YG Entertainment Talks Future Plans, New Groups to Debut Next Year [NEWS]

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YG Entertainment made it official on November 8 that they have a new boy band and girl group waiting for debut next year. At a press conference held to address the label’s public listing on the KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) stock market, the CEO of YGE, Yang Min Suk, said the company currently has two idol bands in training that are expected to be the next Big Bang and 2NE1.

The CEO said YGE has 32 trainees right now. The new girl group will only be comprised of members under 20 years old and is scheduled to debut in the first half of next year. Their new boy group, however, will be revealed in the second half of 2012.

Yang Min Suk also said YGE will open at least two more offices in the Greater China region. Much like their recent joint project, “YGEX,” with Japanese music label AVEX, YGE is looking to beef up their overseas business units.

“The Asian market (excluding Japan) is smaller than Korea in terms of music sales, but it’s a lucrative market for concerts and live events. Our strategy is to enhance our artists’ value through concerts and move from there,” Yang Min Suk said.

He also acknowledged the need for stronger crisis management skills following an array of negative incidents involving some of their top artists. As a result, YGE has recently formed a separate risk management team to take care of all negative publicity and damage to their overall brand.

He didn’t specify Big Bang’s comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all. But regardless of Big Bang, he sounded confident in YGE’s business for next year, as he said, “Even our most conservative estimates tell us we’ll make 100 billion won ($100 million USD) next year.”

“We’re also planning to hold at least three Japanese concerts with more than 150,000 people coming. Our newest artist Tablo has just released his new album too. We’ll continue to expand our artist lineup to diversify our revenue source,” he said.

This raises the possibility of seeing Mnet “Superstar K2” contestant Kang Seung Yoon in their new boy band. In September, YGE said Kang Seung Yoon would debut with a group next year, with the possibility of doing some solo activities as well.

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    Am I the only one who is not anticipating for the new girl group? ): 

  • SFM17


  • SFM17


  • valxuan

    I would FLIP if Big Bang does not come back next year! It's a NO NO thing!

    Mr.YG, please listen! BIGBANG means A WHOLE LOT to us! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1318193727 Kach Arumäe

    ... what x_o

  • http://twitter.com/BigBRocks omg

    hahaaaaa :D im so glad :D 
    they will be like BIG BANG and 2NE1 ,they say... but its impossible, there cant be as perfect boys as  GD and TOP  are :(
    they are the best and it will be really hard for YG to find someone like them...
    hmmm... looking forward to it :)

  • lola

    "He didn’t specify Big Bang’s comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all.", whats with this though? >:/


    Big Bang must come back......I think after EMA this is a new chapter in their carreer. I wish them all the best x

  • Emily_sx

    i'm excited!! can't wait to see the new little cuties in YG.

  • http://twitter.com/shibuzana Filza

    To be honest , I need BIGBANG and 2NE1 only

  • Whimsical

    In regards to the new groups, I wish them well and am interested in their new style and I hope YG can go from strength to strength and that these new groups can help promote in a vareity of places across Asia, that being said I have a 'invested' interest in BigBang and my focus will remain primarily on them because I want them to keep shining the brightest regardless of anyone else, like becoming Micheal Jacksons/Queens/Rolling stones/ Beatles/ Elvis Presleys of Korea, Asia and the world! Ah a selfish VIP, my bad >.>

  • http://twitter.com/qiecookies Qiqi Aulia

    I just hope they won't take bigbang in back seat :/

  • http://www.persianvips.com/ toplover

    "he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all" !!! WHAT? I really can't love YG without BIGBANG.
    I knew YGE bcz of Bigbang
    and I don't know y , I don't have a good feeling about debuting new groups.I think it's better that YGE put his focus on bigbang new way of promotion all over the world and 2ne1 that r just in begining.
    this article did make me nervous ....idk why :(

  • eelingVIP

    no more group can replace uri BIGBANG&2NE1 ! but hope for a good result for the new group's debut :) BIGBANG will be back ! 

  • everose

    as a VIP and a YG stan, im welcoming the 2 new groups with open arms, well heck, i am delighted with the news.. its YG groups we're talking about!! the additional of YG Family members.. but, there is one HUGE BUT here, you have to let BIGBANG to comeback on the screen sooner than later, do you hear me YG????? ggrrrr.....

    but nevertheless, hwaiting YG Babies!!! ^_~

  • http://bigbangupdates.com lolli-TOP

    GOsh another group is to be born.. :D


    is this the group papa YG claimed to as "snsd-type"? because when he announced that last last last month, i was so busy defending YG from haters especially sones who were furious about this..

  • Lala

    IDGAF about the new groups.

