Taeyang's Farewell Tweet to Ireland and London (111107) [PHOTO]

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Taeyang's Twitter Update

Taeyang's Twitter Update

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Photo of G-Dragon concerns Big Bang fans

On the 7th, Big Bang member Taeyang wrote via his official Twitter page, “BYE IRELAND BYE LONDON” and uploaded the above photo after winning the “Best Worldwide Act” award at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.

In the photo were Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri, but also Daesung who has been taking a break from the industry since his accident last May, and G-Dragon who has also been taking a break from the lime light since his marijuana scandal. Fans were concerned for G-Dragon’s well being, as he looked especially frail and thin in his red jumper.

Netizens who saw the photo expressed their support by leaving comments such as, “G-Dragon’s face is only half what it used to be“, “He must’ve had such a hard time“, and “Congratulations Daesung on your return, and we pray that G-Dragon will make his comeback soon as well. We’ll be waiting“.

Source: Nate, allkpop.com

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  • emy giordano

    OMG! TOP X__X

  • VIP4Daesung

    LOL! TOP, Ri and Tae are so boss...with their hands on the girls...LOLOLOLOL! Meanwhile GD and Dae are just happy about life and everything in general :)

    So happy to see them honestly smiling like this...so happy!!!

    #BigBangBackat5 !

  • http://twitter.com/411bottomsup Shahirah AR

    BEST JOB IN THE HISTORY OF ALL JOBS? BIG BANG's STYLIST! Did you see how TOP hugged their stylist? **cries in jealousy** Hhaha. Nevertheless, they deserve it. ^.^ 

  • http://twitter.com/ChooMaarie ♥__Kyuute.


  • http://twitter.com/smashboardcrunk haziyah chanell ali


  • Bea Snickerdoodle


  • http://twitter.com/mhierable Mhier Saripul

    Bigbang, had a great visit in london! :) Congrats boys job well done!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6P3WWV5CVIY3XW26XO6PWMN24I Zahra

    I wish I could be the girl that TOP's hugging.... drooling...

  • blacky80

    Sigh how much we love these 5 lovely boys??

    Tabiii, what a hug, man?LOL


    i want to be that girl TOP is hugging. 

  • http://twitter.com/09theinvisible sheila quino

    have a safe trip..

  • http://www.facebook.com/xellosbear Mai Mamai

    TOP oppa...what with that hug??...u break my heart eventhough im hype right now!!

  • Pandapanda

    aww, Big Bang and their noonas~. i found this pic so lovable x*
     soo i have to at least work for years with TOP as his stylist that follows him everywhere to get that kinda hug? what a tough requirement XD

  • taeyangVIP

    that girl must be so lucky stand near and hold by taeyang >.<

  • valxuan

    All the cordi noonas did so well! These 5 guys deserve all the attention in the world!

    JiYong, can I get hugged like how Tabi is hugging that gurl now?! kkkk

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002931072445 Skull Ry

    TOP I hope one day u hug me like,u hugged that  girl....!!!!

  • sorrow

    Okay I hope all you VIPs take some time to read my comment. I know I've said this a couple of times but somehow it has been ignored or something, but no big deal. Okay, here goes: What do you think about arranging a European VIP meeting? Now that Big Bang actually won the EMA Worldwide act category, I think all European VIPs should now come together and celebrate this! Well, I don't know about all of you, but I was _completely_ alone yesterday watching the EMA so I didn't really get to celebrate it! Lol that's not the only reason for this meeting. I think we should take a look what French shawols did in order to get SM Town there, and I am 100% sure that we can do the same 10 times bigger, because WE ARE VIPS, the best fans in the world, WE MADE HISTORY LAST NIGHT, because we voted our ass's off in order to BB win. And European VIPs have never really gathered, so I think we would get recognized also, if a) we have enough people (which I'm sure we'd have) b) we MAKE SOME NOISE haha not really but you know what I mean, that people would recognize us on the streets wandering around with big banderolls etc haha. But this is only my opinion, I don't know why I'm so eager to arrange a European VIP meeting, probably because where I live are no VIPs and I really miss the feeling of being a part of something big. And who knows if BB recognizes us and comes to Europe to hold a show (which I'm pretty sure they'll do in the near future because of the EMA winning, but dunno). I would really appreciate if you guys would answer to my comment and share your feelings about this meeting, are you interested or not. Because, in the end, this is just one lonely VIP's opinion. :)

