Big Bang on MTV Lab (120414) [VIDEO]

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  • YGfan25

    G-RI moments! hahaha. :D

  • Vdsf

    lol gd put mic in seungri face lol

    makane getting punished hard

  • fayelfrida

    hahaha. ji's bullying the maknae. XD
    and Top's hairstyle in the beginning. old school. XD

  • myTOPsecret

    awwww nostalgic!!!! from debut days...and look how they are now..hmmm 6years of hard work :)

  • EllySeeYa

    omo......Tabiiiii....sooooo cute.....our boys are grownup....

  • GGerda

    WOOOOOW GRi O.O Really O.O Seungri said GD tease him coz he love him. Tae ask GD is it true? And GD sing "sukidayo" - I love you

    • GGerda

      But in case Gri is not real GD did really not good thing - kids watching, he damage Ris boss image again..............

    • GGerda

      And in the end question was "who is the most 'alive" among members?' and all choose Seungri. But I think GD slowly become Alive too, since he start to tease Ri, as he always do.

  • SeuиgRi (México)

    OMG NyongTory..Again So Happy Their love each other...<3

  • gjapples

    totally love GD and Seungri moment :-) だいすき!

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    ohh poor Seungri kkk I remember when YB did the same to him in another interview kkk
    at the end I wonder why all of them are pointing to Seungri :)

  • aightt!!

    0:59  lol, Gd has been wanting to have wig on his side since 2008.. but that time, he put on a towel?? inside his cap.

  • aniway

    lol, Gd attempt to sing Hirai Ken song like Daesung always did.


    GRi!!!!! Sukidayooooooooo~XD

  • Illuty

    lol...jiyong always bully seungri b/c he loves seungri...XDD

  • Nur_314

    how come taeyang didn't answer in japanese nowadays...he was the best at japanese in the past...hihi... 

  • Jiyong is asdjkgh;f

    What I find hilarious it's that when Jiyong teases Seungri, he has such a serious expression lol.