2012 Big Bang Big Show/Alive Tour Info, Photos and Set List [INFO/MISC./PHOTOS]

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-Entrance, in capsules using their frozen ALIVE concept
-Tonight has new choreography
-When Daesung started singing "Tonight" and "Hands Up", the crowd went nuts, the whole floor was shaking.
-T.O.P has a huger loop earring on one ear
-Everything is be performed with a live band
-Daesung is very hyper
-T.O.P's rap and the choreo to "Fantastic Baby" is amazing!
-They disappeared under the stage after "Fantastic Baby"
-Costume quick change before "How Gee"
-They reappeared on bikes and segways 
-dancers are having a break dance battle on stage
-The stage is extending upwards
-GD seems to be in a very good mood, he keeps teasing fans
-During "Stupid Liar" fans used their lightsticks to mimic Big Bang's dance
-Individual raised platforms for "Stupid Liar"
-After "Stupid Liar" GD and T.O.P left the stage
-During the Dae/Ri/Tae ment, Seungri started dancing and Daesung joined in
-Taeyang might still have a tattoo on his body? (unconfirmed)
-Security is going crazy trying to catch all fancams
-Daesung sang and danced a bit of "Mah Boy"
-White tigers
-For GD&TOP stage, they have Chinese New Year Style dragons on stage with them
-There are conveyer belts on stage
-During "High High" The South Korean flag was brought up
-Seungri has a gun and keeps shuffle dancing
-There is a huge helicopter behind Seungri and the gun has a lazer attached
-Seungri is wearing a vest with nothing underneath
-T.O.P threw something at the crowd
-T.O.P is wearing bright leopard print leggings
-Second sighting of new Taeyang's tattoo, on right ribs
-They are calling Seungri "baby"
-GD is wearing red pants
-Seungri looks really hot tonight!
-The front of the stage just lowered
-during the second group talk/ment they talked about T.O.P's hair and GD commented that it looks tasty
-Big Bang asked VIPs if they got the new album (ALIVE) and if they are happy with it
-Standing mics for "Cafe"
-New choreo for "Cafe"
-For "Bad Boy" They are using body waves, grinding and sexy choreo
-Seungri threw his towel
-The concert itself does seem to have a story line. Where it seems like Big Bang are fighters trying to save the planet
-For "Blue" Daesung and Seungri appeared from the lower stage and T.O.P appeared from the back.
-"Blue" choreo similar to "Love Song"
-Songs all seems to be remixed/ different in some way, but it is all VERY good
-"Ain't No Fun" choreo is similar to "What is Right"
-Daesung's part in "Love Dust" is so cute! Eye smile!
-"Love Song" is just like the MV, the members seem to be appearing out of nowhere
-Everything is non-stop, they are going right into part 3.
-The boys look tired, but they are trying so hard to please fans
-Taeyang was wearing "Be Rea;" shirt
-Taeyang ripped his shirt off at the end, tattoo is of a cross and very big
-Daesung came out and there was a huge fan chant for him
- (from earlier) Daesung said that tonight's concert had a theme/storyline
-Daesung is actually wearing wings on his shoulders and above the stage while the dancers are below wearing masked with tears
-Daesung was in the air on a pole before disappearing
-They all reappeared sitting and wearing white stage outfits
-Many fans are singing along to "Haru Haru"
-There is no parody this year ( :( )
-fans are singing along to "Lies"
-T.O.P's condition today is said to be not good/T.O.P is sick
-Taeyang took off his shirt and threw it at the audience
-The audience is going so wild, the floor of the arena feels like it is shaking
-During "Last Farewell" (their last stage) VIPs are chanting "I Love You!"
-Waved and said goodbye, before re-appearing for Encore stage
-The Encore stage is in English (preparing for the tour maybe?)
-GD has new tattoos on both his right and left ribs(?)
-Daesung took his jacket and shirt off and gave it to the fans
-Seungri gave his towel to a fan
-Daesung is running around shirtless (LOL!)
-Seungri changed the song lyrics to "I breathe because of VIPs"
-Taeyang lifted up GD's shirt to show off his "abs"

Set List:
1. Alive (intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up (remix)
4. First break/ment
5. Fantastic Baby
6. How Gee
7. Stupid Liar
8. Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri stage break/ment
9. High High- GD&TOP stage
10. Strong Baby remix- Seungri solo stage
11. What Can I Do- Seungri solo stage
12. Gara! Gara! Go!
13. Number 1
14.  Second group Talk/ment
15. Cafe
16. Bad Boy/ Bad Boy reggae (?)
17. Blue / Blue dance version
18. Ain't No Fun  (재미없어)
19. Love Dust
20. Love Song
21. Look Only at Me (나만 바라봐) Remix- Taeyang Solo Stage
22. Wedding Dress- Taeyang solo stage
23. Wings- Daesung solo stage
24. Haru Haru (acoustic version)
25. fourth talk/ment
26. Lies
27. Last Farewell

Encore stage:
28.Sunset Glow

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Compiled Live By:  Rona May (@Ronamaylove) and VIP4Daesung (@VIP4Daesung)


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      I hope you guise (the admins) know how much iVIPs appreciate your hard work. 
      For you tweeters and translators to actually take time to provide up-to-date info to us ENVIOUS VIPs, instead of just enjoying your time in the concert, must be one hell of a job!*90-degree-bow*THANK YOU! <3~ now please go nurse your aching thumbs :D

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    with all the preparations for the album, the rehearsals for the concerts , the variety shows etc... i understand they didn't make a parody^^ don't be too dissapointed because we got so much on the other hand^^ and really boys get rest and don't overwork yourselves ^^ top get well^^ ps: i wanna see GD abs (pervert^^) 

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    Tae took his shirts off and throw it away to the fans, and he was trying to get GD to do the same. But then, GD had a very embarrassed face, and he didn't want to do so.. 

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  • Min Yun Ri

    When will it be in Latin America, and which parts? 

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  • Amy Lynn 84

    Taeyang does have a tattoo, a pretty large one in fact, on is right side. It's a tattoo of a huge cross. GD also got a new tattoo, also on his right side and it says "Forever Young" (reminds me of a song by X-Japan). Anyways, the only thing bad about the pic is that you can not clearly tell if it is them or not. However, if you watch some of the live performances, Taeyang wears a shirt that has very large arm holes. If you watch it carefully, you can see that there is in fact a tattoo under there.  Not to mention that if you look carefully at the other picture, one of the pics was taken in the same shop. Again... the pictures are not that clear as to whether these tatts belong to GD or not and if it's actually him posing for the camera to show off that tatts. Except for the one that we already know about for sure.  On a sidenote: Since we are on the subject of Korean Idol Stars and tattoos, have you all seen the wonderful ink on Jay Park? I shall post a pic for you all to enjoy. ^_^   

                                                                                                                ~Amy Lynn~

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