Big Bang to shoot new MV in New York + YG talks about Big Bang's comeback and solo plans starting with Daesung [NEWS]

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Yang Hyunsuk, producer and CEO of YG Entertainment, who just celebrated their 15th anniversary, remembers 2011 as a very difficult year. Daesung and G-Dragon, two friends who he has been taking care of since they were young, got involved in some troubles. Even though they're better now, Yang admits that at that time, it was really difficult.

"Last year was the worst year for us. They were friends who I took care of from when they were 13, and even I, found it difficult. Those were my thoughts as a parent. When I was running YG for 15 years, I wanted to give the kids a lot of freedom. However, I started finding restriction important too."

He says that since these never happened during his days with "Seotaeji and Boys", he found it hard to handle. But what happened already happened and he had to quickly admit that and get over it. As YG said himself, he both disciplined and supported BIGBANG like a parent or an uncle, rather than an older brother, and that's why he feels the most guilt towards BIGBANG."

"Not only did I learn a lot, I feel BIGBANG did too. Last year, BIGBANG hardly went outside and just stayed together in the studio, making them closer to each other. If nothing happened, they probably would have spent more time outside the studio and not show this much determination. It became an extremely bitter, but the best medicine. Most singers find it difficult to stay together for 5 years but with them, time only made them stronger."

YG has high hopes for BIGBANG this year. He plans to put all his energy into BIGBANG, who has been announced to do a World Tour.

"As a producer, I think that the whole world is watching now. When creating content, I want to be more detailed and spend a lot of energy into the music video as well."

BIGBANG will soon be going to New York to shoot a music video. They will be spending a lot of money to make it grand-scaled. Though YG has been careful about spending a lot of money, it's time for BIGBANG to take off again so he won't be too careful this time. YG has always been focused on quality over quantity. From 1TYM, BIG MAMA, SE7EN, BIGBANG and 2NE1, YG has always been very confident about their music. This is one of the reasons why he kept BIGBANG back while all other companies were having hallyu-concerts around the world.

YG states, "If we see the news or TV today, you see Kpop stars going out and having concerts outside of Korea. I don't want to do that with BIGBANG." His theory is that "the service of going to them will not work, we have to make them come to us." This time, his plan is to make a lot of good content and promote it well through a variety of sources.

Here, he began speaking about what fans are the most curious about: BIGBANG's comeback and world tour.

"BIGBANG's biggest asset is that even though they shine when they are together, they can also bring out their own solo albums. So I think of BIGBANG as six teams, not just one team." YG said that BIGBANG is both "together but separate", and Daesung, who had gone through the most pain, will be the first to release his solo album.

This year, starting with the Korean concerts in March, they plan to have a flawless world tour, within the first half of 2012 in Japan and Asia, then in the latter half in Europe, North America and South America. But YG won't forget about quality, either. YG said "In a stage, sound, lights and video are the most important. People in Korea tend to work separately so we used a lot of Japanese staff, but this time we are working with LIVE NATION, a US company." LIVE NATION is a performance company that has worked with Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

He said that BIGBANG is not one team, but six teams. There is BIGBANG, then Daesung, Seungri, G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang. They focus when they're working on their solo albums, but also focus during tours for all of them, and they plan to help with both these sides. "We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want all the scars he got last year to be washed away soon." YG is family, and as the head of the house, this is the kind of thoughtful care he will give.

Translation by: ALEX @ bigbangupdates

Here's also some RUMORED info about their shoot in New York posted on some casting websites:

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  • Linna Chen


  • Samantha Mercado

    They broke the 5 year curse, even though bad things happened, they have learned from it and are coming back stronger than ever :D

  • Mimzy21

    Yeahhhh going to NY to see the Blue-Haired Alien, I'm so excited!! :3 <3

  • VIP4Daesung


     and Daesung, who had gone through the most pain, will be the first to release his solo album

    YG....I LOVE YOU!.....

    Losing my mind with happiness right now! I cannot wait for this! Daesung stans...OUR TIME HAS COME!

  • Cecilia Martino

    YG Papa, you always want the best for Bigbang, and I am glad that in lonely There will be albums, and Daesung will be the first, great news. This 2012 is the year of BIGBANG'S VIP and around the world!

