Seungri, G-Dragon & Daesung with students from Seungri Academy [PHOTOS]

Shared by on January 19, 2012  

Unseen old photos with students from Seungri Academy (aka Joy Dance - Plug in Music Academy):

Credits: 구름 이 누나 (nailart4769) naverblog
via xxinyq @ Baidu

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  • VIP4Daesung

    They are SO ADORABLE! This looks like right after Big Show 2010....

    .(based on what they are wearing and Dasung's hair *cough* Plus the girls are holding light sticks and Big Bang bandanas)

     -.-...I swear, I'm not a creeper...I've just gotten really good at this stuff...0.0...I swear.

  • fayelfrida

    if this is my SCHOOL i would definitely will not cut classes..

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. i will trade anything just to study in Seungri's academy!! 

  • Maroug25

    Lucky girls!!! What can i say ?!!
    A hug and a pic with GD!!
    Darn!!! Dying now "."!!

  • sind0o

    i wish i could go to his academy...only problem is that i can't sing or dance :P

  • Laura Holmes

    Jiyong why are you so hot?

  • Tamara Tran

    LMAO xD

    It's ok, you're innocent ;)

  • Tamara Tran


    Those are some lucky students! ;_;

  • Zahra

    panda CEO... LOL

  • Liloo

    Lucky Girls ! :)

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    That's so cool! don't worry! :3 and thanks for the info n.n


    Kimmi's a ninja when it comes to remembering BB stuff!


    Lucky fans! I pray that will be me one day. :) I want their arms around me lol!

  • lovesBB

    Awesome pictures! thanks for sharing! I specially love the one with both maknaes <3

  • KpopKat

    How do I not see Dae? 

  • Avi Will

    That awkward moment when GD is prettier than the girls...
    Seriously Jiyong, I'd love to take a picture together but I'd feel ashamed of myself standing right next to your freakin flawless face... >.<

  • linunrata

    I love the sincerity and intimate atmosphere in the photos. 
    So cozy and friendly...(Seungri- future YG CEO? LOL!)

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    OMO, those lucky girls being hugged ... *sighs*
    Seungri is sooo cute ^^
    Love how Jiyong put his arm around her *Hi jealousy*
    Dae's smile *Lovely*

  • YG Dancer Lover

    Yes everyone this is from 2010 BIGSHOW cause
    1) Seungri's hair during 2010 BIGSHOW without his hair all gel up
    2) Daesung's hair during 2010 BIGSHOW
    3) G-Dragon's clothes that he wore backstage of the concert during rehearsals

  • Enived Eihn

    Why do I feel jealous >.<
    HAHA. Fangirl dying here O.O

  • PuppyLo3e

    why does everyone cover their mouth?? so jealous!!

  • Enived Eihn

    It's in the genes =))

  • GDbaby

    haaaayyyyyy~~~ when will i ever get close to GD and other BB members like that..... i need to start saving and go to Korea. TT_____TT

  • im_Miss_Yee

    Hmmm...I wonder why is it called Seungri Academy...? XD

  • Adyra Azhary

    i really envy with this girl... ,,you all so lucky!!!!!!

  • Trixia Marie Godoy Baco

    SO LUCKY ! ):


    wanna enter seungri's academy!envy envy envy!

  • A’a Jabar

    uhh because seungri's the C.E.O? haha!

  • A’a Jabar

    I heard that Zelo of B.A.P is from Seungri Academy. Is it true? Anyone?

  • Khumie

    oowwhh,,, i hope i can hug them too.. huhuhu

  • Puck59


  • restu 동해 ♛

    KYAAAA~~ GD!!

  • Mikki_Nishimura

    The conditions are singing and dancing abilities? I thought there was more :) like talking stuff etc.

  • ChouChouOwnerLover

    Another advantage of being Seungri Academy student, he brings his fellow member to visit~~
    This time it was GD n Dae.. I'll bet he bring more later~~ >.<

  • Kielem Tan

    *dies* <3

  • im_Miss_Yee

    haha, maybe? XD

  • Bibi_camelia

    cute myBabyPanda huhu!!

  • Zazu_phalanx


  • pipa

    omooo lucky girls ^^ our boys look so adorable ~

  • Dae Ri Park

    hi gdragon u no i like you and i love your song many blessing to come i love :))

  • Aa_bb

    I wanna be in seungri academy!!!!hahaha...oh my gosh!! ! want to be held by gd oppa,just like in the 2nd picture!!!! lucky girls!!!

  • stained

    GD looks exceptionally hot

  • Risyh Qi’xey

    hahrr~ as long as TOP is not there its fine! hahaQ!! LOL.

  • BBgotSWAG

    That awkward moment when you realized seungri is not lying about his academy. Hoho. MAKNAE DAEBAK!!! :))))

  • Franchesca Magtibay

    I want to attend panda-ssi's academy!

  • Soo_kimmy

    the girl on right, damn lucky! got hug by the 3 of them!!