Big Bang came first in 'the most trustworthy singer in the upcoming national election' [NEWS]

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Big Bang came first in the poll of 'the most trustworthy singer in the upcoming national election' on 11th.

The poll was held from 30th of March to 8th of April and Big Bang has gained 17.6 percent of votes out of 433.

Source: Datanews

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  •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    who came 2nd and 3rd? i cant read korean :(

    •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

       lol just realized it had to be 2am in 2nd place

      • Sheidilouise

         lol how cute of u XDDD

        •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura


      • lyshachoi

        3rd Shinhwa

    • Lisa L. 재미없어

      2AM, Shinhwa, Super Junior, Beast, 2PM, MBLAQ, Infinite, DBSK, Shinee

      • Hypster_Dragon

         Woah, love to see my top 4 boy bands in this poll. BIGBANG, SHINee, Mblaq, DBSK. <3

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura


    • Dianne Voon

      2nd 2am
      3rd shinwa

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         thank you!

  • OctoberBB

    always will be and always should be :D

  • aŋita 아니타

    That's our boys! NUMBAH ONE as always! Would surprise me if they wouldn't rank 1st keke~

    2012 is INDEED BIGBANG's year!

  • Silvi Teresa

    so they will sing on korean national election or what?
    i don't understand what's this poll is all about :|

    • Kang

       The translation was wrong...
      It was the survey about...
      "Which idol will vote faithfully in the upcoming national election?" And the survey investigations answered it because Taeyang and Seungri are faithful!

  • JIA

    Congratulations to Our Boys!hrmm.the news is coming slow lately.Im not complaining.I just miss them.

  • io

    SOO, what poll is it??

  • magaaliii

    " most trustworthy singer in the upcoming national election" lol wut

    what does that mean?

  • HanaVIP

    ofcourse they're number 1.. *proud mama*

    but, what does this poll mean?

  • RealTerra


  • Laura Sanchez Arteaga

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  • Soluiz

    Just 433 votes? ...

  • linunrata

    As far as I understand- Korea trusts our boys! 

  • Kang

    The translation is not correct....
    BB came first in the survey "Which idol will vote faithfully in the upcoming national election?"
    Another article said the survey investigator said like this...
    "Especially because Taeyang and Seungri're always dilligent and hard working, it seems they're recognized as the most faithful singers, I guess thet's why whey came first in the survey."
    I really wonder why BBU always translate the articles that praise GD, TOP, DAE high... but they ususally don't picked up the articles that praise Taeyang or Seungri high. There're many other articles that praise Taeyang in korea but BBU choose other ones ommiting the praises....

    • Kang

       Here's another article
      It's in korean... translate it please!
      Most of the articles're similar with this. They all praised Taeyang and Seungri... but BBU picked up the only one article that is ommiting the praises.

    • Guest

      Even if it's maybe a little exagerated and I say this sadly T__T : but  it is true there has been good articles mentionning Taeyang that was not posted by bbu...

      But BBU must have a good explanation and these days they post everything about our boys to the point where I don't have to check on other website, BBU is enough ^^ Thank you guys for the hard work :) so kind of you !!!! Fighting ! <3

    • kimmy

      Hm thanks for pointing that out. I do have favorites, but I like all of them. I would like each member to have their share of articles, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions and say BBU specifically picked this article because it doesn't include the seungri and taeyang praises. Although, I know that being bias is unavoidable if the article translator favors one member over the other. I'm sure it may be the same for you if you have favorites lol.

    • Vdsf

      calm down dont start some conspiracy 

      at the end of the day its just a poll lol

    • yellowcrown

      it's a different article.i think the translator chose the source,the one above it's because it's shorter lol
      i think BBU is not bias because i knew Vic,the owner or mod?or whatever it's called is a taeyang and seungri bias.the translators are a different story.of course they can chose whatever they wanted to translate because they are not obligated to do so.maybe they don't have SR or TY bias translator?lol  yes.Taeyang is very much well loved by the media and i'm very proud of all vips should.if you see articles about Taeyang or any other member in the future and you have free time,can you please translate them and send them to the mod of this site?please?if i have all the time in the world i would help out.  

    • janet_bigbang

      no offence but i understand that you think this site usually don't pick up the articles that praise Taeyang or Seungri high if you feel that way.
      but you don't have to say that 'wonder why BBU always translate that articles that praise GD, TOP, DAE high...'
      i don't agree with you.
      especially for GD, there are unnecessary articles translated here, for example, articles about fortune tellers, he copied seaweed hair style? and so on, which can cause unnecessary gossip. and even k-netizens don't give a shit to some articles like that.
      and don't say 'always'. cuz not all articles praise GD, TOP DAE are posted here.

  • haiosh

    So happy for my kings <3


    Netizens and their polls/surveys srly they need a new hobby.

  • bigbangfosho

    LOL what's that even supposed to mean xD It's not like BB's running for anything...I hope not

  • VIP501

    This is all because of their honesty last year, instead of trying to maintain their image, by covering up stuff, they came out with honesty and just apologised.
    I'm proud of them and a proud VIP :)

    edited: since the article meant something else my comment is kinda irrelevant but still true LOL

  • Younghampton

    Guys go and vote for taeyang as best male dancer on allkpop right now he losing to rain and remember you can vote more than once

  • dodo18

    korea and their lame survey no long ago they were asking them to go kill themselves now they are praising them lmao .. 

    • myla

       I believe some korean media outlet tried to make BB down because of those incidents they had but the korean people speaks with this survey that they really support and trusts them after all (unlike other idol or celebrity that has undergone scandal and their fame starts to fade away and worst forget and do not support their activities anymore).

      And in my opinion they are really on another level in the eyes of their countrymen so that's why I'm very happy with this poll.

    • crv2

      LOL, because admiration and true love couldn't be hidden for a long time, eh?

  • Anwar


  • EllySeeYa

    im not´s BIG BANG baby...........

  • Anti


  • Korea Lover ♥


  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    I said and I say it again , Our boys are special, a beautiful human beings :)
    Thanks to @1a3d2003ba9b317cfce86925278ee43e:disqus I understand this better :)

    btw, Today was election day in Korea

  • Anna Z

    BIGBANG always hwaiting! THIS IS FANTASTIC, BABY! :D

  • Illuty

    Congratz to big bang >_<...
    Humm...I'm being random again...Beast is even higher than 2pm and shinee...oo

  • PaMoneyVang

    Woo!! Congrats to my boys. Taeyang and Seungri <3

  • 선명한

    congratulations Big Bang oppa ^^

  • it’srizzasantos ♕


  • K Dol Kan


    Congratulations Big Bang.... you guys deserve a standing ovation from all VIPs for this!

  • Maya Francis

    'the most trustworthy singer in the upcoming national election' --> I don't get what this mean actually?

  • calimakicrazzzy

    I think it means if they were to sing a song for the candidates of the said election people would mostly believe to them? hahaha I'm not sure :|

  • mizskullzzz

    honestly korea does has many weird poll...
    but im always happy when BIGBANG won in any polls even d weirdest ones...kekeke