  • http://twitter.com/AviWill Avi Will

    GD and Dae smiling! T__T
    They all are smiling!!! My life is complete now.... <3

  • hunny ra

    it really nice if i also 1 of their stylist

  • ilovebigbang

    i hope they'd come to dublin!!:((

  • BB fighting

    Daesung~~looking your smiling face that make my day happy~~love love~<3  keep fighting & keep smiling please !!

  • Hinaya05

    GD and Daesung are smiling..<3
    hope the smile will be stick there forever..how lovely :')

  • Bigbangfan

    Great Idea!

  • http://twitter.com/Tilly0887 Kelly

    Oh too cute .... I want a hug too * sulking *
    TOP don't stop  .... continuous .... with me! *hé hé*
    But see Dae like that warms my heart, his smile  missed us so much, isn't it ?
    Yeah Angel Smile is back! All are back! 5 is back! * dancing the macarena ... sorry for that, don't look at me*

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACLXZLCOY3AWYB2F5265LVQNGM Hidayah Saberi

    they're all in happy mode...;)

  • Anonymous

    omg. i hope im one of those girl T^T no matter hug by TOP or hold by Taeyang or Seungri..i wana b one of them. *sob.

    & Congratz again BigBang !!   <3

  • hunny ra

    u mean that girl who make TOP become so hot

  • muggledore

    Go back home boys and slap your award to all HATERS!!
    ok, so I know you won't do that. but ATLEAST raise your head in a proud manner!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hersheymania22 Doreen Araneta

    wheeee!!! DAESUNG OPPA smiling!!! LOVE IT!~~

  • http://bigbangand2ne1.tumblr.com AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    yeeeee~ here comes their smiles again!!!!!!! *giggles* I LOVE BIGBANG!!!!

  • leoyb

    i hate that i get jealous with these noonas :)
    omg but i love their smiles , esp GD & DAE , they are back !!!

  • Pandapanda

    Yes! thank you cordi unnies~ x)

  • Shronda

    Can I be Stylist JiEun? Congratulations to the boys!

  • iloveBBforlife


  • http://twitter.com/Eric11LONDON Eric D

    glad all 5 boys are smiling happily. they deserve all the glory. hope they won't lose that smile when they go back to SK especially Dae & GD. thanks 4 all the hard work and for sharing your great music not just to Asians but to the whole world. hoping to hear and see all 5 of you join the YGE family concert as well. don't lose those smiles guys. we are behind you all the way. cheers!

  • the94

    yeah that's a good idea, we could even make like our own t-shirts for this! you know just for this meeting. that way we would also get more attention. press on the tshirt something considering winning at the EMA and BB.

  • bigdreamer

    I'm so happy to see my boys so happy. And um.. I got next to get a back hug from TOP. :)

  • ainatabitop

    I really miss DAESUNG oppa smile,and I cant see his smile back now!!!

  • Hannah

    I've noticed their pretty dam close :P lucky woman!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/asphyxiated Tamara Tran

    If I lived in Europe, I'd totally go right ahead and meet every single VIP :)

    But I live in Australia... So that makes things challenging for me D:

  • Hannah

    I'm up for this!!! ^.^

  • Big5Bang

    VIP's now we need to conquer the MAMA Awards along with BIG BANG in
    - Best Male Group
    - Best Dance Performance ( Male Group)
    - Best Music Video
    - Song Of The Year
    - Artist Of The Year
    Lets make this year 2011 the best one for our BIG BANG! Lets make them have a comeback as a five which is for everyone to remember especially BIG BANG!

