Big Bang on Healing Camp Preview [SUBBED]

Shared by on February 14, 2012  

Updated with subbed video:

Translated and subbed by: ALEX @ bigbangupdates

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  • VIP4Daesung

    BRB....snifling and getting my tissue ready for the amazing laugh and sob fest this is going to be.

  • cupidlove

    happy valentine day G Dragon.. u will always be my valentine..i love you (12.05 AM )

  • Cecilia Martino

     I have the feeling that TOP is thinner, or am I seeing wrong? O__o
    I am happy that they are holding together ^ ^

  • zero6142

    they all look great

  • mollaj

    I haven't seen their laughs for so long

  • YGfan25

    Uggghhh.. I don't understand a thing they said but I feel like CRYING coz they're are REALLY BACK!!!!! BIGBANG IS BACK y'all!! BIGBANG IS BACK!!!  OMG!!! :'(

  • Sarah Weiske

    Ahh I can't wait to see it! It looks like it ll be sad and fun at the same time. Hopefully it helped them get over their own issues a little better. 

  • xin wei


  • AiShiteru MiRae

    can't wait to watch the full episode!! ^^

  • Ak61

    damn is that Taeyangs new haircut xDD???


    Omg i Love it i smile right now like Crazy :-)) Cant wait for the Full ep with Subs hope that someone sub it :-))

  • GDBB

    aigooo.. its moments like this when i wish i knew korean -_- i hope someone subs it quickly when the full episode comes out!

  • fayelfrida

    at first i was like stay strong GD and Dae we love you..
    then SURPRISE!!! the 3 dorks are there.. :))
    YB's epic laugh is very very much like!! and his hairstyle haha.. still mohawk huh.. lols

  • Ellie Z. ✌

    At first it's super sad .. And I got teary eyed :(
    and then suddenly .. TOP, SEUNGRI & TAEYANG. XD (& taeyang's mohawk..XD)

    Aww it's so amazing to see Daesung & Jiyong smiling so brightly again .. (:

  • Biggirl

    i miss them so much..
    why is it the month with the least no of days(FEB) feel like so long..
    waiting for this to air and BB comeback..
    faster DAMMIT!!

  • BB fighting

    Daesung~~GD~~ everything is gone , You are so strong and Big Bang is really amazing . Love all 5 forever~~^3^

  • taeyangforever

    OMG!!! taeyang hair!!!!

  • linunrata

    Isn't it too short? 
    It looks like a great show... but still not sure to watch it! 
    Dae- hwating!

  •łotnik/1360803686 Agnieszka Złotnik

     G Dragon looks great new hairstyle  :)

  • haruharu

    that new piercing panda has is scaring me ... i looks like it hurts 0.o

    damn i cant believe big bang is back soon<3 ! and with a variety show :) I cant wait to see this show soon and someone please post it asap with eng subs so i can cry to it :,(

  • NRVIP2505

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!! BBU!!! 

  • LoveGD

    UGH GD I FREAKING LOVE YOUR HAIR! <3 and i loveeee our boys <3

  • Jess

    it's always so good to have good friends that support you along the way, especially when they're of similar age.. it's like thy just cheer you up with their dorkiness hahaha yay can't wait this makes me happy too ^^ 

  • aŋita 아니타

    OMG their haircuts O_O even though Tae still got his mohawk, it's still.. different D: dunno what to think yet hehee. 

    Can't wait for the full episode! To hear them laugh, but also their stories.. I'm getting ready to cry man!

  • Sea Li Loung

    wow!look at that!!!look at Daesung!!ha!many Idols group has that color but they dont shine and look cool like Dae!!!!

  • Sillamari

    Ahh... All that hair<3 love it! Can't wait to watch this show. Probably gonna cry my eyes out TT

  • Sea Li Loung

    WOW!all BIG BANG hairstyle become HOT topic!!they just stand out!!!I want to want it sooo much!!

  • NRVIP2505

    IKR?! I thought he shaved it since in the kpopstar videoclip it looks like that, but NO!!! He just making it longer! It's daebak!

  • Adyra Azhary

    ahh can wait to see the whole episode!! i think i will prepared the tissue,,because i know that i will cry so much!!!!!
    when i see this i can feel our DAE feeling and just watching this preview make me cry,, will going prepared a lot of tissue while wait this show out <3

  • muggledore

    who placed the onions on my laptop???!!!
    GD I'll need time to get used to your hair but aside from that, I WANNA GIVE U AND DAE A HUG!!!!