    Just give me my BIGBANG korean comeback!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi

    I sorry but I think I don't care about the new group..
    All I want to know is about WHEN BIGBANG COMING BACK OFFICIALLY..
     the statement "Yang Min Suk, said the company currently has two idol bands in training that are expected to be the next Big Bang and 2NE1".quite annoying TO ME.. no one can replace BIGBANG!! NO ONE!
    I'm sure bigbang will be back soon..they're YG greatest asset!
    especially after WINNING  MTV EMA  yesterday i guess YG is aware about  BIGBANG continuous influence/power among people around the world!

    Anyway seeing bigbang in MTV EMA (complete bigbang) means a lot to me..
    especially DAESUNG!;)...

  • http://twitter.com/Misskoizumi121 마리얌

    woooooh woooooh~ new faces I can't wait *O*

  • equinox411

    yang min suk?????

  • aniway

    I don't care you want to debut new groups or whatever...YG
    But please never neglect BIGBANG and 2ne1...
    I'LL KILL YOU if you do that... =[

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    YGE houses the kind of artists you'd rather have working "for" you than competing "against" you. So get ready. Get Ready!

  • Sqcirtri

    Big Bang better come back next year YG! We are suppose to have 5 more years of big bang so what are you saying?! Im anticipating the groups but i just want big bang back a.s.a.p. We at least deserve that after all the voting!

  • fuuko4869

    I suppose he's referring to the 'second SNSD' group he mentioned before? I'm not digging it.
    I like YGE because they're small, and close, like a family...but expanding this much??
    YG Family >> YG Town? I hope not. D:

  • http://twitter.com/Lin6797 Linoy

    WOW. I mean, it's not that I don't want any new YG groups..I've been waiting for this! But...What about my Big Bang and 2NE1? I hope YGE won't treat them like in SME T__T...And I hope they won't forget about BB X_X.. They had many activities and albums that were supposed to come out....

  • KimChi Nguyen

    ahhhhhhhh, why am I so worry about new idol group debuting, what happen if urin BIGBANG will be forgotten that day? Someone tell me thats not going to happend :(((((((((

  • dodo18

    yg better not mess with vips, it's good that he is debuting his new groups but regardless big bang is still the top idol group in korea

  • http://www.facebook.com/NaddyOrangelovers Nadia Rabaiyah Munif

    Is it just me or is the article really said Yang Min Suk??

    I thought YGE's CEO is Yang Hyun Suk???


    Anyways, can't wait and really anticipating for BIG BANG's come back!!! I miss them so terribly!!

    Congratulations on expanding your family members!! I hope all goes well for YGE!!!

  • tobi

    i'm ok with new group but just don't use Bigbang name too promote them like BIGBANG no.2 GD no.2 or copy&paste BB character in the new group , but i want bigbang comeback first
    sorry for my bad english ^ ^ 

  • YGfamilyalltheway


  • Pat

    i'm be wait for

    YG never give me upset :D


    It's not like any other group is better than 2ne1. They better make sure this new group is way talented and not "for-body-only" girls.

  • bigbangupdates

    Not sure but isn't Yang Hyun Suk the president? They have been calling Yang Min Suk the CEO in past articles.

  • Anonymous

    I dunwan any new group. i wan BigBang n 2NE1 ONLY !! 


    Is winning EMA not enough to prove YG that millions of fans are anticipating BIGBANG's comeback. I hope YG remembers how BIGBANG provided strong walls on that entertainment. Not giving people clear ideas as to their awaited comeback is a crap! COME ON YG! If BIGBANG doesn't come back, it's like telling us (the fans) that we better forget about kpop now.

  • mysun

    "the CEO of YGE, Yang Min Suk, said the company currently has two idol
    bands in training that are expected to be the next Big Bang and 2NE1"

    yes..i'm confused too..

    Yang Min Suk..who is he..??

    i only know Yang Hyun Suk is CEO of YGE..

  • lala

    me too.enough to have bigbang n 2ne1 as a group.

  • xkissansax

    Oh no!!! This is tooo much! YG, calm down! I JUST want BIG BANG!!!!

  • Ggdvgee

    YG, please don't use bigbang for promote new group

  • Raina

    "He didn’t specify Big Bang’s comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all."
    UMMMMMMM? They just won the Worldwide Act for goodness sake, why would he even CONSIDER not bringing them back!?Honestly I'm not feeling very great about the new groups because of the timing. 2ne1 is doing great, I love those girls and completely support them. But BB has had a really rough year. I don't want them to be put on the back burner due to new groups debuting. I also kind of feel like the family feel will be gone if there are all of the sudden tons of new artists/groups there. Then it starts to feel like it's just for the money making potential and not really about the talent and the art anymore. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I like YGE how it is now. XD That doesn't mean I don't want the new groups to be succesful though.One thought I just had is BB's mandatory military service. I don't think any of them have served yet, correct? Maybe some of them are considering taking a break to serve their time? I have to be honest, I don't like that thought at all either. I'm not a fan of the military in the first place. :< I don't know, I'm just trying to find an answer as to why they wouldn't make a comeback....


