"Fantastic Baby" cover by Teen Top [VIDEO]

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Source: Nate via wang22639@youtube

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  • http://www.facebook.com/silviteresa Silvi Teresa

    again? wow, they sure are adore Bigbang.

    • shofi andari

      what 'again'? is there any other? like to see it :D

      • http://www.facebook.com/silviteresa Silvi Teresa

        they covered lies and sunset glow too.. you can look at it on youtube :)

        • mia

          and  dirty cash too

      • vipandromeda

         ..and lies too^^

  • BBFantastic

    omg...I adore these boys..they are soo sweet ^_^

  • Memory

    They have so much time??lol

  • http://twitter.com/dreamonii tuck

    wow fantastic baby~

  • http://disqus.com/EllySeeYa EllySeeYa

    yeah everybody want´s to be like the Kings of BIG BANG.....you can try but its impossible....Teen Top are obviously big fans of BB......

  • tabi

    LOL wow teentop, love the seungri solo and the gd&top scissor-hopping thingy hahahah xD so cute, not afraid to show how much they like their bb hyungs ^^

  • http://twitter.com/GeethaSOLange Sangeetha Sundrum

    man they look so tired

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Seo/100001672510593 Jesse Seo

    this has to be the first time that I watched a whole video of TeenTop.. lol.. and it's not even their song.. lol

  • Anon

    Teen top : BB fanboy. they had cover Lies before

  • biggirl

    that shriek sounds like he is in pain..
    love dem cos they love BigBang too..

  • Genlisa

    the Fantastic Baby Cover Contest is closing soon...
    or has it closed yet? it'll be fun if they joined it just for kicks.

  • http://twitter.com/fayelfrida fayelfrida

    fanboys! :))

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    L.Joe should've been GD, since he's such a fanboy of our leader :D it's really nice that TEENTOP admire BB, they are on a good course XD

  • http://tamaraaa.tumblr.com/ Tamara Tran

    OMG, that is so adorable!
    The random "WOW!" at about 1:40 was hilarious xD!

    Goes to show how much of an influence Big Bang have on everyone, even idols :)
    Teen Top = VIPs xP!

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  • Bob

    I wonder how many more Big Bang songs they're gonna cover...

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

    I'm distracted with ALL THOSE BANGS!!!
    No wonder he's randomly bumping~

  • meepo

    it's nice to see they are a fan but >.< but in my opinion it's not even close from FANTASTIC BABY OF BIGBANG....even expressions and the SWAGNESS of BIGBANG i'm not bashing just an opinion and to say that they are idols they should have done much better but lacking a lot

    • xbomtori

      [LOL, it's kinda obvious they did it for fun xD Like I can totally imagine it went down like this....:] 
      It started out like another day at the T.O.P Media building where Niel, Ricky and Changjo were hanging around at the practice room. They were bored out of their minds until...

      Niel: ''I...am...bored...'' He let himself fall down on the ground.
      Ricky: ''Me too...'' And follows the leads of his hyung.
      Changjo: ''You know what...'' He said while following the leads of both his hyungs.
      R&N" ''What?''
      C: ''At the YG Office they even have pool-tables...''
      N: ''I know, I saw it on KpopStar.''
      R: ''...I would do anything to visit that place and hang around with the BIGBANG-hyungs.''

      N: ''Especially Daesung-hyung seems really fun to be with.
      ''R: ''Seungri-hyung as well! Remember last time when we went to get his autograph and took those crazy selcas?!'' 
      C: I know right~ but that will never happen...unless...''
      R&N: ''Unless what?''

      C: Get's up and does the fantastic baby dance while singing ''Boomshakalaka!'' like a maknae-gone-mad. 
      N: ''Well, that was random...''
      C: ''Hyung, don't you get it~ Let's enter that dance cover contest for Fantastic Baby!''
      R: Laughs. ''Yah, how could we? I mean, we are TeenTop.''