  • Tina

    omg Daesung solo album first. Yay! Can't wait :)

  • Glorilyn Paredes

    omg VIP'S IN NEW YORK LETS  go show big bang soem loveee

  • Glorilyn Paredes

    where do you think we should look??????

  • Omgmybfmashimaro

    awwwwwwww! mr.yang <33
    DAESUNG is first ;)

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  • AnnFarihan

    teary eyes.

  • Karen

    Daesung! <3 I want to hear his voice again with the other members and soon enough hold a album with just his voice on it~ <3 Not to mention, a poster of him for my wall haha!

  • PAN

    TOP!!SOLO!!!!it's all i want to see , please~~~~~

  • maria

    MV in New York! awesome ^o^ 
    last year it was in Vegas so this time NYC...i wonder how its gonna be >_<

    yay! Daesung solo album!! xD im so happy!

  • vip501

    OMG I'm gonna cry, I'm both happy and sad, mixed emotions
    I love BigBang and I love YG
    Deasung coming back "to was his scars away" this is just painful to read...I want Daesung to have successful solo but I hope he doesn't go through pain while going solo because washing scars away is as hard as getting them but the pain is more enjoyable....
    Big Bang fighting!

  • F-I-Z-A

    "We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want him to get wash all scars away soon, since he has many from last year."-YG
    thank you YG! thank you! it's about time for daesung. ^_^

  • zen

    Words of a loving father to his beloved sons............. YG FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY

  • VIP4Daesung

     I'm sure we will hear news fast about it...what flight they leave on...when they are coming back, where they are staying...We'll know soon enough...just keep checking twitter ;)

  • Linna Chen

    LOL hmmm idk, they probably gonna land in jfk airport tho and most definitely lurk around Manhattan XD

  • daerrien

    wowwwwwwwwww!!! daesung finally!!! oh my oh my..papa yg is it true?? dae solo will come out 1st? really? how about taeyang then? oh my! i have a lot of question in my head now! its like i want to grab his collar to confirm this !

  • Hanallove_rain

    yeahhhhhhhhhh, BB will CB more powerfull than ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maybelle

    seriously this year VIPs are going to have party everyday :XD
    - BB album
    - Daesung, GD & Taeyang solos (maybe SRi, TOP too)
    - TOP movies + dramas

  • lolo

    NEWYORK????????????? i need to start stalking them!!!1 Please let me know when they're gonna be here

  • just4Dae

    "I want him to get wash all scars away soon, since he has many from last year" I think I dont hate u any more, pls take care of Daesung as u said. now time to cry for my baby Daesung. I'm so happy for u. Finally, u can prove urself.

  • Glorilyn Paredes

    yea jfk airport i know that but like i would like to know where they will shoot what part so we can stalk them...will you go to JFK airport??

  • Andy Tjhin

    last year LA... this year NY... : )

  • Roceial

    Yeah Daesung solo! Yea BIG BANG!!

  • Sawda

    Dae solo album? Kyaa i want wait for it, 2012 is gonna be Bigbangs year

  • Sofia Hannah

    this is a very nice article. seriously, papa YG, thank you so much!

  • YG


  • juliebb4ever

    Really? Daesung will release his solo album first?! I am so excited about the news. Definitely to buy it!!!

  • iiliha

    OMGOMG I'm so happy he says north america in the second half.. a mexican here waiting for her visa to go to the USA... 

    daesung!!!! want that disc now.-..

    I'm so happy I really want to cry now 

  • Dawn

    DAesung will release a solo album? Finally! And a world tour at that :D

  • Kal

    It was vegas i think lol;p

  • itGirL_iSa

    Wow.. Trolls have heart..T__T.. lol..♥

  • OneLove

    YG is FAMILY.... and we will always be here for you all....


  • sherry,

    Reading this, I feel so encouraged and alive:) Finally, BB is going to be show their full potential once again. Cannot wait for their comeback and as well as Daesung's! You guys have been through alot and please know we're right behind you wherever you go. Passing these incidents, scandal AND the 5-year curse and STILL strong together? forever5 indeed:) #bigbangfighting<3

  • eeechhh

    6 teams ??

    then give us 5 solo albums too !!!!!!