    To be honest, I dont really like what im reading now, from his persepective he is running a firm and one of his objective is to maximise shareholders wealth , thats still ok, I do understand YGE Group should further its growth so that both shareholders and OUR BOYS WILL BE BETTER OFF..:) BUT WHAT I DISLIKE ABOUT THIS IS THE FACT THAT HE SAID THERE WOULD BE A GROUP NEXT YEAR THAT WOULD BE THE NEXT BIG BANG !! 




  • Raina

    YG Family >> YG Town?

    LMAO. That's what I was trying to say in my comment, but you said it perfectly in not as many words. XD I agree 100% with all of the above comments!

  • Yanti Rahim

    Plssssss.. I want Big Bang to have its own concert in Malaysia.. we only managed to see just 3 of the members during Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011 and this time we want 5 of them on stage. it would be better if YG could organize a World Tour Concert. VIP is all over the world and not only in Korea and Japan. Pls be fair to us who have been supporting them for the past 5 years.

  • smiley18

    same feelings.. :) I don't know but I'm not that excited about the new girl group and boy group from YGE, but any how they will be part of the family so we have to support them too.. Just hope they will not compare them to 2NE1 and Big Bang.

  • muggledore

    Here's a plan for you YG, share Bigbang and 2ne1 to the rest of the WORLD then groom your newbie in South Korea....
    How 'bout that???
    aim for WORLD Domination!!

    *cut the crap about BB not making a comeback or we'll have WAR!!!!!!


    I couldn't agree more. WORLD DOMINATION! GO 2ne1 and BIGBANG!

  • VIP4Lyf

    the truth is im not liking this..why did he not say anything about BIGBANG's comeback???the only thing im looking forward is BIGBANG's comeback...i'll be honest i dont know if  i can like other group other than BIGBANG and also 2ne1..and please dont say that they'll be another BIGBANG, noone can replace them><

  • KimChi Nguyen

    Calmdown VIPs, i was freaking out and angry as well. But what about if BIGBANG will make a WORLD TOUR? Let's hope so! lol

  • Ebethacid

    ooohhh why not specify when is BIGBANG's comeback??? and why declined answering when will BIGBANG return???? ahhhhhh YG! Please pay more attention to BIGBANG, they give u lots of money and honors too!!! they need lots of exposures for their fans around the world, i know that they are an old group but still they are popular:)

  • catchmydrift

    This article made me feel like i got sucker punched. YG, can u just let those 2 new groups debut 3-5 years later??? Give our precious 2NE1 & BB your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION puhleeezzz!! most esp now that they're just gettin' a headstart in global recognition!

  • Chloe

    I also think that YGE had BIG BANG and 2NE1 are enough to make huge income for them.producing new groups is good idea but I just hope that the CEO won't forget the seniors activities and let them make a comeback as soon as possible.Yah,I admit that I miss BB more after the MTV EMA.BIG BANG and 2NE1 will always SHINE all around the world!~

  • muggledore

    YG, please DON'T GIVE US AEGYO!!!!!!

    For the love of all that is sane,
    NO AEGYO!!!!!!!!


    I love YG for sticking up to talent and NOT pure looks..
    PLEASE do not break that faith I have in you :( 

  • Mimzy21

    The Boys can't be replaced ANYWAYS no matter how good the new group is, but if they boys said they're going to bless us with new music, take it as that. <3tabi<3

  • puffle95

    I just want BIGBANG to comeback !! I don't care if there is other new groups.
    BIGBANG really mean everything to me !!! Dear CEO please make a comeback for them...I miss them so much... T_____T

  • http://twitter.com/wMILENAw Milena Ivanova

    I'm curious to see the groups,but please......there's no such thing as "next Big Bang" for me.BIG BANG are one and only so no matter now many trainees you've got there we want Big Bang to return! Love YG:)

  • muggledore

    So, when I say Papa YG is it still Yang Hyun Suk I'm referring too??
    Im confused since I thought he's like the BOSS of ALL boss in YG :(

  • VIP

    I want Big Bang comeback Mr Yang .PLs do Big Bang comeback first and after that think about the new group.BB is our treasure.

  • imonis

    It's time for Bigbang to go international (not only asia).

  • Bia

    Yang Min Suk? O__o lol they messed with Papa YG's name xD

    I'm like everyone else who's not exactly excited for the new groups. The YG right now just feels right. Like a really really close knit family. But we have to think of YG as a company.  I guess I dont mind... YG, please dont give us a group with more than 5-6 members. I have a hard time with names.

