BIGBANG at JFK Airport Leaving for Korea (20120213) [PHOTOS/NEWS]

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-We are waving at them as they are sitting waiting for their flight

– They are still here

-YB is waving at us :D
– Lmao we just told security to move the f*** out of the way ahahaha
 -Deasung is waving!!!!!! And TOP just move sits lol
– Security is with us and making joke and watching BigBang with us lolz
– Lol TOP is reading a book
-TOP is in his pjs bahahahaha
-GD is alsleep awww it so cute
-YO cleaning guy is boss he went and ask BigBang to wave at us LOL
-GD is next to his manger,TOP Dae,VI, and YB are sitting across from them
-GD is awake…probably cause ppl are screaming “GD GD GD,TOOOOOOPPPP” LOLz
-They all are in good moods,they all waved at us when they came in :)
– Lol even the manger waved at us hahahaha
-not TOP,the rest have hats and hoods on. But I think because its cold tonight (When asked if they were hiding their hair)
-Lol GD has on wired a** looking hat he change to now.
-He brought mad hats LOL
-I love Taeyang!!! He keeps waving at us
-YB is straight trolling us!! he acting like he’s walking to us then turns around LMAO

-The plane is delayed lol… How we know the plane is delayed…the cleaning guy told us hahaha
-They went to go eat,I don’t know when their plane will leave
-they went and got food,Dae smiled and wave the whole time :) (Source: @Pheonixlives_)

-Big Bang and staff are happy to leave the concrete jungle for home. Everyone is waving at the fans. They are so cute. (Source: @TOP4Eva)

-Big bang is leaving nyc!
-Their plane is delayed, they went to eat!(Source: @pawpawpoopoo)

Source: As tagged, and @pheonixlives_ & @teafanknee for photos