Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Christmas Ad [PHOTO]

Shared by on December 6, 2011  

From Lotte Duty Free Magazine (December Issue):

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  • Hsiehcharlene

    so cute<3


    I want to keep them in my pocket<3 

  • amyy(bigbang!♥)

    the pic look so big and bigbang look so small... hahhas so cute!

  • tshidi

    They all look so cute!!! *Note to self: New desktop wall paper for this month...*

  • -`(YURI.)

    So cute > < 

  • shengie ( 쉴라 ) ;D

    1,2,3,4,5! there! everyone's present! my heart went lubdubing so fast out of excitement!

  • pipa

    hahaha this is just hilarious, they all looks so adorably dorkable >.< ~ TOP always sending some sex-appel for the cameras haha

  • VIP4Daesung

    AH! Back to 5 members on the posters...just the way it should be :)

  • Avi Will

    Jiyong's legs in this photo look soooo..unf... *-*

  • Maggie Buena

    lol .. that is just so cute .. 

  • Skull Ry

    Mini-big bang <3

  • Sea Li Loung

    this is this one photoes but anyway it cool!

  •ávez/100001291907631 Claudia Chávez

    so cute

  • hanana

    so big bang so adorable

  • Baynstalk

    the very boyish and cute looking facial expression of top is awesome here,,, Gd looking very feminine,n girly pose hahaha! love them all go BIGBANG!

  • vip501

    TOP is killing me *_*

  • TotoBearTop

    Cute little Big Bang! :D

  • BigGirl

    OMG!!Cute Bigbang pixies..LOL...

  • Jessy Kwon

    Hello! I still have long since^^ I love your work to inform us, are very organized: D but never commented blog ever entered his excuse is that I have little time and too little time I have reported on my facebook page is also dedicated to GD❤ no more to say I say goodbye and blowing kisses from Argentina~~^^

  • Love BB

     He's wearing my favorite pair of boots. He's so sexy when he's wearing them. They make his legs seem longer!

  • Chiaki Karuna

    If I can spend Christmas with BIGBANG member.It becomes very splendid Christmas.

    This photograph is very pretty.
    I pray to be able to spend a day of Christmas when BIGBAN member is fun.!!!
    I pray to be able to spend a day of Christmas when all of YG families is splendid.!!!

  • Deliesita94

    They all look so cute ..(Tae Yang more...sorry i love him) anyways gawd i wish they were that tiny so i can just grab them and take them home with me 

  • vip501

    OMG I have been thinking this ALL the time when he wears those boots, but I just thought Im weird! I am planning to get the same style boots LOL

  • goody.maiden

    I want them to be my birthday's present. How cool it'll be.

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Love their cute expressions ^_^
    I want them under my christmas tree ^^

  • Angel Rose

    So nice and so cut3

  • Tamara Tran

    They look so damn cute!!!
    And I want to raid their closets and take their jackets. 

  • Teo Yan Ling

    so cute!love!

  • Resa

    ahhh why are they so adorable!!!! I just want to keep them all to myself!!!

  • Love BB

     You're not weird, or both of us are! LOL
    I am planning to get the same boots too! I think they are really sexy.