Soul by Ludacris 2012 Calendar [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 6, 2011  

Updated with scans: (click photos to view them in their original sizes)


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  • VIP4Daesung


  • Maggie Buena

    WOW . WOW . we all can tell this is a new pic cuz of GD and taeyang's hairstyles  .. wow . really happy . they are back as 5 now . *sob*

  • Erica Widener

    my heart just stopped. ;~~~~;

  • elaniey

    i saw daesung on the picture!!!!

  • V.I.P – USA

    Aww this photo is just PICTURE PERFECT !! Everyone looks so happy... I love this... This is the BIGBANG we know and love!!

  • Anamari

    his smile is back!!



  • Jeniffer Hui Phin


  • Barbara_✰♛

    Things are slowly starting to fall back into place. It's so nice to see them all together again and smiling♥~ :,] I wish them all the happiness in the world♥

  • hanana

    yes..awesome smile  ^_____^
    btw.. daesung and seungri looks weird, its just a pic right?

  • Tsubasa Yuzuri


  • Chae

    OMGD!!! I Love you GD! kkk.. Bigbang5 is back!!

  • plex


    omg I couldn't be happier today.

  • Angel♥Sol

    omg :O i want this calander :(((((

  • Nga Tran

    5 forever!!!

  • Jasmine Anastasia

    Daesung's in it!!!!

  • jessiexG

    wonder if the calender is for sales..i really want it! T.T

  • Yulianti Dwi Utami

    GD's precious precious smile.. Dae's too... XDDD


    WOW,like   like !!!!

  • Jeniffer Hui Phin

    aw.....i wish it will never stop ending of the updates from BB

  • RIΣF▲ ROϟL▲N


  • Biatchu No Pimp

    GD's pic on the JUNE page is alkdjaklfjskfd

  • V.I.P – USA

    Aww my birthday month is June... That's a cute but sad picture of GD. Smile more handsome!! We want that beautiful smile of yours!

  • superKee

    wow  I want one!!!!!   :D

  • Aisa Magana

    I'm so happy right now. <3

  • Katherine

    I can't help but still get teary-eyed lately with the influx of BB pictures as 5 and seeing the positive response to Daesung making his comeback.
    The feeling of finally everything coming into place and the boys getting back on track doing what they love doing makes me feel so overjoyed. ^^

    [If my DVD/CD store sells those calendars I'm so buying it !! - How hot do they look ^^]

  • DaniLee

    haha,all their ears covered with earpiece..and they were talking with each other xD

  • Tamara Tran

    OhMyGD!! <3 

    They all look so amazing TOGETHER! 
    BIG BANG AS 5!!! 
    KYA!!! ^.^

  • tshidi

    Those little drinks look so adorable with that British flag & all...looks like TOP is up to no good, making some funny joke...

  • mr. G

    woow..dae sung and seungri look more closer in the a close magne and look so happy..

  • EelingVIP

    The first photo really shock me !! Dae is there :'))))

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys smiling Together !!!!!! Beautiful ^^
    more good news, Thank god !

  • anna

    I see Daesung smile.

  • mytopsecret

    im so happy that they surpassed the 5years cursed   at the end of 2011 they are coming back and well see more on 2012 ====>bigbang always amazing :)

  • glamsol

    the first photo:) finally....yes i love these smiles, these moments. always be like that

  • Chiaki Karuna

    2012 BIGBANG calendar.
    Five members' smile!!!
    Probably, it will be pleasant to open a calendar.(*^_^*)

  • Avi Will

    BIGBANG's 5 again! And they're laughing! I wanna cry tears of joy...
    Jiyongie in june is soooooo handsome *-* damn, why can't my country sell calendars like this ;\

  • Jasxx

    does anyone know how we can get it?

  • Liezel Albay

    omo.,,  they are so handsome.,,

    GD makes me die.,, wahh.,, he looks so hot with those calendars., i want to have one.,, please please.,,

  • Dawn

    back as 5 *wipes tears*

  • Hidayah Saberi

    daesung smile...just love it!

