Big Bang @ YG Family Concert 2011 in Seoul (Day 1) ① [PHOTOS]

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  • ★*:.。.Shizuka.。.:*★

    OH MY BOYS GOD BLESS YOU GUYS <333333333 I'm so happy TwT

  • Liezel Albay

    this is y i love YG Family.,, they bring us so much happiness!!!

    GD gained weight.,, he looks more healthy.,, so handsome and cute

  • Ekrim

    AAAAAAHHHHH T__T they look like they're having fun!!!! wish i was there!

  • VIP4Daesung

    Dae's smiling face in the pic..OMO..My life's complete...all is right
    with the world. Thank you God, Jesus, VIPs & all that stood up
    for/with Dae, GD and the boys... We made it thru the storm :)

    These pictures prove that...and we hope that never again will Big Bang have less then all 5 members.....they are the best and they deserve the best....Simply amazing...

  • I’noo

    BIGBANG IS BACK.>!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tshidi

    Those colors!...

  • Glad-Den Yt

    Keep it up boys (': we really appreciate your hard work ^^ *hearts* 

  • GD’s Wife

    My Hubby :D

  • Keishira_finn

    owww.. i miss gd's smile..

  • Tharanee

    I wish I was there^^

  • ndyia

    My goodness! Weird jackets are weird =.=

  • valxuan

    The highlight of the day: The 5 of them performing together will smiles all over!

    Nothing beats that. Nothing!

  • LynDoan

    OMG it look awsome. i wish i be there :(

  • Avi Will

    I'm not even there but I'm soooo excited to see them!!! Finally everything is going back to it's place, BIGBANG is 5 again!!!! <3



  • wintersecrets

    Yes! Big Bang, Big Bang don't stop! although what the hell is tabi (third pic) and also dae wearing?!  hmmm

  • dodo18

    me too i don't want to see them on stage missing one single member it's so heartbreaking. i remember the first performance they did just after dae accident , they seemed like lost puppies, trying too hard not to cry. to see gd crying who is always so strong i don't want to see it again. i just thank our dae for being so strong and returning with his bro.

  • tshidi

    Tabi: Like a ninja...

  • TotoBearTop

    LOL Tabi with that pose! But the one of TOP with green stripes and pink leopard spots sleeves is errrr....

  • Aic Leong

    YG family is the BEST!!So happy to see 5 of them together again after this long time!!BIGBANG is BACK!!

  • YGfamilyalltheway

    someone gimme full version of TOP singing BOMMIE's part of I AM THE BEST! I AM DYINGGGGGGGG TO SEE THAT!

  • Roseanne_rj

    is there any news that yg has sold out their concert tickets?

  • Chie Sillona

    i love BIGBANG ♥

  • Jeniffer Hui Phin

    wow!!!!GD'S HAIR!!!weee!!!!!!!!!

  • TotoBearTop

    Seungri's sweet smile & GD's hair! <3 

  • two elf (마야)

    One question: Cameras and videocameras are allowed? Or are these people so lucky that they were able to take videos and pictures without getting caught and dragged out?

  • Buddhabenzii

    The B E S T BIGBANG ^^

  • eelingVIP


  • Maggie Buena

    awwww.. this is just the best thing .. i cant w8 for the HQ photos .. now i really want to buy the DVD . is there a way for US fans to buy it ? cuz i dont know how .

  • Gracey Te

    I'm freakin' sobbing right now !!! huhuhuhu :'(  I really really wanna be there to watch them all perform !! huhu :( 

  • myamneeziah

    Bigbang is's the greatest feeling ever!!!  I cried  of so much joy!!! The feeling of gratefulness is over-pouring...I cannot imagine Bigbang without the other...and I'm proud to be with the best fandom in the world! - VIP's...thank you guys for not giving up on our boys!!! I LOVE THEM =D

  • Memory

    GD's hair grown so much!!

  • Chaby Tabi

    waaahhh!! they're all there.. so happy to see them all five again.. :))

  • nejinn

    Haha! Yes, he and Jiyong might have swapped verses again. :P Tabi doing the "beongaecheoreom nomge ddwieoulla like ninja!" instead. ;)

  • smiley18

    OMO!! I want to see fancam of IATB, Lonely and It Hurts by Big Bang.. It looks so fun especially the IATB ^__^

  • Rei_lynx

    OMG! they look hotter than ever! someone plzz bring me to s.korea !

  • vanessa cabilin

    their shirts are cute ^^

  • Mybigbang

    I'm crying inside my heart rite now.. It looks so much fun being there and I'm not there.. gosh..superb concert..

    BUT THEY BACK, in the sense they do back as 5..
    I am the best!

  • Hoài Trần Thị

    waaaaaaaaa , BB come back
    They are so hansome  and cute

  • tshidi

    It's so cute when they do that...

  • VIPtinaPH

    ohhhhhhhhhh soooo great to see them all together performing again!! <3 love you BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Skull Ry

    big bang back again as 5 on the stage... their smile from their hearts can make all VIPs warm and happy <3

  • Cathy-ck

    big bang is back woooohooooooo.........