      N: ''Let's do it.'' He gets up with a big smile on his face and a determent look in his eyes. He soon starts to jump around while doing the dance and bumps into Changjo.
      R: ''Hyung, are you serious? I mean, we can do it for fun...but entering a contest like that...'' Get's ignored by Niel who is still busy dancing.

      C: ''Even though it's just for fun...it's going to be partly biased on votes, we could ask our angels to help out right?''
      R: ''But the other members are not even here...''

      N: ''Whatever guys! I am gonna be GD-hyung.''
      C: ''Oh~ I am Taeyang-hyung! I'll get the monitor-camera.''
      Runs off. 
      N: ''I'll get manager-hyung to film us.''
      Runs off following the leads of his maknae. Both leaving Ricky behind.

      R: ''I wanna be TOP-hyung...I need some shades.'' Runs off following the leads of his hyung and fantastic maknae.

      The rest is VIP-history ;D 
      [The End]
      Bonus: Niel screaming: ''WOW!!!''
      [I'm not an TeenTop fan. But I just saw this scenario in my head and had to share it, Lolz]

      || 2012 (C) A fanfic-ish story by KimmyD aka xbomtori ||

      • VIPUSA

        LMAOOOO hillarious!!!

        • xbomtori

          VIPUSA and @twitter-398691057:disqus as well~ Thanks! I needed to let out some randomness xD Sorry, for the weird english at some parts. I'm not a native speaker ;D

      • http://twitter.com/GGerdaGG GGerda

        ahaha))) I like it!!))

      • fantasticvip

        did it for fun or whatever your imagination tells you to me to make a cover of fantastic baby from the kings BIGBANG i would put my all out effort to at least make the best cover or better yet not post a cover at all 

        • xbomtori

          LOL, well good for you...But TeenTop posted this vid up just a little while before the deadline ended. They did put effort into it obviously... but not to make it a super serious cover >_< They just were showing some support as VIP's. They were totally having fun while making this, trying to cover their epic sunbae's. BB also enjoys being on stage and if you listen to the lyrics of Fantastic Baby it's about going crazy and ''nolja'' Which means playing around. So, they just follow the lyrics. YG even gave TeenTop a special shout out on their me2day. They are already debuted so I doubt that they will win. That wouldn't be fair to the other contestants, but seriously have you seen the other vids? Everybody did their cover in their own way ^_^


    this TEEN TOP really like BIGBANG... ^_^.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585635845 Pony Rxjx

    jajajajja i love this videooo!!! they're so cute and random! xD  jajaja

  • btkwon

    Big Bang fanboys! XD Haha. They're so funny! TEEN TOP = qts! 

    L.Joe should have covered GD XD

    NIEL! You're covering GRIDAE's part! Isn't it tiring for you?!! Lol. 

    • MinSungYeon

      I was cracking up at the fact that he was like all three members, lol.  He had to be tired.

    • choomseukaaa

      oh my god. if L.Joe covered GD, my friend would have her ovaries kabooomed and i'd never get her back to... well... her regualr self. L.Joe is her ultimate bias and GD is her first BB bias and shes in mad love with L.joe... just... i cant even

    • jiyong180888

      OMG it will be the best if l.joe covered GD,actually that's is what i wanna see but even niel also nvm larr btw niel very funny xD 

  • mythbal

    I love them cause they love BIGBANG <333

  • http://twitter.com/DABRENNN 임진혜

    so cute hahaha made me laugh

  • VIP4ever5

    BigBang FANBOYS! :P <3


  • http://twitter.com/mochiree7 もっちり

    teen top is VIP!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  • http://bleepingtwick.tumblr.com/ CHI

    O.O They sure do love BIGBANG. 

  • http://twitter.com/Vv_eN Vivien Hui

    haha cracks me up, especially their remake of the "wiper dance"! But the TeenTop over makes me realise how BB are absolutely fantastic dancers! Big Bang dances with so much more power!

