Big Show 2012 Support Project Updates (120118) [PROJECT]

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Hi everyone! Here are some updates on the Big Show Support project I posted about last week.

1) Donations

Thanks to all you wonderful and generous VIPs, we've already collected a total of $1,445.86 for this project! There are still incoming donations (via bank transfer) that I am yet to receive but I'm glad that we already have enough money to cover the rice part.

Last day for donations: ( How to Donate )
1) via Paypal: February 8 KST
2) via Western Union & Bank Transfer: February 1 KST

2) Food Support & Cake

Regarding the food portion of the project, I was told that since there are already many (Korean) fansites preparing food supports and gifts during the BIGSHOW concerts, there's a possibility that the BIGBANG members might not anymore remember who gave what. We will still be pushing through with the celebratory cake but the food support will just be done during one of their comeback stages (yay, comeback!!).

For the cake, I don't have the final quote or price yet but here's a rough sketch (excuse the very elementary drawing!) of what I would like the cake to have: yellow coating and the "VIP International ❤ BIGBANG" message. I'm no cake designer so if you have other ideas, please leave a comment below. If you have a different design in mind, please provide a link to a sketch or photo sample below :-)

Also, what do you guys prefer? A tall/standing cake (left) or a flat one (right)? Include your pick in your comments.

2) Scrapbook/Message Book

Since the scrapbook will include other content aside from the messages for BIGBANG, the message thread will be closed on Friday (January 20), 11:30PM KST. Other details of the scrapbook will be posted on Saturday.

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)


- Project Details & Donors List
- Message Thread
- Big Show Guide (ticketing tutorial, tips, etc.)

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  • VIP4Daesung

    Cake idea DAEBAK!!!!! AWESOME!

    I like the flat cake, only because I feel like more can be written on it, but either will do. We have such amazing, caring, kind and giving iVIPS!!!! <3 I love it!!!

    Thank you all for everything!

  • YGfan25

    Suggestion: Instead of small circle (the one with
    ❤ )  on the first cake, how about put a crown??

  • cck0107

    i agree v u,a crown will be great~~~=))

  • Melinda

    totally the standing one, so that its more obvious! :D 

  • Melinda

    yes, a crown would be good to replace the heart shape :D agreed! 

  • Mzpauline

    When is the last day for donations? And will there be any food support?

  • Kjk

    What is it going to be made out of? 

  • Enived Eihn

    Ohhh... Need to donate later :D HAHA. XD
    Always busy.... Gotta donate gotta donate O.O

  • bigbangupdates

    Hi! We have 3 options: sugarcraft cake, rice cake or a cream cake. I'll just post an update which the baker/cake designer recommends for the chosen design :-)

  • bigbangupdates

    Info on the post :-)

  • ONLYGD88

    How about the cake being shaped into the VIP crown or at least the top part of the standing cake.

  • Madara


  • Mzpauline

    The standing cake for sure!! I was thinking though, like the others mentionned, the smaller cake should look like a crown but have the "VIP" aligned at the border and have BB members in the middle. Instead of the heart, have it be "BIGBANG" with hearts on each side. On the bigger cake, you should write your website on it and on the side, instead of having "BIGBANG", maybe incorporate countries flags representing the international part of the cake? Just a suggestion :P

  • Mimzy21

    I love the left one! :D

  • TL

    i like this idea. crown for our kings :)

  • Melysa_chai

    It's good idea :) i like left,standing cake!!

    Can put crown in top?

  • Ellie Z. ✌

    Awww this is such an amazing idea :DD
    I think that you can write more on the flat cake but both are great (:

  • Sarah Weiske

    I agree with the others on the left one or a crown shape could be cool. But I think a layered cake would stand out more ^^. Thanks for doing this project and the great ideas!!

  • Pinky Tai

    i think a sugarcraft cake will be better as it can creates nicer shapes and designs plus it can being kept in normal temperature longer rather than a cream cake. 

  • Maroug25

    mm..,sry i'm kinda new to could any of you help me with message thread..i think i'm kinda lost......
    i really would like to write to them too :)

  • merg

    you must make account first as a member

  • Maroug25

    so what about this Maroug25 ? doesn't this count as an account ? or else how could i comment on every post ?

  • merg

    when you ara a member of bigbang forum just click reply to this topic

  • dodo18

    a flat one you can write more things on it , but both are nice , for the food, yes one day during comeback it will be nice

  • Martyna Uleviciute

    I believe the flat one is a lot more convenient, b/coz it won`t be that complicate for them to slice it, and the  
    "VIP International ❤ BIGBANG" message  will look better. I don`t really know if it is even possible, but it would be super duper AWESOME if  the bakers could raw tiny flags of those countries that the vIPs came from so then BB will no how many VIPs are out there. 
    But no matter how the cake looks like, I believe, that BB members will be happy . And their tummys will be thankful as well, coz all the oppas don`t really eat much ^^ 
    THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS, I`m shore I`m gonna donate some money ! FIGHTING!

