Healing Camp preview, Big Bang “The Axis of Evil…Even thought of doing the worst.” [NEWS]

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A recent preview of next week’s Healing Camp with Big Bang has been a hot topic.

On a broadcast of the 13th, Yoon Jong Shin’s “Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy”, next week’s broadcast preview with Big Bang was revealed.

As their first confession, G-Dragon stated that everything was an “axis of evil” along with Daesung stating that “it wasn’t the best idea, but I even thought of doing the worst. I kept telling myself that this was really the end and I had no other choice to make” regarding his accident, as well as G-Dragon’s marijuana case.

But despite the sincerity and serious mood of the set, Big Bang’s TOP, Seungri, and Taeyang all made an appearance to reveal a few funny secrets, giving everyone a laugh.

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  • VIP4Daesung

    "...doing the worst....the worst..." Those words...they make me want to sob...and they make me realize again how precious it simp0ly is that we still have Daesung with us and that him and GD were brave enough to come back to Big Bang and move on. Thank you GD...Thank you Daesung...Thank you Big Bang, and Thank you YG!

  • http://twitter.com/KimmieChan18 Kimberly Pruss

    Wow...I'm glad he didn't do the worst and came back with everyone!!! same for g-dragon!!! 

  • http://fam3m0nster.tumblr.com Dae

    OMFG. I'm crying. I'm.. CRYING. <3Daesung. I LOVE YOU. Usually I'm more competent with my words. But my angel<3.

  • Lorena Abrodos

    i'm so gonna cry watching this u.u


    This is surely going to be painful to watch. It makes my heart ache knowing he had thoughts like this. I'm glad that both him and GD have gotten past these tough times and have became stronger. Through this whole ordeal Daesung realised what is the most important thing to him in this world: music. 

    We love you Daesung!

  • http://twitter.com/sapphires_star Lexie

    TT___TT So sad that they had to go through all that hardship. But as the saying goes, "What won't kill you will only make you stronger." Life, unfortunately, isn't just made of rainbows and butterflies.

    So BB membadeul, congrats on making it through last year's adversity! You guys broke out of the egg, as Bom says (gosh, this sounds weird). Anyway, hwaiting!!! *CAN'T WAIT for their comeback! >.<*

  • fywang9

     Kimmi, I think you'll agree with me when I say that the "song" that captures the essence of this post is Sheryl Crow's "I shall Believe" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3Nnrj6i9Vk

  • http://www.facebook.com/cherstar90 Cheridan Buck

    I knew before from an earlier interview that he had thought of doing the worst, I am supper glad he's still with Bigbang and I will continue to love and support my favorite BIGBANG!!!!

  • haruharu

    damn i wanna cry :( ..... VIPS<3 i love you guys ^^ were the most caring supportive fandom out there, wait not fandom but family<3 I thank you vips for standing tall together with big bang <3 No matter what happened we didnt care and just gave them all our love . We made it possible for big bang to stick together<3 Im happy we got to show how much we love them by winning MTV EMA for them :) Im glad it wasnt the end of their career .. but just a bump in the road for the start of a new beginning <3
    VIP+BIG BANG stick together~

  • VIP4Daesung


  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    Thank God Dae with his strong faith knew that wasn't the end TT
    Thank God Jiyong's courage to go ahead

    we pray to God to enlighten them the way in that hard time and God heard us :) 

  • NRVIP2505

    It saddened me when Daesung said he had thought of doing something worse. The VIPs are really grateful that Daesung and G-dragon didn't give up easily despite the accident and the marijuana case. I'm really glad there're Seungri, Taeyang, and TOP that can make Daesung and GD to stand up proudly again to meet the fans and create musics for the fans and themselves. BIGBANG music is truly ALIVE again...

  • Saima

    O.M.GG!! *staring blankly w/ a look of horror* Dae, don't even.get.me.started!! I hope they have a good support system w/ counseling services available to them!! I guess we have to continue to showing our collective support esp to Dae and GD!! 

  • CandyDropper

    Thanks God He thought twice. 
    World wouldn't be the same with his light off. ._. 
    How can Media and people make something so cruel like disturb an clean mind in point of they think about suicide? 
    Why people don't think about this when is bashing someone's atittude or condition? WHY??
    I'm REALLY happy and thankful to God to listen to me and save them from this things. I'm REALLY THANKFUL for him and my GD stay here besides of all this shit ALIVE AND STRONGER. 
    Thank you really much god... this boyz are too flawless to take their lives and too precious to we let them go away.

