Namie Amuro Accused Of Plagiarizing G-Dragon [NEWS]

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Namie Amuro Accused Of Plagiarizing G-Dragon

Top Japanese celebrity Amuro Namie (age 34) is being accused to plagiarizing a song by Big Bang's leader G-Dragon (age 23).

According to Japanese media sources on November 9th, "There are suspicions of Amuro Namie's new song "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!", set for a December 7th release, having been plagiarized off of G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" song. Two years ago, G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" was also accused of plagiarizing a song by US hip hop artist Florida."

This isn't the first time Namie faces such charges. She had a similar case pop up over her song "Black Diamond", when it was linked with being familiar to Janet Jackson's "Feedback".

Critical netizens have been taking to the net: "Another one copied?", "The melodies are almost identical", "We're both Japanese, but I can't deny and protect her", "Why copy k-pop out of all things?". On the other end, some are supporting the singer: "Totally different", "A bit of a stretch to say it's plagiarized".

Namie's reps have yet to release an official statement.

Source: KBS

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  • spoileddelights

    there is SOME semblance but its as much as how heartbreaker sounded like Low... might as well say that she plagiarized FloRida. they're just trying to make news...

  • thecrazycelery

    Huh? I don't hear any similarities. They should have their ears checked and ear wax cleaned out. 

  • tiararogue

    some parts of it does kinds sound like it  but as they say imitation is the best form of flattery and who can deny GD's super awesomeness

  • vivienmiyuki

    its the same!!!!
    there's also another artist here with the same beats as G-Dragon's Heartbreaker!

  • Whimsical

    Plagerism is a huge accusation but without reading the article the first rap verse of Heartbreaker does come to mind. I don't know the technical boundaries of plagerism thats up to a court and what have you, but this better not bring any unkind comments to Jiyong by her fans or the Japanese public (such as that comment on kpop - kpop is popular get over it). Lastly for what my musical opinion is worth, I am not getting a strong impression from this snippet. 

    On a side note, nice to see at age 34 with past plagerism scandals she's still going. I get worried about how 'age-ist' things can get, aging is something you can't help and being regarded as a 'has been' is a cruel thing for anyone - good music is good music.

  • tshidi

    "Why copy k-pop out of all things?" 
    Hehehe. What does that even mean?!! LOL!

  • Karla ツ

    More like Britney Spears' haha dunno..  hmm it's diff to accuse cause I know how painful it is when GD was accused back in 2009. 

  • Pandapanda

    Poor girl.
    and the whole suspicion started with netizen,rite? not from anyone official.
    they run out good stuff to brought up T_T

  • Doreen Araneta

    i dunno! i just can't judge namie amuro easily. i mean, she's been in the music industry for quite a time. for me, this news is not important. 

  • Valeriecjx6

    LOL! I don't think G-Dragon would mind, being the sweet guy he is^.^b

  • Zurpee

    Isn't Namie Amuro from Avex? Sounds like they're just making noise.

  • sanchan

    I wouldn't acuse her, G-dragon went through the same thing so he probably isn't judging her. "Why copy k-pop out of all things?"... uhm, racist much? 

  • Nikki

    Sheesh, similar pattern, slight influence at most. But the melody and direction is so clearly different. 'Plagiarized' is such a lame excuse to try to hurt an artist. imo, the whole beauty of music is that even changing only one note can change everything.  

  • G-Dragon

    its sounds quite similar at the beginning 

  • Ria Chan

    i think its not same....maybe just style...

  • Kahverengi Peri

     FRUIT OF THE TREE is stone(TURKİS'S PROVERB).. I LOVE,SUPPORT AND TRUST#GDRAGON ..She  wants to take advantage of Gd's brilliance..

