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Immediately after the anticipated song 'Blue' was released on 22nd, it has already become a big topic on Youtube and music sites. Moreover, it is a comeback which is the biggest, the best and the company has spent most money on. We can also see a variety of colors in the album. The revealed song has already received a lot of love before Big Bang releases their mini album. We can feel the love even more if we look at the album from several perspectives.

#1 There are 6 title songs
Big Bang will come back with an unprecedented 6 title songs. In this album, the six title songs are BLUE, FANTASTIC BABY, AIN'T NO FUN, LOVE DUST, BAD BOY and Daesung's solo, WINGS.

Before Big Bang has made their comeback, each member was featured in CF teasers which were released one by one at the midnight of every day. From the short clips, we can see that each of them gives out different feelings and it might be an indicator that the album will show the varied colors of Big Bang.

It is expected that Big Bang will have a round of unusual promotions by looking at the title tracks of the 5th mini album. Other groups choose only 1-2 songs to focus on promoting in order to bring out a consistent feeling. However, the songs which Big Bang are going to promote carry different feelings. It is expected that we will have a wide multitude of music styles to hear from Big Bang and that their performances will be fun to watch.

A representative of YGE said, "The music videos and performances will be conducted under different concepts. The promotions won't be easy for them but the songs of various styles which Big Bang has paid a lot of efforts in producing will then be delivered well."

#2 How much they have matured

Around the release of 'Blue', the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon said in a recent interview, "We want to release good music soon and show you the performances." We can see his serious attitude there and he also said at the YG Family concert last year, "While reflecting on the mistake that I committed, I devoted so much time on making good music. I will repay you by consistently producing good music."

After the series of incidents that happened last year, there was a period of time for Big Bang to digest what had happened. A member said, "We felt the importance of music and of course, we have thought about how desperate things have become." They are seen being attached more to music.

It can be said that this album contains more sincerity than any other albums. aA staff of YGE commented, "Big Bang has spent almost all of their time on making the 5th mini album. Music and the love of the fans towards their music have matured Big Bang and it is the reason why this album is very much anticipated."

#3 A springboard for them to transform into a global group

Among the activities that Big Bang will do to promote their 5th mini-album, the most eye-catching point is their world tour. The collaboration between Big Bang and world-class musicians is expected to position them as a global group.

'BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012' will be kicked off with the concerts held at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium from 2nd to 4th of March. Besides Asia, the destinations of the world tour will also include North America, South America and Europe. They will visit a total of 25 cities in 16 countries.

Such a big scale (holding the concerts in 16 countries) is eye catching but their collaboration with the world's leading entertainment company, Live Nation, is another talking point. In the past, Madonna and U2 have worked with this company and it is known for its world-class performance skills.

YGE said, "It is the first long-waited meeting of Big Bang with their fans all around the world and we are ready to show you the best concerts in all of the aspects. With the release of the new album and the start of their world tour, you can see the more matured skills of Big Bang in their performances."

Source: Osen
Translated by: RICE @ bigbangupdates.com

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    Every article...every word from YG...the anticipation and the fa girl spazzing just get bigger and bigger...OMO! I CANNOT WAIT!

  • http://twitter.com/deelachan Norul Adilla

    i can give 10 attractions ;) 
    hey boys let's kill all the chart tonite...
    make way make way Big Bang is back :) 

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    my GLOBAL boys!!! there are so many attractions for BIGBANG;s comeback.. example, Tabi's hair.. LOLOLOL

  • sis_cute

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  • http://twitter.com/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    the worldwide tour is the main thing here. not only will it generate a shitload of cash (concerts is how western artists earn most of their money) but it will also make them the first K-Pop band of today to embark on a REAL world tour...

  • Choceelaina

    Wow...just wow

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

    3 attractions? 
    I can give u a hundred and one!!

    But that's just me fan-girling~

    Best part though? THE KINGS ARE BACK!!!

    ~enough said.

  • everose

    oh my God!!!!! Just 2 more hours to go!!!!!!!!

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    the kings are back!!

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    Just 3 attractions?
    I can add 33333333+ more attractions to the list! 

  • YJ

    I'm sobbing at every word of this article..
    No don't get me wrong... it's a great kind of feeling ~ HAPPINESS (^^)
    Yes I'm really happy for BIG BANG for coming this far and showing the world what they have overcome to be able to share with all VIPs their passion and devotion in MUSIC

    As much as for BIG BANG thanking VIPs in this new mini album release and world tour, I'll also want to thank BIG BANG for being in this world making great music and showing us no matter what the problem is, face it honestly and be true to oneself.

    BIG BANG fighting!!

  • A Lop9 Mi Lop9

    dont understand

  • bigbangfanUS

    I feel so proud reading this :)
    YG always spend the most money on the boys but it's always worth it since they always have a return of hundred folds.
    Im so excited to see their comeback on stage ^^.

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit 동샤히라

     hmmm actually i just realised too that Beast already are on a large scale world tour of around 15-16 countries too. started early this month if i'm not wrong.

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    proud mama here lol ^__^

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     really? wow. is that only in asia or worldwide as well?

    in that case they are the first i guess

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     thats our boys :'D

  • http://www.facebook.com/StacieDuPree Stacie DuPree

    OMG, cant wait for the tour. I hope they go to NY, cuz it's close to Philly. 2012 is going to be a big year for YG and BB

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    here's hundreds of reasons for being attracted to them not just for this comeback but I get  the meaning of the article kkk ^^Just hope and desire the happiness, good health and Success for Our boys ^^

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    Only 3 attractions???
    Honey, I can give 100 and more!
    Seungri's piercing, Tae's abs, Tabi's new hair colour, Dae's smile, GD's genius lyrics... 
    Oh, don't even ask me. I will ramble till you know everything about them :P

  • blackvip

    they got more than 3 attractions

  • jubjub

    since i won't be able to attend their concert on this March, which my friends get to watch twice, i'm looking forward to HK or Thailand or Singapore concert. Even Indonesia or Taiwan. anywhere in Asia. LOL