Top 5 Best Idol Drinkers on Pops in Seoul [VIDEO]

Shared by on December 15, 2011  

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  • pperkutz

    Yes this !! I real this real F4 (TOP, KHJ, JaeJoong & YooChun)

  • pperkutz

    * I Lovethis real F4

  • Lise007

    not impressed tbh...

  • Chiaki Karuna


    NO 1 !!!

    Congratulations!!! ☆\(*^▽^*)/☆

  • VIP4Daesung

    Hahahaha...the laugh they put in at the very end...HAHAHAHA...OMO...that was just a "LOL"

  • TOPoftheworld

    i don't know but i don't think its a honour or something to be proud of, being no 1 in this ranking. maybe i being a bit nerdy about this but i absolutely love t.o.p and anything that's harmful to the body it's a dislike for me.

    (don't kill me for saying this)

  • Judy Kim

    It's not exactly something us as VIPs are supposed to be proud of, it's just like a fact given.

  • TOPoftheworld

    yeah, i guess...and maybe its way to be less stressful for him.  he smokes as well. i really wish he would give both of them up.

  • Menolikey

    this is the side of sk media that confuses the shit out of me.

    everything is so cutesy and dorky and yet they hold polls like this?

  • daragonlai :)

    I suddenly remembered when he was suppose to drink only one or two glasses of wine, but drunk 2 bottles instead. LOL TABI

  •ávez/100001291907631 Claudia Chávez

    I want to drink with TOP

  • aa_bb

    hahaha...this poll means that these stars are just like any other people in this world who knows how to have some fun..i like!!hehehe,,

  • lalala

    narrator on sunny: "bright and ugly personality"? DID i hear wrongly???

  • lalala

    shows how stressed big bang members are! coz they push themselves so hard to be perfect and unfortunately alcohol seems like one of the ways to let off some steam to. anw...TOP is so tall like a tree! a tree needs to drink lots of stuff to remain tall and strong:P

  • Jessie Tserin

    T.O.P.  -   everything of yours is the top ------ top rapper, top idol, top sexy man ...... and even best top idol  drinker.  Wow, you are the TOP and always the TOP in my heart.

  • Sillamari

    haha, his laughter at the end :)

  • Tamara Tran

    OMG TOP! xD
    As much as this amuses me and he is old enough to make his own decisions, I wish he would reduce his intake on cigarettes and alcohol. His voice is low and deep enough already. I don't want him to ruin it further with all that! 

  • Raina

    ಠ_ಠ That concerns me......I know that drinking in Korea is something that is very socially accepted and encouraged, but 7 BOTTLES is no joke. I hope he is okay, I can't imagine drinking 7 bottles of alcohol just for fun. :/

  • iLuvTODAE

    this doesn't make me proud...:(

    but 7 bottles of what exactly  beer, hard liquor or wine? hope he stops drinking so much!!!

  • Simone La

    "TOP is a top rapper and a top drinker too...." WTF 
    this is a stupid poll. 

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    beautiful hangover kkk  don't drink to much Tabi please :)Tabi's cute laugh ^^ 

  • Angel

    isn't it a good thing? since i heard in korea the more you are able to drink the better. they have competitions to see who drinks the most, and once they're drunk, they compete on who passes out? lol i think this was from eatyourkimchi's earlier vids =P

  • Maggie Buena

    lol .. really ? they even rank idols in this category .. and TOP at number 1 !!! .. TOP is the top drinker .. XDDD wow . 7 bottles . that's a lot . i suddenly remembered when he called UFO when he was drunk . well , im not really sure if he's really drunk at that time . but yeah . he's just too adorable

  • Tamara Tran

    I think it'd be wine... He is known to drink wine a lot.

  • jen651

    i agree with you about the stress... shoot i only drink when im stress sometime ...

  • jen651

    ohk admit drinking and smoking is a bad thing but im not against it since my family is like that...
    but shoot TOP lets have a drink sometime and with the other boys keke :)

  • vanillaandcarrots

    LOL!!! the ending second when TOP just laughs at the end after she says he's the top of everything or smthg like that! hahahaaa ! 

  • Raina

    Socially in Korea I suppose it's viewed as a good thing, however drinking that much is really bad for your body/health. ;o

  • sabrina kawengian

    so sad :( i'm not drinker and not 'll be a drinker foreva.... i love TOP i'm so crazy 'bout TOP.... he's ma favorite in bigbang...but i'm just dissapointed for him :( he's a drinker and smoker... both of that is so dangerous for tabi...
    huhuhu choomtop please be pure and innocent like you always said..I LOVE YOU TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* please dont kill me >_< it just ma opinion *

  • Mariela Feniquito

    Whoa!! top can drink seven bottles? so thats why they call him T.O.P cuz he's on top 5...

  • Angel Rose

    oohhhh oppa T.O.P is bad and sexy ~... =^3^=