All Big Bang members to appear on Healing Camp [NEWS]

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All Big Bang Members to Appear on Latter Half of 'Healing Camp'...Planned to be Aired on the 20th

Although the main guests are Daesung and G-Dragon, all the rest of the Bigbang members came to the ‘Healing Camp’ set to support the two. Significantly, all five members of Bigbang do not commonly appear together on shows. Last May all five members did appear in 'Muhandojun' (Infinite Challenge), but it has been a while since they have made an appearance on a talk show.

Producer Baek stated, "All the members came to support each other and went to a pork rind BBQ restaurant they went often in their early debut days to have a sincere and deep conversation. The members said that they learned more about each other".

The shooting for 'Healing Camp' was at YG Entertainment. 'Healing Camp' aims to find the best set for the guests. Hence, ‘Healing Camp’ chose the YG building in order to protect Daesung and also because Daesung confessed something.

Producer Baek mentioned, "Daesung mentioned that before the accident the YG building seemed like a very rigid place because he thought it was a place he needed to work. However, he stated that after the accident his perspectives of the YG building have changed significantly. We chose to shoot the program at the YG building for more sincere and profound conversations". In addition, some mention that there was indeed a lot of things mentioned that wouldn't be mentioned easily in other programs.

Daesung and G-Dragon will appear on 'Healing Camp' that will be aired on the 20th.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Beau @ bbvip, bbvipz

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  • Luvtabi

    what TV station? i have to watch this....

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  • YGfan25

    Is this on SBS? MBC? MNET? What time will it air? 

  • doom0d

    Daesung! I really wanna watch it as soon as it airs. I wanna see a stronger Daesung and GD. And a stronger bond between Big Bang, of course.

  • Samantha Mercado

    hm, can't wait. really wanna hear what they have to say

  • VIP4Daesung

    I cannot wait for finally see how they both feel...what Daesung can finally come out and say... This is going to be the best Big Bang episode of ANY show...ever...

    Because they can finally get everything off their chests and  truly tell all.

  • Bbhangover

    i know it's kinda weird to say this, but i'm actually thankful to God that these problems came to them.. their perspective of everything related abt their work changed. like gd said, b4 he don't want the feeling when he get's fed up because of performing or working, but after his marijuana issue he said that he'll perform as much as he could for vips and also bcos he missed it :) if it weren't bcos of these incidents, bigbang wouldn't be passionate as they are now <3

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  • maybelle

    can't wait ! really miss seeing all 5 of them on shows :D

  • vip_tasha

    i think we vips gonna prepared a lot of tissue guys..T_T

  • maria

    i really wanna see this...i need to know their feelings! 
    BRING ON the Tears ;_;

  • Esty Canna Al-Abror

    i want seeing all of them appear in Running Man,, together,, not separately,, 

  • Gloria Caballero

    I have a feeling I'm gonna be crying when I watch this. Guess I should prepare a box of tissues for this.

  • Claudia Chávez

    I have to watch this BIG BANG is coming

  • Leni Delliani

    Be Strong GD and Daesung....saranghae

  • Bluesky_200874

    PLease sub it when it aired. A BIG THANKYOU :)

  • Jelline Valentin


    Can i ask for your help guys?
    I don't know where can i watch this.
    SBS? I'm not familiar with the TV connections here in US, since i'm kinda new with this. help!

  • Kellydao2112

    I feel like there's going to have some tears in this show 

  • NRVIP2505

    BBU, I beg u, please, please, please eng sub this episode once it has been aired at Korea. I want to watch it soo much!!! Btw, I'm from Malaysia...^^

  • mi rah

    can somebody tell me what is 'healing camp' all about?sorry but i never watched this before:) And since 2 of our boys in it, surely i will watch them!

  • TotoBearTop

    Really looking forward to watch this. To hear GD and Daesung voicing out their thoughts would be interesting. And as always, the other members are so sweet and supporting to go to the set.