  • fayelfrida


    I love the photos!! too much to handle.. that makes my cry with JOY!!

    and did just TOP put his hands on his bum? lols.
    those quirky moments are totally epic if you watch it live.. :D
    but even on photos it is STILL SUPER DUPER EPIC!!

    i love baby panda's photos.. he looks soo ADORABLY HOT!
    and Ji ghad! lost of words..
    and i keep on saying DAE IS SUPER GETTING INTO ME RIGHT NOW..
    he's soo FREAKIN HOT!! ghad i need some air.

    thank you for the post!!! 

  • Kayumanis88

    glad to see them blast the stage as 5..VIPs missed all of you..May God Bless you always and remember VIPs are always behind you guys!

  • Rachel G

    they look happy I love it!!

  • Teng Huey Yi

    Totally LOL-ed at the first picture! Love them <3

  • Gracey Te

    OMO !! ^o^  YG family concert just gave me lots and lots of happiness. to the point that I wouldn't want to sleep. I desperately wanna go to korea and watch 

  • MsPinkyLicious

    HAHAHAHA what's with top and his hand in the first pic? LMAO xDDDDD

    as u can see too, there's 3 different expression in the first pic too LOL :DDD

    BIG BANG FTW <3 

  • V.I.P – USA

    BIGBANG is back as five!! Couldn't be happier...!! What a great way to end the year!! They started my year of 2011 BIG and ended it as well with a BANG! I love them. I feel content right now with everything... I wish this feeling stays forever. (((:

  • PrincelyLuna

    LOL ... did Tabi just pull a muscle in his back dancing?


    LOL , most favourite picture : the first one <3

  • Mareginalim

    HAPPY TO SEE THEM BACK AS 5!! TEARS OF JOY ARE running through my eyes

  • mαry-αnnє

    aish TOP, the forever playful hyung haha. I'm just smiling here as I scroll down the page looking at these pics~

  • Noma

    eatyourkimchi went so they might vids and photos too

  • Musti4fanGD

    GD <3

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    * Tears of happiness *
    Our boys looks so adorable, handsome ^^ 
    giving their heart and soul ^_ ^

  • Eltona Dova

    I could not believe it was all together and sing
    bigbang are stronger than ever and I happier than ever ^_^this concert was a response to all those who they said that is finished......bigbang and vips forever...... <3

  • Everettk

    Does anyone have the explanation of the first pic.....

  • Elli Dova

    I can not believe it all together and sing T_Tthey are stronger than ever and I happier than ever ^_^
    after this concert will all understand how strong bigbang are... and stop talking as much say that bigbang dissolved...:DBIGBANG NAD VIPS....<3

  • Chiaki Karuna

    Please come to Japan early!!!

  • glamsol

    yup THAT'S BIGBANG:)) it nearly moves my tear, but i just can pretend it:)) i wish i had been there

  • kazu


  • Gre

    OH MY BB!!

  • ACC

    OMG :D

  • Jelline Valentin

    LOVE YG FAMILY!!!!!!
    You guys really do you're best and give your everything to us fans!
    Hope I can attend to one of your concerts! MORE POWER & GOD BLESS!

  • Baynstalk

    just looking at this pics, i got goosebumps... wow! it feels good to seethem one again,,what more in their coming 2012 BIG SHOW..i envy you guys specially who watched the concert... CHEERS to YG family n we love you so much BIGBANG!

  • puffle95

    haha TOP gone crazy !! Love him forever !! ♥

  • Tamara Tran

    Choi Seung-Hyun, every single damn concert you do always has an experience where you grab your ass. 
    Please don't stop doing that. It's one of your best physical assets after your face. And it brings much laughter and joy to all VIPs :) 

    The boys look so happy! AHHHHH, WHY CAN'T I LIVE IN KOREA! D:

  • Pat

    very Glad

    5 members !!!!!!!!

  • Eli

    The staffs werent mean. Just telling people to stop or by putting their hands. So I saw no one getting dragged out ^^

  • Eli

    Just at the end of the song 내가 제일 잘 나가 ending pose. I guess he wanted to do that ^^

  • Eunchan


    There is 1 G-Ri Moment...On the 6th pictures...
    ALive G-Ri lovers...!

  • two elf (마야)

    Whoa, that's lucky. When I went to BS 2011, the girl in front of me was viciously pulled by one of the staff, ready to drag her out. She let the girl go only after she sees that the photos/videos were deleted! 

  • Angel Rose

    LOL oppa T.O.P look so SEXY. 
    the concert look so beautiful TTnTT i want to be there........

  • Jchrisdl18


  • Shiro Sky


  • Anonymous

    oh!!!!!!want their Kisses shirts Tn T  DX wahhh!!!!!!!!!

  • kim soham0

    aaaaaaah they r soooo amazing T_____T I WANT TO THIS CONCERT