More Big Bang Backstage at YG Family Concert Japan 2012 [PHOTOS]

Shared by on January 30, 2012  

Source: YG Family Official APP via negimax@tumblr and Buffy6@SOOMPI

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  • VIP4Daesung

    I loved the costumes for this concert! They kept them so simple, but complex with the accessories and perfect! I loved the looks and the overflowing happiness, and these pictures just show that even more!

  • fayelfrida

    OMG.. THESE PHOTOS just pure love...

    i love the photo of TOP.. he looks like a soldier ready to face the war..
    Seungri looks so solemn.
    Dae gives a very light feeling.. 

    i love it!!

  • Avi Will

    omg Tabi you sexy beast *-* I simply LOVE those military outfits <3

  • Glad-Den Yt

    Love seeing BIGBANG and 2NE1 together <3! 

  • Ningjing

    GD??? T.T

  • Meo_arthair

    Daesung U're killing me ^^!.....

  • lovetaeyang

    Sexy pics ! :D

  • BBgotSWAG

    OH TOP!!! So innocent yet sexy at the same time. O.O

  • Hidayah Saberi second picture scares me..his strong gaze..hehe
    I'm waiting for bigbang bigshow 2012..yeah!

  • Maymuna Kabir

    i'd love to work at YG... simply just to be around these ppl <3

    LOVING the back of Taeyang and Seungri's jackets in the last pic...!

    lol at Dae...lost in the music ^^
    and TOP so serious...
    where's my Ji???

  • GD’s

    where's my Ji? T.T

  • YG


  • EunStyle

    love love the pictures but more TOP photo, looks very handsome and his eyes are so deep and innocent



  • ~VIP2505~

    Seungri's jacket is really unique, just like the person wearing it...

  • Biggirl

    deep yes..innocent no...those eyes are dangerous..

  • Kemazdea

    OMG!! TOP you look so damn hot!!!!

  • DSlove

    Daesung and music. Lol

  • TotoBearTop

    Omg Taeyang looks so cute doing the "2NE1 nolza"thing with them in the 1st pic.
    TOP looks so serious in the 2nd pic, but still so sexy!

  • Klarenz Mae Tabucal

    High quality+Hot men, all these are wallpaper-worthy! 

  • Sarah Vandervelpen

    daesung looks kinda hot on that pic ^^

  • Risyh Qi’xey

    TOP a man with a killing eyes..   *, *