Big Bang’s T.O.P to work mostly as an actor in 2012 [NEWS]

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Big Bang‘s charismatic rapper T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) will be mostly active as an actor in 2012.

His agency YG Entertainment remarked, “T.O.P wants to work mostly as an actor in 2012 and is reviewing a few different scenarios for dramas and movies. He feels optimistic about the new drama ‘Celebrity‘, and it’s one of the projects he is highly considering.”

T.O.P was among the first picks for Yoon Suk Ho‘s ‘Love Rain‘ as well as ‘Only You‘ with Kim Haneul, however, he personally felt most drawn to ‘Celebrity‘.

‘Celebrity’ tells the story of a girl who is anguished after being dumped by her idol boyfriend. In order to get her revenge, she becomes an idol star as well but falls in love with a different top star. The love triangle plot is based off a true story of real celebrities, which is garnering the high interest of viewers everywhere.

Source: SportsWorld via Nate
Translation: AKP

NOTE: Please remember that T.O.P has been talked about a lot for this upcoming drama "Celebrity", but as much as the articles say/hints, there is no confirmation about T.O.P doing this drama, plus it has also been released that while he was looking at "Celebrity" it was not for sure yet and that it is in contention with other dramas and movies. Be patient, and further updates will be posted as soon as we receive them. Thank you :)

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  • Avi Will

    I'd LOVE to see Seunghyun in a new drama, he did great in Iris! ^^
    just hope that filming won't get in a way of album promotions.
    Don't overwork yourself Tabi <3

  • EunStyle

    hope you agree to play the role of this drama xq seems very interested
    in this script, so it must be good and must like it a lot too, I hope
    that if you wait to see him perform xq again ♥

  • RonaMayLove

    i dont know about you guys..
    But that storyline is amazing.

    I would love to see T.O.P play the role of the jealous former boyfriend. He would suit it well. :))))

    and, good for the girl! IF it is inspired by a true story (or compilations of stories), I say. GO GIRL. Sucess is the best revenge! EVER!


    he is a a great actor!He did great in i'm sam,IRIS,71 into the fire and 19!give my full support,lol.Hope filming and Bigbang album promotion will work well :)

  • Ivana Rita Marletta

    It would be nice to see TOP in a new drama.
    He really has great potential, all the cards to become a great!

  • hee_sica

    curios about the main female lead . ^^

  • minime93

    i would love to see TOP in the drama. but hey, isn't celebrity gonna be the korean version of skip beat? the one with donghae and siwon in it? 

    I hope we won't have ELFs trying to compare and stuff. I seriously hate that kind of nonsense going around.

  • Adri엔


  • kpopfan

    Whatever drama it is, I know it will be a BIG HIT!!! :D Choi Seunghyun is really a GREAT actor!! 

  • burp

    i'm in for whatever that has TOP in it
    if the director want the ratings to go off the roofs , all he/she needs to do is tell TOP to give us a little sneak peek of what is going on under all those layers of clothes , the ratings would be guaranteed for the whole series !

  • tshidi

    What does this mean exactly? "T.O.P to work mostly as an actor in 2012"...too many possible implications...especially given that BB 's comeback was this year. It's hard not to start trolling given such provocative expressions. I'm just saying.

  • chasey

    the story plot is like skip beat!!!

  • Heartilly188

    The story is so similar to many other dramas and movies though...and it reminds me alot like the "Legally Blonde" American movie. I will watch it for TOP though.

  • Linna Chen

    lol isnt that plot like skip beat, starring donghae and siwonn; well i hope he does play a role cuhs skip beat is pretty good :)

  • onTOP

    Awesome :) If it is the Korean version of Skip Beat, that makes me all kids of happy! Oh man, we get to see more Hyunnie on the screen! ALWAYS A WIN.

  • Chie Sillona

    If he'll do the "Celebrity" drama, Dara of 2NE1 is perfect for the opposite role.. They will be a cute couple.. 