  • http://twitter.com/FaithAngel_LeyM Lesley_M

    lets check it out.. maybe it may potentially be like them.. but BIGBANG is the BIGBANG.. and 2ne1 is 2ne1... these artist should have their name and identity of their own.. not that excited.. but would definitely check it out..

  • muggledore

    Yes, PLEASSE!!!!
    Let the newbies have Korea!!!
    Bigbang and 2ne1 can rule the rest of the WORLD~!!!!

  • miss unknown

    I dont know but I feel like he seriously needs to work on promotion skills before debuting new groups! I have to say that he does the best job in hyping them and getting groups debut, but after that, I don't know...as a YG fan for sooo many years already I think everybody agrees with me here...from Big Bang's come back and even 2ne1, I feel like they needed to be promote right becuz they are successful, but not where u know "want" them to be...to sale out records, etc...

    And Big Bang better be coming back as a group YG...I won't be happy if they won't and I am sure that most fans won't be happY! LOL...

  • http://twitter.com/FaithAngel_LeyM Lesley_M

    i like them just the way they do it now.. it works that way.. better visibility.. manageable.. work and play... happy artists.. happy management... happy fans.. happy audience..

  • http://twitter.com/VIPkarla Karla ツ

    Yang MIN Suk -> YG CEO? The what is Papa YG Yang Hyun Suk's position in the company? *CONFUSED*

  • jiyong180888

    its means he will abonded big bang n 2NE1? no way i don wan YG have any new artist n i wan big bang's comeback...........

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi

    yeah...winning MTV EMA is "vip voice" saying that is BIGBANG is still in our heart regardless of the problems occurs this year..i hope YG will understand that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi


  • bigbangupdates

    Not a fan of the "Papa YG" nickname but yeah, he's still YG ;)

  • fablen

    Yang Min Suk is the brother of Yang Hyun Suk. He is responsible for the managerial-finance duties of YGE. Yang Hyun Suk is more focused on the artist development side of YGE. The first biggest shareholder (at least before the IPO) is still Yang Hyun Suk, while his bro, Yang Min Suk is second biggest shareholder.

    Hope that helps. 

  • dodo18

    same here i've been supporting the boys since 4 years, and i want to see them make history. no other group interest me in kpop and i don't think those new yg group will change something in my endless love for the boys

  • dodo18

    i hope so that big bang will promote overseas, even if they don't promote as big bang i want the members solo. he also know that most yg fans are vips. right now he can't do without big bang, he need them at least for 2 years till 2 ne 1 hit the stardom big bang has now and his new group become famous

  • bigbangupdates

    Yup but regarding the terms or what they're called, I think Hyun Suk is the President and Min Suk is the CEO? ;)

  • bigbangupdates

    Hyun Suk is the President. Min Suk is the CEO :)

  • matahariBB

    uhhhh..another group!!!...i want only bigbang and 2ne1....rite now all my love and support is for bigbang and 2ne1...it would be hard to give some of my love to other group [and the fact that the new group look like snsd ????!!!!!!....urghhh...]

  • burp

    YG oh YG , u better get urself together n give big bang some proper love and attention after everything they've done for you , w.out big bang , i doubt YG would have made it this far
    there's no "next big bang" , big bang is the one and only , if YG decided to go wif that concept , sorry MR president , but i think it will fail , no group can ever have what big bang have
    YG should concentrate on his current artists seriously , having so many groups debuting at the same time will just cut out the potential to grow of all !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi



  • http://bigbangheaven.tumblr.com/ TotoBearTop

    "...he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all." WHAT?!?! No freaking way!! Big Bang just won the Worldwide Act for MTV EMA and that proves just how much the fans love them. Big Bang is really important to VIPs and KPop, you MUST let them have a proper comeback! I don't want their comeback and future to be affected because YG is focusing more on the new groups :\

    And please please no cutesy/ too pretty-boy kind of groups debuting from YG :S

    I don't even know whether this is good or bad news now....

  • http://twitter.com/amalinajayari choi lee na

    me too. i was turned off when he referred them as the 2nd snsd. its not that i dont like snsd, its that i dont think he has to make snsd as a reference. plus its so not YG style. hmm maybe they want to venture more, we'll see the outcome next year!

  • bigbangupdates

    Min Suk is the CEO. See calling card: http://i.imgur.com/QHn3X.png

    I believe they call Yang Hyun Suk President :)

  • Daydee Balandra

    not happy....

    they better be damn mind-blowing good.. they better not be cutesy, or oversexified... they better rap like 1 tym...

    otherwise... i'm. not. having. it.

    we've barely had our quota of big bang and 2ne1, and now this?

    yg you troll

  • dodo18

    i hope yg is smart enough and not make vips angry. kvips were already not happy when he used big bang to promote 2 ne 1 but if he abandon them you will be sure that his new groups will debut with millions of antifans. he saw what happened with tvxq hope he doesn't make the same mistake as sm. it's better for yg to have big bang at his side than against him

  • http://twitter.com/ohmygeedeebaby Eva

    I dont want some other groups to replace BIGBANG D:

  • Hiyori1001

    I'm not liking the sound of this...I don't like this AT ALL... Big Bang's just getting started on being internationally recognized... Their win made me think that their on their way to totally dominating Korean music airwaves again & leaving Suju to eat their Designer dust...

