Big Bang performing Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy on Inkigayo (120422) [VIDEOS]

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Credit: shu35151224@YT

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  • Jenny


    • 111Spanky


  • Maraya Dunbar

    Love it :))

  • Anni_BB

    I never get tired of watching them perform this song!!! And OMG those double dances were AWESOME!!! Seungri and Daesung, GD and Taeyang!! <3<3 Love it when they mix it up!

    And I'm loving GD's outfit - I've been waiting for him to waer that jacket, and the hat is cool too, not to mention the pants!!!! Fantastic Baby!

    Oh, Bad Boy is up too now - and it's great as always!!! Bad Boys, good boys, doesn't matter, BB are our boys forever!!!!

    • DarknessRa

      Just yesterday I was looking at some BB photos, and I thought why didn't he wear that coat - AND THEN THIS, WITH THAT PANTS~ HEAVEN! <3

  • Maggie Buena

    LEGS *drools*
    and did u guys see at the end . dae went to yong hwa when CN BLUE won .. so cute :3

  • bigbangfanUS

    I streamed just for them and THEY DIDNT DISAPPOINT AT ALL <3333


  • xxxlolxxx

    Amazing performance as always :P

  • GDonTOP

    OMG GD's panttssss in Fantastic Baby... O_o Me gusta

    • nina kawengian

      ohhh....thats enough !!! please mr/ms clothing director.... please dont do that to my gd baby.... he's just like wearing a skirt with a stocking.... pleaseeee dont expose his thigh   *just opinion* sorry if u dont like it :)

      • whada

        No!!!! now i accidentally imagine him in the cute girl outfit (red blouse with black skirt) dancing to fantastic baby...

        • nina kawengian

          kekekekkk...its just ma opinion,,,,he's a danger boy..but cutee !! not a girl

      • GDonTOP

        Naw, I don't care. Everyone's entitled to their opinion ^^ Mine is that GD could be wearing a burlap sack and he'd STILL be the most beautiful person in the room :D

        • nina kawengian


      • IO

        but that's why GD is being called FASHIONISTA.. because he is "something" in his fashion XD

    • GUEST

      Hey are you the one making review on bigbang's song in youtube? :D

      • GDonTOP

        I did a reaction video to 'Bad Boy'. If that's what you're talking about, then yes :) I didn't do a whole lot of reacting, though. Mostly did a bunch of staring, lol ^^

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    More than Fantastic!
    Awesome they used the Alive pictures as background :)

    FB: Love The Outfits ^___^  
    The duo dances aww so Adorable !!! 
    Jiyong and YB doing the cooking dance *So Cute*
    Jiyong feeding YB with sushi kkk

    BB: “We’re the best” yes YB, you’re right !
    Love how YB played with his glasses one more time at the ending :)

    • lntt

      SBS cut "cooking dance"? Right?

    • lntt

      SBS didn't cut! sorry i've just seen that moment:)

  • Lorenax17

    YESS! I got to watch before it got banned hehe

    • Jace Roxanne

       haha~~ me too~ it's so frustrated when they remove it..

  • mek0

    tabi's calves, ji's thighs, maknae's shuffling dance, gdyb's cooking dance <333

    and jiyong must you smirk almost everytime the camera was on you?! T_T oh my..


    Really like their coats in Fantastic Baby!!XD DaeRi, GDYB, Gri!!! Omo, what happened with your pants, GD?! *comaaa* -__-

  • April

    I love all the outfits ...
    WOW 5 Fantastic PRINCES in Fantastic baby!!!
    I like Taeyang's black Jacket especially~
    and his naughty action at the end of BAD BOY LOL

  • fyeahbigbang

    week after week they come up with so many amazing performances you dont know what to expect cus they always surprise fans with something new...yet why dont they win??

    • Cindy Pestaño

      They already got their triple crown. And there are so many new releases now, they released theirs last february. I'm just so happy that they are still performing even after getting their triple crown. Besides, they also said that it's not about being number 1 but giving good music and awesome performances. :)

      • Jace Roxanne

        totally agree~

      • notesanotes

        like like like this comment..