    TABISAN pls.. ♥

  • wintersecrets

    hmm, mostly as an actor for 2012? I'd say more like 50/50? he has BB in Feb and maybe BB in Japan after along w/ a tour? 
    second half i can see that YB has a solo album and maybe GD as well

    If Top does film for 'Celebrity' should be interesting since it'll be a different role than what he did in his other dramas (bad guy/delinquent)

  • linunrata

    I can't tell how much I love T.O.P's acting. I knew him first as an actor in IRIS, then musician T.O.P.
    But now, the new BB album is about to be released, I'd like to see musician T.O.P more than actor Choi Seung Hyun....

  • Ngoctranle23

    Celebrity? ROMANCE? OH BOY I HOPE HE TAKES IT!!! <333

  •ávez/100001291907631 Claudia Chávez

    of course first priority: BIGBANG comeback
    but I would love to watch TOP in this drama sounds interesting , the story line seems like skip beat ( ok I didnt read this one , but also I wont read it) if he accepts the role , I will wait to watch this drama and then read the manga XD
    But TOP ,if he accepts this drama he will be the second guy,that the girl  fall in love

  • TheCrazyCelery

    The best news for a Friday the 13th! I love Mr TOP! :)

  • kkdagreen

    acting is great but mostly? HELL NO.

  • Sara

    I love his acting, but I have a hard time believing that he wants to do mostly acting in 2012, after Big Bang has just come back together as 5

  • Moronic Drone

    He's playing tsuruga ren!!!!!!!!!! holy dkfhs agfaergnegr

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    I don't want him to overwork but we have to wait until a official confirmation :)
    to be honest, I dunno if I can handle Tabi in a romantic drama kkk

  • Kayli

    This is a huge mistranslation. Nowhere in the original article says that he will "mostly" work as an actor. It only said that he will "also" work as an actor (I'm a native Korean speaker). So don't worry!! 

  • lolli-TOP

    Next to being a rapper, TOP is great at being an actor.. his movie into the fire was really something..
    call me greedy but I want him to do stuff like drama series..

    modeling and occasional TV appearances only offer me short-time heart-attacks due to spazzing.. I want a series to die with him everyday! lol.

  • ♛ V ♛ I ♛ P♛

    Which ever role drama he wants to star in, I just hope he's the main guy. ^__^


    i dont like it...This was supposed to be the year of BB..but yeayea.
    Does that mean BB's comeback wont last that long? 

  • M.M.

    But doesn't that just sound like Skip Beat?

  • Kemazdea

    i agree that thus film seems like Skip Beat and im afraid that ELF will compare it. i dont like to be compared especially for tabi's acting.

    but i believe no doubt about tabi's acting kyaa >_< saranghae tabii... please act soon...

  • guest

    can i know who's acting in skip beat..??
    i'm sorry i just heard about the film but doesn't watch anymore..


    please.. please.. Tabi.. play tsuruga ren!! kyaa!! my dream will be fulfilled...

  • mytopsecret

    i guess after the comeback on feb and march he will start focusing in being an actor..well his one of the most anticipated any script will do, i guess people not only vips will watch whatever storyline because  TOP is on it..:)

  • bigbangfanUS

    the plot for celebrity is the same as a very popular manga called "skip beat" :). i cant wait to watch it!!!

  • Simone La

    Can't wait for BB's comeback and TOP's drama :)
    praying for a shower scene lol 

  • leoyb

    So, in 2012
    thanks to Big Bang we gonna have lots of music to listen to 
    thanks to TOP we gonna get lots of movies/dramas to see 
    anticipating to our boys' more activities !!!

  • Vip4571

    yup,,Skip Beat has d'same plot..
    really want 2 watch it.!!!

  • Hope Yuan

    this celebrity drama reminds me of skip beat...
    but it will be great if top choose to be in this drama,since its my favourite comic!  the fact that he's in it makes it more exciting!!
    i think he fits ren better ^3^

  • Kenley

    What happened to Absolute Boyfriend? Aw. Celebrity sounds a lot like Skip Beat. Maybe something else I guess?

  • Keishira_finn

    it's a typical romantic story, right? i hope when he decide to make a drama he will choose not this type of drama.. come on, after what he done in 71:into the fire, he deserve a great story line that will explore his acting...

