ALIVE Japanese Version [AUDIO]

Shared by on March 28, 2012  

New Songs: Ego & Feeling
Japanese Versions: Blue, Bad Boy & Fantastic Baby
They used the original (Korean) versions for the other other tracks

Download from iTunes Japan or Buy the album from YesAsia
The digital album is only available for those with iTunes Japan account or those who have an iTunes Japan Music Card. You can buy one here.

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  • Kheita

    where's japanese haru haru ? : O 

  • Anni_BB

    OMG Ego and Feeling are even better than I thought - didn't think that was possible!!! Wow, fantastic baby!!!

  • TotobearTop

    Damn i really love Ego. It has a unique tune. (and there's a little acoustic feeling at the beginning~)

    GD's and TOP's rap in Feeling is seductive too~

  • yopjr

    Now I know why YG left out Top's parts from their jap teaser trailers...
    omg his voice is just too much to handle

  • Lolilolitop

    THANK YOU :)

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    the new songs are Deabak ^^

  • mek0

    Wow, once you hear dae's voice in Feeling, its like the song completely changes.
    I absolutely love the acoustic in the beginning in Ego (actually throughout the whole song). And, Seungri's verse sounds soo smooth.

  • Eelingtiong

    Ego egoooooooo I love ya egoooo

  • Eelingtiong

    It's seungri sang the chorus part of EGO right?

    • xbomtori

      Well, I hear GD there like that part before ''She killed my ego'' right? It doesn't sound like the other members at all, but maybe they used more layers of other members vocals too. But really I just hear GD there, just like in the beginning of BLUE it's GD as well, but since we don't hear his singing much it can be a bit tricky ><' Maybe they will release an accapella version *0*

      • eelingVIP

        it's a bit GD mixing Seungri LOL but it's AWESOME though! :)

    • imonis

       I think it's GD especially falsetto part

  • Bbhangover


  • bigbangfanUS

    Love it, love it, love it!!
    I always love their Japanese songs. Great job BIGBANG :) u're the best.


    And here I thought BLUE, FANTASTIC BABY, BAD BOY, LOVE DUST, ANIT NO FUN was the ultimate best that they can get.... I was wrong. There is no ending to BIGBANG's good music. I am loving FEELING and omg I love love love EGO!! They need to make an English version for it! It would be a hit in the US for sure!!

    They're making such great music... They really need an English album... seriously!!!!

  • sorwenisvip

    All the songs sound so GOOD! But Fantastic Baby sound a little awkward though, too used to the Korean version! But still, all is well! :D

  • GBOM Jjang

    i love EGO!!!

  • A A


  • Unni_87

    omg Feeling is just amazing,  can't stop stop listening to this song...

  • tsatsa edi

    ego ego ego

  • hananmz

    EGO!!!! omg... its addictive!!! Seriously, they really need to do a full English album for us.
    ALIVE album is the best compared to all the rest of kpop idols which ventured out overseas. Like how they were introduced on You&I a while back- Bjgbang once an Idol now an Icon.. Daebak!!!

  • Jsum001

    EGO is so OMG LOVE it ...
    it has a different feeling to it ... it like idk how to say it just awesome ...
    LOVE feeling too ...
    but EGO is my all time fav. right now

    • アウちん

      I know! I can't explain it too
      is so beautiful it hurts xD

  • J.E.P.A.H

    EGO keep replaying~^^

  • linunrata

    Ego & Feeling <3  addicted!
    Pity not in Alive Korean version :'(

  • xbomtori

    Seriously, Ego and Feeling are awesome *_* Too much hotness~ They better perform them at the ALIVE JAPAN TOUR ^_^ especially Feeling is a sing-along-song and jumping festival banger! EGO is just too sick, too fresh too epic for words like keeps me spazzing like crazy and I finally realized that he said ''She killed my ego~'' and not ''She digs my ego~'' ><' sorry my pervy mind really thought that he said that at first but when you hear the bridge part GD says it in another way and there I heard it more clearly. ... BIGBANG <3

  • philophilia

    I love the new songs, but I guess I would even love them more if they are in korean.^_^

  • Hoang_7879

    where is love dust and ain't no fun?? Can anyone tell me?

    • maybelle

      They remain love dust, aint no fun & wings as Korean version.

  • rookie_rooks1

    I am loving ego alot. Think thats the best song in the album

  • Niakoes

    Feeling and Ego sooo good... Taeyang voices really..really... sexy...

  • LOvelyDae

    feeling and ego so good..

  • LingZRaa

    who can did this such things ???
    never ending of produce GOOD SONG ??
    just our boys guys T^T
    VIPs the best !

  • Moufida Mof

    my fav song is ego i love all their voices especially gd in the beginning 
    i'm in love
    for bad boy blue and fantastic baby i like the korean version the most 

  • &y

    i love EGO (sounds accoustic and a lil bit EUROPE POP genre)

  • Delight

    I love the 2 additions!!! So true to BIGBANG's sound!

  • mizskullzzz

    ego is definitely my favourite

  • piyyah

    I need a copy fast!! Next month's allowance, please come fast!! T^T

  • Joy_24bruna

    i like the 2 new songs,im gonna be addicted again.

  •łotnik/1360803686 Agnieszka Złotnik

     Great; D
    Voice of the GD and Taeyang  in Ego  , aahh ...

  • Ellasmith12

    You’re so beautiful
    Horekomu and I’m
    Thinking of you tonight
    Konya mo nemurenai
    You’re so wonderful I’m
    Going crazy and I
    Kara nemai ga suru yo
    She kill my Ego
    I know she kill my Ego Ego.........LOVE da chorus!!!! EGO

  • ĐΞϐϐϔ