      • Anna Z

         totally agree.. it's not always about winning first.. it's already a TRULY HONORABLE feat that months later, they still get to perform on these music shows. Plus, they've won multiple triple crowns on several different music shows already. It's TRULY an honor. That's how BIGBANG thinks of it as well.

    • IlahGenius

      Aren't they gonna perform love dust, ain't no fun, wings on inkigayo? Anybody knows?

  • Greeley


  • linunrata

    Big Bang and their military jackets in Fantastic Baby..
    Just Fantastic as BB!

    and love free dance moves...

  • Greeley

    Also, is it only me or do all these boys fill out their pants PERFECTLY. Those butts, thighs, calves, and another area I shall not name, but we all know what... I'm glad they don't wear skinny jeans that are way too big and have saggy butts... <3.

    • Kaychan

      I was too busy staring at jiyongs thighs to notice anything else lmao but yes I do agree lol

  • Monica Linow

    omfg tabis outfit <3 such amazing!

  • เป่ายิงฉุบเบาๆ

    GD your pants//O[ ]O that's FANTASTIC

  • DaeMing

    Ever since Bigbang came back, they've been giving everyone the most solid stage performance ever.. and it's a fact.
    Triple crown isn't enough

    GD and YB's performances is turning me gay..

  • jess06

    Seungri looks like a sexy vampire in fantastic baby  XD

  • nina kawengian

    OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH GD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS A SKIRT ???????????????

  • Appledae

    who won this week? :(

    • Yilin_gurl

      CNBLUE. but what is amazing is that all the other artist from past weeks in the take 7 (2am, ailee, miss a.. etc) are gone and yet they're STILL on the take 7!! Hope they win at least one more time!! 

  • Eelingtiong

    They deserved to win every week!! Look at that fantastic performance!! .GD you're wearing mini skirt? Kkk so happy that they enjoyed at their stage so much!! :)

    • linunrata

      Not a mini's a scarf tied on GD's waist, gives the skirt impression!


    TOP got his hair cut?i think so~ 
    GD's style is so great!
    AWESOME" performance!

  • raja

    plz ; any one has a video or link  of big bang achievement since their debut , 

  • Livia_mei92

    GD, come here, you fantastic baby!

  • wihra

    so hot, i love their performance here especially fantastic baby.I love their outfits esp. G dragon outfits, i love to see too much skin.His legs so flawless, i have a suggestion much better if he would remove those piece of hanky on his private part.they are the best fashionable boyband ever,no one can defeat them.

  • TotobearTop

    Omggg GD's thighs! O.O

    I love Daesung's outfits! He looks mad hot! 

    And the DaeRi and GDYB sushi dance omygawwd.

  • MichelleGoh

    OMG the cat daddy GD and Tae did !!! <3 Not to forget Dae-ri's new dance !!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    I luv napoleon TOP..he drive me crazy..:)..GD??Oh..gosh..:)

  • Inbee2in

    TOP omg

    simply charming, Prince Charming.

    Seriously watching this i cant help myself but look for every part of TOP.
    GD you have captured my attention tooo!!!

    TOP Prince Charming.
    You def got 'the appeal'.


  • topalltheway

    their outfits are fantastically beautiful !
    love them <3

  • Y.Sim

    Apparently GD was wearing Maison Martin Margiela women's ripped jeans -

  • Maharani Maharani

    I love their Bad Boy outfit so much!!! Especially Taeyang, he looks so fresh, cool, and handsome!! And of course I don't have to mention Jiyong's pants in FB right.... :p Legs, GD, LEGS!!!!

    And our boys never fail to give amazing performances. They give everything new in their performances... I love that double pair dances (GDYB IS CUTE CUTE CUTE) and I'm waiting for TOP's turn next week teheheh!! :D :D

  • SerenaVIP ♛

    In fantastic baby they dont do the kamehameha  anymore

  • missyeppeo

    Did anyone see Daesung disturbing Yonghwa when CNBLUE win??
    Lol. So cute! Bigbang boys are always happy when someone's happy :D
    I want Bad Boy to win though, love that song :(

  • maybelle

    Their freestyle dance in FB: Dae & Ri, GD & YB (did GD just feed YB some sushi ??!) and TOP dancing on his own :)
    Their outfits and accessories: our boys look so good, esp. Dae in red jacket, totally like TOP's hair & their glasses  
    And last but not least, the happiness on their faces <3 GD & YB at the end of Bad boy perf <3

  • iwatchthis

    omg i love their fantastic baby outfits!! but GD wassup wit de pants? showing de thighs is definitely new, oh well more skin for me to look at and GD looks good in everything.

