Big Bang on "Healing Camp" (120220) [SUBBED]

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Subbed by bbvipchannel

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    I am loving this day MORE and MORE..
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    Actually it's not my videos (I'm YukiiDaruma), I only made the playlist based on the videos ^^ Seems like the ending is missing or am I wrong? D:

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    is this the entire healing camp interview? just 10 min or was  there more

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    This is only part of the episode since the full one was over an hour but i'm not sure if this was the full episode since my laptop dies when i was watching the raw version

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    so sad :'( cant help myself not to cry :'( 

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  • muggledore

    I knew Daesung was suffered much from the accident but watching him like this is simply heartbreaking...

    He lips were trembling and his emotions were very raw~
    It must've been hella difficult to recount the moment you most wanted to forget :(


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    makes me want to cry T___T

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    Gaaaah. I need the last parts. :'c

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    Also, I think they're still subbing the last 3 parts where the members are. Maybe it wouldn't be blocked if you're directed to the videos via Shiareagy's links on tumblr?

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    it's so painful to watch DAE explain everything, u can clearly see him shaking when he takes deep breathes, and even though it was an accident it's something that's going to stay with him for the rest of his life and that's sad!!!

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    OMG! I cried sooo much TT.TT
    I used like ten packs of tissues right now :(


    God..this is soo painful to watch...his body is shacking when is talking about the incident..I love you strong

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    I'm really happy they both looked so healthy:) BB fighting!

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    wow that was amazing, but the part with all the members was out...:( . Stay strong and keep smiling Daesung!!! Love you G-dragon!!

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    i cant watch it...   i wanna cried... do u have any link?? plz plz... block by our country..

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    I love the MCs! They're asking the questions I wanted to ask the boys myself!!..
     and the emotions.. so fresh and raw! :'(

    But, admins! 
    This post should come with a WARNING!.
    Like:"VIPs get your tissues ready" or something~
    now my eyes are all puffy and red and its only 4am :(

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    block in my the way thank you shiareagy for subbing..i manage to watch the infinite challenge bigbang last year through your acc too..thank you 

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    First time I saw it without sub, i didn't even felt anything, just saw daesung and GD's sad faces but now with the sub I really felt sad and cried, especially daesung's part. Would love even more if the last part, with all the members are provided with sub as well. Thank you! thank you ! 

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    blocked..i suggest u uploaded it and unlist the videos to avoid being blocked T^T

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    watching this has bought tears to my eyes :'(
    i cant believe people called him a murderer! he's not a murderer!! it was an accident, i would of done the same thing if i was in his shoes the number of times i nearly collided with other cars because of my slow reaction to danger

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    thanks a lot.. were waiting for the next part....

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    I hope the last part will come soon. It's the most important part ! The one, where everyone will be helped out from the first, depressing and emotional parts!

  • ConceptVBS

    Those stupid antis dont know even the definitely of a murderer.

    Murderer = intentional, pre-planned, killing of another individual/group.

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    Oh my eyes are all watery!!!
    Just saw part 1 but I can't continue, at least not now.
    Bad idea watching it at my University library, right before an exam...I can't get Dae's sad expression & his trembling out of my mind. =(

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    oh my... if you want to watch this, prepare your napkins. oh my... Daesung is literally TREMBLING. Poor boy... It makes me wanna run there and hug him tight... 

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    who's not gonna cry after watching this show....

    Btw, thank you so much to the person/people who subbed and posted this clip ^^

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    Daesung I am very happy for your comeback!!! fighting! be strong!!

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    This is sooo emotional :"/ I can see Dae's pain & how hard it is for him to speak..hurts me but I'm glad he was strong enough to talk about it. 

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    where's the rest of bigbang members? :( BTW this is my 5th time clicking this article just to see if it opened already. thanks fast subbers.. forever love from San Francisco...

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    I busted out crying at 3 minutes in the 1st video

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    A lot of fans watch big bang here last night :


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    I hoping that BBU or other BIGBANG fansite that frequently post eng subbed videos will post this episode in one whole video just like Seungri's tvN Taxi. It's better and more meaningful that way, imo. Then I can watch it while holding a handkerchief in my hand. Even if it takes a long time to release the full version with eng subs, I'll wait for it patiently...

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    To watch the full show just click on the link title (on the video---> HCHCHC3.avi) and you're redirected to the playlist of the full show on youtube!!!!!