  • MissSechsKies

    they were just too adorable. they excelled their own dancesteps but cover Fantastic Baby's dancestep...crash and burn, adorkably fail. XDDD

  • bigbangfosho

    They're the ultimate BB faboys. Even their company is "T.O.P. MEDIA" How much close can you get xD

  • http://twitter.com/HarmoneyLee Harmoney Lee

    LOL teen top are such fan boys

  • Mimivip

    LMFAO! hey guys instead of trying to be like BB how about releasing some decent music? you obviously have a LOT of spare time on your hands.

    • kk

      No need to be rude. They're just showing love to our BB boys.

    • Ann

      WTF?! LOL u are joking right?

      LOL obviously they did it very quickly in some weird place. They are absolute bigbang fanboys and show countless time how much they love bigbang (including going to all the dates of big show 2011, praising each members, nearly crying when they saw GD&TOP, calling them legend and other stuffs). I'm pretty sure they were as excited as us for this upcoming album and were sad about the events last year just like us.

      Considering how Korean idol market is, they sure didn't take time to know all the dance steps, it was not organized. OF COURSE they will not be as good as bigbang, it's not their intention here ! It was just made for them to show once again their appreciation towards Bigbang.

      Even if I don't like their music, it's their problem how to do it, I couldn't care less about it. They are clearly idols who do the music their company give them and they are young. But actually what did u bring that up, I don't get it ...

      This comment was unecessary and quite ridiculous...

      Other people in comments saying they are not as good as bigbang or don't have the amout of swag as bigbang : I'm pretty sure they didn't do this cover in order to s their version of Fantastic baby so that people would compare but purely did it to show their love for bigbang and how they enjoy the song.

      • MinSungYeon

         Great post. TEEN TOP have been avid BIGBANG fans, like you said, since the beginning. I love when they cover BB, it is always cute.  I love how the lead singer played like three members of BB, lol. The other two were like, NO, I am TAEYANG and I am T.O.P. Too cute.

    • http://twitter.com/RealVIPBJCLOUD VIPBJCLOUD

      Oh how rude... I can't believe you have 7 likes. Ridiculous. These guys are just having fun and just showing love to our boys... They aren't TRYING to be like BB. Why you gotta hate on them!! Ugh you're so rude.

    • choomseukaaa

      LMFAO! CHILL girl. this was most likely filmed and danced at random. seriously, like u dont need to be rude. its not like they took time to learned and perfect the dance moves. theyre BB fanboys. their just showing appreciation, can you understand that decently?

      LOL but anyways just calm down and enjoy it. comebacks are still going on, be patient for TeenTop :)

    • Genlisa

      it's a 4 minute song. 
      more than 15 million people have watched the video.
      not counting the hundreds of dance tutorials that popped like mushrooms right after their first performance on TV.

      it's not about spare time. really.

      it's about learning it.
      they could have spent at least those 4 minutes a day to keep hearing and watching Fantastic Baby that maybe, one day...while waiting for the manager to pick them up to send them somewhere, they decided to try it out.

      and if you've watched Big Bang's debut days, they made it a practical effort to practice dance and sing to songs released at that time of year, too. even now, i won't be surprised if they still practice, singing, diseccting at least twice a week to new songs just to lock the method and learn new stuff on it.

      it's better to be humble with our efforts and show that we tried because we know, learning isn't a waste of time. and for them, dancing to what inspired them is a form of release. it is something to respect than reject.

  • lufffy

    They entered the Bigbang's Fantastic Baby contest too? Teentops are VIP's!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ghine028 Ghine Flores

    who's TEENTOP? don't know them about them
    .. tell me pls. :3

    • xbomtori

      Wiki: TEEN TOP (Korean: 틴탑) is a South Korean boy group that consists of six members: C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo. Under T.O.P. Media (Yes, it really is called T.O.P media xD It's an old Shinhwa song title as well), they were founded by Andy Lee of Shinhwa in 2010. They released their first single album "Come Into the World" on July 9, 2010 and made their Official Debut on July 10, 2010 on MBC's Show! Music Core. Teen Top's Official Fan Club name is "Angel" and was formerly (unofficially) referred to as "Andromeda" (adapted from their Daum Cafe).

