Big Bang at JFK Airport Leaving for Korea (20120213) [PHOTOS/NEWS]

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-We are waving at them as they are sitting waiting for their flight

- They are still here

-YB is waving at us :D
- Lmao we just told security to move the f*** out of the way ahahaha
 -Deasung is waving!!!!!! And TOP just move sits lol
- Security is with us and making joke and watching BigBang with us lolz
- Lol TOP is reading a book
-TOP is in his pjs bahahahaha
-GD is alsleep awww it so cute
-YO cleaning guy is boss he went and ask BigBang to wave at us LOL
-GD is next to his manger,TOP Dae,VI, and YB are sitting across from them
-GD is awake...probably cause ppl are screaming "GD GD GD,TOOOOOOPPPP" LOLz
-They all are in good moods,they all waved at us when they came in :)
- Lol even the manger waved at us hahahaha
-not TOP,the rest have hats and hoods on. But I think because its cold tonight (When asked if they were hiding their hair)
-Lol GD has on wired a** looking hat he change to now.
-He brought mad hats LOL
-I love Taeyang!!! He keeps waving at us
-YB is straight trolling us!! he acting like he's walking to us then turns around LMAO

-The plane is delayed lol... How we know the plane is delayed...the cleaning guy told us hahaha
-They went to go eat,I don't know when their plane will leave
-they went and got food,Dae smiled and wave the whole time :) (Source: @Pheonixlives_)

-Big Bang and staff are happy to leave the concrete jungle for home. Everyone is waving at the fans. They are so cute. (Source: @TOP4Eva)

-Big bang is leaving nyc!
-Their plane is delayed, they went to eat!(Source: @pawpawpoopoo)

Source: As tagged, and @pheonixlives_ & @teafanknee for photos

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  • Samantha Mercado

    I want autographs too T_T

  • Zuly Ferreira

    aww so luck!!!! 

  • Luvtabi

    If were this kid, i definitely want a hug. kekeke

  • Ktina1614

    Omg so jealous :(


    Have a safe trip boys! :) Hope they get lots of rest on the plane... 

    I want ZOP's autograph too! TuT

  • Enived Eihn

    Up until now, I don't really get what our Tabi's signature means =))) HAHAHA. XD

  • imli

    Lucky you guys... so jealous!!

  • Phani0302

    I´m so  jealous. I wanna be in your place *-*

  • Dae

    I'm so jealous, I could cry.!

  • 루미 (о゚д゚о) ★

    Aww, I'm glad to hear the guys are in a good mood and waving at the fans!! ^-^ Lucky VIPs!

  • jinglepop

    "Lmao we just told security to move the f*** out of the way ahahaha"oh my! hahahapoor GD must be very tired AWW~

  • Cheridan Buck

    Can't wait till they come back to US for Alive Tour!!!!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    how lucky, see them and get a sign *sigh*
    They must be tired TT
    have a safe flight dear Boys ^^ 

  • pixietombot

    and some evil vips dare to said that they are arrogant ...

    pfff seriously comon my boys, the ones that are been all sweet to
    the fans right now ?

    some just need to shut up and suport them

    let g get some sleep lol

  • Liisi daT.O.P lover♥


  • YGfan25

    Thank you so much NY VIPs for the updates! :D

  • Cheridan Buck

    ahhh!! lucky nyc vips!!

  • Tina

    So jealous. Wish I was there :(

  • SuetFern Chen

    OMG~~ you guys are so lucky!! Thanks for all the information shared... 

  • Maggie Buena

    lol . taeyang trolling .. XDD

  • Cheridan Buck

    Lucky VIPS!!! I don't know if I could control myself being that close to BIGBANG!!!

  • Cheridan Buck

    Hey say Cheridan Buck from NEW MEXICO loves you! for me ok?!!

  • jess06 i love the comment that the cleaning guy is the boss.. LOL

  • KarLing

    omggggggg, so jealous :'(

  • citygirl

    totally agreed wih u...(T_T)

  • xelo truo


  • ini iza lah

    kyaaa, if i were that kid, i can die peacefully now

  • Luvtabi

    Guyyyyssss,,,T.O.P read book! 

  • blackvip

    YB is really good at fan service. im happy for those lucky VIPs
    hope the boys return home safely *pray* 

    and ehem ehem.. don't forget the MV. show us the teasers real soon ehemm *cough cough*

  • BigBangGirl1

    thumbs up for the cleaning guy!

  • TotoBearTop

    I love that Big Bang  waved and smiled at you guys, such lucky VIPs :) I wanna get TOP's autograph too!!

    LOL YB another troll in Big Bang XD 

  • Maymuna Kabir

    thank you NYC VIPS!!!! :D

    aww.... Taeyang's a babe and a super troll, lol! :P

    you guys are so lucky!!! ME JEALOUS!!! >_<  
    good to hear that the guys are in a good mood :)

  • V-B-H-S-I

    Awww, such a nice janitor to our fellow V.I.Ps 
    You rock JFK janitor!!!  =D

  • haeruna

    im crying of jealousy :((

  • haeruna

     how about cheeks kiss??? lol

  • Luvtabi

    Yong Bae photo's LEAKED...and i dont know what to say...

  • Saima

    you mean the teaser pix? 

  • Luvtabi

     yes...on Naver. and i think it's legit

  • Luvtabi

     lol. no..because if cheeks kiss, absolutely i want

  • Ma. Niniveh Peralta

    awww so cute! i can just imagine them doing that! lucky NYC VIPs! :D btw how many hours is their flight back to seoul?

  • Saima

    hmm, couldn't find anything!! grr....

  • mizskullzzz

    LOL at d cleaning guy hilarious..

  • Luvtabi
    open it..and change 4_4.jpg with 4_5.jpg

  • ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    OMG!! Lucky fans....!! Taeyang got the whole trolling thing from Papa YG didn't he? heehehe You just gotta love him!!! They are all the most kindest handsome men. Thanks for sharing this...

  • BBgotSWAG

    This is hilarious. :))))))


    i hope that's my valentine gift :""( TOP'S AUTOGRAPH !!! she/he 's so lucky :""(

  • Riezca Biastami R.

    "YB is straight trolling us!! he acting like he's walking to us then turns around LMAO" omo! taeyang is soooooo cute. i can't imagine if he do that in front of me. but they who meet them are lucky! sooooooo lucky.

  • Kimmy

    LOL, indeed the cleaning guy is BOSS so sweet, funny and nice keke Usually people will just laugh at you for fangirling keke I hope that everything went well during the shootings and stuff <3 BIGBANG please rest a bit before returning to us with a BANNNNGGGGGG !!!!

  • Anonymous

    shit they left last night?? awwwww:(. hope they have a safe flight. and hahah i couldn't stop cracking up at the fact yb keeps trolling. he did learn from the best troll of them all. papa yg.

  • Phabakun


  • Phabakun

    I have one of BB in memory to stand up in my life!!!

  • jiyong180888

    OMG kimmi u r damn lucky,how i wish to see GD n Big Bang in real life D': 

  • jiyong180888

    i wan GD's autographs T^T 

  • Zilfahhalilah Khalid

    that cleaning should know that he's the VIP's hero!!lols