  • Kahverengi Peri

    I love G DRAGON,I TRUST G DRAGON.Please,You don't mind this stupid news

  • Meltem

    I love G DRAGON,I TRUST G DRAGON..Please,You don't mind this stupid news

  • DoubleCombo

    Yup definately copied. But gdragon was "inspired" by flo rida right round

  • Shadi Sharon Hagen Husseini

    Seriously? So much drama with heartbreaker song. Can't we just drop it? G doesn't want or need anymore plagarizm drama....

  • burp

    gd went through so much bs for the same thing
    i would never ever judge a song by just listening to the 1st 35sec of it !

  • yatichoisam

    this is nonsense . i bet she must be jealous or something. and the song is diff 

  • June Chia

    LOL. 90% similarity?
    plus the lyrics is kinda like some dog training video.

  • fayelfrida

    you're my heart heart heart heart heartbreaker.
    a little bit similar but not plagiarism. XD

  • Muhd Helmi Subawi

    Hmm it's just abit similar... I'm cool with it.

  • Athena Red Escarmosa

    Haha. It does sound a bit alike, but it's closer to Flo Rida's Right Round--which was initially accused to be plagiarized by GD. Maybe that's just the problem with electro kind of music, they just tend to sound alike because of the beat. :) Poor artists always getting accused of something. Tsk tsk.

  • TotoBearTop

    Hmm the first 10 seconds does remind me of Heartbreaker... 

  • TotoBearTop

    LOL The Crazy CELERY XD

  • VIP4Daesung

    To be honest, it sounds more directly from Flo Rida then it does GD...but what the....aish....more reason to bring up stupid past issues and bring the boys down..."Oh yea, they just won this huge award and are national heroes right now...Let's just RE-BRING UP GD's old, solved issues NOW...perfect idea" -.-

    Aish...some people.

  • Zetsy

    i think the first part kinda sound like it...but no big deal..

  • u.f.n

    quiet same. but in the slow version.
    but heartbreaker GD is more awesome. !

    deabak !

  • TotoBearTop

    O_o it's the style and shades i guess. Tune and melody not really - maybe just bits here and there.

  • Koalakun Gtopaholic

    IT'S NOT !!!  It doesn't remind me about Heartbreaker 

  • King_TOP

    yes especially first part is exactly heartbreaker!! hehehe 

  • shikuradehan

    If VIPs will accuse her of plagiarism then that's just hypocricy.
    Remember what GD went through went he was accused of plagiarizing Flo Rida's Low.
    I hope VIPs will stay out of this.
    VIPs, let's be cool, okay?!?!?! :)

  • shikuradehan

    i mean Right Round.

  • Eva

    it's totally like heartbreaker @ the front part

  • Avi Will

    The rhyme sounds a bit similar but other than that I see nothing in common...

  • Emily

    The song sounds different but the beat of the song is the same...^^

  • tirani bahari

    nah,, it's different

  • juju

    please no more. don't gave another heart attack to VIPs. our heart are seriously too weak to take another shit and we are just starting to heal now ._.


    seriously when i heard the first beats it reminds me of Heartbreaker .....but no one can beat GD no one can beat BIGBANG so lets keep voting guys dont give up:-)

  • imonfirre


    "There are suspicions of Amuro Namie's new song "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!", set for a December 7th release, having been plagiarized off of G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" song. Two years ago, G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" was also accused of plagiarizing a song by US hip hop artist Florida."

  • Kpopfanatic

    i noticed that it was a bit similar while watching the jdrama for which this song is an
    ost because they kept playing the intro over and over

  • Pahuway

    "Why copy k-pop out of all things?".---- what the hell? so its ok to plagiarized any song EXCEPT a kpop song?

