Big Bang MV Filming in New York [PHOTOS]

Shared by on February 15, 2012  

Sources: 小花卜花心@BAIDU, (via xtlover15@SOOMPI)

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  • fayelfrida



    They all look so HIP! 


  • BAEbyboo

    T.O.P's Haircolor and his shoes color = OTP! 

  • HidayahSaberi

    Top have same hair and shoes color..with that skull accessories..Hot!
    all of them ..I love they're appearance here in this picture!

  • GiveMeGdragonPlease

    GD with the long hair !! Ahhhh , so cool . I like . He's so hot in that *-*

  • Jen651

    omge ... i cant wait for the MV ...
    LOVING the boys swag hehe

  • Guest123

    Bad Boy mv???

  • linunrata

    I think this video is for "BAD BOY"- since the title  of the song and their "badass" look matches so well.. (just a guess!)

  • Amismall

    Little Seung Hyun looks like an ASTRO BOY :D 

    always CUTE!!! while his hyungs are incredibly changed..

  • ♛YBVIP♛

    TAEYANG!!! So cute, omg!!! That smile... I LOVE THAT SMILE!!!

  • guest

    nahhh... i don't think its real. this is just for the MV concept. 

  • Mychael Thiravong

    BADBOYS... it has to be!

  • What's written on gd hat? it's goodgirl and badboy, isn't it.
    It should be bad boy mv

  • Ctsl_bb

    And wow at Seungri's hairstyle... It's so... Tame? Quite unlike our maknae hehe!
    Can't wait for BIGBANG's comeback!

  • xanneTOP


  • burp

     look at Mr TOP rocking matching blue hair and sneakers like a BOSS , TOP can rock any outrageous hair color the way nobody does !
    this is gonna be so god damn epic !!

  • glamsol

    look like boss hippies:))

  • Merbie Sajulga

    GOD!..Tabi..Your hair was amazing and you matches it with your shoes..hahahah..nice one!..

  • ygfamily



  • NRVIP2505


  • jyg

    Daesung tan skin is damn sexy

  • AnnFarihan

    LOL XD the first picture.when everyone is moving,TOP just stand still !

  • Yoriko

    This is the MV for Bad Boy I'm guessing since thats what GD's hat says! I can't wait!!!

  • Adyra Azhary

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate them.. i hate bigbang
    because them make me love them more everyday!!!1

    bigbang oppas! i hate u because i love u hehehe!!!

  • Yoriko

     I think there fake like the ones in Tablos's MV and on Dara in 2ne1's.

  • muggledore

    I can't even define what I'm seeing..

  • G-APPLEabeyhusnt


  • desideria nirmala dewi

    I love Seungri's hair ♥♥♥♥

  • secretgurl89

    GD's hair is long????

  • Sally Park

    I am in love with all of their clothes...

  • Krazeovau

    Completely awesome!!!

  • didi

    seungri's hair look like star trek player :D

  • VIPBJ4ever

    ohmygosh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS REAL!! BIGBANG IS BACK!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Davis Ang

    they look like kings

  • Avi Will

    G-DRAGON!!!! omg I LOVE his new looks *-* you're always the crazy one, aren't you ;D and I absolutely love what he's wearing (except that green fur on his back XD), looks so cool! I can see that his hat says "Bad Boy", I can't whait for the song and MV to come out!! ^^ No matter what it will be like - I'll never be disappointed <33

  • Daeee

    Oh, Bad boy MV!! DAE <3

  • Alexandria Santana

    Daesung.... Only  words for that boy. "Love The New Look!" They all lot amazing. :)

  • GiveMeIt

    Baby Panda = SPOCK :)))))


    OMG!I'm crazy about this!waiting for their comeback!

  • Dae

    LOL, I love this<3. And as much as I love BIGBANG. Uh.. Where are all the ethnic girls.. this is Harlem/Brooklyn, no? Blacks, Latinas, Indians??? I'll just see the over all video, I guess. But if it's 90% whites.. I'm gunna be raised eyebrow+skepticism..

  • Wwww

    Top :D

  • BB fighting

    I'm keeping look at Daesung's photos ,his new style is really charming and handsome~~ <3 <3 * fallin love*

  • Maymuna Kabir

    the outfits are OUTRAGEOUSLY INSANE ... but it's BB so i <3 it

    [even though i was quite put off by it initially, and still kinda am]

    ok...Taeyang's tattoos gave me a bit of a scare... i love tattoos, but that's a lot of them on his arms, so i wasn't quite feeling it, but goes wid da "bad boy" concept.

    LOVE TOP'S OUTFIT!!! it's amazing how he seamlessly pulls off any kinda look.
    GD's hair will take sm getting used to, same thing wid Seungri.
    Dae's lovely

  • aikee

    i think too my dear, look hat of GD named is BAD BOY... just notice ...

  • Maymuna Kabir

    pieces of clothing that i'm digging... TOP's shoes matching with his hair

    GD's pants... STRATEGICALLY PLACED SAFETY PINS, plz tell me i'm not the only one who noticed!
    GD's red gloves... supersize it :P

    Seungri's MJ-like gloves...

    Taeyang's beanie... the pants and the furry black jacket are putting me off tho...
    Dae's outfit suits him 

  • Cheungjessica3

    like !

  • Ee Ling

    i think they were filming MV for BAD BOY ! KYAAA FULL OF SWAG! 