    And plus, 2NE1 still hasn't reached the level of Big Bang in terms of songwriting & producing yet...I'm sorry to say this, but 2NE1 can't even perform on stage on the same level as Big Bang yet..Not on the level of my standards anyway (I've set the bar on BB's level)...2NE1 & Big Bang still have plenty of room to grow..2 new groups in one year next year?? What the FUCK??? Why did he have to say "the new Big Bang & 2NE1"????

    who the hell does he think he is that he thinks that there can EVER be ANOTHER BIG BANG AND 2NE1??? You don't find and develop artists like THEM in 20 YEARS let alone 5...

    Those new groups better blow my socks off on their first single or I'm gonna plank in front of the YGE building to "express myself"...

  • http://twitter.com/roseannxD Rose DeGuzman

    why oh why YG?!! arent BIGBANG & 2NE1 enough for you? THEY'VE BEEN MAKING IT BIG FOR YOUR AGENCY and you still manage to come up with this. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY THE WAY IT IS. JUST DO A WORLD TOUR FOR US!

  • http://bigbangheaven.tumblr.com/ TotoBearTop

    I have the same thoughts and feeling as you :S And I hope any one of them won't go for military service so soon yet, it's only been a short while that we've seen them back together as 5 :(

  • GDBaby

    is this greed? why go public at all? but anyway, truth is maybe BB wants a break, maybe 2NE1 wants a break. Dara and Park Bom are of marrying age already and in Korea, girls have to get married before 30 otherwise it's a bit embarrassing. It's the culture. 

    But the new bands do not sound promising at all.

  • http://twitter.com/BurningHikari Elitsa Stefanova

    DO NOT believe that YG will troll Big Bang away. This is the most successful group YG ever had plus everybody in the world saw their succsess and the love from all fans can't be deleted that easily. He can't do it. May be because of the new groups they'll delay their comeback or maybe they'll make a surprice for all i don't know BUT they won't leave the group no matter what - they have to release so many albums so VIPs be patient and wait for more information. I'm sure that the date 06.11.11 is the beginning of something new for the group - they'll comeback GD said it so many times and he'll never lie to us! 

  • http://twitter.com/elizabethkyng Elizabeth Ng

    I'm not anticipating the groups either... I guess I really want YG to stay elite and 'unreachable'? Having an 'SNSD-like' group is going to shatter their long-built prestigious and elite image.... Don't want YG to be another SM or JYP... 

    But who knows? The new girl group might surprise us! As YG always do!

  • http://bigbangupdates.com lolli-TOP

    I realized that I am contented spazzing over two groups which are mainly BIGBANG and 2NE1..

    it's not like I don't wanna support the newbies og YG but I think my life is already wonderful with the two bands.. and papa YG should focus on them instead..

    it feels like he's diverting our attention to the new groups since we're nagging him about BIGBANG's COMEBACK.

  • Vip_shasha93

    personally i don't like what i'm read...
    there's no one can replace bigbang...
    i never like girls group but 2NE1 is 1 group i like...
    BIGBANG will remain in my heart forever....

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A5KLHH7UJ5PC32JXYOLWIFXH5U Pamella Lopez

    I'm a bit nervous about the boy band and girl band coming...
    I just hope YG still gives attention to Big Bang and 2NE1 and doesn't forget about them

  • http://twitter.com/plainsimplegirl Shayne

    And, in the end, it all revolves around on money. *sigh* No matter how promising or how pure one gets, if they fail... There will always be a replacement. *sigh*

  • leoyb

    me too.

    BIG BANG is the only one for meI dont care if they have 2 or more new group to debut 
    they cant replace BIG BANG !!!

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    I know how you feel, I don't like these news too :\ It's like BIGBANG and 2NE1 aren't enough for the company, idk...it's ok to debut another group like by the end of next year but a whole 2 groups in one year? then when is it time for BB to comeback? I hope YG won't be focusing only on the new groups...
    No one, seriously like NO ONE can be the next BIGBANG...

    BIGBANG is ONE and ONLY <333

  • k.wong

    Uhm.....what? No comment on Big Bang's comeback next year....that's disappointing. As much as I love YG Fam, but Big Bang is still my bias, and I think they've EARNED a comeback for next year. Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed :(

  • http://twitter.com/jezkwon Jessica

    excuse me...
    yang min suk ? lol

  • JiyongieKnighT

    I don't want the next bigbang :( there's no such thing as the nnext bigbang... I will always and only love bigbang the most!