  • http://bigbangupdates.com lolli-TOP

    that lucky girl with TOP's backhug!

  • Finni F

    see daesung's smile makes me happy!! :'D

  • Malay V.

    I love it when Tabi hugs people. He doesn't do it often enough!

  • sorrow

    I'm glad that even some of you answered and my comment also got some likes. So probably this shows that some VIPs are willing to organize this kind of meeting? Hope so. Well, let's give this some time that as many as possible will see this. :) And the t-shirt idea is great!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1307036879 たちばな そら

    TOP!!! who's that GIRL?!

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    i think that's ji eun noona? :p

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    yes they do!! it's so sad their votes for Artist of the Year and Song of the Year are so low..

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit Syah

    i recognise 3 of the girls as the women behind bigbang's look.. the hair, fashion, make up etc are thanks to the ladies in the pics.. the boys are close to them (:

  • http://twitter.com/too_glare ★*:.。.Shizuka.。.:*★

    OMG!!! They are smilling *_* ♥ BTW.. who are those girls? *_*


    yeah! I've been feeling SO HAPPY all day!  Seeing all 5 of them together again, and then seeing them receive the award.... aahhhhh.......happiness!!!!!!

    Dae is not my bias but I realise how much I miss him when I saw these MTV pics. It is really SO GOOD to have him back!  You, being Dae-crazy, must be like jumping for joy!


    their stylists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/asphyxiated Tamara Tran

    Everyone smiling ^.^

    I'm so happy for all of them! <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000478891993 Sea Li Loung


  • Noelle Poon

    Glad to see YOU all ^o^ Big Bang :)

  • ViLikeLiz

    Sorrow-where abouts in europe-I run @UkBigBang (and im BBu staff)

  • http://twitter.com/too_glare ★*:.。.Shizuka.。.:*★

    ohh cool!! thank u!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1496790916 Katja Reinhard Gertsen

    why can they not stay in Europe and come out in some of our countries so we can meet them we never get the chance again!!!!!

  • Jjoanna

    i'm glad to see 5 of them.. thank you for all the VIPs who work hard to give them this award. their smile and together as one is what i deserve to see.. thank you bigbang!!

  • Jayden_reid

    everybody is smiling now.Happy for the boyz.Daesung and GD, Smile to the world more often.We VIP's love to see you enjoy everything>Have a safe trip back home...world tour,world tour,new album,new album.....Be ready for another awards on MAMA.

  • sorrow

    Okay I don't know why but I couldn't answer straight to VILIKELIZ because there was no reply button... hmm, strange. I'm not 100% sure of where the meeting would be held but probably somewhere central Europe, like France or Germany? Of course I'd love to have it in my own country, Finland, but here aren't that much VIPs as in, well let's say, France, so... Unless you all want to come here. :D Haha just kidding. Or the UK would be a good choice too. I don't know. I'd like to hear what other VIPs say. ^^ But in my opinion not so far away, like in southern Europe (Portugal, Italy..), because a lot of VIPs would probably have to travel and then the money issue comes up. Don't know. I'm just planning this. :)

  • Jjoanna

    yes, she's Ji Eun noona.. she always ask taeyang oppa dont throw away his jacket..

