Lotte Duty Free 2012 Calendar + Lotte Star Avenue Display [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 2, 2011  

Photos of Big Bang for Lotte Duty Free's 2012 Calendar:

Lotte Star Avenue Display:

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  • VIP4Daesung

    I love how they included Dae so much in these! The photos are GORGEOUS!

  • mariisvip

    isnt like 2 of them photo shopped? Dae's hair is different!?

    anyway wow i love this pics especially the ones with all of BB as 5 xD

  • Lylamong

    glad to see they are five together again!

  • Razana Noorsham

    Thank god it's not photoshop-ed 

  • chae

    are Daesung's picture were just added in the GDTOPYBSR pics? especially the ones wherein GD has short hair (semi-bald)?

  • Fel

    All of them are just so adorable and handsome! They melt my heart! :DDD

  • Maggie Buena

    well . i can see two are photo shopped .. but still daesung is in it .. so im very happy . but for the first picture !!!!!!!!! is that after the accident ? cuz it doesn't look like photo shopped . and gd's hair is already shaved there .. XDD

  • onTOP

    G-Dragon: King of the lip-bite.

  • A’a Jabar

    It's good to see Big Bang as 5 again. <3

  • dodo18

    so good to see the boys together

  • anon

    its 5 of them!!!! :D

  • mz_dong

    I'm glad they included Dae, but I kind of wish it was more natural than photoshopped.

  • muggledore

    they inserted Dae~!! yay! Bigbang 5 <3

    *Jang Gun Seuk's poking head in the 2nd to the last pic is funny!

  • Jeniffer Hui Phin

    not sure but i guess the one that wrote"lotte duty free" dae's kinda did PS one.ts my opinion then.;3

  • SiSiDol


  • mαry-αnnє

    ALL 5 of them! ugh this makes me smile

  • ndyia

    I'm pretty sure those are photoshopped LOL

  • chae

    These pics only mean one thing.... BIGBANG5 IS BACK IN 2012!!!! Kekeke!
    So happy for the boys!

  • beichu

    Hi!! I've just heard Gd & Dae will appear in YG concert!!! Woa, im very glad. I now its not related with the post, but i have to say it.

    I love these photos, and it doesnt mind if Dae is shopped and really he wasnt here, we can see them together. Oppa Ji Yong, you seem always so bright and different :)

  • renKa002

    I DON'T CARE IF THESE WERE TAKEN MONTHS AGO *You can tell by GD and TOP's hair as well as Tae's* I'M HAPPY TO SEE PROMOTIONS WITH ALL FIVE OF THEM TOGETHER <3333333333333333

    It's going to be a bangin' year when they start off their activities again! And yehey! I'll have time to fangirl by then!

  • Dsjgd
  • Avi Will

    Seeing BB as 5 mind is finally peaceful and calm <3

  • dayze jem

    yeah love BB <3

  • Christina

    OMG ~ I see 5 guys! FIVE. Not 1, not 2 but 5 <3
    BIGBANG is BIG again~~

  • wintersecrets

    woot! new pictures!
    Big Bang makes everything better ^_^

  • ♛TaeyangGlow♛

    yea, this is the real BIGBANG as 5 bang-boyz! :D
    I see GD's smiling again~! :)

  • ArielLM13

    WOW!! BIGBANG is back!!<3

  • LizluvStar_imVip_Blackjack

    im soo happy Bigbang is back
    I'll start
    saving now!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ GO GO GO SBS KMTV

  • Jo

    I love seeing all 5 boys together :)

  • V.I.P – USA

    Obviously this wasn't taken recently because GD's hair grew and Taeyang's hair isn't dyed, but it was taken after Daesung accident that's for sure. I'm happy to know that they are back together as five! I've been waiting for the day they return as five for such a long time!!! We all have! Miss you Daesung! Glad you are back! You too GD! I hope there won't be anymore unwanted news... That would break my heart.


  • Leni Delliani

    nice look at the picture...I love all five of good looking :)

  • Cyllene

    GD says - "Ya! Seungri! We're all supposed to be shorter than Youngbae in this picture man .. get your head down lower!"
    Sorry .. just couldn't resist :) love those boys!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    I'm glad to the see Our boys together in this new pics :)

  • ismah

    feel like my life is now complete ;)))

  • TotoBearTop

    Some of the photos does seem photoshopped but anyway i'm still glad Daesung is included in the photos :)

  • mizskullzzz

    tho i know some of daedae's pixs are photoshopped, but still happy to see them together...
    YES!!!!!! BIGBANG is baaccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! 

  • superKee

    yes,,, i'm counting them..... they are FIVE!!!!  
    this is so touching!!!!  :))

  • nat4706

    even if some are photoshopped, still happy that daesung is included in the december lotte duty free calendar, just 5 of them together will be fine ^-^

  • Doreen Araneta

    All i can ever say is "OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD!~"

  • Tamara Tran

    They all so amazing! :) 
    I'm so happy that Dae is back! <3

  • lovebb

    suddenly jang keun suk appear on the second last happy and smile like that always...we will happy for you guys..

  • Chiaki Karuna

    BIGBANG member!!!
    Many the BIGBANG member's photographs were able to be seen.
    It is a very happy thing.
    Thank you. (*^_^*)

  • Noelle Poon

    BB ^o^ You're a Precious Gifts for our coming Xmas 2011:) Thanks God!

  • Jelline Valentin

    I'm happy that Big Bang is complete again. I'd love to get one of these!!