Big Bang Times Volumes 3 & 3.5 and Christmas Card [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 15, 2011  

(Updated with more photos) BIGBANG TIMES is Big Bang's official newsletter for VIP JAPAN fanclub.

Will update with HQ scans...:)

Photos by Tisya @

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    Woooh really tempting!

  • JiyongieKnighT

    I love JVIPS !!!

  • puffle95

    Japan VIP is the luckiest... T^T

  • daragonlai :)

    JVIPs are really jjang! I want a copy of Big Bang times! T_T First time I saw it in 2NE1tv, I wanted it already. Me want... :(

  • MynameisGDGD

    WOOW. I'm so jealous of those JVIPs! lucky ducks!

  • anita VIP

    I WANT TOO!! T__T but in either English or Swedish kkk
    JVIPs are lucky!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    wow, JVIPs are so lucky, their fandom have so much benefits.I'd like to belong to it and Korean fandom of course :)

  • Chiaki Karuna


    YG family.
    YG staff.
    Thank you!!!!
    BIGBANG Times!
    Very very splendid!!!
    Much update!!
    A feeling of thankfulness produces me.(*^_^*)

    I looked at the JAPAN AVEX  GROUP website!!!
    I am lucky.☆
    I become today JAPAN VIP member.♪♪
    I support YG family and BIGBANG!!!
    Thank you very very very much!!!!

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Congrats :)

  • Maggie Buena

    i remember . GD in 2ne1tv . when he was also reading 'bigbang times' . lol . he said . he's also curious of their own news XDD

  • leoyb

    i really really really envy with JVIPz !!!
    Big Bang is huge even when they are only attached to Korea & Japan ... 
    just imagine how big they are if they come to all nations in the world o.0

  • TotoBearTop

    It's so cool! A newsletter filled entirely with Big Bang news. Ahhhh i want a copy too! T_T jVIPs are always so lucky. 

  • BB4ever

    JVIPs I love u!!!!! We should have BIGBANG TIMES wolrdwide !!!!!  

  • Diyanah

    How do you get that????? I want it BADLY!!!! TT TT Will it come to Singapore??? TT TT

  • ♔칸유젠.Y-U-Z-H-E-N♔

    OMO I WANNNNN DDX cant the whole global haf tis paper???? i wann itttt~~~ but it mus b in eng of cuz :>


    I got it from VIP Japan because I'm JVIP :) 

  • elisa_aoki

    I am very happy ... I got mine today. It is very beautiful A special gift. Thank you! I love BIG BANG ♥

  • Jasxx

    Hi Chiaki,

    How can we get hold of Big Bang Times if we are not JVIPs? Is there anyway we can purchase it?

  • VIPBJ4ever

    JVips are so jjang~!! I wanna have this!!!!

  • VIPBJ4ever

    where can I buy this???? I REALLY WANNA HAVE THIS!!!

  • leoyb


  • Alena

    oh, hi, are u gonna go to YG Famly Concert in next January?

  • Alena

    oh, congrats 2 u ^^ will u go to YG Family con in next January?

  • Fervour

    I want one of these newsletters in my country. :( Please, big bang Indonesia?

  • Maroug25

    I want from those too...!!!:((

  • vip501

    I want this toooooooo T_T

  • Sqcirtri

    which season and episode is it? Thanks

  • Newyorkkitty

    where can you buy this?!

  • bub

    If not mistaken, I thought he said smtg like "I too need to read the big bang times to know what's going on"-in regards to what the other members are up to.

  • Maisarah Mohd

    The picture are nicely printed!

  • Simone La

    I hope they soon make a international edition for us

  • wintersecrets

    lucky jvips. i wanna get this newspapaer monthly?quarterly?
    the card is so cute! wonder if they drew the teddy bear themselves?

  • Betzabe Nazario

    OMG GD's signature is the cutest, "be happy" I want a newsletter T_T

  • MynameisGDGD

    awwwe, how come they never make these cute Christmas cards in Korean!! JVIPs always get to have the most amazing things! LUCKY!

  • Ee Ling

    i'll be crying if i get this for my christmas present, but i know that's impossible  :(

  • Doreen Araneta

    huhuhuhu T.T so so envious to JVIP's !!
    How I wish they were also a Philippine Edition Christmas cards! ^^

  • aien

    They so so so lucky, wanna those too T_T

  • aien

    They so so so lucky, wanna those too T_T