Making a comeback on SBS, Yang Hyun Seok, ‘it is not because of the comeback special’

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Yang Hyun Seok has commented on Big Bang’s comeback with the Starin reporters.

Coming back on 29th, Big Bang has swept  all the music charts. They are  regarded as a ‘hot’ group in the music industry.

They appeared in ‘Healing Camp’ on 20nd and in March, they will guest on ‘Running Man’ on 4th and 11th. They will have their 1st comeback stage on Inkigayo on 11th and on ‘You and I’ on 18th, too.

Their promotion is getting more unconventional. They will promote 6 title tracks and after their first stage on Inkigayo(11th), they will perform 2 new songs every week in the programme, each week with a different stage. It is unprecedented in the music industry.

On 25th, KBS’ Entertainment Relay’ tried to put Big Bang as an embarassing situation but it is not relevant to their comeback.Yang Hyun Seok expressed his feeling by commenting, ‘ it is drawing attention by using the old practice.’

YG said,’ we are aware of the double or nothing (comeback stage) with SBS too but we want to give you a good stage. if we don’t cooperate with that broadcasting company does not mean it is bad. Do not get me wrong, they are different things.’

YG elaborated, ‘ it is the first comeback stage of Big Bang, SBS is also under pressure since a lot of eyes are  watching them although YG crew has worked with Inkigayo several times before. You are not going to get bored with the same old costumes and performances because we will deliver  different stages for you. It is expected that quality will win over the quantity.

He shows his love towards his singers. ‘ Singers only have 1 body. If they go to too many TV shows, they will get tired then we cannot give you  good shows ‘

He admited,’ there are reasons why we choose SBS since they have good understanding of our music and have tried to appreciate our efforts. MBC is the same but it is relatively unable to do so now. ‘

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Source: starin
Translated by: Rice