  • BAEbyboo

    I may sound selfish, but as a VIP all I've gotta say is : Papa YG, please take care and do your best for BIG BANG!  :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/simone.halo Simone La

    What your'e not sure if Big Bang is doing a comeback! they just won an ema award! and we VIPs can't wait to see them on stage again and hear new songs. I hope these two new groups don't get in the way on BB's and 2NE1's comebacks papa yg... and please please don't make the two groups cutesy! cause i hate that concept and don't make the girl group like snsd (helll no). 

    And we want a Big Bang World Tour! At least give us that...

  • Jjoanna

    I dont think YG papa will simply invest his money.. if YGE going to debut boy and girl groups, they would be as great as BIGBANG n 2NE1 one day. just keep our eyes on them...

  • Sujini

    I was hoping for more exposure of the solo artists instead of debuting another group. Doesn't KPOP already have enough of those groups littered all over the place? I was expecting more promotion and exposure of their really good solo artists, like Gummy, Se7en... and of course the explosive comeback of Bigbang and 2NE1 next year. 

  • Ate_ina30

    im not really hype about the new girl group also . im a blackjack and it seems this girls entering the new scene will have to fill on big shoes because of the success of their sister girl group 2ne1 . i kinda have this weird imagination that 2ne1 was yg's princesses and its gonna be weird having another girl group in the company 

  • vipforever

    IDC about the new group . OK , fine . i do care . but the next BIGBANG and 2NE1 ? no way !

  • Margaret

    oh boy new groups to love for the next year ... In my opinion the YG family, are the most talented, so I can not wait for the debut of these new groups

    but I hope the new girl group, will not be the second version of SNSD , no offense but that group I did not like it at all

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1496790916 Katja Reinhard Gertsen

    I've read really stop big bang?? :'(

  • Sara909

    "He didn’t specify Big Bang’s comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all."UM WHAT?They just won an EMA for WORLDWIDE ACT and opened up the land of KPOP to the world and as a reward for that - they might not even come back at all????IS THIS FOR REAL?We voted and won that EMA for them because we wanted to show them how much we support and love them and wanted them back - AND FOR WHAT?I'm sorry but I AM pissed about this. Really mad. What are you playing at YG? What was the point in us all voting our asses off?

  • ninsarama

    wow. i thought he was the C.F.O. I guess YG is doing what JYP did. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589075412 Lucille Salvador

    papa YG is referring to Yang Hyun Suk, the president, the one we see on BBtv or 2ne1tv.

    i can understand some of your feelings, however we do not live in South Korea where it's regular practice to take time away from the limelight to reflect on your behaviour (case in point: daesung, now GD). EVEN if they won the MTV EMA, this only means that GD will take less time to reflect instead of more than 6 months that dae took for his reflection. it doesn't mean that i'm not upset at the decision, but that's how it is. we just have to be patient with YGE and hope that the decisions they make IS for the better of our fav artists. if i believe that YG is a FAMILY, then i KNOW that YG will only do things that would benefit BB, 2ne1, se7en, tablo, etc...

  • daerrien

    hopefully there is no mean girls, annoying and bragging over because they are in the same roof with bigbang. otherwise they are so dead..

  • lovemode

    i just hope he won't abandon big bang and 2ne1 and then abandon se7en and gummy again because yg is bad at being fair, but i guess we all knew that. i think psy will be okay because he does his own thing without needing much help. i'll probably like the new groups and glad they'll have their chance, i'm only bothered by yg himself with never keeping promises and only focusing on the new shiny thing in his company. =___=

  • michael_13


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1456195064 Iona Meehan

    I really dont want 2 new groups! I dun like how he says the next BB and 21 they cant be replacwed! I really dun want this to happen!

  • couer

    BIGBANG and 2ne1 have massive following both in Korea and International. So I am not worried at all. I just hope that he would not neglect them and take them to a backseat, we want a comeback next year for BIGBANG! 

  • Heartilly188

    I don't like the idea of the new groups...I like yg the way it is now. YG is known to dump old artists out for new one. Look what happened to Gummy and Se7en? They are barely out anymore because of Big Bang and 2ne1. I'm worried it will be the same for Big Bang. =(

  • J.J.

    I'm going to be pragmatic. I love Big bang but age and lifestyle do take a toll on them. Heck, I'm in my mid-20's and I can't do my 4 days without sleep cram sessions for school anymore. So as a loving fan, I would rather Big Bang decrease their schedules so they can prolong their careers and stay happy and healthy. They may even diversify their schedules, I wouldn't mind. But to keep them in that cycle of practice, practice, perform, jet-set to and fro, with little sleep and relaxation... not conducive for older age.  I dare you guys to put your bodies through that wear and tear, then you'll know how much they go through for us. 