  • LizluvStar_imVip_Blackjack

    *wipes tears*
    we support our smiling angel... Daesung TT.TT 
    i luv u BIGBANG <3

  • bigbangfosho

    " BIGBANG will soon be going to New York to shoot this music video."
    OMG.....AHHH!! I wish I could see themm...
    LOL Since it's BB's comeback, no need to save money, right? :D

    This is especially touching, since PAPA YG is acting like a real dad. I hope Dae's scars can be washed away, and it is about time he has a solo~ I'm so happy...cannot wait!

  • bigbangfosho

    OMG. You guise are so lucky you can actually go stalk them down. My parents would NEVER let me :( Well, when the world tour comes around, I hope I'll get to see them~

  • GBom Jjang

    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

    yeesss...Dae should make a solo album!!!!

    YG appa,,thank you for being DADDY for our FANTASTIC BOYS!!

    if you're not, we didn't know how great BIGBANG will!!

  • Katherine

    2012 is going to be daebak. BB is going full throttle this year and I'm loving it. Can't wait for the album ^^

  • xin wei

    YES YG THANK YOU FOR FINALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO DAESUNGIE ;U; cannot wait. cannot wait at all. it's gonna be a busy year! IVIPS UNITE!

  • ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    First it was Vegas and now NEW YORK! I'm excited to see their MV!! OMG! :) I'm excited for Daesung's solo album!! About time!! =) I'm sure GD and Taeyang solo albums will be in the summer and then TOP and Seungri at the end of the year? Wow busy year for BIGBANG, no doubt! I will be supporting all five solo and as BIGBANG! I can't wait to go see them live in concert!! Such an exciting year! =)

  • Nicia

    Big Bang increase in activities is going to be hell on my wallet, but I regret nothing!! We deserve it <3 

    Jealous of NYVIPs ;_; make sure to get some pics & fancams if you can!

  • DS

    what did i read? daesung solo album, OMG.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    daesung daesung daesung daesung

  • VVIPforSeungRi

    Oh wow. It seems 2012 really will be BB's year, and it looks like a lot of work. I mean, there's gonna be promotions in both Korean and Japan, plus BIGSHOW/JAPAN TOUR/WORLD TOUR. And then each of them are gonna have a solo album. I'm actually so excited for Daesung's album, it's been a long time coming. There's actually so much to look forward to, it's crazy. Non-stop BIGBANG.

    And one reason why I applaud YG is that BB is a group that can each be solo as well as a group, as YG said. Even when BB isn't promoting, there are solo albums, and he lets EVERYONE have a turn, not just "the most talented", like other groups. Which means so much music for us fans!

    I'm glad for YG's focus on Daesung tbh. I mean, it's gonna be hard to be up on stage alone right after the scandal and face haters on his own, he'll gain confidence back and finally allow him to go solo after all this time.

    Though I'm pretty sure the packed schedule + 2NE1 in America means debuting his new groups in Korea without competition. xD


    GOD! I love YG! I've been waiting for Dae's album for the passed 6 years! TT.TT I can't wait to get my hands off that album.


    Smiling angels stans  <333

  • Gloria Caballero

    It was both. Vegas and LA. The beach scene was LA and of course the rest was Vegas. 8)

  • Ann


    What more can I ask for? Indeed 8th February was a great day. I cannot stop smiling like a stupid girl haha

  • rollingpin

    This is the best news I've heard all day! Really hope Korea will show Daesung a lot of love and that the antis don't come out and make his life harder. But I really feel now that they are closer and that no matter what happens the members will have each other's back. When solo promotions come, I can imagine the other members coming down each time to give support and strength because they're a team, and as awful as 2011 has been I think it'll become that catalyst and driving force for them to become even bigger and even more legendary. Expecting more great things ahead for the group. Fighting!