  • First-things

    "Black Diamond" isn't even Namie Amuro's song, it's DOUBLE featuring Namie Amuro, so that can't be pinned on her as a past experience with plagiarism. Furthermore, I don't know what exactly constitutes as plagiarism these days since there are so many cases of it, and I think this is a question that should be addressed. The song does have a very similar chord progression to "Heartbreaker", and "Heartbreaker" has a similar one to Flo Rida's song, and I'm sure there are many other songs out there using the same chord progression. So I don't think it's smart to jump on any new song as being plagiarized unless the similarities are more apparent; Ms. Amuro is presenting a song quite in contrast with G-Dragon's, if lyrical content and the rapping components of "Heartbreaker" were lifted directly out of that song into "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!" then we'd be talking about plagiarism, but that obviously has not occurred.

  • vip501

    Here's my verdict: I don't think its plagiarized....similar rhythm just as the beginning and thats it, nothing more...and please dont let her suffeer...I've just heard her name so Im not her fan...but I dont want her to go through what GD wen through :)

  • Mybigbang

    sound similar at beginning, but still cannot said that it is plagiarizing coz it just sound similar, not exactly the same..

    aish, I been reminded by GD's incident.. :( such a bad moment..

    Always VIP

  • Black Pearl R-S

    it's the same ! 

  • Tamara Tran

    "Why copy k-pop out of all things?" >:[ 
    Uhm, excuse me for saying this, but even though the Japanese music market is HUGE in comparison to the Korean market, I will point out that K-pop sounds a lot more addictive than J-pop. If this girl/woman (Amuro Namie) really did plagiarize, I will give her props to choosing GD to copy from. He is one of the best :P  

  • Hidayah Saberi

    Is it gd really imitate florida?

  • ★*:.。.Shizuka.。.:*★

    I don't hear similarities either.

  • sanctuary1718

    some beats are similar but when you listened to some beats it's very different though.

  • karena

    What is the "Japanese media sources" that KBS mentioned?  I think this news just make Amuro Namie's fans get angry...... 

  • SOLvip

    yea i agree...theres "sampling" which US artist use all the time especially kanye west. and i dont think it sounds the same, maybe just the instruments used sound alike

  • MinaVIP

    Yeah O_O I guess some people just can't let BIGBANG or GD be -.-* The more popular they get the more some people try to find small things that could bring them down...-.-* Jealosy can be such a stupid thing sometimes...but if they mess with BIGBANG or GD then they will have to face us VIPs too ;) mwahahaha

  • MinaVIP

    Wow....what a great idea to bring up the old info now that BIGBANG won the MTV EMA Worldwide act -.-*.....coincidence? I don't think so.Why can't haters and jealous people just stop their...hating??? -.-*

  • Iona Meehan

    omg this really does sound like it xD lke the backin music tbh.. Dun like it now xD but oh well am sure she wont be in to much trouble :( cause I like her.

  • Cruz Rivera

    the first verse of the sample kinda sounded like it...everything else is different...this is crazy. they don't sound the same w t h

  • Arashian

    i don't find them similar O_o

  • LaShaundra

    similar, but I don't think it's an exact copy. I do like the song though. 

    Does black diamond really sound like feedback? hmm...and that's Double's song, no?

  • goldengirl_rock4ever

    it does sounds a bit similar... but i dunno if they should call it plagiarism basing their accusation in just 35 seconds  of the song... 

  • Qwa

    We Japanese don't need Korean's cheap songs any more.
    No one can find the reason why Namie plagiarized such a stupid song.

  • mariisvip

    i honestly couldn't tell...the beat a bit ya...but 

  • Leah Ulquiorra

    eh ....i dnt really hear it butt...=[

  • lisaVIP

    i still to this date can not see the similarities between right round and heartbreaker!
    and i heard right round first....whatever i guess

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    sounds a liiiiiitle similiar but not identical, I guess this issue it was just to bring up again the Jiyong's issue  >.< 

  • missjiyongie

    if you listen closely they do sounf quite similar whereas heartbreaker sounds nothing like right round

  • oink7

    It does sound kinda similar, but mostly just like the first 10 seconds of the clip, however, it's not really anything MAJOR. Like, someone could've written that easily without plagiarism in mind. Also, "US hip hop artist Florida" I lol'd.