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    Seungri's ear is still red here from the piercing awhhhh.
    I felt bad when the incidents would get brought back up again so casually in the latter part of the interview with all 5 of the guys. 

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    Idk how many times I "re-watched" the scene where Daesung lifts up his hair and smiles...(breathes)...I've miss that trademark of his...
    Lol the girl on this show is funny...I would've ask/said a lot of the same things she said....<3 

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    Dunno how many tears I cried today, I just know it was all for Big Bang.


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    thank you thank you thank you for the subs! I know I'm going to be laughing and crying in equal parts.

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    GD's sentence about Daesung makes me cry:
    " He always thinks that if something good happens, it's because of other people, but if something bad happens, it's because of himself ".

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    are there more episodes after part 6? Thank you for the subs... it really helps people like me who are korean challenged... thanks much,,appreciate it!

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    Aaaaarrrghhh really wanna watch this *tears*

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    Yes, it's really heartbreaking. At first, I decided to calmly hear Daesung telling his story, but to the point where he began to...I just could not watch him like that any more. I closed the window and came back to "Blue".

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    yeeey I can see them ..Babies here I come ii

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    oh god it was really hard to watch this.

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    He really looked vulnerable! It's very difficult to see him that way :(
    I woke up with swollen eyes today~ crying in your laptop early dawn ain't a good thing!

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    I love this female MC she is a good ones!!usually young MCs dont know how and when to be funny but she really did good job and she listen to what they saying well!!!I love her!!lol

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    It feels good to hear the story from Daesung...but now i think he has to forgive himself and smile again...please Daesung smile again...

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    3:25...I am soooo excited can wait for Seungri telling on his hyungs xD and see BLUETOPI

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    Seungri's ear is pearced from every side xD

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    crying... I can feel the sincerity of both gd and dae... and I can see their eyes are at the brink of crying...

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    and OMG ,,, after the other 3 joined , u can almost hear Ri laughter throughout the show even his face is on on the screen,,, so cute !!!! super infectious laughter !!!!

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    I found some parts of this very hard to watch, and at times I wanted to reach  into the video and smack the interviewers haha. Poor Dae, and Jiyong  

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     Thanx had no problem downloading it

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    This is one interview EVERY VIP SHOULD WATCH!!

    and did I mention how much I ADORE Seungri??..

    such a blabbermouth!! :D

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    oh my god i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPY SO EMOTIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love big bang for life !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • DSforever

    Top: I cooked my back skin
    Daesung: this is the first time I eat my member' back skin.
    Top: -20degrees but daesung only wore only a leather jacket without anything inside.
    I laughed so much when the members told the daesung story when they went to japan.
    Daesung u r always make me happy
    U r my world

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    hahah i actually think they are amazing on variety shows


     thanks!!!!...the ending was funny :)

  • Ashureii Haine

    this is so heart breaking :'( I'm glad that the family of  the victim found it within themselves to forgive Daesung no matter how angry and hurt they were and that Daesung didn't commit suicide.. ah it hurts to see him this vulnerable, I pray for you Daesung

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    Omg it's so good, I still need to watch part 7 but at the beginning all I wanted to do was hug Daesung and GD ;__;

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    At the beginning I cried and at the end I laughed so much!!! It's amazing to see the together happy, smiling, teasing and joking and doing almost all the things that made me love about BIG BANG besides their music which I can't wait to see them perform!! Plus Daesung's old MC skills kicked right in which made me smile!!

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    Me, too!

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    hahaha.. yeah!

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    why smack the interviewers?
    i thought the interviewers was alright. they knew it was hard on Dae and Jiyoung and tried to make the interview as light hearted for them as possible, at the same time get them to be honest and tell the story.
    As they said in the end, I think a lot of burden was lifted off their chest after have had it spoken out and I'm glad that they decided to go on this show before going on to other shows.

  • Ouley G.D ☼

    I cried when Daesung smiled for the girl MC...

  • larkspur

    waaaahhhhhhh.. The feeling is great, I am sooo happy seeing the 5 of them again after 48 yrs hehehehehe.... I am very much satisfied with the program they're in to, everything were cleared... Waiting for the comeback........God bless... TC

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    TOP really knozs his dongseang ^^even Seungri's laugh had a meaning ^^

  • sarah

    I am in love with turtleman ^^

  • Hiroo Nakamura

    thanks for subbing this! but i think u subbed wrongly sometimes. most impotantly, when GD said he looked on the internet the day after Daesung's accident, he found the first article with the headline "daesung death" ??

    did that article really have that headline? coz it sounds like he thought daesung died

  • sarah

    hoo TOP is sooo cute ¨¨ heeey that last pic I have that in a BBnotebook ^^

  • Tiffany

    i so love the photo of all of them at the end!! so adorable!