  • vipzzz

    yes please stalk big bang please pretty please , any of you new yorkers i beg and please post it on youtube ^^ try to get a little snippet of their song too ;D and their new hairdooss heheh!


     omg and about that big bang mv casting thing if it is real i wonder what it there mv is about?? big bang on skateboards chasing a girl in the park lol idk xD

  • Secret_gurl89

    can't wait for daesung solo album please..:)

  • Maroug25

    Should I be heading to NYC too?!!does it really worth it?!
    Lol!! Lucky iVIPs,before we get to see the other four member's radical transformade teasers they can actually have a glimps if they can go to the mv set and take fan pic for us who eagerly anticipating to have a sneak peak about them too..and you guys can hear the song too..if the title track is fantastic boy or blue during th mv making they play the music as a background and they act and lip sync to shoot it if you are near a the location be smart and take a vid of it..and spread it on because we wanna know too...
    Last year was in LV this NY daumm....this is gonna be something mad crazy as tonight...Dae solo,Ri,GD,TOP, this for real?!!
    Half of the year active as a group and second half as solo artists?!!
    "together but seperate" well said,how could he descibe BB more than this..
    I respect YG to be able to be a good father/CEO,caring and thoughtful man who raised his boys through some harsh and painful situations and when nobody believed tha they're gonna survive he put his heart and soul in them and they made it,survived!!!
    this is BB's year,after all the bad and good things happened to them no mater what they are coming back stronger than ever to capture our hearts...
    Bty.?it's been two days snce the 1st photo teaser came out?!!
    Actually when th hell the other ones are gonna be published..!??:@
    dying here to see my GD what looks like now Ri Tae Dae all of em ...
    I hope the radical change won't be something really ridiculous rather than the point of shocking the world with the changement and genuine make over...
    It's 6am here and I kinda sleepy so guys have fan speculating how to do your NYC spying mission..ok?!
    And plz don't forget about us who are waiting some fan srvices like pics vies and accounts:):):)Good morning sunshine VIPs..
    Ahhh I mentioned earlyer Tonight mv project to increase the views befor the comeback plz go and watch the mv as many as you can and help VIPs..fighting!!

  • Jcbclight

    Daesung solo albumfirst,  I really want to cry......

  • Enived Eihn

    GAAAAHD. We're all waiting for THAT for like a lifetime already. FINALLY, our Dae's SOLO album!! And it'll be the first solo album within Big Bang!!! YEHEY!!! I'm not even a Dae biased fan but I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    " within the first half of 2012 in Japan and Asia, then in the latter half in Europe, North America and South America " OMG!! I HAVE TIME TO SAVE MONEY!!! and I feel very relieved that Daesung is getting all this support from YG ♥ God had listened all my prayers <333 they really are like a family!! I'm so happy!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK! OMG OMG!!!!!!!

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    YG is so kind TwT ♥ 

  • munkie

    awww daesung! so so ecstatic! i just hope he's ready and confident to stand up there alone after how nervous he was of the public after the incident. and i hope tabi features in a track bc there voices sounds so good together. 

  • HidayahSaberi

    omg..daesungie solo+ new mv in new york...
    I can't handle this news anymore this rate my heart will certainly burst due to excitement everyday..
    yg really know how to makes us anticipating bigbang comeback everyday by releasing new shocking + exciting info everyday...
    love it!
    ++ daesung comeback these words..

    . "We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want all the scars he got last year to be washed away soon."

    2012 will certainly be bigbang year..!!
    one year full with activities and member solo+ concert!!

    wow yg company really needs lots of worker to accomplish that mission..hehe i wonder if there is any job vacancies for me..I wish I can become Bigbang world tour crew so that I can go to all of the concert in all 25 cities around the world ..
    I think I've become more and more greedy..hehe :)

    bigbang comeback 2012==daebak!

  • koalapanda

    oh gosh...i wanna cry!!! wahh...really can't wait for their comeback!!!

  • PrincelyLuna

    i love Papa YG .. .i really do. without him, there is no Big Bang (and 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy etc). it irks me to read people bash him on being like this and like that but i believe everything that he does is for the good of his family.