  • ZuleymaV

    nah i dont think they r a like

  • Ray7balk

    R u ok Opaaa?

  • Porpor Rojanapradit


  • ArielLM13

    I don't really here it, I guess the beat sounded similar-ish but that's not plagiarism. 

  • Angel

    k whatever, i'm so sick of the news of this song copied that song, blah blah blah. i use to listen to both songs for similarities and be all like =O COPIED!! or whatever, but omg, who the eff cares. if it's not an obvious obvious case of plagarism, then i don't care...if it's a good song, just freaking enjoy it and stop taking away from the song. but if it's SO obvious, like the case with the indian(??) artist copying Leehom's song, then yea, bash the copying song creator for still calling themselves a song creator -__- lol

  • miamia

    Seriously, there is no end to this wicked circle!!!!

  • Amanda Evans

    The Queen of Hip-Pop? Copying someone else? And in K-Pop no less? Excuse me for a moment. 


    Nice try, but no. The beat is similar, but that's it. Besides, even with her not so great singles, she still sells more/performs better than anybody in K-Pop ever does or will. 

  • imonfirre

    im curious. how is this hating? idgi im just laughing at how ridiculous this sounds

  • Emily Diễm

    it's not Low darling. It's right round. And right round is a remake too, but people are too busy focusing on GD to know that right round is not even original. Now this song has some similar beat, that's all. media nowadays.

  • Tamara Tran

    Sorry if my comment/post offended you in any way. I do sincerely apologize if it did. But after reading it, I see that what I wrote didn't make sense as to what I wanted to say. I guess typing at 4 in the morning can do that. 

    But what I meant was the fact of that one line: "Why copy k-pop out of all things?" just made me reconsider whether or not Korean culture is praised in Japanese culture. Forgive me for questioning, but maybe it's because I grew up with vast multiculturalism in my community, so the question/comment netizens referred to about Namie Amuro and k-pop sounded a little offensive in my personal view. 

    I always considered Japan and Korean helping each other influence their culture everywhere which is amazing. I appreciate the fact that Koreans are trying to break into the Japanese culture, in more ways than just music. I'll admit I put the previous comment from a personal view as I said that k-pop was more addictive; I listen to more k-pop than Japanese music I admit myself. 
    However, I thought that with both countries having positives in their cultures, I thought that even if Namie was accused of plagiarizing k-pop, netizens would be considerate that she even thought of using k-pop as an influence in her music, therefore making a bigger extension to the Japanese culture. So I thought people would be at least slightly happy that both cultures are finding more ways to influence each other; I know Korean music is trying to break into the Japanese music scene so I'd have thought netizens would be happy. 
    Basically, it sounded kind of racist. But hey, that's just my opinion. 

    And isn't Namie consider the Queen of Japanese Pop Music? 

  • spoileddelights

    whoops my mistake. couldnt remember which song it was haha

  • A person

    I love it how people say "it's Flo Rida's song", ha-ha-ha. Check out this one song from 1984 "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive.
    He used a sample of this song to make Right Round.

    And I love the double standard.
    Namie Amuro accused of plagiarizing - people: oh, whatever, she's still the queen~
    GD accused of plagiarizing - people: how dare he!? GO TO HELL!

  • Haydee_watters

    who cares if there d same or not ,, if people enjoyed it then what d heck is d problem..  just have fun listening 2 it, if u don't lke it then don't listen ,(problem solve)...  media will write/say whatever they want just to get attention..and best thing to do is IGNORE them..

  • Ecaterina Jacota

    They sound a bit alike, but I'm not the one to judge! I don't know Namie Amuro, but she seems like a good girl, so I don't want her to get through what GD had to. I thnk that they're just bringing new again and again because the don't have any new things to post .___. Seriously.

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛


  • LiZ

    some one wants to steal swagg LOL

  • asere

    No it's different from G-dragon's Heartbreaker...