    By the way, mental cognition drops at least 30% after 24 hours of no sleep. Trufax.

  • Angel

    i think instead of expanding so much, he should focus on the groups he's got now. even with 2ne1's debut, it seems he's not as concentrated on BB as before, which is kinda disappointing, since VIPs have waited so freaking long for their comeback and now we've gotta wait LONGER?! i wonder, since there's so much expanding, if it's still YG FAMILY, and not a YG BUSINESS =S i mean, i realize the company IS a business, but still, with the tight knit family like relationships within the company, even though it IS a business, it still FELT like a family...but now...new groups are coming out, he's expanding to other places....nooo..i dun like this change ._. and most important of all, he refused to answer anything about Big Bang's comeback asdkfhaldkfghao;rihesdkf FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUu

  • J.J.

    I honestly don't think that'll happen. I noticed this when 2NE1 came out, they were also cutesy but still 2NE1...but now that they've got their fame set, their voice and style became more audacious. 
    I believe that whatever group will come out, it will come out TAME, so it can gather momentum and not shock watches of MuCore and MuBank, LOL. THEN they will go and have their own style. 

    That's more believable than aegyo.

  • forever5

    I sincerely only care about BigBang =) 
    And what about the US YG?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K4K7ADSEA42DNADCEAI4BRJWH4 Stranger_12

    I don't like the line that says "the new idol band will be the next Big Bang" etc. Nooo...

    It sounded like the current Big Bang is dying out, getting replaced etc. Nooo...

    They've only juz received an international award. They're still young and vibrant and having a bright & exciting future ahead.

    I'm still expecting lots from Big Bang. I've no more emotional space for any new idol group now.

    So please... There won't be a "next" Big Bang. There won't be a "better" Big Bang. There will only be the one and only, the best ever authentic Big Bang!

  • McBuffy

    First and foremost YG Entertainment is a business. They are in the business of entertainment. It would be foolish for them to not cultivate, debut, and promote new artist in music, film and TV. In order to grow as a business, they have to sell more products. In this case the products being singer, groups, and actors. It is very risky business to have over 50% of your company's revenue come from 1 source. We have seen what happens to the company as a whole when 1 player by whatever circumstance, is inactive from activities. YG lost a lot of money when Daesung then GD suspended their activities. The stock dropped considerably over GD's marijuana news. And what would happen when the boys all need to leave for military service?? And the boys will run themselves into the ground working no stop as the "major bread-winner" of the family. Plus they need time in their schedule for other activities like writing, producing, and acting. So from a business standpoint it's a very good thing to cultivate and introduce new singers, groups and actors.
    On the personal side, I have no doubt that YG knows the value of BIGBANG and 2NE1, professionally and personally. I don't think he could love the boys of BIGBANG anymore if they were his own children, especially GD and Taeyang. No one is going to replace them. NO ONE COULD!!! YG knows this. That is why they have invested much money, time and love into them. From the beginning YG has been about talent. I have complete faith that any new group will be hard working and talented. And with the most talented group of writers, producers and stylists in the business, I'm excited to see what sounds and images these new groups will present! I don't think we have anything to worry about. I know YG believes in BIGBANG, so I will believe in YG!!!

  • bigbangfanUS

    RIGHT. Im so not anticipating these group, esp the boy group. What's with the next bigbang? there will only be one and only bigbang. Heck, just give us BIGBANG!!! That's all i need!

  • http://twitter.com/TheLostMoon Amy Jade [YG VIP]

    ... As much as I love YG Papa.. new groups are ok to me however the way he said the next big bang and 2ne1.. It is a nono for VIP and Blackjack. We love BB and 2NE1 for their talents and uniqueness, if some other group under the same company..and telling us these new groups are gonna be like bb and 2ne1 is gonna ruin the image of YGE of bing unique and family like. Beside, BB needs to have a comeback after all they've been through this year <3 And 2NE1. Please YG papa make VIP and Blackjacks dream come true and not making other group to be like them. As they are UNIQUEEEEE :D There is no "next" group like BB or 2NE1. So please, don't replace them or copy >.<

    VIP and Blackjack forever <33

  • JiyongieKnighT

    I have a bad feeling about these new groups that're bout to debut... I really hope that they will not affect bigbang, and I hope BbigBang will still be their first priority!!

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    the next BigBang? sorry but Our boys are UNIQUE ^^
    no date for comeback? T_T

  • citygirl

    "...i'm not that excited about the new boy band....something felt wrong, maybe it just me.all i know that i want nobody but Big Bang....but since they're family, i'll support them all...."