  • vipzzz

     omg dude i created a fake account on and i heard its a legit site and i look throw the casting calls and i found BIG BANG MUSIC VIDEO shooting!!!!! awudghq9rdbaufhd omg!

    idk how to take screen shots so ill paste what it says
    and i found many


    Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012, 2:03 PM PacificBIG BANG MUSIC VIDEOMusic VideoNon-UnionPay Between $50-$250 Producer: Jesse RobertsCasting Director: Adrienne SternCasting Assistant: Kathleen Vissichelli Shoots: 2/10/12-2/13/12Location: NYC  SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY Seeking: [ SKATEBOARDER ]
    MUST BE A SKATEBOARDER. Must be able to do some skateboarding tricks.
    Should have a youthful, cool, hip look...MALE, ALL ETHNICITIES ($250 per
    day) [ BMX BICYCLE RIDER ]18-25.
    MUST BE A BMX RIDER. Must be able to some tricks. Should have cool,
    youthful, hip look...MALE, ALL ETHNICITIES. ($250 per day)
    [ CONSTRUCTION WORKERS ]25-35, stocky, blue collar working class. Heavy build, gruff. New York City types, MALE, ALL ETHNICITIES. ($100 per day)
    [ STORE OWNER ]35-45, Blue collar working class type. New York City types, MALE, ALL ETHNICITIES. ($100 per day)
    (18-40) Looking for 7 additional New York types, a representation of New York City street life. MEN AND WOMEN, ALL ETHNICITIES 


    Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, 2:56 PM PacificBIG BANG MUSIC VIDEO (Still seeking)Music VideoNon-UnionPay Between $250-$500 per day Producer: Jesse RobertsCasting Director: Adrienne SternCasting Assistant: Kathleen Vissichelli Shoots: 2/10/12-2/13/12Location: NYC  SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY Seeking: [ MODELS/ACTRESSES/DANCERS ]
    Cute, hip, funky, sassy girls with beautiful features for Korean boy
    band video. Should have a great attitude and energy. Must have
    confidence and can move and groove to music. Must be petite and in great
    shape. All hair colors and styles please. Looking for girls of mixed
    nationalities. Please do not submit if over 5’8. FEMALE, MIXED
    NATIONALITIES ($500 per day)
    MUST BE A CYCLIST OR RIDER. Must be able to some tricks and/or stunts.
    Should have cool, youthful, hip look...MALE, ALL ETHNICITIES. ($250 per


    Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, 1:08 PM Pacific
      Addendum to 2/1 2:03 PM BIG BANG MUSIC VIDEO (Still Seeking)Music VideoNon-UnionPay Between $100 Per Day Producer: Jesse RobertsCasting Director: Adrienne SternCasting Assistant: Kathleen Vissichelli Shoots: 2/10/12-2/13/12Location: NYC  SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY [ CONSTRUCTION WORKERS ]
    Gruff, heavy build, muscular with fun, youthful appearance. Blue collar
    working types. New York City look...CAUCASIAN AND ALL ETHNICITIES


    Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, 2:38 PM PacificBIG BANG MUSIC VIDEOMusic VideoNon-UnionPay $50 Per Day Producer: Jesse RobertsCasting Director: Adrienne SternCasting Assistant: Kathleen Vissichelli Shoots: 2/10/12-2/13/12Location: NYC  SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY [ NEW YORK CITY TYPES ]
    Fun, hip, good looking people in their early to mid 20s. Must be
    sophisticated and cool. New York City types. CAUCASIAN AND AFRICAN



  • Lexi



    fuck i wish i was in NY right now

  • Kia

    hmmm ... what he mean by latter half to europe :p i hope it isn't august or more, 'cause i have school and can't go :( 

  • Maroug25

    Omg omg omg omg omg do u guys even paid attention to the casting ?!!!!!!!!!!
    Omg omg WTF !!!!
    What is the concept..New Yorkers?!!
    I bet the title song is Fsntastic Boy..what else could it doesn't mean if Blue is the second song should be the tittle they choose the best of the best song to represent the album..
    Omg I wanna feature in the mv..I can act well,if I can act and BB infront of me that would hell the best thing!!!
    Skateboarders,new York daily people what the?!!
    Oh god how I wish I could even be in NY or travel where ever I want..waiting seems nerve wraking..usually I spazz out dying to get what I want soon as possible but i'll wait for BB cuz I k they smthin good for us!!!!

