Big Show 2012: Day 1 (20120302) Seungri Fancams [VIDEOS]

Shared by on March 2, 2012  

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  • Jo ❤

    When did Seungri become sooo manly O.o Dammit you're messing up my bais list lol ❤‏

  • Jenni

    dayum... he is my favourite, he is so fit! cant wait till ALIVE WORLD TOUR! COME TO LONDON !!

  • Yanabesh

    seungri is the mannn!!!!

  • valxuan

    When did our baby panda turn so wild?! ;O

  • Mle8

    Omg I have totally fallen for him. No more doubt maknae is my bias now. Sarang heoh

  • kkdagreen

    Holysh*t!!! He's fcking HOT!!! Srsly man I NEVER SAW HIM THIS HOT!!! srly!!!
    I fcking loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him in that Matrix concept LOL Fcking COOL!!!!

  • juju

    panda's fancams are too short
    but i can see that he's growing up soo well

  • Maymuna Kabir

    maknae is SO FUCKING SEXY! 


    I  CAN'T EVEN... *SPAZZ*

    LIKE... WTF...!

  • Ouley G.D ☼

    Seungri is making the Noonas go crazy!
    Come to me~!!!! Baby Panda ain't much of a baby anymore :O

  • krty


  • Shar

    My baby!!! Hehehe! :)

  • GDonTOP

    Oh my god, I cannot WAIT to see Strong Baby live O_o. Damn, Seungri. Just... damn.

  • babypanda

    OMGGGGG SOOO HOT!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn Ai

    Seungri has become SUUUUUUUCH a man lately!!! He gets hotter by the second.... Did I just see some tattoo on his shoulder in the third vid? Especially in the third where he just wears that sexy black tank top... haaaaaah... no words needed... gotta dream of him in my sleep

    • Min SungYeon

       I was wondering the same thing...maybe it is fake?  I am curious about Bae's tattoo of a Cross on his stomach too....could they just be for this promotion....

  • ClioHighRed

    Seungri has change a lot!!! now hes more.. Manly & aasdfhdjdladfsjfh
    then before :DD

  • muggledore

    Now THAT's HAWT!!


  • lovesBB

    Wow sexy panda!!!


    WOW! Sexy Seungri... I've been seeing myself comment that a lot lately & it seems like I'm not the only one doing so. LOL! ^___^

  • Acciovino


  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    OMO! Seungri is sooooo handsome ^_^ *fainted*
    that's a kind action figure look but thousand better, tattoo on your shoulder dear?

  • rookie_rooks1

    i never thought seung ri was as hot as deasung or TOP, but man he is looking smoking  hot right now.


    grown up Seungri. More manly now love it.

  • Joy_24bruna

    the new tatto of seungri,it is real or henna only.

    • lovesBB

      What tattoo? where? 0.0

    • ungu

      I hope its temporary.....please don't turn ur body into a body art :(

  • MelaNy MeNesez

    OMG SeungRi is so HOT and Sexy no More the cute Maknae...O_O WOw...I LOVE HIM OMG...I Can´t Breath...<3<3<3

  • sonagi89

    best stage ever seen . u are so strong , babe.
     love this so much . crazy no >< 

  • Guest

    dashggsjdghsghsfjd!!!! Too shoooooooooooooooort! I want more Seungri!!!

  • cklover

    m glad that all the things happen does mature him
    if not maybe we won't see this new side of him
    keep up the attitude!!!! Saranghae!!!!

  • VVIP

    my bias is perfect! 

  • marla c

    oh.... he's grown up! :)

  • Jiyong 3

    where is GD version ?

  • Hana89

    My Favorite Big bang member now is Seungri..cause he is so Manly and so handsome !!!

  • nasuha

    oh my... seungri.. he used to be the cute handsome maknae. but now..damn he's HOT! nice... ^^

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    SeungRi's damn HOT!!!!!! O_O whew~!!!! <33333

  • phuphu

    sexy!!! My eyes are firing!