Big Bang "Lotte Duty Free" Post Cards [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 3, 2011  

Source: GDFW (Dictator @ Big Bang Baidu)

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  • shengie ( 쉴라 ) ;D

    TODAE is here.. TODAE is here.. TODAE is here.. kyahhhh!!! MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION MODE..

  • Tsubasa Yuzuri

    OMO !!! there's pictures of GD with Blonde hair !!!

  • Jeniffer Hui Phin

    craving for those!!!!T.T

  • Tabisan4eva

    Wow!..Tabi and Dae are so good to see and of course Tabi and Seungri..hehehe..I love the piggy back that they made..poor Seungri..hhahahaha..I magine he carried Tabi..Anyway, I also want to have that..hehehe..I love Tabi's solo pose on the last photo where he is wearing a white jacket and shirt inside..He is really CUTE..Kyaah!! doubt!.

  • kb

    so awesome! the todae! the big bang love! LOL i see tabi and gd riding panda too!! xD

  • tshidi

    Seungri: Forever giving GD&TOP piggyback rides...

  • Tamara Tran

    I want this! :(

    They all looks so happy and full of life here! ^.^

  • Jo

    Hmm...where can i buy these? I would totally frame them and put them up on my wall :D

  • mαry-αnnє

    ooh I want em ALL lol =p Ah, I need a close up of that one pic of TOP with the white shirt as he has one hand up near his hair :D

  • shinkai_kun

     ohhh i love tabii solo pose when he wore a white shirt...super hot..hahaaaa..poor panda oppa have carried gdtop...TODAE look happy together...i love the way panda carried the big hyung...super cute..

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    How beautiful post cards^^ one more thing I wish I have it T_T

  • blagovesta

    can someone   send me card like this

  • blagovesta

    they are so beautiful

  • TotoBearTop

    LOL Seungri! TOP in the white shirt is so hot!

  • missluckybreaks

    Wow, I want this! Too bad I can't find it in America! Anyone in Korea want to b pen pals? LOL

  • toplover

    anybody know how can i have them? from lotte duty free shops?

  • Chiaki Karuna

    BIGBANG postcard!!!.
    I want.!!!!!


    i want it! where can i get this? 

  • amyy(bigbang!♥)

    i wan to have it ! :D

  • Avi Will

    I want close shots of those, there's so many cute and adorable photos :3

  • PrincelyLuna

    if only someone is generous enough to scan each one of these cards, i'd be forever grateful!!

  • Maggie Buena

    i love how GD's hair is shaved but he still look amazing . 

  • Gracey Te

    kyaaaaaaah!!! I wanna have em all   *_*

  • Simone La

    /singing in pokemon's theme tune "gotta get themm alll"

  • Eunchan

    Those are really good post cards...

    Really... Wanna... Have it all...!!!Caw!

  • gdaetop

    TODAE bromance... no one can beat it..

  • aina omar

    where can i get all this??anyone can tell me?