  • MAY

    let's talk performances: FANTASTIC BABY was as the name suggests! XD too EPIC this week!!! the duo dances- DaeRi....LOL! <3 GDYB CAT DADDY- SUPER HOT SWAG TO THE MAX & GD feeding YB <3<3<3<3.< *nose bleed*

    BAD BOY: SOLID perf. 'nuff said!
    OUTFITS: LOVE!!! so fresh and cool... jungle/camouflage theme? :P
    for me...Dae looked sexiest. 
    I'm always partial to TOP & i think he looked like a BOSS. 
    GD...ah, babe, your ripped pants make me ashamed as a girl! i wish my legs looked that great! orz *EPIC FAIL on my part* [LOL] 
    Seungri looked good
    Tae looked cute. i know it's a weird adjective to use here, but he just looked like a cute kid to me :P

  • thettywetty

    oh my top! 

  • Elisya

    why they did not win? they already got triple crown but for blue song right. so is it mean that they cant win for other songs? o.O

  • Guest

    Please sing another song next week. Truthfully, I'm bored with Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. But today performances are great!!!  I loved it♥

  • Avi Will

    SO.MUCH.THIGH'S.SKIN D; *nosebleed*

  • gdalyng

    omo GD! ur pants! O.O yeah u r the real FANTASTIC BABY;)

  • Jace Roxanne

    hahaha!! sushi!!!

  • J-Mary

    Fantastic bad boyzzzz!.Simply awesome performance!..

  • Desideria Nirmala

    Yet another crazy dance break during Fantastic Baby!! I could never get boooored! ^^

  • Summer Fitzgerald

    I have no idea how many times I've watched their performances. I'm always looking forward to their performances. It's like a drug to me. They're really energetic and sometimes we don't even know what surprises are there in the store cuz it's effing BIG BANG. BIG BANG is jjang!! 

  • nvia08

    I love GD pants on fantastic baby! akh he's so sexy.. XD

  • juju

    Taeyang: we the best!
    lol yes you guys are Tae

  • mizskullzzz

    this is d best break dance for FB so far...
    love d maknaes funny dance...
    and watching GDYB dancing together really makes me happy...
    btw im sure GD ripped pant will be hot online as TOP pink eyebrow...kekeke

  •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    did they win on Inkigayo?
    it's a shame they didn't win many triple crowns this time (only one i think).

    would've been easier had they promoted just one song at a time

    • dodo18

      lol they won triple crown already

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         they only won on one show?

        • dodo18

          they won on both mc countdown and two times on kbs

        •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

          but did they win three weeks in a row with one song in more than one show?

    • Cindy Pestaño

      They won triple crown for Blue and Fantastic on Mcountdown and a triple crown for Blue on Inkigayo. :)

      Though I wanted them to have more awards and such, I'm more than satisfied that they are giving us a variety of excellent music and performances in these shows. <3 Like YG said, being number 1 in music shows does not really matter anymore. Besides, they topped music portals and stayed there for a long time. :)

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         they did win one triple crow on Mcountdown for BLUE and another one for Fantastic Baby or was it a joint one = just one award , not two on Mcountdown?*

        you are correct abt the music vs number1 thing :)

    • Anna Z

       They won triple crown for Blue on Inkigayo and won several triple crowns with tracks from 'Alive' on other music shows as well. :D  

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura


    • Sakamy

      They win 2 triple crowns, on Inkigayo for BLUE, one MC Countdown for Blue - 1 time, Fantastic Baby 2 times ( not  for 1 song but still a triple crown keke ), And 2 times on Music Bank, not remember for which song :).

      Even if they have less mutizens, that's not a shame :). If what they want is awards, they could promote 1 songs and get triple triple crown like they did with Tonight last year. But when they promote all songs of the album, it's not the case... :D
      I love seeing them enjoying on stage, that's enough for me.

