Kim Yoo Jung, “Romance act with T.O.P? I don't think I can do it” [NEWS]

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You said you’re a fan of Big Bang, which member do you like?

- I like them all, but TOP oppa’s voice is attractive. And, he also tries hard to become a singer. I like that sincere side.

If you were to act with him?
- I want to try acting as brother and sister. I’m too young to act for romance. It’ll be strange. I can’t even imagine such situation. The act itself will be very exciting, don’t you think? Haha.

(Parts omitted)

Note: Kim Yoo Jung is a child actress. She will be 13 years old this year. She has acted in several well-known dramas, such as “Queen Seon Deok”, “Dong Yi” and will be in the upcoming drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. She's also the young girl in Seungri's VVIP MV. She also talked about BIGBANG in some her past interviews: 1, 2

Source: Mydaily
Translation: @vVIP_681

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  • fywang9

    This is soo cute! But really, who even thought of a question like this? She's only 13 and TOP is 24...A brother/sister duo would be nice though!

  • mariisvip

    no one can resist Tabi ~♥ ;D

  • mαry-αnnє

    lol she's so adorable and as she is quite a good actress, she has a bright future ahead. Would love to see her be his sibling in something haha the love for TOP is definitely ageless

  • Samantha Mercado

    LOL, what a cute girl. 13 and falling for Tabi :P

  • YaYa36

    she is adorable but the girl is 13 and tabi is 24, i think even he would find this article cute but more strange than anything. Ahh,, korea you are forever strange with your ideas, love you anyway!

  • Avi Will

    A fan of BIGBANG? Miss Kim, I already like you :D

  • lovesBB

    I see she has flawless taste =)

  • Enived Eihn

    Oh Oh.. I really like this kid.. GREAT ACTRESS considered that she'll only turn 13. And the fact that you're a Big Bang fan makes me like you MORE. This kid will be a REALLY BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED actress when she grows up.

  • BB4ever

    I just read them asking which one was her favorite...

  • muggledore

    I loved this girls performance in Moon embraces the Sun and NOW she loves TOP???~
    MORE reasons to adore this kid!!

    ~this just proves that NO ONE is immune to TOPs smexiness.. even young girls!! LOL.

  • renKa002

    I can totally see TOP as the big brother type! The kind that's a bit silly but cares about his sister XDDD

  • Cade8

    Ahh... good eye for man since young! hehe :D

  • Ann Emanon

    She's so cute.  I saw a clip of her on Seungri's MV, and then I she stated that she LOVES BIGBANG, but her favorite is TOP... Hope her acting career soars thru the roof... TOO CUTE...

  • mytopsecret

    woahh this interview was way back 2010 if im not mistaken..

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys have fans in all ages and this little girl can be the exception, 
    haha yes, you're so young to be in a romantic role with Tabi kkk

  • V-B-H-S-I

    So young & already knows what is good in life, smart girl! Gotta love our fellow V.I.P... =)

  • tshidi

    She's adorable.

  • asrai

    she's cheating on Hwon!!! ande! :3
    haha I love these kids XD

    PS: you're also cheating on RiRi :3

  • SaReE

    that drama is SOOO freakin good and she's excellent in it!

  • CrazyIceCream

    i used to have a crush on a celebrity who was 11 years older than me & i didn't think of it as brother & sister love XD age is just a number~ maybe when she's a bit older she'll get to have a romance act with Tabi~

  • tajan

    she has  the cutest crush on TOP
    ive heard her mention him before aswell
    her answers are so clever though lol

  • Clar

    Is she the girl at VVIP's video?

  • Kokoro Ai

    well in ten years I think her anwser will be different XD

  • Ratong

    yes, she is :D

  • Angel

    "I'm too young to act for romance. It'll be strange. I can't even imagine such situation." LOLOLOL...i bet she daydreams about acting in a romance with TOP, her being the female lead and realized..oh..shoot, the creepy age difference.. xD

  • Janyo68730

    I think u r a good girl!
    Trying yourself to be a good student and a GREAT ACTRESS!
    Good luck 4U and Happy new year!

  • blackflame43

    Isn't she the girl in Seungri's VVIP MV or am I mistaken?

    Anyway, who can resist T.O.P? I bet even grandmas' vigor would be revived by the mere thought of him.

  • Sea Li Loung

    ha!she cute!!!

  • EmeldaEffieJane

    you just cant say NO to TOP... Too attractive!!

  • TotoBearTop

    Yeah. I mean who can resist TOP? ;)

  • PrincelyLuna

    yup she is. she's such a pretty girl and a great actress too. i believe she's going to grow into very beautiful girl. i think she's said about her liking TOP the best out of BB before. i'd love to see both of them acting together.

  • Shoesrgreatrite

    she's also the same girl from seungri vvip mv!

  • kelita

    Yesssssssss no one can resist my boys