MTV Studio C's First Episode Guest: Big Bang [NEWS]

Shared by on November 10, 2011  

Open TV, Studio C, a new program on MTV Korea, will feature BIGBANG on its pilot episode showing on November 27th. The staff of Studio C also went to Belfast with BIGBANG and they will be showing exclusive footage from the MTV Europe Music Awards on the show.

From Studio C's Cyworld:

What is Studio C?
“Open TV, Studio C” presented by MTV

Stars visit Studio C in every episode to answer your questions & read your stories. Be a fan of Studio C's Cyworld Page and you can:

1) Leave your questions for the featured STAR and they will be answered on air!
2) Leave a story and the featured STAR might read it on air. If it’s your birthday, who knows, they might do a little concert for you?

Studio C's Cyworld is open to everyone. Just register here for a Global Cyworld account.

Note: Unfortunately, they aren't accepting questions and stories for Big Bang's episode anymore.

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  • mariisvip

    no more question's!!??? wahhh >_< i want to ask them a question! Dx

  • Ronamay

    Having bigbang fresh off the win for their pilot episode?? their ratings will skyrocket!! Good one!

    the boys are so talked about everywhere. And theyre not even on a comeback! haha proud to be a VIP.

    In a way this is kind of their comeback too, since they are together again!!!

  • Niakoes

    wish have MTV.. hiks..hiks..

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Our boys are the best guest for their pilot episode :)
    they will bring luck to the show
    can't wait to see the episode :)

  • Yiyoungbay

    the beauty of winning the world's heart during the EMAs. It's like when they first debuted, after winning that one important award, the media can't help but be obsessed with them. DEJA VU all over again! Finally, BB can receive the love they should've gotten during their scandals. Faith always finds it's way back 

  • tshidi

    BIGBANG is now doing all kinds of neat stuff left, right & center like there's no tomorrow. And it's so worth it too...that EMA win was sweetness reincarnate.

  • Cruz Rivera

    its my birthday!! x___X Global Cyworld here i come!!!

  • Laura Holmes

    Can't wait to see them all interacting together again, it has seriously felt like a lifetime ago.

  • aa_bbforever

    OOhh i am so thrilled to hear this news..hmm,,i better have my own cyworld account asap!! I hope that our boys will be able to win something in the mama 2011..I wanna see them stand on stage compete with all smiles again..

  • Funkyprank

    is it only on korea mtv? 

  • VIP4Daesung

    OH! Reminds me a bit of "M Net Soundplex", but I LOVE the idea! Just wish we could still submit questions...but I bet it means seeing more of what goes on at the EMAs!

  • Avi Will

    I can't wait for exclusive footage from MTV!! omg :DDD

  • Shailaja Patel

    omgomgomgg!!! i will get to hear them?? after so long~~ T_T
    i will hear daesungs voice too!!! and TOP;s and GD;s and TY's and VI's voices!!! omgomgomggg

  • Mybigbang

    every good things on track again.. ^O-O^  touched~

  • Angel

    ahhhahahhaha, our BB is a hot commodity, and everybody knows it! =D welcome back, boys =D

  • Simone La

    the rating for this is sure to be high ;)

  • Iho7880

    owww.... why didnt i know this sooner.....=(