Big Bang's total sales for "ALIVE" exceeds 250,000 copies [NEWS]

Shared by on April 12, 2012  

According to the statistics released by Gaon Chart on the 12th, BIGBANG's sales for ALIVE has already exceeded 250,000 copies.

"ALIVE" sold 212,010 in February and was the "ALBUM of the MONTH" for that period. For March, they sold 45,421 copies, making their cumulative sales a total of 257,431.

Shinee's Sherlock, released last March 19th sold a total of 135,370 copies last month and CN Blue's Ear Fun, released last March 26th, sold 59,944 copies.

Source:, Gaon
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  • Losttreasure007

    GOD IS GOOD. ;-) oxxx

    • seoulflysea

      AMEN to that, with NO conditions!  But still, it's good to see how popular (or even more so) BB has gotten, after their traumatic and difficult year in 2011.

  • sorwenisvip

    As expected! They're doing well :) 
    Now, we shall wait for the new unreleased song to shake up some charts too!

  • Guest

    Is it for physical album? If yes, I will doing a whipper dance with along with our boys, it just proof that they doing really well both in Physical and Digital album. Sure will dominate the year end award :>

    • Yuan So

      it's physical ^^
      Only proves that BigBang is loved by the General Korean population with the massive digital sales too unlike most groups who depend on fanbase alone and their physical sales..

      • guest

        I always think that YGbiggestrival doing good only in physical because they can see their oppar face in physical album, it's like souvenir/merchandise with oppar photo for them. and YG doing good only in digital before, because we only want to listen to their music, not only see their face.

        • Yuan So

          exactly. As a guy myself, I only downloaded most of their songs via itunes. Mainly because I love their music more than their looks. Which is also why I never cared about buying the physical version.
           But I'm thinking of purchasing a GD version of the album. The Icy design on the box is really a collector's item.

  •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

    those who have been lucky to get their album. BB Alive album has not been up to my country .. and i can't order to use pre order anymore:(
    now i just can waiting...

    • cssvip

      Are you from Indonesia?

      •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

        Yup,  how do you know? hehehe..
        can you help me to get their album? *hope*

        • guest

          check gasoo galore on twitter. but i think a bit hard for now.

        • bigbangfanUS

          order on or yesasia?

        • Lol

          Go to yesasia, they still have each member's ver, but they havent restock the BB ver though. Go buy it! And make sure you keep it somewhere save and super dry so it wont rust like mine lol

        •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

          Oh wow.. many tanks for the info..i would try to get their album.. *for some reason, I think that i'm so late for this* hiks --"

        • cssvip

           LOL, I'm from Indonesia too.
          Try Teuksha Kpop Shop FB
          They Always open PO but it's Close now, maybe they will open again next week~
          I Buy the album from them XD

        • GD’s



        • Kavnieuw

           I was lucky enough to get my album at a "Made in Asia" fair in Brussels! After getting the digital album on itunes it's great to have the physical album as well!

    • Net

      DVDheaven still has Alive album. u may check it out.

      Please support our boys !!

    • GBOM Jjang

      yeap,you can check gasoo galore or bigbangindonesia..

      •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

        Wow, a lot of references to get their album. how stupid I do not know about it =______= Ok, thankyou guys^^

  • cssvip

    I'm One Of the 257431 who buy Their Album, YEEEY <3 Their Alive Album is The Best Album i ever know XD!! Bigbang, The Best

    • brownpaperbag_12

      me too!

      • Mizuya

        yay! me too xD

    • Sevtr

      all BB' albums are the best. 
      but yeah proud to be one the 257 431 buyers too woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo^^

  • Lol

    Question, how much did they sell in gaon for tonight?

    • SHCJ

      They sold total of 134,835 for Tonight in 2011.

    • Shcj

       For reference:

      1. Girls’ Generation – ‘The Boys’ – 385,348

      2. Super Junior – ‘Mr.Simple’ – 343,348 | Repackaged Album 129,894

      3. TVXQ – ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down)’ – 266,727 | Repackaged Album 60,709

      4. JYJ – ‘In Heaven’ – 220,142 | Special Edition Album 62,790

      5. B2ST – ‘Fiction And Fact’ – 142,644

      6. Big Bang – ‘Mini Album Vol.4 Tonight’ – 134,835

      7. Super Junior – ‘Mr.Simple Repackage’ – 129,894

      8. CNBLUE – ‘First Step’ – 116,028

      9. Kim Hyun Joong – ‘Break Down EP’ – 114,586

      10. Kim Hyun Joong – ‘Lucky 2nd Mini Album’ – 106,148

      • sailat

        wow!! Within a year, thus far, they've sold 120K+ more than Tonight!! I wonder why Tonight didn't do as well in the physical charts? I mean those numbers are awesome nonetheless but the growth w/in a year is spectacular!! 

