BIGBANG’s G-Dragon vs. Haha on ‘Running Man’

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(Warning: This article may contain spoilers)

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Haha are gearing up for a fierce competition.

The second episode of Big Bang special will air on March 11 through SBS’s Running Man.

The group members and the show members were divided into two teams, an attack team and a defensive team. Each team has a bell on each other’s shoes. In the March 4 episode of the show, the show members attacked Big Bang, but in this week’s episode, Big Bang members get to attack the show members.

This week’s show was shot in a clothing company’s building in Seoul. During the first half of the game, the show members were very confident that they could eliminate Big Bang members. But the group members will turn the table and make the show members nervous during the second half of the game.

G-Dragon, with his quick moves, will remind people of a jaguar. During the first half of the game, even though he was standing in front of Haha, Haha teased him, asking, “Where did G-Dragon go?” As a result, G-Dragon will set his sights on Haha saying, “I will definitely eliminate Haha.” The staff members were even surprised at his firm resolution.

Big Bang members will arrive at the final location faster than the show members and have the chance to get new weapons. But in order to use the weapons they have to cast a weird spell. G-Dragon makes the entire crew laugh by saying, “I’ve never done this even when I was in elementary school.”

The upgrade version of Big Bang members and the show members’ running fight will air on the show on March 11 at 5:00 p.m.

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 Allkpop’s article on it:

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon will display his counterattack against HaHa.

G-Dragon guest-featured on last week’s episode of SBS ‘Running Man along with his fellow members T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. The ‘Running Man’ cast members played a victorious game of hide and seek, eliminating the Big Bang members from the game. But on the second half of the episode that’s scheduled to air on March 11th, it will be Big Bang’s turn to attack.

According to the staff members, differing from the last week’s episode, the Big Bang members will reveal their competitive sides. G-Dragon who was mercilessly ruined by HaHa in the last game sought revenge against him, intimidating him with his quick moves. “I will personally tag out HaHa hyung with my own hands,” G-Dragon remarked, surprising the staff members with his fierce determination.

The Big Bang members also arrived at the final mission location quicker than the cast members did, earning the opportunity to acquire a special weapon. The weapon was only available for use if the members memorized a hilarious spell, and the members could not hide their embarrassment reciting it when the weapon was needed.

“I didn’t even recite things like this in elementary school, and here I am doing it on ‘Running Man’,” G-Dragon remarked, causing the set to explode into laughs.

Find out if G-Dragon will be able to defeat HaHa on the next episode that airs on March 11th at 5PM KST!

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