  • Hafsah Jamil

    can you imagine BigBang collaborating with Justin Bieber??? after watching these perfs it seems SO IMPOSSIBLE. I can't believe even thought to recommend it!!! *disappointed* /:

    • rinfour I am starting to believe that they dislike BIGBANG. WTF?! I am flabbergasted! 

  • dodo18

    just whou , fantastic baby break dance so cute and god bless dae & yb arms in bad boy

  • elerieC

    GDYB!!! and the break dance part LOL!!! great performance!! 

  • Huong Le

    OMG.. fashion 's G-Dragon, i shock.... I like it

  • dodo18

    haha tabi forever too flawless to dance!!


    Jiyong's outfit is BLOODY SEXYYYY.
    I can't even look at him.

    • SAM

      join the club hahahaha

  • Kaychan

    Jiyong you need to stop being so provocative. My poor fangirl heart can't take it. You in those pants......those thighs.....and smirking everytime the camera is on you. You tease lol you know exactly what your doing don't you?

  • dabygael

    new chlotes in fantastic baby? TOP is awesome *o*

  • Sara Nicole Rieira

    I like Jiyong pants. kisses to all and good luck

  • Korea Lover ♥

    One of the best performances of this song so far *-*
    Their outfits are FANTASTIC BABY :D
    The dance part is so BOOM SHAKALAKA :D


  •łotnik/1360803686 Agnieszka Złotnik

     I love GD voice

  • MagentaSwallow

    I can't take my eyes off TOP!!!!!!! TOP in casual attire, brushed up hair and that cool Grafik Plastic glasses is GO.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!

  • rinfour

    At first I didn't notice that there was a skirt-like cloth around GD..was too busy looking at his sexy thighs. :)) 

    Their performances are just...WOW! :)

    Is it just me or was that dancer unni's position in front of Panda uhm..provocative? hahaha In the "Momma, let me be your lova" part. >,>

    Oh mind, out of the gutter please. It's GD's thigh's fault! hahaha


    I just can't get tired of watching their performance. They bring so much energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness to each song that is just addictive to watch.

  • Lim Yi Jern

    LOL! The maknaes "I'm Cold" dance!!!! I've been waiting for that! :3

  • imp

    ohwwww my TOPTOPTOP just so dope with that givenchy jacket ... he's so handsoooooome ....



  • Mai D

    hehe did u see Seung Hyun´s wink at 1:17 in Fantastic Baby!!??!! Pure awesomenessssss

    • jigsaw_youth

      It was amazing. *-*

  • Whipcream

    givenchy spring collection so hot

  • Guest

    the new collection style rococo spring and summer only for men hahaha

  • FFrida

    Wow! Awesome performances  *u* 

  • linunrata

    OMG- hours have passed and the MVs are still on (not blocked!)

    Love their every Inkigayo performance from their fantastic styles to their energetic shows...and this is no different..BB never fails to fulfill your expectations..

  • topoftop

    oh~ my prince~ ^ ^

  • maggiestrange

    TOP looked so tired during Bad Boy, can't believe he went and did SBS Kpop Star right after. (Side note: why do I keep mixing that show and Go Show in my head? Ugh. xP)

  • Anna Z

    BIGBANG never ceases to amaze people with their live performances.. always giving off a different feeling! <3

  • Fay

    So much Givenchy in the Bad Boy video 

  • msmaymay

    I love Top's hair.

  • Lioness

    GD's tired today :(

  • lalaland

      wowww, always love their stage performance than the v.clip~~

  • whatasky

    GD began Bad Boy with some friendly words "It's raining outside..." actually it was raining yesterday in Seoul

  • Jsum001

    love the dance gd and bae did and dae ri did so adorable ....
    they are so awesome amazing 

  • Jayden_reid

    the kings are performing for almost 2 months @ inkigayo but they never disappoint us with nothing but great performances as ever. Loving my bigbang inkigayo perf collection in my ipod! This group is the BEST of THE BEST

  • Tamara Tran


  • MyBabyTabi

    i think we can say GD has honey thighes too...

  • Georgette

    loved this performance of Fantastic Baby...the partnered dances were cute <3

  • Intan Arch06