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    that was soo cute <3 they looked so happy at the end i felt like bigbang was back! bigbang IS back!!

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    Is it just me, or is part 5 NOT Subbed?

  • Saima

    ok, am I only one who thought the female MC (who's also a famous actress) has a crush on Daesung. 1. When Dae was having a hard time getting thru certain parts of his bit she'd sigh and wanted to comfort him, 2. using the segway ---> if he'd be fine dating a girl who's a good driver and then taking it further by telling him that she's an excellent driver, and 3. helping him with his sweatshirt/jumper!! awwww, cute!!

    btw, Dae you noona-killer....she's a 81'er, lulz!! I was happy when Seungri goes Dae represents them as the looker (or somethng along those lines) of BB!! YAAAAYYY!! My dongsaeng getting his due finally!!

  • Laura Holmes

    Oh I know they did a very good job, not saying otherwise, just that it was hard to watch them struggle with their emotions while answering some of these questions.

  • Saima

    Yes, I am GLAD they reached out to him. They musta figured what kinda person he is. It's interesting that GD and Hyori said the same thing. That, when bad things happen Dae blames himself solely. Thank You for finding it in your hearts to forogive him when the friggin' netizens took it upon themselves to persecute Dae!! Much love to all parties!! <3 And, Dae chin up boi...we luff you!!

  • hephapholic

    That made me cry, laugh and smile. It was just priceless and i'm happy our boys are back stronger than ever!

  • Annie

    It's just excruciating to see Daesung tremble like that..... :'(
    Big Bang, the darkest moment has passed and the road ahead will only be bright, thank you so much for staying strong and coming back. We VIPs will stand by your side, now and forever. 

  • Samantha Adams

    Big Bang is back :)

  • moopies

    YEAY!!! Thank you so much, I have been DYing to see this. It was so lovely and wonderful. I Love how everything is just working out for them now. Thank you again!!!

  • 21BlackjackVIP

    OMG, I kept crying when  Daesung and GD were talking about the hard ships they went through last year :'( and seriously cant imagine a world without big bang or big bang coming to an end. I'd be sad and my life wouldnt be complete without them, & at the end of the show where they showed BIG BANGs picture together, i dont know why but i was smiling and crying at the same time. i love them so damn much that i can cry all these shitload of tears :')

  • mollaj

    my favorite to see all of them laughing while they're reminiscing! 

  • 36braids indowebster does not even work. and the unblockyotube link just does nothing as well.

    yesterday i could download the parts from indowebster..3 parts. today i want to download the last part, and the link just does not work anymore.

    anyone can help?

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    guys, this is the correct tumblr page of Shiaregy:  this page has the complete links. ;)

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    Is this the whole show?

    It;s just 10 minutes.

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    Can't watch past the first part of it, it's too sad.. T^T

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     It's a playlist. It has 7 parts

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     Just go to the playlist. All parts are there

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     Try download hotspotshield. You have to install it but you will be given a US ip so you can watch it

  • K Dol Kan

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you for the subs... love you for translating it.. am happy that GD and Daesung have buried all their anxiety and worries with this healing camp...  they're the reason am on bigbangupdates everyday!! good luck to you BIG BANG!!

  • hananmz

    Thank you very much.
    Managed to watch via But sadly it came out without sound. Thanks anyway for the subbed video.
    Cried my heart out for Daesung and i feel the regret in GD expressions even if I can't hear him talk.
    Bigbang forever!!

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  • robstentop

    dae and gd's parts wet my eyes! thanks so much for staying strong, boys <3
    love seeing them talk together again,they are so amusing.
    like how the mc (on the left) patted top's face gently at the end and how top became more 'active' in clapping hands afterwards, he's such a 5-year old XDDD
    love big bang!

  • darkkarin33

    i was crying while listening to gd and daesungs stories. im glade that they successfully when through it and stayed together. If they didnt i dont know what i would have done without BIG BANG. love you guys so much <3
    glade that in the end top, seungri and taeyang prepared food and lighting up the mood. They all look like 5 brothers to me <3

  • Ayumiwilbertangmen
  • novlay

    how can i get youtube URL for part 5,6.7 ? thanks u so much.