  • vipzzz

    theyre filming on 2/10/12 - 2/13/12 so be aware those days lol


    Way to go YG, I have to turn in this paper by midnight and I'm only halfway done. This piece of news just made my night, lmfao. I hope I can stalk them in New York even though that's like two hours away by car... I stopped breathing when I read they were making a music video here and quickly made a status about it on Facebook haha.

    On a side note, OMG SOLO ALBUMS. Daesung is first! Whooooo! I've been waiting lol.

  • vanillaandcarrots

    ahh. this is going to be PERFECT. PERFECT. 

  • nat4706

    wow, finally, we're having daesung's solo, followed by the other 4 boys'.
    it's huge !!!

  • nat4706

    but i'm starting to worry about if they can handle such a tight schedule. i want them to be strong and healthy (both mentally and physically) but at the same time, vips are longing for their concerts, (sigh)
    hope everything will be fine and smooth.

  • Claire

    yeah!! and we're gonna be officially broke too haha but it's worth it ^^

  • Jayden_reid

    other kpop  groupies cant even do that! Each member doing their SOLO album...wahhhhhh...all this exciting news everyday..i dont know how to handle them anymore...BIGBANG is the GREAT!!!NUFF said

  • Grodus

    Please anyone that becomes an extra, just leak where the video is shooting!!!!!!

  • Adriana

    I am so overwhelmed with happiness! >_<

  • Kimiko1994

    AH YES!!..BB should not debut in the U.S. they shouldnt..They should keep in Asia and do world tours but not debut..Why?..becuase if they do it means they have to change..the language and maybe style..BB is representing Korea their culture..Like GD in the EMAS he didnt forget where he is from and showed it proudly as he spoke in his language..They should make people come to them make them want to learn more about them and Kpop. YG knows what he is doing =)..YAY!!!..BIG BANG is no ordinary kpop group..They are BEYOND!! LOVE THEM

  • forevavip

    the MV must be great and epic. can't wait <3333

  • ~VIP2505~

    I barely can wait for their albums, and then their photo teasers, next their new mv and now Daesung's solo albums?!?!?! Seriously, my hands are shaking right now from the excitement and I can't hold my (computer) mouse properly!!!

  • Tweeb Jy

    "YG has always been focused on quality over quantity. From 1TYM, BIG MAMA, SE7EN, BIGBANG and 2NE1, YG has always been very confident about their music. This is one of the reasons why he kept BIGBANG back while all other companies were having hallyu-concerts around the world."

    "YG states, "If we see the news or TV today, you see Kpop stars going out and having concerts outside of Korea. I don't want to do that with BIGBANG." His theory is that "the service of going to them will not work, we have to make them come to us." This time, his plan is to make a lot of good content and promote it well through a variety of sources."__________________________
    Quality over quantity! YG this is why i luv love looove you! no homo of course xD but damn you so smart and good at what you do! unlike ahem *cough cough SM Ent. quantity over quality...okay ill leave it there! please dont delete my comment!..^_____^ but yea YG baby

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys are like the Musketeers, all for one, one for all ^^
    Really happy for Dae's solo album ^^ can't wait ^^mixed feelings about Alive tour, good for the VIPs who can see the boys but it's not my case T_T  

    their schedule for the year is really tight and heavy, I'm concerned about their health  :(

  • vipzzz

     wait wait i mean

  • Klsevero

    eek, i hope to meet some fellow VIPs, I'd be to afraid to go hunting alone in the city ha! VIPs hwaiting!

  • cottoncandy

    YG, thank you for giving a chance for Daesung to release his own solo album! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NOW!
    Love is in the air i breathe <3

  • Adyra Azhary

    Papa YG now i really love you..thanks to you because u take care about BIGBANG so much!! BIGBANG hwaiting <3

  • Bsdf

    I can't explain my love to you Yang hyun suk<3

  • Annie

    Do you know more details or know where I will be able to get more details, as in like the exact time and venue, about the filming? They're finally in the city together I don't want to miss any chance of seeing them in person!!! Thanks a bunch!

