MTV Southeast Asia "Big Bang Specials" Schedule [NEWS]

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MTV Southeast Asia Big Bang Specials

Just like MTV Korea, MTV Southeast Asia will be playing "BIGBANG Specials", in celebration of the group's win at the MTV Europe Music Awards. MTV will be playing old clips of BIGBANG from their live performances to interviews and their music videos. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, 15 November
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)

A special 60-min show where Big Bang answers questions asked through twitter. Check out their music videos too – Sunset Glow, My Heaven and much more.
(Note: This is a replay of Seoul Sunday)

Wednesday, 16 November
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)

We follow the boys around during their performance at the 2010 Video Music Awards Japan, chronicling their activities for that day and who they were hanging out with.

Wednesday, 16 November
4:30pm (INDO), 5:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6:30pm (MAL)

REPLAY: Thursday, 17 November
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)

Friday, 18 November
4pm (INDO), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)

Back to back music videos from the 2011 MTV EMA Worldwide Act – Big Bang.

Thursday, 17 November
4:30pm (INDO), 5:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL),
6:30pm (MAL)

Korean boyband, Big Bang's performances at MTV Live.

For reference, MTV is available on the following channels:

First Media Ch 220
Indovision Ch 271

StarHub TV Ch 533

Astro Ch 713

nowTV Ch 554

Global Destiny Cable Ch 47
SkyCable Ch 66
Dream Ch 37

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  • muggledore

    First MTV Korea,
    then MTV SouthEast Asia.
    can we have MTV World next???  (if there is such a thing~)

    WORLD DOMINATION baby~~!!!

  • tshidi

    BIGBANG! So delightful!!!

    Ahhh! This is the life! I hope they enjoy all the positive attention for as long as it lasts, We all know how people like to pile on negative attention whenever they get half a chance!

    Rock On, BIGBANG! It's Playtime.

  • notjade

    Wait, I think there's something wrong..
    On Nov16, BIGBANG IN 24 HOURS will air for 60mins so that's from 5pm-6pm (SIN/HK/PHIL). On the same day, JK HITS: BIGBANG SPECIALS will start airing at 5:30pm? Or the JK HITS is part of BIGBANG IN 24 HOURS? :|

  • bigbangupdates

    Sorry, let me check with MTV. Just copied this off their email :)

  • ShahisVIP

    Hehe. I was secretly hoping for bbtv episode or sth.

  • Love 2NE1

    OMG! i'm so gonna watch this!

  • VinaLia BookAholic

    anyone has the streaming link? i don't subscribe MTV at my home :((

  • Nike Linarto

    does anyone know about streaming links for MTV Korea or MTV SEA ?? pleaseeeee T__T

  • imaginary superstar

    can i just curse the f***ery that i do not have MTV???!!!

  • Doreen Araneta

    Does it have a livestream or something?
    I just can't find MTV on our cable. 

  • fayelfrida

    lols. dun have MTV at home.. must subscribe to a cable first.. sigh* FML.

  • VIP4Daesung

    WAH! OMO! I WANT TO SEE ALL OF THIS! Replay or not...and the 60 minute "BB in 24 hours" is still really hard to fully get your hands on....GAH! Can you imagine...2 days of nothing but Big Bag to tune into...OMO...I WOULD LOVE IT!


    omg r u serious!? god dammit i wish i lived in asia right now!!! god damn america why cant they have anything like this!!

  • LynDoan

    I wish it have here in the U.S too.

  • u.f.n

    *damn~ okay! mom can we have MTV channels?*begging
    please please. just for BIGBANG <3

    *wink wink

  • Dyanboop11

    everybody who able to watch this show, please make a video recording for us.
    we really want to watch it too..

  • muggledore

    i just realized that I don't even have TV on my flat!!!.. 0_0 
    no streaming??~ *sigh*guess I'll just have to depend on other VIPs to record the whole show then,~ and ofcourse BBupdates will post it as soon as spotted =)

  • shikuradehan

    Jeez... seriously, there's not even a single music channel on my cable provider.

  • Deakemaz

    haha its airing in indonesia?? wowww haha.. but i still can't watch, because its cable television :sss

  • juju

    yeahhh.. FINALLY so many BB love on MTV now :3

  • JiyongieKnighT

    Yayy I'm so glad I'm living in Indonesia!!! XD whoooo I can't wait!!!! BIGBANG DOMINATES!!!

  • eelingVIP

    LOL bigbang special air on my birthday! how great ! :) 

  • vampira

    who do i need to tweet to get my questions sent in?

  • Avi Will

    YAY! BIGBANG is getting more show time^^

  • leoyb

    omg im so happy ~ tho i cant come home before 5.30 pm, i have to watch MTV 

  • Choi MyungHee

    for those who can watch this..*sigh* soo lucky

  • VIPBJ4ever

    ohmygosh~ THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIGBANG!! Let the bigbangin' party begin!!! Im so proud of the m!! Im happy to be a vip!!!

  • lalilulelo

    YEAHH, suddenly all people love Bigbang more after EMA
    Bigbang's asia's pride

  • bigbangupdates

    The videos they'll be showing are old and also available on Youtube so we probably won't be posting them :p

  • bigbangupdates

    The videos are old and are already available on Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. Just search their titles ;)

  • Tamara Tran

    BB reppin' for Asians everywhere!! ^.^

    They'll be showing old stuff of BB... But it'd still be nice to see BB on TV in Australia.
    Oh well :(

  • \V/. |I|. |P.

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeed MTV ASIAAA, actually i need to make a house in Koreaa :((( wanna see them !!

  • muggledore

    nothing new???~
    well I'll be patient for the EMA's special in SBS then..

  • Jasmine 思敏

    OMO OMO! THANKS FOR THE INFO!! I'll make sure I get my popcorn and my crown stick at 5PM in front of the tv SHARP :DD

  • Hidayah Saberi


  • Syah

    that show has already aired before.. this time will just be a repeat.. so the questions from twitter were already answered..

  • Mina Aino

    U.U buaaaaa and Mexico??  ASIA you have very lock

  • A’a Jabar

    Make that Malaysia and Brunei for Astro Channel 713. :) Just fyi. hehe

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    I'd liked to have this channel T_T
    - BIGBANG IN 24 HOURS (30 MINS) want to see it !!  

  • Shady5180 waiting 4 diz....

  • nasuha

    ouh everything is next week. and next week is my final exam. :( so sad T.T

  • nasuha

    other people dont have MTV. so they cant watch. i have MTV at home and its airing in Malaysia but i cant watch them bcause of exam. this is really sad T.T 
    but maybe i could watch for a while before i study? hehehehe

  • DoubleCombo

    someone record the hd music videos

  • ziralollipop


  • BBamt

    I want to watching TV in Thailand Too>>> Why it don't have program in Thai???? *cryyy*

  • piiin

    this is so sad that i can't watch this. >.<

  • Hobbesrules

    Oh my gosh where do I find this on my computer?!!! We don't have this in America!!!

  • jessica villanueva

    THIS IS CALLED LAYF!!!!! i super love my life specially with bigbang on the tv!!! ilovemtv!!!!

  • MPV

    I have to move to Asia now!!

  • renKa002

    Shucks... I have class during a few of those times D:

  • Kim Jessica Villanueva

     why does it have to start in tuesday when i dont have classes in monday!!! aigoo~

  • Sab dela Fuente

    Are there any replays of these on MTV? :/

  • iAmViP.007

    i wish our televee had cable ><