  • TotoBearTop

    I'd love to see TOP acting again in another drama. I read Absolute Boyfriend the manga when there were news about TOP going to act in it (after reading the manga, i don't think it suits Tabi as he's going to required to take off his clothes and y'know Tabi...) Guess i'm gonna read Skip Beat now :)

    I hope Big Bang activities still comes first and please don't tire yourself Tabi. I don't want to see you getting anymore skinnier :\

  • nat4706

    i'd rather tabi take part in movies than dramas.
    it's sensible of him to be a bit 'picky' about qualitied scripts.
    and then of course, i'll be happy if he can release his solo album (a mini one is fine too), but most likely he'll give way to taeyang and gd this year (sigh)!
    all in all, i just want him to keep on producing more good music . . . my brain is echoed with "a good man" again . . .


    donghae and siwon from suju are acting in the taiwanese version of skip beat and it's being aired now (:

    donghae and TOP are my ultimate biases so if TOP really does act in "celebrity" they'll be acting in the same drama but different versions...IM SO EXCITED

  • Luvtabi

    BB Launching new album
    BB concert
    New Drama/Movie project

    TABI dear, please take care of your health :)

  • Pandapanda

    i don't want him to act in cheesy weezy romantic drama. he has much moar potential than just act as a so-called 'perfect man'. if he indeed act and has such role, it will be boring. -____-

    let's hope not.


    the end.

  • Light_death07

    it's a korean live action of Skip Beat! right?

    oh..I really want TOP to act as Ren..Ren suits him very much..
    I fell in love with Ren when I watched the anime and I'm pretty sure that I'll fell in love more if TOP is the actor <3

  • loveTOP

    i really love top!!!

  • UKfanz

    omigosh if this is skip beat koren version i will be sooo happy..i was so devastated with the actors in skip beat now...for me they doesn do da justice for the characters especially REN....since i am a huge fan of that manga n anime..totally would love to see other version of dat drama.

  • Lolli

    It totally sounds like the same plot. o.o And judging their looks he so get Siwon's role. xD

    Btw the Skip Beat version is not korean but a taiwanese drama so it's utterly hilarious. xD Hope the korean version will be as funny as this.

  • Lolli

    Ahh~ scratch the last part. I read your comment wrong. *hides*

  • Neureul

    I want to watch this celebrity soon . can't wait ^^ Oppa fighting . Malaysians VIP will always be at your back ! 

  • altked

    yeah, the story is fun & smth fresh, but as far as I know, it's a korean remake of "Skipbeat", the taiwanese drama which is airing now. SJ"s Donghae & Siwon star there )))))

    I also read some article that TOP will most likely play the other guy, rather than the bf )) his character will be a kind, cool, mannered, tall & extremely handsome guy - well, just like TOP is!! who wouldn't fall for him??? ^^

  • Aa_bb

    TOP really is very good in acting,,just by seeing the cf of gmarket where top was madly screaming on top of his lungs...he was acting so damn good there...TOP is gifted in acting,,he stoods out the most among idols who try acting...not being bias here,,i saw other idols acting as well,,they are good,,,but top really has the aura,face and the expressions to perfectly portray his role,,other than his realistic actions....

  • saysomethingcat

    It most definitely sounds like Skip Beat! The japanese manga it originated from is still ongoing, though, so wonder up to which point they'll adapt the story.  There's an animation of it, 25 eps, maybe that's the storyline they'll follow. If ever they'll make a tv adaptation, I think they'll follow the manga, like with Boys Over Flowers (which followed the manga instead of the Taiwanese tv adaptation). I LOVE Skip Beat, especially Ren which Top is rumored to play! I hope this really pushes through! Please please please!!!!

  • Jris_1214

    i can't remember when but there was once an article about TOP being cast in an upcoming drama also called "absolute boyfriend". and it (the article) said that it will probably start filming in march. is that true?

  • Eeyorezxy

    Rumor has it that he's got a giant tatoo in there! Pic of lips and a sword. That's why he won't reveal a little bit...

  • Tin Tin

    Yes i miss him in drama / movies...please come back soon

  • thislove

    yesyesyes i love seeing TOP's acting evolve and improve! <3 GO GET IT

  • Leen Fazleen II

    awwww~ very awesome .i like <3

  • renKa002


  • mae_i

    the story is just like Shoujo beat / Skip Beat.. but i want to see TOP act again :)

  • Serenaaliu

    'Celebrity' sounds like the Skip Beat manga