Gmarket Blog Update: Big Bang @ Stay G Christmas Concert (111221) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 21, 2011  


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  • VIP4Daesung

    I miss GD in these, but still so glad to see Daesung back and smiling....

    After the  YG family concert in Korea, we know everything will be fine....So glad they are performing again! Come back soon GD!

  • imaginary superstar

    no GD but yes, Baeby we understand... we know we'll see you guys soon and remaining strong.

  • BB4ever

    G market so fast!!!

  • Myra@MRSKDS

    Love Big Bang...:)

  • daragonlai :)

    I really miss GD but we have to be proud of the others too.. They went through with it even if they know it would be hard without GD... I'm so proud of our boys... :')

  • feiching

    come back quickly gd..until the time comes..i will cheer you up from afar

  • Skull Ry

    B market :D

  • 田中 凛

    TOP gain a weight?! or is it only cos of the clothes O.o
    and...seungri w/ black outfits and black messy hair, somehow he looks like an edward scissorhand (lol)
    but not to complaining cos am a big fan of edward scissorhand XD

  • Lhotshot83

    where is GD, is he still technically on suspension???

  • Enived Eihn

    HAHA :D I'm imagining GD while this performance is going on. Maybe he's in the studio room of YGE preparing for their new album. Too busy. Album is more important. HAHAHA :D

  • Shizuka Kwon★彡

    I miss GD too, but It's ok, we can wait. BIGBANG AS 5 FIGHTING! ♥

  • One Of a Kind

    My boys, all grown up!! Man I can't wait for their new album!!!!! =)

  • MynameisGDGD

    WOW.... GD is not there at the stay G concert... :( this is sad... I thought only three of them (TOP, Taeyang and Seungri) would show up. But at least Daesung is here! 

    we must understand that it must be hard for GD to just perform at these concerts.... but WE MISS YOU! 

  • naimah abas

    woah.. gmarket without gd! I'll understand.. Bigbang fighting!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Dae Dae :) I'm glad to see you :)
    Love how the boys are dressed ^_^
    agree, Jiyong was missed but we undertand :)

  • Niadinda

    It's the clothes... by the looks he has like 3 layers hahah :P 

  • Gracey Te

    I miss GD  :(   but anyways, Im happy for Daesung... BIGBANG as 5 FIGHTING !!! 

  • MR.G

    where is kwon leadah..????why he is not here...??

  • Maggie Buena

    singing*welcome to the gmarket .. even though GD is not here . we know he's somewhere . preparing the album we've been all waiting for . and they are gonna rule 2012 and the following years .
    VIP till whenever

  • Nessa

    If GD is on suspension, how did he perform at the YG concert? Andif that were true wouldn't they be waitin before they released the new GD&TOP MV?

  • tiararogue

    Awww GD missing :( curse you haters but still happy we got to see all 5 of them at the YG Family concert. sooooo looking forward to them come back with a BANG and knock the socks off. GO GO GO Big Bang

  • Tamara Tran

    Aww, I miss GD :(
    But they all look so amazing!!! 

  • MelaNy MeNesez

    SeungRi was sick last week..??? My Baby...His lips Looks parched..u_u

  • Chiaki Karuna

    Many tapes!!!
    It's falling like snow. (*^_^*)
    It's a very beautiful stage.  !!!!

  • TotoBearTop

    It does feels weird looking at the 2nd picture with space in the middle :S But i know everything will be fine again soon~