Big Bang to shoot new MV in New York + YG talks about Big Bang’s comeback and solo plans starting with Daesung

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Yang Hyunsuk, producer and CEO of YG Entertainment, who just celebrated their 15th anniversary, remembers 2011 as a very difficult year. Daesung and G-Dragon, two friends who he has been taking care of since they were young, got involved in some troubles. Even though they’re better now, Yang admits that at that time, it was really difficult.

“Last year was the worst year for us. They were friends who I took care of from when they were 13, and even I, found it difficult. Those were my thoughts as a parent. When I was running YG for 15 years, I wanted to give the kids a lot of freedom. However, I started finding restriction important too.”

He says that since these never happened during his days with “Seotaeji and Boys”, he found it hard to handle. But what happened already happened and he had to quickly admit that and get over it. As YG said himself, he both disciplined and supported BIGBANG like a parent or an uncle, rather than an older brother, and that’s why he feels the most guilt towards BIGBANG.”

“Not only did I learn a lot, I feel BIGBANG did too. Last year, BIGBANG hardly went outside and just stayed together in the studio, making them closer to each other. If nothing happened, they probably would have spent more time outside the studio and not show this much determination. It became an extremely bitter, but the best medicine. Most singers find it difficult to stay together for 5 years but with them, time only made them stronger.”

YG has high hopes for BIGBANG this year. He plans to put all his energy into BIGBANG, who has been announced to do a World Tour.

“As a producer, I think that the whole world is watching now. When creating content, I want to be more detailed and spend a lot of energy into the music video as well.”

BIGBANG will soon be going to New York to shoot a music video. They will be spending a lot of money to make it grand-scaled. Though YG has been careful about spending a lot of money, it’s time for BIGBANG to take off again so he won’t be too careful this time. YG has always been focused on quality over quantity. From 1TYM, BIG MAMA, SE7EN, BIGBANG and 2NE1, YG has always been very confident about their music. This is one of the reasons why he kept BIGBANG back while all other companies were having hallyu-concerts around the world.

YG states, “If we see the news or TV today, you see Kpop stars going out and having concerts outside of Korea. I don’t want to do that with BIGBANG.” His theory is that “the service of going to them will not work, we have to make them come to us.” This time, his plan is to make a lot of good content and promote it well through a variety of sources.

Here, he began speaking about what fans are the most curious about: BIGBANG’s comeback and world tour.

“BIGBANG’s biggest asset is that even though they shine when they are together, they can also bring out their own solo albums. So I think of BIGBANG as six teams, not just one team.” YG said that BIGBANG is both “together but separate”, and Daesung, who had gone through the most pain, will be the first to release his solo album.

This year, starting with the Korean concerts in March, they plan to have a flawless world tour, within the first half of 2012 in Japan and Asia, then in the latter half in Europe, North America and South America. But YG won’t forget about quality, either. YG said “In a stage, sound, lights and video are the most important. People in Korea tend to work separately so we used a lot of Japanese staff, but this time we are working with LIVE NATION, a US company.” LIVE NATION is a performance company that has worked with Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

He said that BIGBANG is not one team, but six teams. There is BIGBANG, then Daesung, Seungri, G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang. They focus when they’re working on their solo albums, but also focus during tours for all of them, and they plan to help with both these sides. “We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want all the scars he got last year to be washed away soon.” YG is family, and as the head of the house, this is the kind of thoughtful care he will give.

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Here’s also some RUMORED info about their shoot in New York posted on some casting websites:

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