More of T.O.P's Pictorial for 1st Look Magazine x Calvin Klein Jeans [PHOTOS]

Shared by on November 2, 2011  


Source: 1st Look

(First batch of photos released are posted here.)

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  • two elf (마야)

    Tabi, you take my breath away.

    Every. Single. Time.

  • YGfan25

    Again, SOOOO HOT TABI yah!! <3

  • forever5

    He looks amazing! and so yummy =)

  • BM

    There he goes, killing all of us again.

  • xcelinaxbabii

    DAMN. <33

  • VIP4Daesung

    UNGF...Tabi has once and for all proven he is built...look at that profile...and the one layer...that boy is FINE!

    Still a Daesung bias...but Tabi sure doesn't make that whole "funny older brother" image easy to keep up....

  • Chibicles

    his gorgeousness. :) his melting stare. his perfection. his tabi-ness. his jawline.
    his 11-like legs. his tight shirt. everything! *drools*

    i remember the BTS when it was revealed that TOP's a fave model for most photographers-- it will only take them less explanation on what to do yet TOP gives them what they exactly needed and exceeds their expectations.


  • Fanboi

    damn i wanna look like him

  • Lemon Iced Tea

    Oh... his legs :)

  • Adriana 아드리아나

    Tabi looks so Gorgeous from any angle ^^
    the Second picture awwww Tabi's stare is breathless ^^

  • blackflame43

    I see some rock hard pectorals right there, Tabi.
    Gosh, I swear this man could pass as a runway model in New York Fashion Week.
    Why must a human being this perfect exist? To torture all his fangirls by giving them false hopes of ending up with him? 

  • FTH MNWR ϟ

    damn HOT!!

  • VIPBJ4ever

    he looks different here!! :) but still he's hawt!! 

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    TOP is sooooooooooo HAWT!!!!!! ^O^ the roof's on FIRE~!!!!! waaaaah! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Kimsun Z. Michael

    Hey! Why do u have to look so kewl? <3

  • Pipit Chandra

    My Honey... So HOT!!

  • Fatima Mohamed

    if top every looked at me like that in 2nd pic, i would die right then and there ><

  • tshidi

    T.O.P. = Eye Candy.

  • Aderlin Fernandez

    dayummm if i see this sexy man walking down the streets i am going to have to be removed i repeat REMOVED from his body lmaoooooo jk...

  • Claudene Fajarito

    OMG TOP, marry meee :) <3

  • Katewolf

    damn.....Let me breathe!!! 

  • CHIonew

    again the super hot TOP! i really think the bigbang boys really matured when I knew about them when i was in my senior year I was like "OMG they are totally super young" hahahha^^

  • Maia Francis

    TT_____TT can't even talk

  • TabiLove

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡  CAN I PLEASE SAY; THAT HE IS A BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS MAN ♡♡♡♡  *squeals* i would frame all of his pictures and put in them in my room if i could. lol 

  • andcsy

    Oh my im not a squealing fan girl..but gosh..he's just meant to be a model..hope that bsides his music..he can venture into some modeling too? think his acting helps him a lot as a model..showing all these expressions...if he ever took off his shirt...we'd all spontaneously combust from the for our health's sake...TOP has to keep his shirt on..he's hot enough with it!

  • yves

    not just fangirls, fanboys as well, fanboys

  • ♕BigBang❤MileyCyrus♕

    #TOP looks ATTRACTIVE ... no words to say ...

  • burp

    if i ever meet u on the street  , run for your life Top cuz i'm afraid i will do crazy things out of control

  • Hannah IsoKawaii

    *Cannot breathe* Tabi is so hot ~dies~

  • k_cass

    oh my God. . . .
    wat a hot. hot. hot.
    & gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.
    T.O.P. you're really one of a kind. . .;)


  • Sujean

    SO goood loookin!

  • bina

    let's go T.O.P oppa!
    : )

  • Tamara Tran

    Speechless :O

  • amyy(bigbang!♥)

    why are you so HOT!!! <3<3

  • Avi Will

    Seunghyun is a really handsome man :)

  • thankuBB

    omo, how do I live?

  • Holly_9

    He knows how to kill me. Just looknig at you make me speechless...

  • TotoBearTop



  • ♛YBGlow♛

    He looks so elegant!

  • JustBeGummi

    now, CK is officially made in my list !

  • u.f.n

    wahhhh look like i'm not gonna sleep this night to stare at this picture for the whole night >.< . :P
    please save me from the stare of the T.O.P <3 * going to melt

    TOP <3 DEABAKKKKKK !!!!!!! :D

  • Caleeee

    I wish I can marry with someone like him :)

  • Julie

    Perfect man.

  • Doreen Araneta

    *saliva dripping* 0.o

  • Le Thao

    I can't breath more while I am watching his photo.
    TOP <3



  • Hatake Yuuki

    OMG, his eyes just killed me_>< '
    Nothing to compare his PERFECTNESS.
    Is he really a human?? cuz there's a saying "NO one is perfect"
    I think he's a NOBLE VAMPIRE >.< *bite ma neck*

  • Deakemaz

    Kyaaa make me crazy look at these pic >_< tabiiiiiii you must take responsible make me crazy!! haha

    love you more^^

  • Pandapanda

    gorgeous model, great photographer

  • Surphyn

    *Faint* wake up and *Faint again*

  • Zetsy

    The second last.....whooooo

  • Linn


  • Pandapanda



    GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!  this man can't be more sexy !!!! OMG!! 


    este es !

  • wintersecrets

    soooo h-o-t! him (and the other four guys) will be the death of me

  • Poepoek53

    ohh tabii...

  • Tabisan4eva

    Gosh!!..My breathing stops when I saw him..Your the Goddess man alive..Kyaah!!..Your the ONE and ONLY T.O.P

  • iHEARTbb

    This is getting ridiculous...why is he sooo handsome?!?!?!
    And we can admire from afar 

  • TabiLove

    *BANGS THE KEYBOARD* can he be anymore BEAUTIFUL?? HE'S SUCH A CHARMING MAN. I'm captivated by his stare. BY A PICTURE. I ♡  YOU T.O.P! Happy early birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirl screams*

  • kat li

    You are one and only one in my heart!
    I love this men so much!

  • tshidi

    TOP has killer looks. Literally.

  • Ranthi_choi

    magical man....without any spell he say,he makes us fall down like the leaves in the autumn

  • Anonymous

    LOOK AT HIS FACE! (crazy black man voice)

  • Jessica Cheung


  • inayaty チャン

    he's beautiful in his way 'Cause God makes no mistakes he's on the right track, baby he was born this way

  • nat4706

    what a beautiful boy!
    he's the most professional part-time model in asia!