Big Bang mentioned in Rolling Stone and Ebony Magazine [NEWS]

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  • Madara

     OMG! I'm excited! BIGBANG IS BACK! Yeahhhhh!

  • Ann

    ROLLING STONES, that's huge !!!

    Yey "This love" has always been recommanded by critics. I've always loved gd&top collaboration with park bom during debut times :)

    Hope Bigbang and Lauriann Gibson could make great work together but I have no doubts : Alive world tour will be EPIC ! Can't wait

  • Maymuna Kabir

    OMG!!! Rolling Stones mag???!


  • Sarah Weiske

    So cool. Another step to get more recognition

  • Sabainanloo

    im gonna die

  • kinthia


  • Franchesca

    their take on Mariah's we belong together? o_O
    I don't think it sounds anything like her song at all *__*
    anyway, omg, so happy they are getting so much recognition~~

  • Zx

    FOR THE WIN! Get all the VIPs back! This will really going to be BIG!

  • Mikki_Nishimura

    Hell yeah finally the appreciation they deserve :) 

  • captaindasya

    For Big Bang, it really would be HUGE<3

  • Nina

    i really dislike nicki minaj, but i give props to that stage. even though the song was terrible, laurieann made such a huge, epic production out of it. i'm excited to see what she can do for big bang.

  • nomidia833_2ne1

    OKay i'm happy for this recognition but WTH is they saying : GD&TOP we belongs together has nothing to do with mariah carey song

  • lufffy

     They meant the song BIGBANG - Forever With You. The part where Bom sings the chorus got some similar parts of Mariah Carey's We Belong Together. It's great to see BIGBANG is in the big magazines. More people will take attention on the K-pop world. I'm glad that Bigbang is one of the K-pop artists

  • Lilit

    Ooooooooooh, I hate laurieann bitchson...............



  • Franchesca

    I still can't hear any similarity though o_o
    but yeah it's great that they're getting attention, they desserve it *_*

  • SariRainMJ

    Are you guys serious saying that their We Belong Together has nothing to do with Mariah's? It totally does. Those two songs are the reason I got into Big Bang, because I was looking up K-pop covers of English songs, and I found those songs and liked how they sampled the songs but made them their own. To say their We Belong Together has NOTHING to do with Mariah's is to say that they basically bit Mariah Carey with no recognition to her song. But obviously it was meant to reference her song. The song is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, but built with elements from the MC song, and even uses the "Oh, baby baby, we belong together," part of the hook. Don't say it has NOTHING to do with her song, because then you're saying they're thieves. This way, it means that they were paying homage, which is what they were doing. Don't be hatin on MC, either. 

  • Mylenne Shindou

    They are so alike, but "we belong together" by the boys, was before, I'm right?

  • Jenis Miranda

    Of all the examples of BIGBANG Rolling Stone could have used :/ *sigh*

  • gjapples

    This is awesome! when can we start buying tix?

  • nomidia833_2ne1

    i have no idea but i really don't say in similar things between the two songs just they have the same title

  • maria

    im glad big bang is getting more shows to me how big of an influence they are to kpop in a way..
    if that makes sense? ^_^

  • Bianca

    LOL. This article made me happy because it's affirmation that YG is getting the right people to work with our boys. No more Lil Kims. The World Tour just got real.

  • Gloria Caballero

    Mariah Carey - We Belong Together was released in March 25, 2005

    BB's version is actually Forever With You. Similar chorus.

  • Gloria Caballero

    I'm pretty sure the reason they chose those songs as examples was because of the original artist. Remember someone who doesn't know BB will most likely skip over if they put say songs like Tonight or Cafe. It's to draw the eye. They see 'Mariah Carey' and people will be inclined search out BB's song to see how well it sounds.

  • ♛YBVIP♛

    Gone for one day and I come back with 2-3 pages fill with wonderful news!!! I can't wait for their world tour concert! I still ask myself sometimes if this is a  dream!!!! But it's not. It's better!! MUAHAHAHA!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    They call our boys "Sensation" & "Phenomenon" But Our Boys are THE BEST !!!!!

  • JT

    While the top article is slightly negative, I only hope that BIG BANGs world tour won't be similar to Nicki Minaj's *ahem* "spectacle"...

  • Kimmy


  • sue


  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    DOOOOOOPE!!!!!! ^O^b

  • MinSungYeon

    Plus, there is a video on YT where Kwon Leadah and Mr. T.O.P rapped the lyrics to WBT using Mariah's beat and parts of her WBT.

  • Choomtop22

    OH my GAhd!! this is it!!! im so excited BIGBANG IS BACK ^_^

  • vini

    omg! my heartbeat was beating so fast!

  • myTOPsecret

    its just awesome!!!

  • cklover

    with Ms. Gibson on the list....I bet that it will be the biggest and the craziest
    watch out world

  • myTOPsecret

    me too...after work i check bbu right away and i was overwhelmed by the news and updates..all the wait are worth it..BB giving it all to us..:)

  • Kenley

    So proud of them. Big Bang World Domination!!! I hope YG trains them to speak English fluently because they will need it.

  • TotoBearTop

    Do you have the link to Nicki's performance? I can't find it anywhere on youtube...

  • Maya Lor

    Did u know that BIGBANG was also feature in SPIN MAR/APR 2012 ISSUE!
    They were feature in an article titled "Inside Korea's Pop Factory."
    I was so EXCITED when I saw them; their picture front and center, covering TWO FULL pages!!! XD
     Also, 2NE1 and other KPop idols were mentioned as well. 

  • blackvip




  • xanneTOP


  • Meriko

    big bang didnt do This Love Gdragon did

    sorry for being like this but they should get facts right

  • BBgotSWAG

    DAEBAK!! :))

  • Dionna Davis

    Ohhh dang! I remember Laurieann from "Making the Band" and she was MEAN! I hope she's nice to the

  • juju

    loving the exposure 

  • sammy hall

    I am sure Taeyang and daesung care alot about their religion and most asians whatever religion you are... and laurieann gibson luks like a hooker and I hated that nicki minaj performance my friend is a Christian and she felt that her religion was took the piss out off