  • YGSwag

    Now, I do really believe that everything happens for a reason. It was just another cliche for me, but when I saw in that interview how those accidents prevented them from breaking up, I was thankful for it for making Dae, GD & Big bang as a whole stronger!

  • F-I-Z-A

    i think what he means is he thought he read or misread the headline as "daesung dead". 

  • Maymuna Kabir

    watched the whole thing again last night...

    the first half was so painful...

    listening to Dae talk... just seeing his expression... :[
    this will stay with him for the rest of his life...
    i'm the same age as him [same birthdate] and i cannot imagine what that must have been like, going through all that last year.

    even GD's bit was upsetting... and the expression on his face when Seungri said he was disappointed by the news bcz he used to look up to GD...

    but i loved the second half, when the five of them were together... :)
    really made me laugh out loud, and felt good to see them make fun of each other and also express how much they care for each other.

    HEALING CAMP is a good show. i guess finally talking about it, was good for the guys. to tell their story themselves, now ppl will now the REAL TRUTH, and if they still judge them afterwards, doesn't matter.

    i'm sure they have the support from us VIPs and their friends and family.
    the public still loves them. haters will always hate, so it dsnt matter.

  • Maymuna Kabir

    ikr! just think! if Seungri wasn't in BIGBANG, we'd miss out on sooo many secrets and funny stories! :P

    love the baby

  • bbisthebest

    HCHCHC1, ''2, ''3, ''4, '5, put the youtube vid links in

  • JuneWong

    Full episode and eng sub. It's work !!!  ^_^

    Download the Mediafire (4 parts)
    Don't download the IDWS (it has some missing part)

  • JuneWong

    Full episode and eng sub. It's work !!!  ^_^

    Download the Mediafire (4 parts)
    Don't download the IDWS (it has some missing part)

  • Hiroo Nakamura

     i thought so too!

    but based on what he said afterwards, it sounded like the translation must've been wrong

  • Jessica Cheung

    Brave for telling everything.... SUPPORT

  • WANgd

    Why only got 2 parts?? @_@

  • FFSD

    i just finished gd's interview and i don't know, something just bothers me. i feel that he's not really speaking the truth. whereas i could feel that daesung was really honest. gd's eyes not meeting anyone's, when asked important questions like if he's lying he looks around everywhere but the hosts, lacking a focus point, are really quite tell-tale signs of body language admitting to lying... i love gd but this just bothers me...

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  • Rachel G

    I couldn't stop crying thank you for the subs :)

  • JuneWong

    Sorry about that. They've updated it already.

    U can download the full episode here.
    Download the Mediafire (4 parts).
    DON'T download the IDWS (coz it has missing part).

  • Lynn

    ..I can't help buy cry at Daesung's parts..

  • Ayumiwilbertangmen

     TQVM... love u....

  • hananmz

    thank you very much for the link, even though there were'nt any sound but the subs help..

    Anyway, is it just me or Taeyang's hair front front view resemble the bigbang crown lightstick??? Hmmm....

  • hananmz

    Just went to soompi for more news about bigbang, but ended up reading about block b.
    Oh gosh! I'm glad our boys are more sensitive and more love coming towards them. ALIVE will definitely be Bigbang resurrection in the music world.
    Bigbang forever!!!

  • Annie

    I feel like the kid is walking on eggshells no matter what.  I've been in situations (not illegal) where I ended up in trouble and didn't feel like it was my fault, but the more you look back on it, the more you start to think that maybe you really did know exactly what is going on, and the more it gets hashed to bits, the more you feel like you're lying whatever you say.  What you want to say at the end of an experience like that is, "I'M SO DUUUUUUMMMMMBBBB WHY DID I DO THAT I feel stupid gahhh"  but you've got to defend yourself instead.  It's an awful experience.  I don't know if he shared everything, but I know he feels stupid for what he did (knowingly or unknowingly) now. 

  • VIP

    VIP's will always got your backs, BB.

    Stay strong!

  • scoh94

    i dont get to download it... in mediafire.. HELP PLEASE 

  • Veronica

    FINALLY I WATCH IT!!!! LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH!!! I LOL soo hard omg my eyes got watery! im so happy to see them together and being themselves once again!

  • kilaBB

    omg i cant stop laughing 

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