    I really want to see a happy Big Bang appearing on a variety show like the picture above again ^^ 

  • dream2000star

    It's basically a talk show, but like it says in the article they choose a set that is more significant or comfortable to the guest. I don't know if it's still like this, but the guest gets to choose what food to eat. There's a corner where people the guest knows personally (usually celebrities) write ahead of time things they like about the guest and things they don't like. It's a very honest and refreshing talk show. It's not as stiff and the mcs make fun of the guests a lot, but it's also deep because they're able to draw out things that people don't normally talk about. This is the same timeslot of Daesung's former talk show "Night by Night" or "When At Night". I think it's the best talk show out there besides Knee-Cap Guru (which got cancelled due to Kang Hodong's semi-retirement) that will capture our boys' personalities and struggles. I CANT WAIT!!! FEB. 20!!! Unfortunately it's a hard show to find normally. So, hopefully our fellow bigbangupdaters will make it available. Hope this long-winded explanation helped! :D

  • Rini Asnova

    i want all of them appear on STRONG HEART, like SJ and SNSD come to that program for them comeback..

  • Simone La

    I can tell this is going to be very emotional
    Got to get a box of tissues ready 

  • myTOPsecret

    i dont know why but i felt pain while reading seems like daesung really really went through a lot of pain..

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    *teary eyed* Daesung ah T_T
     this episode will be very emotional....  T_T

  • ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    Aww... I can't wait to watch this... There's gonna be some very sad moments ;_; but once TOP, SEUNGRI, and TAEYANG enters... must of VIP will be smiling and laughing.... It's gonna be the first show our boys will be on together since forever now. I'm so anxious!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!

  • Black5heartless


  • Tamara Tran

    I have a feeling this episode will be very emotional... Not just for VIPs, but for the boys too. 
    It's bringing out their sincere thoughts and inner feelings that they haven't said in public or probably even to one another. 

  • UKfanz

    thats y my boys are diff...they are real man!...coming forward and not hiding like other artists .....gosh i am a very very proud VIP

  • HidayahSaberi

    I kinda don't really like them digging out the old sad stories..
    erm.. I mean they've already explain it and apologizes..then let's just move on..
    I'm sure this will gonna be hard for both GD and Daesung..:(

  • Nuriin98


  • Sarah Weiske

    In my opinion, I think they kind of needed to do this for themselves. It must be really hard when you cant tell people really or you read things were people have misunderstood you. In this way they ll tell what really happened, how they felt and can come clear with it. So then they have a fresh start for their upcoming concerts and projects ^^

  • Jaydeisvip

    <33 stay strong boys <3

  • topoftheworld

    I really really want to watch it! I love this group Bigbang. Seeing them all coming out and support each other (although, it's only abt Daesung and G-dragon) just touched me and made me love them even more.

    I REALLY REALLY WANT THE EPISODE TO BE ENG SUBBED AS WELL, so that we all understand (non korean speakers). !!!!!!!!! (so pleaseeee.... can someone kindly sub it in english, pretty please !!!!!!!!! )


  • HidayahSaberi

    yup..maybe..but It's gonna be hard for them..
    you know explaining something that hurt them..but yeah..maybe It's good to do it..since they'll go international this year..:)

  • Timea B

    I really hope it gets subbed!!! VIP translators, pleeease! This is a significant show, more than any others before! Thank you in advance!

  • Luvtabi

     Thanks for the info's girls... and gents? keke

  • Jess

    Lol, I find it so funny. The title is 'All Big Bang members to appear on Healing Camp' but the last sentences is 'Daesung and G-Dragon will appear on Healing Camp'

  • hanana1990

    yes..and also win win.
    but i choose win win because this show focus only one guest or a group. Not likes strong heart,theres alot of guest. btw..i just want the best for bigbang. fighting boys! 

  • Rachel G

    All the members came to support each other and went to a pork rind BBQ restaurant they went often in their early debut days to have a sincere and deep conversation. The members said that they learned more about each other".BIGBANG forever together

  • mi rah

    it's helped, of course! :D THANK YOUUUUUU!!! :D

  • jiyong180888

    i want to watch,wish the admins of this group can upload the video >3< 

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  • cklover

    I got a big smiled at my face~~~~~~^^_^^

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  • Zilfahhalilah Khalid

    can't wait for's gonna be a teary and emotional talk show...

  • Farah Syakira Danish

    A lot of fans watch big bang here last night :