  • two elf jan

    Urghhh, my heart bleeds when I saw Daesung. He looks so broken,trying to relate his story and feelings. He was trying really hard not to go back to that place. But I'm glad the rest came to surprise them!! <3 <3

    Love them boys!

  • tajan

    awwww cant wait for this :')

    and omg Taeyangs hair is....   :/ funny looking lol -although its pretty much the same hehehe-

  • trkn91

    i missed their laughing like this, and it is gonna be a great start for them before performing.GO GO GO BIGBANG !!!

  • Tamara Tran

    Seriously will laugh till I can't cry.... Or cry till I can't laugh anymore..
    Whichever one comes first.

  • Bb

    well.. at least the blond tip on yb's hawk is gone? lol

  • jinan2b

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowww iam cry cry cant u see my big bang....................wooooooooooooah iam happy

  • dodo18

    i'm sure we will cry till the three dork pop out after we will laugh. oh my god my boys are back. dae did i tell you that now you really look like a true angel? miss them so much tae taking mohwak to a new level lol tabi forever the fake maknae ha ha it will be fun!

  • Jen

    SeungRi looks like my cousin with that hair cut. Idk how I feel about that. His new piercing looks a bit painful. I do hope he's feeling better. 

    This is going to be a tear fest. BRB going to store and buying extra tissues 

  • dream2000star

    LOL. Healing Camp totally trolled YG. There's really no surprise in the teasers except for their outfits at this point. I find GD's hair super sexy (I know they're extensions!) Although I'm not sure if that's how he's gonna have it for promotions. I feel like he came right after his High Cut magazine shoot. Man Seungri looks badass with that hair and piercing. AHHHH I CANT WAIT A WEEK!!!

  • KattyCiku

    no matter what, TAEYANG looks amazing!!! so cute and very handsome!!!!!!!

  • LizluvStar_imVip_Blackjack

    *wipes tears* ಥ_ಥ 
    I love your new style *:* LOVE all their hair! ~~~~♥.♥ 

  • Avi Will

    OMG that part where TOP, YB and VI jump and turn around reminds me of Coffee Prince parody ;DD I really want to watch this episode, though I wonder how will korean netizens will react to them, I hope they will forgive our boys. And boy do I love Jiyong's hair *-*

  • HidayahSaberi

    taeyang, top, and maknae seungri brighten up the situation..I think it going to be extremely sad at first and them they'll start laughing when other member joining..

    seungri really knows how to make gd laugh.:)
    I think we will be able to see bingu top in this interview..hehe:)

    they're back! yeah!

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    They are back for real ♥ thank you God T_T <3 

  • I B Anonymous

    So YB mohawk just get longer ad bigger? How is that a drastic change? Still sexy so whatevs!

  • Mikki_Nishimura

    Whats wrong with Dae's teeths??? 

  • Timea B

    Please please please say that this will be subbed to English! PLEEEASE!!!

  • dae ^.^

     they usually color it in more heavy tone but he do it with light one..hehe~~ he look loke anime character in mei chan no shitsuji.. gahhh!! daebak! cool!

  • Kayla Nguyen

    Look like GD gained some weight, I feel happy for GD's fans

  • Maroug25

    Now how aint like these boys and their effin dope hairstyles...
    i like GD's,top's,Dae's,Tae's and Ri's hairstyles....all of them...and they look extremely handsome and beautiful specially GD and Top...dae and his blond hair just is perfect..
    i knew that Tae won't give up on his hawk..and he didn't fail me...i like it that got thicker and're so adorable like a candy...
    Ri are just amazing..
    GD my love don't cry and be sad..everything's gonna be alright,isn't it ?
    so damn why you're cryin ?!!!Lol.."Lies"
    i love your hair your geek glasses....your face...
    guys your outfits are mad dope....
    i will wait to watch this show eagerly :)
    fighting !!!
    GRI love :)

  • maria

    I can't wait to see this!! oh GD he is just handsome!! and i really love his hair! its amazing! im glad he is using it for BB's comeback!

  • layla | 레일라 | ليلى

    it's so good to see our boys laughing like the old good days ^o^

  • Guest

    i don't think they mind about that since they are not really hiding it. 

  • Silverstar950

    I'm just so happy!!! BigBang's hair is out of control as i see XD

  • victoria dinh

    i feel so happy to see them as 5 again and having a great time together. 