        As for SNSD...apart from 'the boys' did they release any other MVs?! I didn't know their selling power was this strong...considering their title track was okay, at best!!

        • Shcj

          Tonight didn't really do that well last year. Plus, this year, they had 6 versions so people really bough more.

        • Tamara Tran

          Tonight didn't do as well, because they could only promote for the first quarter of 2011, but even with that limited amount of time to promote it, they still sold a lot in comparison to other groups who had the entire year to promote. 

          But yes, spectacular indeed! Because that's Big Bang for ya! <3

        • guest

          maybe because in 2011 they have a different music style, from Lies-Sunset glow-Haru-Haru-Last Farewell into Tonight.
          as my preference, I like Love Song but I don't like Tonight. And for 2012, who's can't resist BigBang, who made The Greatest Comeback ever in KPop world. and because of this, we gain alots new generation of VIP.

        • bigbangfanUS

          Guess because they had been on hiatus for 2 years and had a comeback with new style that's different from their previous..

          But with less than 6 months promotion last year, BIGBANG made 77.5 million USD for the whole 2011.

          That's ballin in $$$ ryt there :)

        • guest

          as I remember, they dont release other album beside The Boys. SNSD to be known  the only SM artist that doing good both physycal and digital

      • im vinajoe a YGbias

        but i think  THE BOYS released worldwide  and it has an english version while BBs alive was released in korea with the help of some shipping website the foreign VIPs can only purchased see if alive was also released worldwide the album sales now must be double.. hehe!!! im proud for BB :)) now they will have they world tour means more rising popularity and more more money!! hehehe!!

      • Katy

        Super Junior's album had 11 versions for each member, so we have sold more, and  BIGBANG did minialbum, the boys of snsd is a full album 

      • Guest

        Wow excellent info. Thanks!

    • guest

      tonight not that good, only 100k and for special edition only 72k

  • Adyra Azhary

    Thats my oppas

  • addleapple

    I'm SO glad I got my copy! :)

  • Joei_C

    Now who's gonna say our boys suck at physical album sales anymore?? :) Eat this!! Honestly didn't expect them to win by this big a margin... Shows just how FANTASTIC BABY they are!


    • GGerda

      sorry, what is mean DIGITAL & PHYSICAL ?

      •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

        Digital: an electronic form, such as itunes
        Physical: a real form, such as tapes and cd/dvd
        that's what i know:D

    • noely

      who's said that they suck at physical album sales?
      no one said,
      BIGBANG always did well in physical and digital sales

  • JasmineAnastasia

    Haha and people say they can't sell physical albums!! Yeah buddy they are amazing!!! I'm so glad I helped contribute to those numbers!!

  • Sally

    wow! That's more than last year!!

  • Tamara Tran

    Ohh yea, takin' over the world, one chart at a time baby! <3 

  • Black_gunz1996

    So less

  • linunrata

    Cumulative sales : 257,431 
    "Wow Fantastic baby- I wanna Dance Dance Dance...."

  • EllySeeYa

    TOP PART:From one to ten everything is one level above

    SEUNGRI PART:Catch me if you can

    GD PART:My footsteps are faster then others

    DAE and TAEYANG:i can´t baby don´t stop this,just go corrupt today,go crazy and rave,lets go (beat the chart´s everyday)

    BIG BANG: wow fantastic baby 

    ME:nananana nanananna 

  • OctoberBB

    wow fantastic baby!

  • Malak

    hope the releasing of their album in France will boost the sales up too. :)   

  • Aa_BB

    within 2 months..250,00+++ copies of their album!!!!..oh let's buy some more!!!hahaha.......

  • elerieC

    yey!!! BigBang deserves it. their album is really great. =) 

  • A A

    Everyone's saying Mini 4 did bad...But together with special edition it sold over 200k+ that's first rate for a mini album. Big Bang has ALWAYS done well DIGITALLY AND PHYSICALLY...

    Why are people putting down BB Tonight era to make Alive era look better? Last year within 2 months they released GD&TOP, VVIP, and Tonight, of course it's not going to sell as well. Plus Alive has multiple versions, and this is only shipment, it could go down if people cancel orders...

    I'm just saying this physical sales wise it isn't that much better than Tonight. It's the same greatness.

    • Yojaga

      In a way, Tonight was actually better since people bought more than 1 version this year. If Tonight had also diff versions like Alive, its sales might be even higher.

