Big Bang at YG Family Concert 2012 in Osaka, Japan Press Conference [NEWS]

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Q. BIGBANG is back as five after a long time, what’s your thoughts?
BIGBANG (G-Dragon): We are very happy that we are back as five, and we are very happy to stand here at this place. Last year, we have a lot (of problems), now we have an opportunity for a new start. To all of you that have waited for us until now, we will show you (a) better (appearance)

Q. What is your enthusiasm for the concert?
BIGBANG (V.I): Kyocera Dome is the largest dome in Osaka, and I feel so nervous because of it
BIGBANG (T.O.P): I want everybody’s pure mind/heart to the concert

Q. What is the highlights of the concert?
BIGBANG (SOL): We can stand as five after a long time, we choose the songs that Japanese VIPs can sing along with. Let’s play together

Q. Memories in Japan?
BIGBANG (V.I): When I first come to Japan, I was surprised to see ramen vending machines

Q. What do you think of Japanese girl fans?
BIGBANG (V.I): They are beautiful~ (laugh)

Q. For the upcoming YG Family Concert?
BIGBANG (V.I): We will be at Kyocera Dome for today and tomorrow, on January 21 & 22, we will be at Saitama Super Arena. Then, BIGBANG will be on Music Station on January 20

Q. New things you want to try this year?
BIGBANG (SOL): This year, we are courage to be world’s no. 1
BIGBANG (V.I): I want a concert in Tokyo Dome

Q. BIGBANG D-LITE-san’s fans have been waiting for your return.
BIGBANG (D-LITE): There are a lot so far. Meanwhile, I feel I was taught how important things like our music and stage are. Today’s stage was very fun. We did a good work

Q. Message to Japanese Fans!
BIGBANG (SOL): We are from Korea, please support us since we will have variety of plans in Japan
BIGBANG (D-LITE): Please look forward for our various stages

Translated by: @vVIP_6819

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  • Samantha Mercado

    :') so happy to see them as 5 again

  • muggledore

    Best thing about this??

    They stand as 5 <3

  • Lucia Lin

    world tour please!!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    and we are happy if you are happy ^_^
    Like this press conference, always kind and 
    meaningful words from the boys :)
    Seungri and his ramen kkk

  • Kielem Tan

    Crying from happiness..
    im so happy.. Bigbang is really back!
    saranghamnida <3

  • 빛나는

    Big Bang press confrence so meaningful to me XD

  • fayelfrida

    GREAT!! BIGBANG will be forever 5!!

  • Adyra Azhary

    when i read this,, this make me crying..but i cry bcuz i feel so happy that  finally BIGBANG back as Five~ and we as VIPS MUST make sure that BIGBANG OURS BOYS be world no 1.. this my first time that i feel really love to idol~ i love u BIGBANG~ U RE MY FIRST AND LAST K-POP GROUP that i love so much~ k yaaaa >3 >3>3>3 .. BIGBANG NUMBER ONE
    ARE U HEAR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TotoBearTop

    Wooo ramen vending machine!

    Tabi i don't think i can ever go to a Big Bang concert with a pure mind >.<

  • Chiaki Karuna

    BIGBANG member comment. (*^_^*)
    Fan of Japan loves BIGBANG.
    Are permanent.
    I'm plays together with you.
    I'm sings together with you.
    I am fortunate.
    GD came back.
    Fan of Japan is fortunate.
    GD!  Thank you for coming to Japan. !!!!
    Your solo was wonderful.
    Did it VI and become it tense?
    But it was very wonderful performance.
    Is Japanese FAN beautiful?
    Are true?
    I am glad.(#^.^#)
    The song which Japanese people know.
    The song of BIGBANG was sung.
    Thank you very much.♪♪
     It sang in Japanese.
    I sang together.
    It was very pleasant.
    It is the No.1 stage.
    Many Fan(s) gather.
    Please carry out performance in TOKYO DOME.
    Your singing voice is always quiet.
    I met the BIGBANG member for the first time.
    It was very attractive.
    Your smile is always warm.
    And it is beautiful.
    Your low-pitched sound voice.
    It is very very very sexy.
    Activity of GD&TOP.
    I support.


    Thank you very much YG family !!!

    YG family is very polite.
    I was impressed.
    Thank you very much.!!!!

  • Daelito

    crying again.. :'( 
    i'm so so happy..
    but i smiled at the same time.. LOL-ed at Panda.. he really talkative xD

  • Hahamimizah Hamdan

    Q. New things you want to try this year?
    BIGBANG (SOL): This year, we are courage to be world’s no. 1LIKE A BOSS. XD

  • linunrata

    GD:"We are very happy that we are back as five, and we are very happy to stand here at this place."
    Me too, like all VIPs, I'm so over the moon to see you as 5!
    Now I'm waiting for your new album!

  • Doreen Araneta

    Taeyang: "we are courage to be world's NO. 1"

    GAADDDD!!! OPPA! don't you know BIGBANG will ALWAYS be NUMBER 1 in our hearts !!!!

  • Ee Ling

    i was serious at first, then come to seungri's answer... LOL 

  • Tamara Tran

    I'm just happy seeing the Big Five together again :)

  • big bang jang

    world's no 1...soon..