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    oh my, T_T  I was teary-eyed just looking this :( Dae's sigh T_T
    and then the rest of the boys "Surprise" ^_^  
    Love You Boys ^^

    OMO, their hair looks ^^ Tae's super mohawk kkk
    I miss the old Dae and Seungri's hair but WelCoMe to the new look ^_^
    Our boys look soooo Handsome as always ^^

  • hi18

    Whoa Taeyang's hair!!!!  It's like a super mega grande mohawk now haha wonder if this is what it is going to be like for promotions, somehow I feel like that beanie we've been seeing can't contain that maybe he shaved it right after this =S

  • tajan

    i agree XD

  • Playas92

    Whats the healing camp about can some one tell me please

  • Simone La

    Ahh GD looks fatter :) his cheeks... so cute ahh

  • dream2000star

    I posted this reply in an earlier article."It's basically a talk show, but like it says in the article they choose a set that is more significant or comfortable to the guest. I don't know if it's still like this, but the guest gets to choose what food to eat. There's a corner where people the guest knows personally (usually celebrities) write ahead of time things they like about the guest and things they don't like. It's a very honest and refreshing talk show. It's not as stiff and the mcs make fun of the guests a lot, but it's also deep because they're able to draw out things that people don't normally talk about. This is the same timeslot of Daesung's former talk show "Night by Night" or "When At Night". I think it's the best talk show out there besides Knee-Cap Guru (which got cancelled due to Kang Hodong's semi-retirement) that will capture our boys' personalities and struggles. Unfortunately it's a hard show to find normally. So, hopefully our fellow bigbangupdaters will make it available."


    OMG, Tae's hair... seems like he had no idea how to do with his mohawk. He doesn't wanna lose it, instead he made it bigger and taller. Haha.
    TOP's, i've seen you in white and now in green... it really doesn't matter :D
    GD's and Dae's, still speechless..... :p

    I've missed you guys. A LOT!

  • 123

    and their new hair has already revealed --"

  • ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    I MISS THEM ON VARIETY SHOWS SO MUCH! OMG! I can't wait to watch this. They are hilarious together. I miss their smiles/laughs... Miss them playing around together. BIGBANG is really back ya! *tears* I LOVE BIGBANG!

    & lastly, fkuc yeah Taeyang still has his mohawk! I'm pretty sure this is their current hairstyle! WOOOO!! I'm so glad he didn't shave his mohawk. SO SO GLAD! I love his mohawk. I can't express that enough.

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO BIGBANG & VIPS! We are daebak!! hehe :)

  • myTOPsecret

    i think their using wigs or extensions coz when you check 247 paps vid when they arrived in NY Gd's hair is short like the one in YG fam concert..he even removed his bennie on the vid..

  • PrincelyLuna

    whatever their style, they always look the best to me. by the way, TOP up there looks like a little boy, i wanna pinch his cheeks.

  • Melinda Yuliyan M

    GD did look fat =.=" look at his cheeks, geees

  • cck0107

    really miss them...=))

  • Claudia Chávez

    I cry  GD and Daesung make me cry , stay strong guys , but then when TOP ,    Taeyang and Seungri appeared  I laughed hahahha

  • Nessa

    OMO! Did you see Seungri's peircings?!

  • Angel

    taeyang still has a mohawk, but it's on crack now!!! xD i love their new hairstyles, even GD's (it took awhile, but i'm loving it now hehe)

  • Anonymous

    baeby's mohawk!!!!!!!!!! is this for reals??!?!?? he has new hair!!!!!!!! my wait is finally over! i know all the styles!!!!!!!!! but oh.em.gee!!!!!!!!! i can't stop thinking about baeby's mohawk!!!!!!!!!!

  • leni delliani

    I don't understand what they said, but I'm really happy to see GD and Daesung full smile and BigBang happy laugh together <3

  • leni delliani

    look this preview and smile my boys, I wanna cry :'(

  • iamtheSUN

    omg!! this is just sooo lovely..seeing them very happy like that is priceless!!! omo,omo,omo...cant wait to watch this!! :)) (esp. TAEYANG'S laugh) 

  • Paolyn M. Valmores

    Even though I did not understand a thing, watching this makes me teary-eyed. I am so proud if the boys! They went through  alot and despite of every scandal that each of them went through all these years, they stuck together and become even stronger. 

    I am so happy that I am a VIP. ^.^

  • Melissa Milan

    Are they giving us an idea of what Seungri and Taeyang new hair transformation?

    I hope Seungri would color his hair and as well as Taeyang.

    I want it like a "BANG! This is our new hairstyle!!"

