Gaon Chart Rankings (120311-17) [NEWS]

Shared by on March 22, 2012  

For the week of March 11th to March 17th:

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking
3. Fantastic Baby
5. Blue
7. Bad Boy
12. Love Dust
21. Ain't No Fun
30. Wings (Daesung's Solo)
64. Intro (Alive)

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking
4. Alive

Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check full rankings here.

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  • Hypster_Dragon

    GO BIGBANG<3. Fighting.

  • Samantha

    Almost a whole month and still ranking high >:D

  • Maroug25

    Is Gaon charts all up to KVIPs support and stuff like that??I mean it's local right?like IVIPs can do help or not??!!!

    • seoulflysea

      Unfortunately, it's almost all domestic so they don't consider Itunes but will take sales into consideration.  Plus no one is exactly sure how Gaon compiles its ranking so sometimes I'm a little suspicious.  Music charts in Korea are not always on the up and up, although with technology now, they can't get away with too much these days.  But God knows, they sure do try.

    •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

       I think so yes, since it is named "Gaon Chart NATIONAL Digital Singles Ranking"


    • Maroug25

      So the YT domiated by IVIPs and Gaon way more rely on KVIPs...idk but the rankings dropped should have been stocked to the former position ..I hope it will get higher again thnx both of you for answering.

  •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    what, it has already dropped as low as number four?!  I was hoping this album would have longer staying period than just 3 weeks :(

    • Mohammed

      4 is good considering there were new releases 

      what matters is how much they have sold not necessarily what position they are in

      because they sold well during that week

      •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

         im thinking though that since they sold about 220 k in the first week and now are in fourth, it can't have been too many sales now.

        and sales usually keep dropping each week so it could be hard reaching 400-500 k which i think the album deserves

    • juju

      don't worry to much about it. the number of sales at the end of the year are more important to look at

  • Martina

    Hopefully it's a temporary dip, what with SHINee's and Shinhwa's comeback...?

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    well, 3 songs in the top 10 is good :)

  • John

    i think Big Bang need to make promotion and MV of "Love Dust" to grab top spots again..........  but the point about bigbang is, their entire album is so good, not like other kpop group who usually only make one hit song every album.........

  • Korea Lover ♥



     Congrats BIGBANG! WOOOOO!

  • mizskullzzz

    wow our boyz still stand strong even after a proud of them...

  • Sujini

    I think this is the chart from last week (4-10). This week, 2AM leaded the chart. You can see here

  • Guest

    Alive is doing GREAT, better than the successful "Tonight" :)

    Maybe YG has trolled us again because for now I don't see "Love dust" and "Ain't no fun" as title track. They have got no MVs. Even if 'Ain't no fun' has been performed once, doesn't mean anything, kpop groups have been perfoming songs of album on music show even tho they were not title track.

    This is a shame because mind I remind him "Love dust" was ranking HIGH, higher than Bad boy which had an MV at the time and was much more promoted. FB was ranking good and apparently the MV and the amount of promotion help it to rank even higher.
    Even tho LD is not my favourite song, netizens seem to like it a lot so maybe with an MV and performances, they could lead again the charts =)
    But franckly, they are doing so great already so I guess it's okay...

    But hey YG : I don't mind other MV !!!!!! Do justice to the AWESOME "Ain't no fun" and catchy "Love dust"

    Hmmmmmm somehow I think YG is not done with promotion. Seems weird that nothing has been done for the three remaining songs on music shows.
    AND : Wings still needs to be promoted (this EPIC song, one of my favourite of the album and the first real solo mv of Daesung : OMG let me die !)

    I think it's only part 1 (3 songs) of the promotion period : there's more to come VIPS :) and I ain't saying no to that ! hahaha
    Tell me if you believe in my theory LOL

  • Kyle Nicole Dazo

    VIP, vote for BIGBANG on MTV Italy - Best Fan category! Let's them know we're the best fan in the world!and please vote for BAD BOY on Global MNet! We can't vote for Blue and Fantastic Baby anymore and BAD BOY is currently no.2!

    • jiyong180888

      what global mnet?can give me the link?>< 

  • jiyong180888

    VIPs vote big bang at (u can vote as much as u like) pls TT