    • Kals

      Ive become a fan of BB since last year and its all because of tonight. I personally think its a really great song and a solid album. so I dont get why some ppl dislike/disappointed with it. I know majority of ppl are like where is lies/haru2 era?? But honestly haru2 is just lies 2.0, sorry to say, I dont want another lies 3.0, i see musical growth in the 4th mini. And i am just proud that they are continuing giving out great music whether as Bigbang, units or solos.

      • JayDK

        I'm a brand new Big Bang fan due to Alive, and am only now discovering their older material.  I love the Tonight mini-album almost as much as Alive -- Tonight and Cafe are now two of my all-time favorites.  I think Tonight shows huge musical evolution and daring from their earlier material -- it's really impressive, and Alive is continuing the growth with the variety and depth of the music and the increasing emotional connection, without losing the essential total fun of Big Bang.  They're going in a really positive direction IMO.

      • Guest

        Yeah, I actually have to agree with you. Before I became a VIP, Haru Haru and Lies just sounds the same to me. It took me a really long time to differentiate the songs (obviously though, since I wasn't a VIP at that time). I was always confused by the two, thinking that it was the same song.

    • cyx

      yeah agree the bandwagon hate on tonight was ridiculous

    • Guest

      I actually really like the Big Bang Special Edition album. They took the
      best tracks from Tonight + Love Song + Stupid Liar + some of their best
      solo tracks. The numbers would probably have been a lot higher if not for the car accident and marijuana scandals. I'm guessing the people who didn't buy the album last year will buy it me...

    • Maria (마리야)

      The 4th mini album is actually my favorite mini album even after Alive. 
      So I think it kinda sucks when people say it was disappointing because I don't see it like that >_< but yes I agree :)

  • Jsum001

    no matter if its there new or old songs it will always be a number one hit ... 
    and all of there songs is always the best , awesome theres no word to described there music .... its always #1 

  • BBFantastic

    I hope those end of year awards are fair this year....the boys are doing really well with this album..

  • koko

    I remember not too long ago, in AKP there were article said YG stock going down due to poor Bigbang album. and after I searched that article back, it was deleted. I really hope someone can give tis article to AKP make them shamed!! I hate AKP!

    • MatahariBB

      yes,akp is so full of s***... it's like a ground of fanwar there..

    • Sevtr

      in fact at this moment it was a normal thing apparently because SM and JYP stocks goes down too and YG stocks were the ones who declines the least 
      AKP article was BS and that's why it was remove quickly^^

  • mizskullzzz

    congratz to our boys...i hv a feeling dat they will bag all those awards at the end of year awards...


    In all over the world there are a lot of VIP so how could we have 250 000 copies ? :'O !!

    • Black_gunz1996

      This is in korea only

      • QUEENxBK♥

        oh ok but also in Korea there are more than 250 000  fans :0 ! no ?

    • Cindy Pestaño

      This is physical. There is also digital. A lot of fans from other countries bought digitally like iTunes etc. as well. :)

  • Vh3n ^_^

    Oh, I contributed on that TOTAL SALE!  ;p


    Just "Fantastic Baby"....and this is only the beginning!!!!....Congratz to Bing Bang!!..

  • VIP501

    They probably sold more than half a million, consider their sales outside Korea, and their pre-order sale which was already a quarter of a million,
    OMG that is a LOT!
    I'm proud to have contributed to this number XD

  • anggeee

    oh wow.. and to think they released the album in the end of feb?  :D so proud!

  • fayelfrida

    this is how great BigBang music is. hahaha

  •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    only 45 000? that's a shame :(  I was hoping for them to reach 400 000 by the end which now won't happen.

    Perhaps it would've been wiser to promote one song at a time?

    • John

      omg just shut up and listen to bigbang music........ the best music is not the best sold you know????

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         1) don't tell me to shut up. I have the right to express my opinions just as much as you.
        You don't see me telling you to shut the f up, although i really should say it to you, do you?

        2) just because the best music is not the best sold doesn't mean i cannot wish that my favorite band will also earn as much money as possible and get as much recognition as other bands who are not as good (like Super Junior).

        3) don't hate on others coz they have a different opinion than yours.

    • peekaboo1988

      Τotal sales are up to 257,431 so far, how is that a shame ? Also, is doing extremely well for a mini album. Find me another boy group who can do this well both  digitally and physically and then come and talk to me about shame. It would be wiser to know some facts first

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         Super Junior sold much more...and let's face it, their album wasn't even good (Mr. Simple).

        257K isn't bad; but I was hoping for more considering how big the pre-orders were.

        and it's  a shame because I hoped for much more. I even wrote this in my initial comment. you should read it.