  • love taeyang

    im lovin it ! :D <3 <3

  • wintersecrets

    i see smiles! they look so good :)
    their smiles never fail to make me smile

  • Gracey Te

    daebak !!! I super wanna have one :D :D  I love the pic when they were all smiling so brightly .. kyaaah

  • NeuroticChick

    GD looks so sad and heartbroken in the 4th pohoto to me. I just want to hug him, stroke his hair and say "everything's gonna be okay" Poor boy looks so sad nowadays. I hope PaPa YG doesn't give him a hard time for one silly mistake

  • Teng Huey Yi

    I WANTT!! ><

  • darakim

    I'm sure that's what they're all laughing about :D

  • Simone La

    GD <333

  • Vechelv

    prettttttty cool, prettttttty want it>>

  • Kimi Clay


  • Eunchan

    I have a plan to buy a table calendar. I think that is a really great choice. But the question is... Is that sold here?


  • Gill Lam

    where can i get this calender?

  • Shadi Sharon Hagen Husseini

    Ahh i want this! : (

  • Sea Li Loung

    how can i get one too?it really cool!!

  • Vip25

    Where to get this calendar?
    Anyone knows?

    My bday is in february and taeyang's pict in it kkk

  • Fthmnwrh

    i wish i have this on my study table *sigh*

  • burp

    finally its the 5 of them . pure precious .

  • juju


  • Meixuan

    anyone know where to get this?? I want to buy too!!!

  • tshidi

    OK. Let's see the months I'll be using a SBL calendar: January, September, October, November, December...*chuckle*

  • Doreen Araneta

    GD oppa's face is all over the calendar!
    ^^ **spazz**

  • Maggie Buena

    where can we buy the calendar ? omg . i love gd's picture in june ..

  • Jessica

    and that's my birth month +____+

  • TotoBearTop

    The first picture is beautiful! I want this! I'll be looking at this every day on my table and not concentrating on what i'm doing >.< 

  • piiin

    DAESUNG!! it's so great to see him again. ^_^

  • Majoriejanealban

    i wnt that calendar.......plizzzzzzzzzzzzz.............:p

  • Jo

    Well i have my wallpapers for next year :D

  • Joy Mac

    Where is this available?

  • Leah Ulquiorra

    omg i need this ;_;

  • Sophie

    Does anyone where I can get this?! I want T^T

  • Chiaki Karuna

    Why is BIGBANG member beautiful!!!? (*^_^*)
    I like all photographs!
    It is a splendid calendar.!!!

  • Deliesita94

    Favorite one is the one where all Five are together :D Oh and February (Tae Yang) I noticed how GD and TOP have their pics on their month of birth unlike Tae Yang or Seungri :( still they all are looking great specially on the one where they are all together 

  • lisaVIP

    TOP looks SMEXII in october <3 :p 

  • Riris Panggabean

     love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Riris Panggabean

    Luph u!!!!!!!!!

  • Alyssa Vargo

    I think they assigned the calendar months based not on who's birthday is what month (GD and TOP have their own birth month) but instead on the boys personality's....if you look their personality matches perfectly with the months and what those months represent.

    Like Maknae Seungri has april and may--spring---which matches his cute and spring-y personality

    GD has June, July, and August--summer--which matches his bright smile and burning hot creativity.

    T.O.P has October and November--autumn-- which matches his cool outer appearance and his refreshing personality, that plus those months people layer up and we all know how much T.O.P LOVES to layer up!

    Then there's Taeyang which to me is the least obvious reason, February and lets say March---Winter--- only thing I can think of is that those winter is when it snows which symbolizes innocent and purity, which we all know Taeyang is.

  • The One You Worship


  • VIP_

    why GD picture took 3 months solo -__- ??? okey

  • Diana Cortez

    I just notice!! Daesung is missing in the rest of the calender... (ecxept January) O_O