Big Bang’s T.O.P to work mostly as an actor in 2012

Posted January 13, 2012 by

Big Bang‘s charismatic rapper T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) will be mostly active as an actor in 2012.

His agency YG Entertainment remarked, “T.O.P wants to work mostly as an actor in 2012 and is reviewing a few different scenarios for dramas and movies. He feels optimistic about the new drama ‘Celebrity‘, and it’s one of the projects he is highly considering.”

T.O.P was among the first picks for Yoon Suk Ho‘s ‘Love Rain‘ as well as ‘Only You‘ with Kim Haneul, however, he personally felt most drawn to ‘Celebrity‘.

‘Celebrity’ tells the story of a girl who is anguished after being dumped by her idol boyfriend. In order to get her revenge, she becomes an idol star as well but falls in love with a different top star. The love triangle plot is based off a true story of real celebrities, which is garnering the high interest of viewers everywhere.

Source: SportsWorld via Nate
Translation: AKP

NOTE: Please remember that T.O.P has been talked about a lot for this upcoming drama “Celebrity”, but as much as the articles say/hints, there is no confirmation about T.O.P doing this drama, plus it has also been released that while he was looking at “Celebrity” it was not for sure yet and that it is in contention with other dramas and movies. Be patient, and further updates will be posted as soon as we receive them. Thank you :)