        • im vinajoe a YGbias

           im not mad at you :)) i think both of us wants BB to sell higher than any other artist :)) you know they are kings and believe they will do more... lets just wait and contribute to it.. BBs do thing for excellence so they also deserve a excellent response.. BB is the KING of HIPHOP in South Korea.. and thats the truth suju is the flower boy group of korea thats why they gained fans and yearly they promote they never stop most of the group often seen on tv thats why they became more popular while BB always on YG building doing good music for us :)) BB is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • cherrie

          yeah but suju's is a full album and full albums tend to sell ALOT more than a mini album + they had a repackaged version which contributed to their huge album sales.

          •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

            mr.simple wasnt a full album though, I think?

        • cherrie

          yup it was their fifth studio album

          •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

             yeah you were right, i now see that it was indeed a full album.

    • Trace

      Err... shame? Dude, in the Korean music industry, 250,000 sales for an album is a HUGE number. Lots of artists struggle to make it past 50,000 let alone 100,000. As far as I can remember, the last album that reached 500,000 was DBSK's Mirotic and that was four years ago. Which compared to the 800,000 fans registered on their fan cafe, isn't that much. (I'm not throwing any shade at DBSK here though, since I respect that group a lot. I'm just trying to highlight the fact that physical album sales in Korea is weak.)

      With digital music stores dominating and rampant piracy in a small country like Korea, album sales are generally low. You know why idol groups take the top spots in Hanteo and Gaon album charts? It's because they're the only ones who have a rabid fanbase that is willing to buy physical albums. Most of the general public just downloads songs or pirates since albums cost more and take up lots of space. Personally, I'm happy with Big Bang's sales since ALIVE is a mini-album(minis sell less than regular albums) and they manage to sell this much even if VIPs aren't as organized as other fangroups in bulk buying. BB got in Billboard's top 200 albums only through digital sales on iTunes and their songs did really well in the Korean online music charts(which means the general public like their songs)... considering the huge career-threatening scandals Big Bang has been through last year, this round of promotions is a whole lot better than what I expected. :)

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         i said it's a shame because I was hoping for more; not that it was a shameful number in itself.

  • Whipcream

    But remember bigbang released alive japan ver which is not include this number. it means Bigbang sold 45421 copies in march and japan ver 52987 copies ==> they sold almost 100000 copies in march...

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    I'm so glad that one of those 212,010 is mine bcz I preordered from YGeshop ^__^
    I'm so happy for the success of their awesome albm, Our boys deserve it :)

    • im vinajoe a YGbias


  • Anna Z

    I'm pretty sure that FOR NOW, the total exceeds 250,000.. but if they would just keep keeping track of 'Alive'.. it will get even further! >.<

  • anne2big

    OMG this is awsome!! bigbang are the kings of all kind of charts!!
    i guess their next song will be as huge as ALIVE
    wow fantastic baby

  • GBOM Jjang

    as i know the kings and queens for physical and digital sales in Korea are BIGBANG,TVXQ,SNSD and 2NE1 so far,,but last year TVXQ broke in digital sales,while 2NE1 in physical sales...

    • juju

      2NE1 is kinda weak in physical sales but digital, great, yes.
      DBSK is mediacore in digital and ok in physical.

      the only groups afaik that are balanced/amazing in both digital and physical sales are BB and SNSD

    • im vinajoe a YGbias

       but i hope the next time if 2ne1 will released album it will be good on digital and physical also :)) im excited for the girls :)))

  • Tiffany Danes

    congrats to BB, but expected of course - what i didn't expect was that Jay Park sold like 80k albums... thats like 2/3 of what shinee sold. im really impressed and happy (:

  • minna

    EXCUSE ME but only BIGBANG managed to sell 100,000+ for physical and still enter the top 10 digital albums for the whole year of 2011 wherein SJ & TVXQ failed to enter, despite their good physical sales. so before you say that TONIGHT was a flop, please review your homework first

  • qistinaBB

    DAEBAK ! ^^

  • Cindy Rain

    the best

  • rinfour

    I will add to that number when I manage to find a copy here in my country!! hahaha I can't find one anywhere! >..<

    • im vinajoe a YGbias

      no maybe because BB's album is not released worldwide that oversies fans need to use some website to order.. coz even here in my country theres no BBs album yet some KPOP artist has realesed thier album here.. thats why.. :) we will wait patiently..

  • im vinajoe a YGbias

    I STRONGLY BELIEVE that BBs album sale will not stay 250+k sold it will rise up every day VIP's are waiting all over the world why we will settle for 500k if south Korean people can make 1M copies :))  hehe!!!