Big Bang for Sunny 10 Making Photos [PHOTOS]

Shared by on March 16, 2012  

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  • BinguTabi

    omggg i cant XD dae's heavenly smile~ tabi's adorable face~ tae's cuteie face~jiyongie's expression looking at the sunny10~ panda being suc a cutie pie~ <3


    omg they are SO CUTE !!!!BIG BANG I LOVE YOU!

  • nina kawengian

    TOP what a u thinking about ? lol

  • VIPAnnieGyongieVIP

    love SUNNY10 outfits and photoooss <3 <3 <3

  • linunrata

    I like the first picture of Dae; as the name of the product suggests- he looks very "Sunny" with his bright warm smile and blonde hair! 

  • Anni_BB

    how can they look so good while drinking out of a bottle, when everyone else looks ridiculous doing the same thing?

    because thye are BIG BANG!!!!

  • MAY

    Ji & Dae have stolen my heart! <3 ^^

  • Maggie NG

    Sunny 10.. I have three cans of Sunny10 in my fridge with GD, TOP & TY images... ^^

  • ‘shy-shy Dagondong


  • Ririn Wingrini

    GD SO CUTE ><

  • Adyra Azhary

    Omo GD oppaas my hubby <3

  • I-Dragon

    omg!! bigbang is soooo cool !!! daebak !!!

  • phuckjung

    T.O.P  น่ารักอ่ะ

  • Korea Lover ♥

    Aigoo~ their faces and smiles just made my day xP

  • DSforever

    love the first picture. DAESUNG <3

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    I love these pictures ^^ Our boys are so adorable as always ^^ 

  • Jiyong is asdjkgh;f

    They are perfect.

  • Aaduw

    Omg.. Love daesung<3 keep on smiling! You probably have the best voice in the band

  • Latylattanavong

    daesung! u r very cute!! your smile make me happy. love u my good guy!