  • blackvip

    it good that he came back stronger than before. Dae, fighting!!~

  • JasmineAnastasia

    I am so grateful that Daesung oppa thought things through before doing something drastic his smile brings joy and hope to people all around the world and it just wouldn't be the same without him... It was great to see the other boys besides Dae and GD there to lighten the mood I am definitely looking forward to this show and hopefully I will laugh more than I cry!

  • Luvtabi

    Yoon jong shin from  Family Outing right?
    thanks God, at least they can feel more open and not feel pressure to talk about what happen, specially Daesungie.. :)

    Happy valday my beloved BIGBANG! i love you with all my heart :)

  • Laura Holmes

    This is going to be such an emotional episode, make sure to have your tissue box with you. 

  • UKfanz

    but can anybody upload it with subtittle later?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153638932 Maymuna Kabir

    wow! i don't know what to say after reading that Daesung thought about doing something worse...

    this must have been the toughest time of their lives, both GD and Dae

    but it's good to know that TOP, Seungri and Taeyang are always there to support them, when we VIPs can't be there physically :)

  • http://twitter.com/JustaVIPfeeling layla | 레일라 | ليلى

    I hope after that, 
    we will never speak more these incidents ... it's the past ^^ we love you !!!!

  • HidayahSaberi

    omo..daesung statement.."this is the end"..:(:(..
    No..it's the begining of new daesung and bigbang!

  • linunrata

    ...."I even thought of doing the worst. I kept telling myself that this was really the end and I had no other choice to make” 
    This statement made me shiver and teary! We can never ever imagine what he has been through. Too much for a young man to carry! I'm so happy that he made the right choice and he is with us.
    I'll continue listening to his angelic voice as long as he sings.

  • robstentop

    recalling the time right after daesung's incident, i remember how worried i was for daesung if he would choose 'the worst' way to end the case. despite the fact that love and concern was poured in from all directions including dae's family, friends, teammates and vips instantly, nobody could help control his own fate except dae himself.  thank god as dae could finally collect himself and overcome the pain and guilty feeling about causing (still not sure if it's his fault) death to though a stranger, but still a son of other parents.  he has earned much of my respect cos he lets me know one's courage in facing adversities can be resulted in bringing hope and joy to others (here to me as a vip)!
    thank you daesung, for showing us your smiling face again.
    love you, love big bang!!!

  • peekaboo1988

     “We heard we were the axis of evil. I shouldn’t have, but I thought of bad thoughts. I felt that my music career was at an end.” GD

    My heart hurts for those two boys, thank you for being strong and coming back to us. We will always love and support you

  • kilaBB

    i sincerely thanks daesung for his strong spirit.. i really glad that he doesnt choose a wrong way of dealing with all this scary thing.. but the past is past.. move forward for ur better future daesung.... 

  • http://twitter.com/VIPbaby88 ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

    I'm really happy he didn't do the worst of the worst... The world would have floated with tears. DAESUNG FIGHTING!!! VIP will always love and support you!

  • Riikkaaa

    This is not the end. Big Bang's comeback is coming, you'll shine again! Leave everything bad in the past ^___^ 

  • xanneTOP

    this will give me surely LOTS of emotions. mixed feelings. but i'm glad that they can open up now with the tragedies they faced last year. time really heals all wounds. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1456195064 Iona Meehan

    the worst? oh wow. We are so lucky to have him!
    I am actually still in shock from reading this!

  • Clarabow

    it would have been so easy for Daesung and GD to walk away from Big Bang. they didn't. this shows the immense strength and courage both men have. and of course, the fans support has helped to heal them. we could have lost these boys. when I think of what could have happened - I want to cry.

    I love you Daesung. <3 I love you GD. <3

    You have both given me so much inspiration - and now when I have a problem I think to myself No, Never Give Up. Just like Daesung and GD never gave up.

  • VILikeLizBBU

    wow-this is going to be hard for us all to watch- I dont think we ever realised what it was like , for daesung especially,until we heard it from him

  • Ctsl_bb

    No... I'm so glad they didn't do it. Though it had hurt a lot then, but I'm sure they would've regretted it if they had done what they thought of doing, because they could still do so much. Daesung and G-Dragon, hwaiting!

  • Bkny2544

    When will this air