Young actress Kim Yoo Jung mentions T.O.P in an interview again [NEWS]

Shared by on February 27, 2012  

Earlier today, MBC’s “Good Morning” took viewers behind the scenes of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung’s Domino Pizza CF shoot.

When the interviewer asked the actress who her ideal type is, Kim Yoo Jung answered, “BIGBANG’s TOP is my ideal type.” She added, “In one of the interviews, the interviewer asked me to choose my ideal type out of Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, and Lee Min Ho, and the story was blown out of proportions.” The VJ playfully asked, “So Soo Hyun is just an oppa?” Kim Yoo Jung shyly responded, “Kim Soo Hyun is just an oppa I like.”

During the short segment, Kim Yoo Jung also revealed her brain structure, showing that BIGBANG’s comeback occupied a substantial part of her brain.

Source: Soompi
Note: She's the girl in Seungri's VVIP Music Video

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  • Adriana 아드리아나

    haha how cute ^^ she always gives the same answer kkk
    BB occupy my whole brain, heart ... life ^^ 


    maybe she really likes bigbang and TOP especially...she is VIP!:)

  • Whatcha McCalit

    Too cute. Get in line young one there are many Tabi stans. Glad to see her apart of them.

  • Sil GO

    this girl definitely knows what she likes ha ha ha 

  • Queen of BIGBANG

    Tabi doesn't like kid, young girl! kekeke~
    he likes someone like me...*crossfinger*

    and 90% brain of me also occupied of BIGBANG..kekeke~

  • hibiki

    lol she's cute...yeah don't change your ideal type. Stick with our smoking hot TOP :3

    Hey vip's we now have 2 VIP celebrities. IU & Kim Yoo Jung!

  • Queen Pabellan

    I actually started watching The moon embraces the sun because I came to know she was the main child actress. OMY! now, i'm addicted to her drama..

  • Mybigbang

    my brain full with BB.. all of it.. 

    I'm remember when she in VVIP mv, Seungri ask her who she like in BB and she shyly said "I'm TOP oppa fan"

  • Mybigbang

    yoo jung ah.. Jin Goo oppa gonna be jealous 

  • Norul Adilla

    i love this girl , she got taste :) 

    and i love her acting too..she's got talent 

  • bigbangfanUS

    Awwww, i think she's a die hard BIGBANG fan... like me XD!

  • 박 민 미

    Soon or later,she will get to meet TOP...oh my..such a lucky girl..hehe:DD

  • crv2

    Typical VIP, patient and consistent, kekeke

  • Hafsah Jamil 영원히

    omg, i love this girl :)

  • Teddy N.A.

    She's just a kid but she has a high taste, usually kid likes Jiyong Oppa or Daesung Oppa more because they're cute, and scared of TOP. But her taste like an adult

  • GGerda

    She is really famouse in Korea)) And very cute))

  • lovesBB

    Cute. Taeyang has IU and Top has Yoojung.

  • GGerda

    And her dorama really popular right now, so its like free CF for TOP and BB

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    she really fancies our Tabi!!!! kkkkk~ woot! confirmed!!!  >> she's a VIP!!!!! xD

  • tajan

    hahha aww shes such a loyal fan always picking TOP and she has realy good taste -Kim Soo Hyun <3-

    "BIGBANG’s comeback occupied a substantial part of her brain" this is the smae for many other VIPs aswell -hehehe-

  • kvip

    aww..then big bang should meet her anytime during their comeback..i'd love to see the awkwardness between them lol..

  • xanneTOP

    my brain works the same!! but mine is filled ALL with BIGBANG! lol

  • Gibz Dualo

    Girls of her age usually pick the pretty boy types. Knowing that Top is her ideal man, it only means that her libido is acting strange for her age.. hahaha

  • Gracey Pan

    Oh my GOD !! HAHA  I love her soo much... She is such a fangirl like us.. KEKE  She has such a good taste..:P  LEGIT CELEBRITY VIP keke :D  #proud

  • Top-pa

    this girl's in Seungri's VVIP MV right? :D

  • psstxhello

    lol... she reminds me of when IU fangirls over taeyang... xD

  • Old_fox_8x

    She did met TOP. And she said TOP even praised her cute, too. 

  • BBgotSWAG

    I just hope that she can meet TOP soonthen we'll see her fangirling mode. Hehe.

  • Angel

    LOL Big Bang's comeback occupied a substantial part of her brain xD LOLOLOLOL yes! BB's comeback is occupying a LOT of ppl's brains keke

  • judyi

    how cute I hope TOP says hi to you

  • SOLvip

    aww the video cuts off right when theyre about to talk about bigbangs comeback....any clips of that part?

  • SOLvip

    whoa whoa ahaha

  • aejae

    good taste!!.. love her!.. :D

  • NaToTheWak

    She's twelve... Barely old enough for this kind of questions, and certainely too young for this

  • NaToTheWak

    Do you guys think this girl is old enough for such a photoshoot ?

  • Sarah Weiske

    It's cute and I love her being such a fangirl. However, it kinda creeps me out too. She's so young!

  • Nina

    Okay, this is becoming stupid and boring, much like IU and her obsession with Taeyang. Please, just stop.

  • aa_jtt

    I and my parents have noticed her acting talent in Dongyi beforehand,,,but i never imagined that she also has a talent in choosing good music and in choosing her ideal man..hahaha...I am so happy for her!!!haha!!I hope that top will be able to act with her someday..