Taeyang, “T.O.P is actually childlike, even a little klutzy”

Posted February 28, 2012 by

On the recent filming of SBS’s Running Man, Big Bang’s Taeyang disclosed that T.O.P’s cold, charismatic persona is actually just a made-up image.

During the shoot, T.O.P showed his relaxed and even clumsy sides, making the co-stars and producers laugh. A few years ago, T.O.P starred in “Iris,” the hit action drama starring Lee Byunghun, as a ruthless and brutal killer. This, along with his charismatic performance on the stage, has defined the image of T.O.P so far.

Taeyang (edited!) said, “You remember T.O.P as a cold-hearted killer from Iris, but he is actually so gentle and childlike, even a little klutzy.”

He continued, “Real T.O.P and the killer in ‘Iris’ are completely different. He has a warm and mild personality.”

During the shoot, T.O.P was indeed smiling all the time and being a nice man, to the surprise of all.

Source: Asiatoday, kpopstarz.com