  • Martyna Uleviciute

    sorry my "d" doesn`t  always work. 

  • dodo18

    i think the little flags would look cute on the pannel for the rice donation! but anything will be good i trust you guys you always deliver the best

  • Maroug25

    thnx alot! u've been a great help :)

  • Kadija

    wow this so amazing!! Fighting VIP ^^ I'm so excited bout the project!
    for the cake i prefere the tall/standing cake (left) & the message ❤❤❤❤

  • YGfan25

    He said that its too sweet, i think?

  • YGfan25

    The flags would be good on the rice wreath banner. Like this: 

    - Background would be BIGBANG picture (whole) 
    - Flags (countries of ppl who donated?) - on top of the picture, transparent?
    - BBU site 

  • YGfan25

    I hope it would not be too sweet.. Coz we don't want to have this reaction on them, right?

  • Jayde Wynn

    The flat one looks perfect!
    So happy we hit the target!!!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Glad that we collected 
    the amount proposed :)
    For the cake, I prefer the standing cake :)  Would be awesome if the cake's shape is made like a VIP crown but maybe is hard to made for a standing cake so I think it's better the top layer in a BIG crown shape.  
    5 small crowns placed on the edges of each layer  :)

    Like your ideas YGfan25  

  • Chiaki Karuna

    I don't forget.
    I understand.
    I support.
    Please wait a little.

    Beginning of February.
    I understand.
    Please wait a little. (*^_^*)

  • juju

    congrats guys! umm i would love to see the design of the cake takes shape of a crown. that would be cool :)

  • Trang Le

    this is really an awesome idea!!!! besides the cake, if u guys still have money left, i think it is great to have cupcakes for the guys which will easy to eat (cuz for the big one u have to cut it). so, the cupcakes should be designed to the way they attract to at the first sign. i really like the idea of crown on the globe, so make the base of cupcake blue, and the yellow crown on top with IVIP or the members dolls :D
    So we should design the cake with the same theme as the cupcakes. crown on the globe with crown light stick attaching represents the countries from all over the world. on the crown we can have names or picture of the members around the crown. IVIP "heart" BIGBANG in the middle or stick them out inside the crown. and u guys should add ur website too. #1 Bigbang site for IVIP 

  • mytopsecret

    i hope it will emphasize International VIPs maybe a cake with I-VIP on it will do :) thanks for the hardwork ( whoever behind this project) bow 90°

  • Kds_88

    If we are doing the little standing dolls...I think It could look cool if they were wearing their debut looks
    I mean they already had a cake with their actual looks.. But if we make them in hip hop clothes... like the "la la la" outfit.So they know we've been liking them since the begining

  • miss unknown

    Cuz it's fondon, that's why it'll be super sweet. I think it's the best when we order the cake we want to make sure and ask them for whipped cream, whipped is the least sweet out of all of them. ANd if we're ordering in person, it's best to do a cake testing. Just an idea...xd

    @ Vic, are any of u guys attending Big Show? Or we're giving it to KVIPS to send in the gifts for us?

  • Luvtabi

    love both..can't decide =.="

  • palebluedot13

    Hmm.. Maybe a small layer cake and then cupcakes? 

    This is an idea.. Ignore my crappy drawing, I am not an artist. I was just reading ideas everyone had and this is what I came up with. The bottom layer maybe black? And then in yellow lettering right Big Bang on it. Then you have the second layer. And wrapped around the second layer is the gold crown. Then on top of the second layer maybe a globe. And then I saw someone below mentioned having little crowns stuck in it. 

    And if people want to do the little figurines of the members then they could be sitting around the bottom layer of the cake. And then maybe one could hold a small Big Bang Updates sign?

    But I like the crown with the globe in it idea that someone had bc it makes it look like the whole world is a VIP. And it represents us I-VIPs well!

  • Trang Le
  • Adaeze Duru

    I second YGFAN25
    's ideas

  • Adaeze Duru

    cream cake is better and not too sweet.

  • Phoebz_bombers

    All designs are good, just make sure it says international VIPS somewhere on the cake! I think adding edible glitter to the cake would be amazing...hehe

  • Phoebz_bombers

    Does that mean they eat all the cakes sent to them? :|

  • Gracey Pan

    WOW!!  so awesom.. I'm so proud to be a VIP right now. kekeke Keep up the good work! :D  wish I could  help too :(  VIPs and Big Bang FIGHTING!! 

  • Sharlyn Celino

    Hi guys,
    I have been reading your suggestions for the cake and they are all awesome. I made a "cake design" (hihi  ) from all your comments and I also put some of my own inputs (I tried to make it pretty, but I am not a very good artist  ) Hope you can improve/comment/add new suggestions so that this cake will be very special that Bigbang will never forget.

  • Cherr

    I hope i can donate, but i'm still 14 and i need permissions :'

  • Franchesca Magtibay

    Hey, I was wondering should I write anything special on the "Email to recpient"-part?
    I've never donated before so :T