  • dodo18

    finaly my baby gettint his solo album miss you dae dae

  • CrazyIceCream

    Good luck on stalking them & don't forget to send them letters or gift at the airport when they're going back to Korea cause i think it's the best time to give them & you'd actually know if they received it or not. GO VIPS!~

  • vanessa cabilin

    "We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want all the scars he got last year to be washed away soon"
    a daedae solo album!!! finally!!
    truly world class!!

  • AC

    Very happy to know that Bigbang is planning to have a world tour, Hong Kong included ???


    world tour and now daesung's solo!love you papa YG :* lol

  • linunrata

    This article made me cry...Our boys suffered so much last year but I'm so hopeful that the difficulties has made them so much powerful.Their comeback  will be enormous.

    ,,...and nothing could make me much happier than hearing DAE's solo album plans and he is likely to be the first to release. I'm so over the moon (I don't think I'll come down for a while!)

  • 123

    "Daesung, who had gone through the most pain, will be the first to release his solo album"emm sorry, i didnt really understand,,  DAE=SOLO ALBUM??? reallllllyyy???? oh myy is that trueeee???XD

  • A_Dae

    yeaah, daesung solo,,
    can't wait hear dae's voice all the time with his new song..

  • kilaBB

    waaa this article is daebakkk... the more i read, the more i respect YG....
    the way he treat bb member seriously the best... i cant wait for the world tour...
    dae's solo album... omooo thank you YG
    p/s: waaa i really have to save money as much as i can this year =)

  • vipzzz

    heres the link of what i found out about their new york music video shooting :D i found out that casting call thing is legit and i got more screen shots of the casting calls :D

  • EelingVIP

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  • Nazma23

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    Excited, hope they perform at the 02 areana in london!

  • BigBangGirl

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    Ahh, NY! why am I not there?! :( seems really exciting though I wonder where are they going to shoot it?

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  • AC

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  • Debbiebisvip

    Ok, I have 3 things to say:

    1. People diss and hate on YG, but you absolutely cannot deny that the man knows how to promote his artists (take notice JYP/SME) He's smart and he knows his business, which is why he (and his artists) have so much success. Holding BB back during the hallyu wave? No other CEO would have done this except YG because he KNOWS and he UNDERSTANDS his business and his artist. He is a very clever man.

    2. A DAESUNG SOLO!? OMG OMG OMG FINALLY! I completely get why YG held Daesung back (after his troubles last year it was a very wise thing to do, had he of allowed Daesung's solo to take place and then the accident occurred, this would have had a very damaging effect on both Daesung and YG as a business. So once again, YG is a VERY astute businessman and we must never underestimate him)

    3. World tours and a video in NYC!!!!! I really only have one thing to say about this.....


    Thank you and goodnight.

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  • trkn91

    here is the my thoughts,i just checked the the amount of how much BB albums have been sold till this time from wikipedia.And GD's heartbreaker album has the highest rate and also his solo concert can gather thousands.Top from his first movie collect all amazing awards,he also is great composer like other BB members,Seungri has his academy,Taeyang he is the solo king whatever song he presented.Daesung not currently but,he is the variety show prince and his drama rocks.YG's first reason about BB is of course about money,he is the CEO of a company right ? So why do these boys try so hard for BIGBANG name ? why would they want to share the income,why would they want to divide the money to 5 while they already can get that much money in their solo activities ? for me BIGBANG is more beyond of meaning "idol band".I know the answers of these questions.and thats why i love them everyday more and more.And YG is the real idol for me,these words are just so fatherly.

  • dodo18

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    I hope his songs are going to be like This is it, the one he performed on Soundplex. That one was the best, did his vocals TRUE JUSTICE.

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  • carmela5246

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  • Jenniferzheng50

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    and having concerts outside of Korea. I don't want to do that with
    BIGBANG." His theory is that "the service of going to them will not
    work, we have to make them come to us."Wait wait wait. Does that mean that he doesn't want to promote Big Bang overseas too much? And my dreams are once again gone T__TAnyway, on a happier note, I'm happy Daesung is going to release his solo album :3 I'm so excited!! Big Bang fighting~!