What's Up Episode 1 (111203) [SUBBED/DOWNLOAD]

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Part 1

Translators: kamjadorii, KwonGD_Christin, Anne, LadyC, amandajaclyn, elfina
Editors: sfuza_14 & mizz_julie
Timers: sfuza_14, mizz_julie & elfina
QCers: sfuza_14 & mizz_julie
Encoders & Uploaders: sfuza_14, mizz_julie, Natalia

Rock Star lyrics translation: kamjadorii
Lunatic lyrics translation: kpoplyrix.tumblr.com
This is the moment lyrics translation: Sara @ bigbangupdates

Various songs lyrics are found on Google:
Les choristes - Vois sur ton chemin (See upon your path)
Phantom of the Opera - Dream of Sanity
ABBA - Thank you for the music

Thanks to @pettupigrabbit and @sobsobsel for helping us identifying Vois sur ton chemin!

NOTE: We DO NOT provide soft subs. Thank you! 

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