  • http://bigbangheaven.tumblr.com/ TotoBearTop

    Look at them! They're all so happy! <3

    TOP I wanna get hugged like that too *___*

  • http://bigbangheaven.tumblr.com/ TotoBearTop

    I'm not from Europe but i would so attend if there's one. I love the idea of this whole meeting btw. Hope it works out because meeting VIPs would be fun! :)))

  • Angel

    WAE TOP, WAEEEEE!!!!???? *reads comments* oh, those are their stylists?! ah, ok. =D

  • Angel

    i'm sorry, WHAT? what do you mean MAKE TOP BECOME so hot? >.>

  • http://twitter.com/gill_lam Gill Lam

    so happy to see 5 of them similing
    please come bk to london soon n hold concert
    always be waiting for u guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/queencherryYG QueenCherry YG

    omgg TOP plzz dont hugg her omggg you are MY HUSBAND anyooooo WAE WAE andae lmaooo (my horrible attempt at korean i really gotta study)

  • \V/. |I|. |P.

    Sorry ... since they win i'm toooo happy :D

    So ... we gotta do a fb / twitter / tumblr / my space  everything , like " The BIG meeting of VIPS ... something like that !!!! we gotta spread out , in every part of the world !!! Because are sooooooooo many vips who want to show suport our boys, so this event will be just greaaat !!!
    I'm definetely with you guys !!!!
    FIGHTHING VIPS !!!!!!!!! Let's show them who are VIP, who are BIGBANG !!!!!
    B to the I to the G !!!!!!

  • lorraine

    bye bye from scotland :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/NaddyOrangelovers Nadia Rabaiyah Munif

    DAESUNG's smile!! Priceless~~~

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1537501901 หยก นะเออ

    OMG. I really jealous the girl who's TOP hold her by his arms ><

  • ilahGenius

    I just voted for BB & 2ne1 for the MAMA. Register through FB & it's not for Korean only. Come in girls n guys, let's make them proud of us again!!!

  • Liloo

    How wonderful to see DAE :')  ♥

  • http://twitter.com/christyangel905 Angel♥Sol

    who are these girls? are they VIPs from london? they'r really happy cuz they could meet bigbang with five :) amazing!

  • Jess

    And what country would it be? Hahaha, Europe is.... big. So, where should the meeting take playe? I'm from Europe, Germany, so I would be interested. :)

  • Star2222

    anyone know when thier flight is back to seoul? if thier flying from ireland to seoul? or going to heathrow to seoul?

  • gina davis

    i've got a video of big bang on the red carpet at the emas i had to rename it because my other one got took down 

  • Lil’T

    I have wrote a little song for BIGBANG and us VIPs...I really hope you guys will like it ^^ (I apologise for my bad english xD)

    We are VIP
    together forever.
    we'll never lose.

    This year has been hard
    but we never left them.
    We believed in them
    and now they're back.

    With DaeSung we have cried
    and now we have his smile.

    SeungRi, our little panda
    has been trying hard.

    Our hottest ever TOP
    is getting better all the time.

    When you say: "the voice"
    you have to think of TaeYang.

    The best leader ever,
    our fashionisty,G-Dragon ready to rock.

    We have waited long
    for 5 of them
    to be together
    once again.

    Now we're gonna hear those words:
    "Annyeonghaseyo, we're BIGBANG"
    from all of them.

    Their voices,
    their style,
    their dance,
    their smile.

    Better they will get
    with us by their side.
    Now we're all ready,
    to get them to the top!! :D

  • Lil’T

     I am totaly up for this...I'm from Croatia and if here are 5 VIPs alltogether I would be suprised T_T even if I wouldn't be able to attend I'm up for it. We have to show to other people how big BigBang is...this would defenitly get us much more VIPs ;)))

  • wintersecrets

    aww, Top hugging the stylist! so adorable.
    i love my happy boys and the best part about it is that WE gave it to them! ^_^

  • Mle8

    who is the girls have top's arms covered around? i am jeolous. it is a bit too weird to say this, but i am way more more more prettier than her. i love daesung's smile and hate how GD collar bone is so visible. he need to eat more.

  • http://twitter.com/ichivip ichi.vip

    i think thats why he is not smilling, coz when gd smile he look thinner! omg, he really on depress even kekurangan makanan! BABY GD PLS TAKE CARE OF UR HEALTH 

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys looks radiant ^_^
    That girls have the best job in the world :)

    about the article, maybe Jiyong looks a little thin in the picture but in the videos of yesterday Jiyong looks good with a normal weight. 

