jiyong <3
    hope you 1 day can meet a girl who will love you and take care of you, i know i cant be that girl, so i just think the girl who will get your love, will be the most lucky girl in the world.

  • gdalyng

    i wonder who's that girls is XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/gihan.alhawary.9 Gihan Al Hawary

    :( you'll find her <3