  • tsatsa edi

    bad boy and good girl

  • kateyBB

    Well not everyone can pull out BLUE hair and still look like an badass swagger..T.O.P ftw!;))

  • Angel

    this MV is probably for the song "Bad Boy" =D



  • T.O.Pismine!

    jiyong-ie earing,,OMAIGOD

    i wanna see tae's tattos closely

  • SaReE

    everybody was so hot

  • FFSD

    they look like live action anime characters! anyone saw gd's cap? it says BADBOY! OMG!

  • haziyahchanellali

    badboy on top and it says goodgirl below!

  • Pandas


  • Yuan So

    GD had all of the other members' hairstyles in the past.. maybe that's why he tried another something new xD

  • Riikkaaa

    Their clothes are crazy ! Love it ♥

  • Lucy

    nice, I would have loved to be in new york

  • Yglink

    Wow..Seungri look Fierce..and his Swing move...^-^

  • blackvip

    their outfit are cool. love it <333

  • kilaBB

    i seriously hope the tattoo is fake... taeyang jaebal...

  • Mylenne Shindou

    If you look at the paparazzi video, you can read Daesung lips, he is saying bad boy :)

  • Mylenne Shindou

    What? Oh, why it say goodgirl....

  • Haneul

    Someone Blonde!!!!DaeSung I know it!!!! This MV can't be bad!!! <3<3<3


    I think daesung changed the most! He looks like a REAL BAD BOY in that first picture ... and he has SWAGGGGG

  • maria

    ohmyGD....i love him! he looks so amazing! im fawning over him! 

  • Stacie DuPree

    Cant wait for the vid!

  • Kelita

    OMG TY with tattoos = SEXI
    and DAESUNG got 10 with his new look. WOW WOW WOW


  • LizLisaVip

    really I love your style.... yeahhhh....BB is baddas >< OMG GD jeans <3

  • AiShiteru MiRae

    i really2 hope they are fake..

  • V-B-H-S-I

    Yup, GD's cap also says Bad Boy!

  • Valeria Reyes Vega


  • Guest

    -___-" I'm getting tired of this question.... OBVIOUSLY it is fake, why asking? 
    And anyway, what's wrong with tatoos in the first place?

    Tae looks hot, nuff said

  • Tonymartir

    Why is TOP wearing a Marines Corporal Dress blues?!?! To some people that could be disrespectful

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    the more I look their outfits more I like it :) I really like this items kkk :
    Tabi's jacket ^^ Seungri's red jacket^^ Dae's jeans ^^ YB's 
    fur coat  and Jiyong's jeans ^^
    Bad Boys kkk ^^

  • ArielLM13

    I refuse to except Taeyang's concept until after the MV release, I really do like the other looks though!!=D Sorry Tae, I just can't except those pants, even though after your MV drops everyone in Korea will want a pair.

  • shojo_a

    TOP looks crazy hot. (I love military style!)
    GD looks like Miyavi with his hat and his long hair. (Not a bad thing at all!)
    I really don't think Seungri's haircut suits him...

  • bigbangfosho many stars with gorilla arm jackets these days. They all look do smexy and bboy

  • Kvboom


  • Alyssa Vargo

    LOL It's like the High High hair but BLUE!! XD


  • Tiff

    Wow you don't have to be mean she was just asking a question lol

  • restu 동해 ♛

    KYAAAAAAA~~~~ GD!! GD!! GD!! ><

  • Simone La

    Bad Boys <33

  • fayelfrida

    duh im just shocked about his tattoo., well anyways if its fake then its fake,, im been busy with the past few days so i seldom visit the site nowadays so seeing him with stuffs like tattoo freaks me out. and i believe YB is HOT, fckn HOT. btw there's nothing wrong with tattoos i have lots of friends who have tattoos like bunch of them.

  • Haeruna

    Oh my Cotton candy looks so yummyyy

  • Ziggy_hasan_94


  • Tamara Tran

    Holy crap, bad boys indeed! ;) 
    Tae has so much swag here, it's like burning! 

  • Tweeb Jy

    lol i cant help but laugh at BB cause their style is so weird but yet in a good way. GD has straight long hair?? wow...and seungri looks like he could play in those star trek movies haha xD

  • AngieD

    I personally thing Tae looks good with tattoos and i don't see anything wrong with it real or fake.

  • anissahmad

    daesung is sooooo hot with that hair colour. i love it ! sarangea daesung <3

  • ainatabitop

    they are look so cool in the same way look freaking HOT!!!!!

  • Anie841124

    bad boy good girl.

  • Melinda Yuliyan M

    i think they shoot the music video for their BADBOY single, :3 look at GD's cap

  • Vivi7888

     no i dont think they are real eighter but i kinda wish they were because he looks even sexier with them :D

  • MademezElle

    i love Daesung look

  • Safayi

    oh gah, this looks so bad. *think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts*

  • Shea T


  • sakura21

    isn't taeyang's body CLEAN ? i mean he has no tattoo before this right ??

  • Ningjing

    GD's hair :-/ But he look GOOD ;D

  • saleha rosdi

    nice pocodot TY!

  • raniVVIP

    SR it's very different.. wow!
    he as BADBOY,  very like him

  • KassenX

    the 2nd last pic TOP walk like a boss :X:X:X

  • Bashair

    OMG it's so so Nice

  • ndg

    grown up man ^^

  • eimhh