Gmarket Wallpapers and Website Ads [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]

Shared by on December 30, 2011  


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  • Kach Arumäe

    Thank you so much, those wallpapers are fab♥

  • Sun Hee47

    Ji Yong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-*

  • Tripsiders

    Bigbang is Back!!!... 

  • TRISH. ♡

    sobs my OT5 is so perfect ♥

  • Skull Ry

    TOP,my super man <3

  • Vo Linhchi

    come back. big bang come back.!!!

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    this is GOODNESS~!!!! kkkkkk~ 
    (((o (*゚▽゚*) o)))

  • Luvtabi

    TABI in first wallpapers = dream about it XD

  • Yglink

    Seungri is the BEST AND the Most handsome one ^-^

  • Nvooo

    Daesung so hot

  • DARA

    How old are we???

  • cklover


  • Tamara Tran

    All these pictures are beautiful :)
    But one question: where's the solo picture of Taeyang? 

  • Rayanne

    Perfect BIGBANG!!
    Yeah! New wallpapers for the new year! ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  • VIP4Daesung

    I saw that too! I hope we get more solo stuff as we go... he also did that hanbok shoot with Ri....

    we have that to look forward to...


    Bigbang is getting hot haru-haru,lol

  • JuneWong

    Beautiful's solo picture but no Tae and Dae.  ( T_T )

    Cutest couple GDYB.  ( ^_^ )

    1st their smiling face, 2nd their eyes, 3rd the gangsters and 4th the models.  ( *_* )

    Ah ~ A difficult choose ~  ( *o* )

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Haaaandsome boys ^_^
    Tae looks so mischievous with that snowboard suit kkk
    how old do I am? ahh Tabi,   luckily I could apply  for the discount LOL

  • Maggie Buena

    everything is black and white except for top's hair and taeyang's mohawk .. LOL . i can't chose one for my desktop background XDD

  • Hidayah Saberi

    bigbang is back!

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333 ♥ I love them ASDASDASDSAD

  • TotoBearTop

    GD looks so cute with the snowboard ^^

  • leoyb

    GDYB in skiing outfits are so CUTEEE... love their poses <3

  • ♛ M ♛ P ♛ V ♛

    I know right! YB, hotness.

  • BB4ever



    awooooooo...walk, stare, pose, smile  like a BOSS..BIG BANG is real BOSS in kpop industry..

  • patty

    We are legal. *wink*

  • Aien Zamni

    aigoo..they are all incredibly awesome!!! <3

  • elle-yen

    TOP is like the korean version of SUPERMAN in the first pic...

  • Jen

    Is it just me or does Dae look slightly bow-legged in these pictures?

  • daesung_honeyz

    awesome picture as always from our awesome boys......

  • Angel Reyes

    OMO! I just love seeing BB starting their promotion again. All of them looks so healthy and stress-free esp. GD, he really did gained some wait. Bigbang FIGHTING! 

  • Avi Will

    GD, can your pants BE any tighter? -Chandler Bing voice XD

  • Heartilly188

    The download doesn't work on me. Do you know why? It just won't download. It will be like 2% for the whole time and won't finish downloading.

  • PrincelyLuna

    use webshot and you can automatically rotate your wallpaper according to your preference.

  • Amie Ferguson

    wahh . Chua!

  • My_nhung706

    if I was born again I would still be VIPs

  • Sze Woon

    BIG BANG !

  • Asool

    OMG OMG >< <33333333333333