YG Family Concert 2011 - Banners/Standees [PHOTOS]

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  • Greeley

    YAY! omg so happy and excited, hope everyone who has tickets has a great time, scream extra loud for mee!

    Let them know that us VIPs will be with them until whenever! :)

  • VIP4Daesung

    Daesung...OMO! DAESUNG....Why do you look so handsome? Why are your eyes so deep and understanding...like you truly know and understand so much?!?! Why are you so dashing in black and white, and why have you stolen my heart so?!!!

    I love all the photos...but Daesung...OH! Daesung...this picture is truly one worth 1,000 words and I cannot help but love it.

    Welcome back DaeDae...Welcome back GD....WELCOME BACK BB AS 5 :)

  • JustBeGummi

    that's my T.O.P ;]

  • http://twitter.com/SMSisita Samantha Mercado

    GDTOP <3

  • http://twitter.com/MaggieBuena Maggie Buena

    oh and anyawy . i got my mom into BigBang too . and while im looking at these pictures .. mom said GD look like a girl with that hat .. 
    i always argue with my mom cuz my mom always say GD acts like a gay (skirt, etc) .. well that's bec my mom is TOP biased XDD

  • Anamari


  • http://twitter.com/PaMoneyy V.I.P – USA

    Why do they look so sad.... yet so smexyyyy! Haha :) I see fans lining up in the back... Oh lucky fans. I wish I was there. Have fun everyone who's going or already there. I so envy you all !! :P

  • Sabrina Motiwala

    Daesung looks happy yet a little skinny! AWWW.


  • mizskullzzz

    all of them look so hot and sexy!!!!
    GD <3

  • http://twitter.com/QjQjpanda Phung Van

    DaeDae look handsome here wow excited !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002931072445 Skull Ry


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tsubasa-Yuzuri/1843903106 Tsubasa Yuzuri

    miss GD sooooooo muchhh~~~~~~~~~

  • hanana

    they all looks SUPER AWESOME PERFECT!!!!!

  • http://startariottt.tumblr.com/ Trang Ho

    ahhhhhhh i want those banners!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/vipdolphin SiSiDol

    what did they do to GD? hahaha~ Daesung <3

  • http://twitter.com/JasiAnastasia Jasmine Anastasia

    TOP is too sexy in glasses GD looks beautiful DaeDae & Taeyang are oozin' charisma and our Maknae is lookin' hot!!! If I was in Seoul I would jack those banners not gonna lie!!!

  • rainnytae

    MY TAEYANG! <3

  • http://twitter.com/fthmnwrh Fth Mnwrh.

    HOT TOP!!!

  • rainnytae

    I WISH I'LL BE THERE!! <3 <3 <3

  • http://tamaraaa.tumblr.com/ Tamara Tran

    This screams perfection.
    This is what Big Bang is supposed to be - flawless, beautiful, charismatic, and most importantly, together. 

    2012, watch out. 
    You're gonna have 5 wonderfully and amazingly talented men starting it off with a big BANG! 
    And end it with an explosion :D

  • nat4706

    oh god! they are ALL so handsome! want to own all of them (of course, the standees) ! ^-^

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    Security should guard TOP's banner closely...it might just grow legs & take a walk...

  • http://twitter.com/J0J0_91 Jo

    Aigoo~~~ Can i please have those so i can use them as currtains in my room?? :D

    They are sooo handsome :)

  • http://twitter.com/hananokoponpon ポンポン(テソポン)

    BIGBANG GO~GO~GO~!!!!!

  • Baynstalk

    hahaha! your mom iscool... my mom too loves top

  • EelingVIP

    Too busy to see everything my gosshhh!! Oh DARA wearing her birthday present, so nice :)

  • http://twitter.com/kwonjiyongs Glad-Den Yt

    Hahaha look at Taeyang looking @ Dara *___* And Daesung really lost a lot of weight ): please eat more >_< 

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    really stunning standees ! Our boys look sooooo Gorgeous ^^ 

  • TotoBearTop

    Lol it's funny how Taeyang is the only one standing & facing sideways in the 3rd banner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000193594857 Yiwen Chuah

    im so SAD !!! i cant attend the concert !! 

  • http://twitter.com/prettyjhadz jade nohay

    all the people going to watch yg family concert your so lucky guys...enjoy and keep updating ...thank you!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001753217248 Chiaki Karuna

    A big poster!!! surprised!!!
    It looks well [ many people ].

    2NE1 Very ! Very ! Lovely.(#^▽^#)

  • Tharanee

    I wonder if any of the fans falls for the temptations of stealing one of these. Just think about having a huge banner with TOP in your livingroom^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/iespolong Isis Espolong

    He's looking at DARA ^^

  • http://twitter.com/hikaru_dawn Dawn

    Jealous at those who experience their comeback stage as 5 and so happy that they are back!

  • wintersecrets

    the banners look so amazing! i waana steal them for myself, hahahahah

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    Oppas are sooo handsome! *-* Jiyongie, you're really beautiful <3

  • Lizen Mistake

    I want these banners, to hang them in my room! *___*

  • http://twitter.com/Jelline_V Jelline Valentin

    It's really great that you're back Daesung!!! YOU'RE STILL HOT!!! ;)

  • Musti4fanGD

    GD <3