  • hanana

    yeah..keep your head up!

  • ArielLM13

    They should be honored to be the first fans to get a pic with BIGBANG back together!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sin-Gdforever-Shim/100003054133523 Sin Gdforever Shim


  • http://twitter.com/shojo_a shojo_a

    Adorable picture! And even if it's some worrying, I'm so glad to hear that for once netizens are saying positive things. I'm sure that GD will get his weight back up. I can't think of a celebrity that didn't lose weight during a scandal. I'm hope that this win will push them on to bigger and better things. 

  • mhelo

    Cute picture posted by Taeyang...They all look Happy. I don't think that G-Dragon look thin,he look just fine..Netizen's are just worrying too much without any basis.
    It's funny that the women T.O.P embrace did a flower pose,which is the signature pose of T.O.P...haha!!!!cute!!! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QYXHG4P3EJEFBJ5ZSQGITTBONA Pahuway

    Is that a fan taht TOP hugging?or part of their staff?(stylist perhaps) coz damn I'm freaking jealous right now!!!!!

  • Shady5180

    im so happy to see all of them....feel so complete when they are together....daesung shi n jiyong shi please put on some weight...

  • Linn

    how did GD's hair grow so quick? mine takes AGES to regrow after cutting it  T__T

  • http://twitter.com/denshhh Denise Song

    TOP is hugging that girl..how did she not catch on fire???xD yeah...GD's not looking like he used to.

  • http://twitter.com/amyy520 amyy(bigbang!♥)

    TOP why u hugged that girl... omg ):):):):

  • YGfamilyalltheway

    top is hugging bigbang's makeup artist :)

  • sorrow

    You guys have no idea how happy I am right now! :D I was afraid that I would be the only one who likes this idea. So glad that you proved me wrong. Okay so, I've been thinking and came to the solution that this meeting would be held in the UK/England (geez this country has a lot of names..), ONLY if you VIPs agree. The reason why I ''chose'' the UK is because this country has quite a huge Big Bang fanbase and we really need it in order to get attention and get noticed by BB. Then other european or non-european VIPs would travel to UK. What do you guys think? I know that some of you might be sad because it's not happening in your country (France, Germany...) but sometimes in life you have to make compromises, and even I have to travel to UK because my home country is Finland. Of course I would've been able to suggest that the meeting would be held in Finland because then I wouldn't have to travel so much (= would be much cheapier), but it would be stupid 'cause most of the VIPs are from somewhere else and all would have to travel, which decreases the number of attending VIPs. Whoah sorry I babbled a lot. Oh yeah, now that I am the only one who's like ''the driving force'' behind all this, it would be nice if someone else would take a part of this planning thing, because I really need help and... Yeah. If someone wants to help arranging this meeting, please say something. Now I would like to hear your comments about the meeting place. :) And of course we'll create a FB, tumblr etc. page about this meeting, but maybe later, when this thing has got more attention, or when this is even confirmed, because now we're (or, I am :D) just planning this and nothing is sure. It would be nice if admins of Bigbangupdates would say something on this matter and perhabs later even post a separate article just about this meeting that everyone would see it. Thanks again.

  • http://twitter.com/FaithAngel_LeyM Lesley_M

    this is so awesome.. love to see them all together... love to see dae signature smile again.. and of course.. our Kwon Leadah, im glad to see him.. **teary eyed**

  • bigbangupdates

    Hi Sorrow, maybe you can open a discussion thread here: http://forums.bigbangupdates.com :) Thanks!

  • sorrow
  • http://me2day.net/ninyatootie KONKONTABI

    Like I wanna cry when I saw TOP hugging that woman. *sobs *sobs *sobs K envy killss

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    Liking the bear hug...someday...