  • TotoBearTop

    Omg Taeyang's mohawk... it's kinda weird and hot at the same time :3

  • Elaine YiLin

    this look awesome!!! haven seen five of them on shows for quite sometime~~ miss them!!!! lolx!!! GD looks chubbier~~ and thy always look young~~


    Eh? G-Dragon kinda cute with that hairstyle. i like it. Hahaha <33

  • guest

    I can't wait for this episode.thank you bigbangupdates! I hope you will upload this episode :) cheers!

  • 크리스틴 ✔

    Awww how cute are these boys?! I love how TOP, BAE & RI came to support & surprise GD & DAE.

    At first the atmosphere was really dark & gloomy with GD & DAE confessing everything and telling the stories regarding the incidents. Then the other three appeared and just surprised them! It's so cute.

    Just look at GD & DAE's very, very happy face after the three appeared. Yeah, definitely, I can feel so much love here right now.



  • Riezca Biastami R.

    is that hairstyle for the comeback? now we all know. taeyang's mohawk getting longer and higher. but the cut is different. i really like it!! oppa fighting!!!

  • valxuan

    I can guarantee that I will cry and smile like mad watching this!

    Can't wait any longer <3 

  • muggledore


    ~ Dae


  • AlLY

    Kwon Player LMAO <333333

  • Ee Ling

    sadness, happiness.. i think i'll cry when i heard daesung's story. :')
    btw TAEYANG's hair look nice although it only change a lil. but look good at him :) BIGBANG IS BACKKKKK

  • UNFF

    He's sexy and he knows it~

  • NRVIP2505

    Thank you thank you thank you BBU!!! Thanks for a million times     for the subbed video. It was worth the wait...^_^

  • Hamcoingo

    I can see the dew drops in the eyes of GD

  • Avi Will

     yay! thanks for subbing!! I can imagine that GD has any friends globally ;D and someone sent him a trunk of balloons? XD omg, can't wait!!

  • vivienmiyuki

    do have another link for it? its blocked for me.

  • Zi_jun89

    same for me :(

  • jiyong180888

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!! can't wait for it :D wish i can see it >< 

  • Maymuna Kabir

    ROFL at Dae's "i've got too much heat coming off my body" XP

  • bb2ne1

    hii guys, does anyone know where i can watch the video other than youtube? it's already blocked and i didnt get to see it :(

  • blackvip

    i'm happy to see the boys are laugh together on tv. they laugh on the top of the lung. somehow i'm proud to be a VIP by looking at their friendship. Big Bang are perfect as 5 

  • helianthusann_VIP

    its blocked... :(
    btw, this is soo sweet-when he opens the car trunk ballons fly out

  • Hieu Tran


  • goldeng

    O___O Daesungie and his body heat... of course since he's hot a hell xDDD it feels so good to hear their laughs like this :333

  • Flory82

    I think Taeyang is like : " u can change me how u want,dress me how u want,everything ... but not my mohawk!!! this stays! u can't touch it!"

    I can't wait to see the full show,even though I know from now that I will cry when I will see Dae speak. He is a good person, that didn't deserved all that pain he was in. He is a pure soul,and u can see this from his eyes. Stay strong dear Dae! GD fighting! U can learn from ur mistakes! What can't knock u down,makes u stronger!I hope they will be in more variety shows this year! Big Bang are the best!

  • LizLisaVip

    Bigbang's laughter = musics to my
    ears  ^//^

  • Sarah Weiske

    I really can't wait to see it. It airs on Monday, I think. Hopefully this will help them get over it and show that we VIPS will always support them ^^

  • Daimares2

    I am so happy "Big Bang back"

  • patty

    I can't watch it. its already banned. can somebody gives me another link?  pretty please.

  • Jayden_reid

    it's fuckin blocked.Anyways...waiting for the videos when its aired.Thank u so much BBU!!!!

  • 디나

    Omg it's blocked alr. I didn't get to view it. How? :(

  • citygirl

    "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS CONTENT FROM SBSi, WHO HAS BLOCKED IT IN YOUR COUNTRY ON COPYRIGHT GROUNDS.....what is this....????...totally unfair...i think i'm gonna cry now....please!!!!....(T_T)


    how come i can't watch the video...

  • Vip

    why in my country blocked :( so sad

  • Varda

    I'm definitely going to be spending most of this episode in tears!

  • Huzaifah Mustaffa

    how to see the video? it says sbsi block in your country >.<

  • Hipployta

    *tears* Our boys

  • Jasxx

    is it possible to load them onto a private link on youtube? the subbed version has already been removed by the time that I checked this out. Hope to catch the actual subbed version and not missed it. SBS is quick in removing videos.. 

  • SaengS

    When is this going to air? So I can have a box of tissues ready.