Taeyang’s Tweets from Belfast (111107) [TWITTER/PHOTO]

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– We had a great time in EMA.. Thank you everybody.. Thank you MTV
– With QUEEN (with photo above)

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Big Bang take a snapshot with the legendary rock band, Queen

Group Big Bang‘s photo op with the legendary rock band Queen is the latest buzz on the web.

Taeyang tweeted a short message on the 7th attached with the photo above, “With Queen”.

Members of Big Bang seem quite happy to have a chance to take a photo with legends, but for the fans the real joy comes from seeing the 5 members together in an official capacity. This hasn’t happened in a long time.

After seeing the photo the fans commented, “I’m proud that you guys were able to meet a legendary rock group”, “Congrats on your win”, “You guys shine so bright”, “There have been lots of problem with this group, but I don’t think there’s denying that we have the best idol group in Korea in Big Bang. That award is the first for Asia. Lady Gaga applauded and smiled when Big Bang won the award, can you believe that?”, and many others were moved by Big Bang’s enormous feat.

Source: Osen via Nate
Translation: JJ @ Kpopfever