      They are real VIP's even before debuting. Their first single was ''clap'' and it had a minimini-2pm vibe. (I didn't like the song at all nor the dance and concept). Later they released ''Supa Luv'' which was pretty catchy I must admit, but the MV looked pedo xD (Sorry, Eric). Then I think it was ''No more perfume for you'' which was lyrically a strange song just like Taeyang's Look At Me makes no sense at first, lol. But that song was catchy as well, the only big issue is that Niel is the main or lead vocal....but seriously takes in like 90% of all their songs while you have like 6 members in total. Oh well...The most important thing is that they absolutely adore BIGBANG. Such fanboys and they did some other covers as well to show their respects. (Sunset Glow, Lies and Dirty Cash). xD


    LOL I don't know who teen top is but im cracking up over their expressions. LOL AT THOSE FANBOYS!

  • http://twitter.com/krty_v90 krty

    lol they r cute!!!


    LMFAOO this is too hilarious...I don't know who Teen Pop is but they are sure VIP's.

  • Mir◕‿◕Usako

    I have to admit that at first, I was hesitant to click on this, but I did anyway, and I thought Teen Top did a really nice job. 
    They were having fun and I had fun watching them having fun.
    lol, Niel was enjoying it more.

    The "WOW" made me jump though because I had my headphones on and it was on full volume, lol.

  • linunrata

    They absolutely have a hilarious sense of humor! 

    BB's TopTeenFanBoys!

  • http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/59721 GDonTOP

    I'm pretty sure the things I'm thinking when they get to Seungri's part are ILLEGAL... Teen Top, please stop trying to get your nunas thrown in jail!

  • http://twitter.com/LitaaP Korea Lover ♥

    AHAHAHA Teen Top are now VIP's too xD
    Yeah~ I guess they got too much free time xD

    • vipandromeda

      even before their debut they're VIPs ^^haha

  • vipandromeda

    I'm proud VIP and Angel at the same time!
    btw:Teen Top role model is Big Bang..so be sure that they will make more BB covers at near future^^

  • fantasticelastic

    ahaha this is too adorable xP

  • http://twitter.com/GGerdaGG GGerda

    ahahah, RIs part, armsss))))

  • jlee


  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    This song is so catchy that no one can stop dancing and make a cover of it kkk

  • LIL

    LOL. This is what happens when you have too much coffe, a great song and a camera available. This cover was epic :D

  • Jitaeri

    Lol, if they win, do they get a prize? xD How cute! 

  • Anna Z

    LOls ppl just can't stop covering BIGBANG's songs. they're nice tho

  • lovesBB

    Lol don't know who they are but this was fun, loved "Seungri's" part =)

  • http://twitter.com/RealVIPBJCLOUD VIPBJCLOUD

    LOL this was entertaining... I needed something to wake me up!! Hahaha :P

  • choomseukaaa

    oh my god Neil is all over the place XD i can only imagine how tired he was playing 3 members at once LOL
    Seungri's part ;A; asdfghjkl; sexy!!!
    Neil's "WOOW" was hilarious :D
    the Fantastic Baby/ Im so Curious run is the official 2012 kpop dance move so far.

  • MatahariBB

    ahahahaha...this is hilarious 

  • JessicaSnow

    pshh they wish they had half the swagger BIGBANG has.. sorry teen top fans lol. it's so nice to see that they are such big fans of the kings though

  • Jsum001

    that was cute ... everybody love BB .... no matter where and who you are they all love BB and is fan of them hehe.....

  • aa_jtt

    hahaha,,,i llike the loud WOW!! part...hehehe,,,out of no where, someone couldn't hide his excitement on the chorus part..hahaha

  • aa_jtt

    hahaha,,first time watching them..they're so sweet juniors!!!.i hope their subaenims - bigbang will be able to watch this..

  • qistinaBB

    haha . cute , it's funny ^^

  • mizskullzzz

    these boyz are so adorkable...

  • qistinaBB

    awesome ! DAEBAK ! <3

  • VIP

    Hi there Teen Top, fellow VIPs! :)

  • kimsophie

    it's fun watching niel acting wild haha:) i lab it.