  • Park Bom

    i just hope they aren't groups with too many people. It took me forever to learn all the names of Super Junior and I've been listening to SNSD for months and I'm still trying to learn their names. I like smaller groups better. Like BB and 2ne1 and F(x), etc. I feel more...I guess you could say close(?) to smaller groups. It gives more of an opportunity to get to know the groups. Not like five seconds for one girl and a bunch of screen time for another girl. You know?

  • citygirl

    "...Same goes here, i'm sticking with Big Bang only....Sorry YG, as much as i try to be positive about it i just can't love any other band anymore cause it almost felt like betraying the Big Bang members..."

  • http://twitter.com/Saranghaebaebb Resha


  • http://twitter.com/Saranghaebaebb Resha


  • hey hey hey

    the only two i wanted to remember are Big Bang and 2ne1..

    however, i wanna see how the newbie could be like!

  • hey hey hey

    YG family ==> YG household.:))

  • Sujean

    Im scared about the comment regarding BB's come back....

  • Katherine

    I have faith in YG because the boys have faith in him and so far we haven't been let down *or so I think*. I only have 2 concerns with the new groups that are debuting under YG -
    1) I'm happy as long as Big Bang doesn't get pushed aside and neglected.
    2) The quality of the two new groups has to be up to the standards that YG is known for, I don't want some half assed debut.

    Over-all I'm all for new faces and want to keep an open mind because so far YG music is my style, I just hope he keeps to it and doesn't try and bring in something new ( like being all about appearance but no substance whatsoever.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/asphyxiated Tamara Tran

    When YG mentioned the new girl group would be comprised of members under 20, I just shook my head because it's just like a new SNSD D: 

    I admit, I'm YG bias in comparison to the other labels in Korea, but because I find their way of promoting and their artists are more appealing in terms of talent and so much more. YG proved to everyone that you don't have to be all "cutesy" and full of "aeygo" or flash any skin to gain peoples' attention and record sales, which makes me respect the YG artists a lot more. But the mention of a new girl group with members under 20.... *SMH

    The boy band I have no problems with, just try not to steal BB's thunder please! 

  • Noelle Poon

    Business is business ^o^ cannot just hold one golden egg in the basket under Today :) Diversification & Multi-Tasks ought to be .... towards the Global Market.

  • King_TOP

    "he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all. " yg dont make me laugh if BIGBANG goes you are gone too !!

  • sanctuary1718

    "He didn't specify Big Bang's comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group WOULD EVER RETURN AT ALL"


  • Allison

    I don't really care that there'll be two new groups debuting - I just don't like that they uses BIGBANG & 2NE1 name's. Something like "the next BIGBANG/2NE1" doesn't exist, cuz the only thing the newbies will become is.. well, themselves.. They shouldn't be compared to BB OR 2NE1 at all >_<

  • Renate Maria Øvrebø

    i dont know why .. but i get this cold feeling, i dont like the idea... cant they just focus on bigbang and such, its time to get k pop in to the rest of the world, and bb is the path, that have been shown on ema:D   and the world have started to take notice. its time to explode! BANG!! and a world tour would be nice ;) me want bb to norway ( or at least skandinavia) pretty pretty please *-*

  • doublecombo

    wait.. CEO yang MINSUK? where's yang hyun suk? is he not the CEO anymore? =/

  • Kayendi

    Why do they want to create two new bands to be like two other bands that already exist? C'mon, start being more creative. Creativity is what music is all about!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_THSL7AJMGIX6RCGAJXMREZ3BMI Abi


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_THSL7AJMGIX6RCGAJXMREZ3BMI Abi

    BIGBANG AND 2NE1 IS ENOUGH FOR ME!:D but i will give the new groups a chance since they're family. HAHAHA personally, im kinda curious of what the new boyband would be. but as for the new girl group? hmmm NEVERMIND! LOL

  • YGSwag

    for us fans, YG is defined by quality rather than quantity. i'm totally cool with the current members of YG even if they're few.

  • Ravinaangelica

    For me no one can ever beat 2ne1 and big bang. 

    "He didn’t specify Big Bang’s comeback date as he even declined to answer if the group would ever return at all." 
    This statement just made me shocked! I want them all complete again.. 

  • Hinata_byakugan Akatsuki

    Totally agree with you , but i don't understand is kinda like saying that Big Bang got old WTF ? they are only like under 25 and that's old ? then what about Beyonce , Britney,Enrique Iglesias ? if BB is old that thous artist what are gran-gran-mother/fathers ? Seriously we want our Big Bang debut next year 2012 would have better be Big Bang comeback year mostly and concentrating on 2NE1 too so you better forget about the new groups delay them for another 2-3 years at least i hope you will take in consideration our opinions YG ~!!!!!
    Fitting BIGBANG & 2NE1..& whole YGfamily ;;)